Vicar Teaches Facts of Life to Lesbian Couple, Outrage Ensues

We sent this to aliens by way of explanation of human biology, but now we have to send another probe to retract it

We sent this to aliens by way of explanation of human biology, but now we have to send another probe to retract it

Rev George Gebauer looks like an elderly gent and apparently wasn’t up to date with the amazing modern era in which science no longer matters and biology is out of date.

So when two women with a baby showed up in his parish, he became guilty of pointing out the obvious.

Aimi Leggett, 25, and civil partner Victoria, 22, had planned to have one-year-old son Alfie christened at St Mary’s Church, Gosport, Hants, in two weeks.

However, when both women asked to be listed as the mother in a meeting with Reverend George Gebauer he said the church baptism register would not allow it.

He suggested one be registered as the mother while the other be put down as the Godmother instead.

He said he had to be sure the child had not been “pinched” as it was “impossible” that Alfie was a child of both the women.

Aimi and Victoria said they were appalled and stormed out.

Aimi, from Gosport, Hants, said: “Rev Gebauer sat there and told us no child could have parents of the same sex, no child could have two mothers.

Well yes. It’s physically impossible. Unless one of them started life as a male. It’s basic biology. Something that modern students of LGBT studies seem shockingly ignorant of.

“There was no way one of us was going to be listed as the Godparent. We are both Alfie’s mum.

Well no. One is his mum. Hopefully. The other is a woman who lives in the same house with her. And somewhere Alfie’s daddy is buying cocaine with the proceeds of his sperm donor money.

Rev Gebauer understood that. So did most people until about 5 minutes ago when it was determined that there is such a thing as same sex marriage and it is in no way to be mocked or made light of.

“I’m baptised Church of England, and Victoria is a Catholic. We want him to be brought up the same as we were.”

If they had really wanted that, they would have gotten married. For real. Instead they want to be baptized lesbians and they don’t want to be mocked for it.

However, Ven Gavin Collins, Archdeacon of the Meon, said today he was happy for the christening to go ahead as planned – with both named as the mother.

He said: “Having spoken to Aimi Leggett today, I’m pleased to report that the baptism of Alfie will go ahead on the date planned at St Mary’s Church, Warsash.

“We have addressed the legal issue. As I understand it, her partner Victoria has full legal co-parental responsibility for Alfie. We can therefore enter their details onto the baptism register as ‘mother’ and ‘mother’, as they would like.

“I’m pleased that this issue has been resolved, and we look forward to welcoming Aimi, Victoria, Alfie and their friends and family. I’m sure it will be a great occasion as we welcome him into the Christian family.”

Church of England dying out? Can’t imagine why. Let’s put some more lesbian couples on the job.

  • Nancy Murdoch

    Research as shown most lesbians have had difficult relations with men in the past. I have no idea if this is the case here.
    Shame on Rev. Gebauer for stating the obvious. I don’t think he said he would not baptize the child, just that he wouldn’t list two mothers on the certificate. Gosh, a minister with principles; perish the thought.
    God does not want us to hate homosexuals but the acts in which they engage. Too few men of the cloth have the backbone to say that.

    • George Duke

      It’s always okay to state the truth, the facts, and the obvious. That’s called “reality”. And it’s okay for one to uphold _their_ values and beliefs, especially when it’s been the norm since people have walked the face of the Earth.

    • DB1954

      I would have refused to baptize the children without a man–a real male–to take the required vows of god-parent. In so doing, he would have to realize he’s denouncing same-sex marriage. SSM is heresy if there ever was such a phenomenon. There is such evil in the UK today. It’s truly breathtaking.

  • CowboyUp

    Yet somehow conservatives are the anti- science ones. Also, apparently religious doctrine and belief is to be dictated by those violating it, which pretty much renders religion meaningless. But then, that’s the main point of this absurdity. These women could have started their own religion or denomination, but insisted on defiling the one they grew up in.

    • Lovejoy

      You are a very intelligent human being =)

    • DB1954

      They defile it with the grateful embrace of the ordained clergy who go along with these heresies.

  • tagalog

    The Separatists were right, the Anglican Church IS illegitimate!

    • DB1954

      The C of E is in deeply mired in heresies of all kinds and has been for decades. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it is simply an apostate church, and the Episcopal Church in the U.S. is every bit as errant and DEAD as a Christian and catholic entity.

  • Deagin

    Church of England dying? What else can you expect from a church that was founded by Henry VIII who was a serial killer. A bad tree produces bad fruit.

    • DB1954

      You’re wrong about the founding of the C of E. The C of E existed long before the reign of Henry the 8th, and notwithstanding that Henry was indeed an absolute monarch and a serial murderer, Henry’s atrocities had nothing whatsoever to do with the Act of Supremacy. That law simply terminated the authority of the Bishop of Rome over spiritual and temporal matters in England. Parliament had every good reason and right to enact it. Among numerous other reasons, the Pope could no longer TAX the people of England, take their money and give it to apostate, decadent, and papist C of E monks, friars, and priests who lived like princes for centuries. I’d give you a full history of the C of E, but since you’re probably just another indoctrinated papist, i.e., pope worshipper, why should I bother? BTW, speaking of bloody tyrants, there were far more than a handful of Popes who ordered the slaughter of millions of their “separated Christian brothers,” especially in German speaking lands, all for the purpose of establishing the false doctrine of the universal jurisdiction of the ‘Bishop of Rome.’ The doctrine of universal papal jurisdiction is a lie and not warranted anywhere in Scripture. Just ask the Orthodox for their view of the Bishop of Rome’s jurisdictional claims if you can’t take my word for it.

