War in Afghanistan is Over if You Rename It

As predicted, Obama is pulling the same scam with Afghanistan as he did in Iraq, declaring the war over while leaving tens of thousands of troops in place. The only thing not predicted is that he would do it after the election, rather than before the election.

In Iraq, Obama declared victory twice. Once when he withdrew the Surge troops and renamed the war. And a second time when he pulled out completely and turned the country over to Iran.

Now Obama is declaring victory with a partial pullout and renaming of the war. As in Iraq, by renaming the war, Obama claims that he has ended it because the mission has been “redefined”. It’s tellingly Orwellian that the media has hardly ever noted this deception.

That same media is now insisting that the Karzai government is ready to take over security with its military. It isn’t. Which is why Americans are staying on.

Obama is declaring that the mission is over without having accomplished anything. Telling the same lie that he has been telling for five years, he continues claiming that he defeated Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and that American soldiers will be staying on to conduct counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda however has hardly been present in Afghanistan long before Obama took office. Obama kept telling the same crazy lie during the election, while accusing Bush of neglecting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Now he’s topping his crazy lie by claiming that Al Qaeda in Afghanistan has been beaten.

Al Qaeda is present in Waziristan, across the border, however in Afghanistan the United States has been fighting the Taliban. A handful of Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists still pop up in Afghanistan, but they’re a fairly insignificant presence and there is a far smaller Al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan than in Iraq or Syria or Mali.

Obama is doing exactly what he accused Bush of doing, neglecting Al Qaeda while falsely claiming victory.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Why are people shocked that the Liar-in-Chief tells tall tales, all the while his joined-at-the-hip media stays mum. In fact, I would be shell shocked if he/they told the truth – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/30/u-s-leftist-m

    More than enough food for thought….

    Adina kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • EarlyBird

    **We interrupt this propaganda with some common sense and honesty:

    Obama inherited two unwinnable wars, which he didn't start. Rather than doubling down on that catastrophic neoconservative nightmare, Obama luckily got us out of Iraq because we were bankrupting the US and bleeding our military dry. Thank God for that.

    Obama did everything he could on the battlefield which was virtually ignored by the neocons as they chased rainbows in Iraq. He seriously damage AQ and the Taliban there – the point that he can, because these enemies simply multiply like cockroaches – and is winding down our 13 year tragedy over there.

    The US and Obama has done pretty much everything that "could" be done in both countries. Gee, maybe we'll learn that if the US government is supposedly the Keystone Kops in America, it may not be able to re-make a whole culture thousands of miles away either. Duh…