Venezuelan Jews Recall Hugo Chavez’s Anti-Semitic Climate of Hate

Hugo Chavez, like the equally anti-Semitic Daniel Ortega, remains a hero to the left. The American left’s support for the Sandinista thugs led to the destruction of the Jewish community of El Salvador. And life for Venezuelan Jews under Hugo Chavez was an ugly thing as well.

In Israel Hayom, one of the few good Israeli media outlets, one Jewish woman recalls life under the left wing tyrant.

I came to Venezuela in 1991 to be with my husband, who was born there and whom I met while he was living and studying in Israel. In Caracas he worked as a fashion designer and managed a chain of clothing stores. The family business prospered, as did many other local Jewish businesses. Of course, the regime that preceded Chávez was not lacking in corruption, but at least it did not treat Jews with a heavy hand and allowed us to conduct our lives in peace. All this changed in 1999 when Chávez was elected president.

Chávez’s many anti-Jewish statements in the media, like calling Jews pigs, denying the Holocaust and accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinians, contributed to an atmosphere of anti-Semitism that grew worse year by year. Suddenly it became frightening to walk down the street after dark, for fear of being harassed. Our synagogues and Jewish community buildings were spray-painted with swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans and there was a feeling that Chávez was egging on the populace and speaking the “people’s language” against the Jews.

He was always quick to say that Venezuela’s large businesses are controlled by Jews “stealing the nation’s money.”

The Jewish community did not merely suffer from economic harassment. Government operatives would frequently follow children from rich Jewish families in order to kidnap them and demand ransom. In other instances, after Chávez had gained control of the police and the army, the defense forces would occasionally place a closure on the Jewish community schools, with the children inside and their parents unable to gain access to them. The pretext was that the Jews had hidden weapons inside and that searches had to be conducted to confiscate them.

The harassment, restrictions and overall atmosphere made my life as a Jew in Venezuela unbearable. But I hoped that the nation would have its say and replace Chávez with another leader.

What finally broke my resolve and “persuaded” me to leave everything behind and accede to my husband’s urgent pleas to leave was a law passed by Chávez concerning children. This law stipulated that children up to the age of 3 belong to their parents, afterward until the age of 10 they move to a school that is under control of the government, and from 10 until age 18 they study in a military boarding school.

From that moment I understood that my future and the future of my children lies elsewhere. Almost all of our family agreed to come to Israel with us, and the rest fled to the United States, Spain, Peru and other countries.

Chavez nationalized everything else, why not children as well. The left maintained a permanent state of hysteria over similar actions in Argentina, but in Venezuela, as in the USSR, everything that the left does either meets with their support or their calculated ignorance.

  • TheLastJew?

    The Jewish people are history's canary in the coal mine. As a country treats it's people of Jewish faith indicates how strong they are for freedom and rule of law. I'm not Jewish but I care very deeply that religious freedom be maintained for all religions of actual peace! I stand with Israel and always will!

  • Toni_Pereira

    I am yet to find a modern creep worthy of the name, that at some point of his political career don't goes into an anti-semitic outburst.

    • AdinaK

      Revolutionary leftists are reflexively anti-semitic, and they abhor region in the main, particularly Judeo-Christian constructs. It is this underpinning which fights them tooth and nail, as they believe in a Higher Power and not in a "diety" who wants total control. Regardless, they march in lock-step with Islam, simply because it too seeks totalitarian rule. Friends, until they aren't.

      Leftist dogma is the same world over, and this is why you will find that they are the completely in sync in their hatred –

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

      • Toni_Pereira

        Anti-semites in denial, "It'not the jews, the state of Israel this, Israel that" , and other fashionable nonsense.

  • Mary Sue

    Wow, that sounds worse than what Fidel Castro set up for Cuban children. At least in Cuba they only took the kids away at around age 10-11.

    • miltonb

      I know Cubans who were taken away at age 6.

  • Toni_Pereira

    The leftists(some of them) have an huge respect for dead jews and a deep hate for the ones that are still alive.Theodore Dalrymple has this excellent short article about this strange relation:

  • JacksonPearson

    Anytime anyone, shakes hands with, and hugs Islam, they're embracing hate, death, destruction, and yes folks, antisemitism. Because the Qur'an teaches this doctrine in the name of Allah, and his messenger, 24/7.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Great picture of two viruses, probably exchanging DNA as viruses always do, Amaddinnerjacket_should get to Cuba to be cheked out, may have already………….The persecution of Jews is and absolute
      indicator of loss of human dignity and savagery in the making………………..William

      • JacksonPearson

        I have no doubts that Chavez will burn in hell. On Ahmadinejad, he's cursed Israel so many times, that he'll be automatically cursed. That's a Biblical given.

  • David

    Get real about fighting Antisemitism by visiting our FB Page.

  • Ross Kardon

    And to think that Sean Penn loved Hugo Chavez like as he were his own brother!