      • Dennis_Moore

        DB1954 – That post was so hate-filled, and so full of disingenuous spin, that I wanted to congratulate you. Obviously, the idea that there was a C of E pre-Henry VIII literally true, but in fact without his support would barely be a footnote in history. Try talking to the Orthodox and see how they feel about your precious C of E (and what it has become, which is the point of this thread, not another 16th Century trip to the past Catholic hate filled journey) now and let me know. We’re talking about September 5, 2013. Grow up.

        • DB1954

          Dennis_Moore: I HAVE talked to the Orthodox about their split of the C of E from your “one true Church.” They had their own split from Rome some five centuries prior, if you didn’t know, and it also had a lot to do with the phony claim to universal jurisdiction the Bishop of Rome claims to this day. Hate filled? Sorry if the truth hurts you Dennis, but as Pamela Gellar says, “truth is the new hate speech,” and that pretty well summarizes your description of my post, does it not? BTW, The Orthodox Churches in England will be the biggest beneficiaries of the C of E’s apostasy, just as they have benefitted from the spiritually moribund Episcopal Church in the U.S. Something puzzles me about your reply: you throw around that charge of “hate” just like a leftist. Things that make me go hmmm …

          • Dennis_Moore

            This thread was about a vicar trying to abide by church teachings but you threw yourself into a rampage about Catholics in a clearly hate filled rant. You can talk about atheists or whatever, you’re just making noise and not argument. As far as the Eastern Church goes, God bless. I see that you agree with me about the what I see are the Orthodox view of what’s happened to the C of E, but the “united in contempt of Catholics” angle is total bullsh__ and you know it. The Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Church have not had such close relations in centuries!! And hopefully people like you will deal with your anger and we can move forward.

          • DB1954

            What specific words indicating that I embarked on a “rampage” can you point to in order to support this charge, or … description of my verbal behavior? None, I think. And what specific words of “hate” did I employ in my post(s) which you allege constitute a “rant”? I don’t think you can find any such words on my part to support your hysterical over-reaction.

          • Dennis_Moore

            Seriously? Ok, let’s start with “Pope Worshiper” . . .? You are comical while hateful and frankly a bore at this point. Why would you think everyone needs a 25 sentence lecture every time you make a point? Fact is, this was a thread about the situation of a pastor and you turned it into a hate rant.

      • Magdalene

        Wow, a rewriting of history!

        • DB1954

          Yes, as it actually happened.

  • LolKatzen

    I left the Anglican Church in 2005 for Eastern Orthodoxy and never looked back. There are quite a few of us ex-Protestants at my church too, if anyone is thinking along these lines but worried they’d be the only Anglo there. Everything is in English. But no nonsense like this.

    • DB1954

      Good move, LolKatzen.

  • DB1954

    News Flash for Aimi: You were not christened into the same Church of England as you would have these children so baptized. The C of E is now openly promulgating heresy as official doctrine. In short, the C of E is simply an apostate church. It is no longer Christian nor catholic. The C of E is dead. Long live the Continuing Anglican Church wherever it may be found!

  • tagalog

    You know you are living in “interesting times” when the truth is told and it is attacked.

  • Biff Henderson

    “We sent this to aliens by way of explanation of human biology, but now we have to send another probe to retract it”

    It’s imagery like this that Obama has called on NASA to get the Best of People on the case. For Allah’s sake, why would they depict humanity with their aw’rah hanging out? Where’s the pool of murky water? The seven heavens? Allah’s Throne? And they call themselves men of science.

  • LoJoFo

    As Pamela Geller says, “Truth is the new hate speech.”

  • jpct50

    Lefties are always screaming that science trumps religion. They sing a different tune when it comes to biology! I’m laughing to keep from crying. We’re in deep trouble.

  • jhnycmltly

    There are those who agree with Rev Gebauer, the LBGTQ ‘community’ can be caused by abnormal hormones, hypogonadism as an example.
    Two examples, Klinefelter and Kallmann’s syndromes.
    “Intersex people with Kallmann’s Syndrome. It is a new website but offers a great opportunity for people with hypothalamic hypogonadism”
    Again, evidenced here in a simple ‘case study’ of hypogonadism.
    “My body changed itself from boy to girl”
    The majority of LBGTQ cases are an obvious medical problem , a hormone ‘misadventure, and in others the hormone effect is much more gradual.
    “Might it be that some or many men who lose interest in their wives in middle age and “come out” as gay are in fact responding to the profound influence of unknown and unidentified hormone changes?”
    Making laws, gay marriage for example, to accomodate a medical anomaly such as homosexuality is ludicrous.