War on Everything but Islamic Terror

Over a decade after thousands of New Yorkers were murdered by Muslim terrorists, the city’s mayor is declaring victory in the War on Salt. Next up he plans to wage a spring offensive on Styrofoam cups. After that, who knows?

We live in surreal times. In the Middle Ages, cats and rats were put on trial. In this modern age, we are fighting wars on food ingredients, the bags we carry them in and the containers out of which we eat and drink them.

There’s no telling what surreal enemy our wise and brilliant leaders will declare war on next. Shoes? Pepper? Umbrellas? Mathematics? The color blue?

There’s just no way to know anymore.

The United States has lost the War in Afghanistan, a minor matter that no news outlet can find the time to report on because they’re too busy covering a breaking story about a Republican senator taking a sip of a water. Maybe a War on Water can be next. Was there a Styrofoam cup involved? It’s time for one of those hard-hitting investigations that reminds us what a loss it will be when the last newspaper is strangled with the entrails of the last news network.

But who can find the time to fight a war against Islamic terrorists, when there are more pressing wars to be fought? Like a war on being fat.

Michelle Obama declared that obesity was a national security threat. And the Pentagon, which now exists only to ratify the latest leftist social experiment from the White House, whether it’s green energy, gay marriage or bombing the fattest state in the country (Michigan), issued a report agreeing that snack foods posed the greatest threat to the military since global warming and the lack of tranny toilets on submarines.

The military has been unable to identify the Fort Hood Massacre as a terrorist attack and fires any instructor who talks about Islam as anything other than a wonderful Religion of Peace practiced by our closest allies in Saudi Arabia and on board a plane headed for the Pentagon, but the political generals are always ready to jump on any truly serious national security threat. If only Iran began developing the world’s biggest chocolate bar, then the bombing raids would begin as soon as the chocolate enrichment process reached the caramel-nougat line.

Faced with a seemingly unwinnable conflict against the Soviet Union, American leaders began to retreat into smaller social wars that were actually far more unwinnable. Those wars have also gone the way of the dodo. The War on Poverty is one with the ages and the War on Drugs is usually only mentioned in a pejorative context.

But the same government that couldn’t get a small percentage of the population to stop doing cocaine and heroin imagines that it will somehow be able to compel 11-year-old boys to stop eating candy and drawing guns. A heroin addict is nothing compared to a normal growing boy seeking a sweet sugar rush before playing a game of cops and robbers. The authorities would have better luck getting Obama’s campaign staff to Say No to Drugs.

The government that couldn’t stop drug use or defeat Islamic terrorism has set its sights on something easier. Taking candy from a baby.

During his State of the Union Address, Obama announced that the mission in Afghanistan had been completed because Al Qaeda was defeated. Then he explained that while the war was over, American soldiers would have to go on staying in Afghanistan to continue fighting the already defeated Al Qaeda in a war that was no longer a war, but an extended vacation with shooting.

Since Al Qaeda did not have a significant presence in Afghanistan at any time during his maladministration, defeating it was fairly easy, and true to form it only cost thousands of lives. But somehow it still isn’t defeated. Still if fighting things that don’t exist gets applause, put your hands together for the War on Global Warming, which has recently been scaled down to Climate Change, which means that any time the weather changes, it’s probably due to people using the wrong kinds of light bulbs, driving the wrong kinds of cars and not paying enough attention to Al Gore.

The War on Terror may have been a tough nut to crack, but let’s focus on the War on Thermometers. They’re small and have little pockets of red fluid that are easy to crack open. Everyone used to say that everyone talks about the temperature, but doesn’t do anything about it. Finally we’re going to do something about the weather. And the little kids who eat too much candy.

During the election, Obama promised to begin “nation building” at home. Since that usually involves destroying a country’s military, wrecking its industrial base and then feeding them off the back of trucks while communicating with them only through interpreters, it looks like he’s making good on his promise. Chicago already looks more like Kabul or Baghdad than America.

Nation building at home means bringing the war home. Nation building is something that we usually inflict on our worst enemies in the hopes of teaching them a better way to live. It means wrecking the United States and then rebuilding it in the way that our conquerors see fit. All those little wars aren’t really being fought against salt, sugar, plastic bags and a thousand other tiny inanimate enemies. They are being fought against you.

Guns don’t kill people. And salt and sugar don’t eat themselves. Plastic bags don’t fill themselves with groceries and your old-fashioned gas guzzler won’t drive itself home from the store with plastic bags full of salt and sugar in the trunk.

The left has blown the war against Islamic terrorism. For the most part it has chosen not to fight it. Its real enemy isn’t some bearded guy sitting in a cave with a Kalashnikov being propped up by his fourth wife’s Hijab; it’s Mr. and Mrs. America in all their racist, overeating and polluting criminality. Lefties are not terribly interested in conquering other countries, until they have finished the conquest of the country that they’re in.

What we can expect is a war on everything but the war we’re in. To the sort of people who declare war on salt and make up fake global crises to force everyone to pay more to fly, Islamic terrorism is just what happens when the sainted 3rd World gets tired of our overeating and overdriving, and begins fighting back. The understanding that the terrorists are not just out to protest the destruction of the rainforest or fracking, but intend to establish a totalitarian theocracy based on over a thousand years of bloody history never even enters the minds of the sort of people who declare wars on salt and Styrofoam cups.

In New York City, an awkward skeletal tower stands near where the World Trade Center towers once touched the sky. And on some lamp posts you can still see the faded imprint of missing person flyers. But there is good news. Mayor Bloomberg reports that the war on salt has been won.

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  • Rocco

    As always, Daniel is spot -on. Bottom-line; we have to destroy the left politically. There is absolutely no other way to deal with these lunatics. We need a return of the HUAC, and make no apology for it. Our very survival depends on it.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Daniel, you crack me up, surely others as well. Indeed, "Nanny Bloomberg" strikes again, ever mindful of his role as caretaker over NYC, the heretofore capital of the financial world! Never mind that Islamic jihadists are operating in plain sight, after all, Sharia Law financing has to get done, and Bloomberg has many financial interests under their purview. Anti-American.

    As such, leftists are the same, regardless of locale. They are busy inserting themselves into people's navels, yet are loathe to deal with life and death threats, as they avert their attention from those who view head chopping as viable punishment.

    The west is saddled by fools & knaves, but at least Sharia Law marches on – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/01/leftist-dogma

    Sach ha'kol, at the end of it all, Bloomberg is a leftist to his core, as he implements "rules for radicals" every time he issues one insane edict after another! Again, never uttering the phrase "Islamic terror", but salt & soda…no problem!

    Adina kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Mary Sue

    We had our war on styrofoam years ago, back when McDonald's made the McDLT burger. Most restaurants were pressured into using more "environmentally friendly" paper containers instead, and this included coffee cups (and the invention of the cardboard sleeve for said cups to keep patrons from burning their fingers).

    However oddly enough one can still get styrofoam coffee cups in the grocery store to use for picnics and gatherings.

  • Conniption Fitz

    It's not 'terrorism' – what Islamists are doing is the intentional targeting and killing of innocents as opposed to military conflict.__We are also doing the same thing. There is bizarre disconnect, contradiction or hypocrisy in everything our present government and culture does. _Our military rules of engagement and political correctness are dangerous to military personnel. (76% of casualties in Afghanistan have come under Obama.) _We fight AIDS, yet promote/defend/attempt to normalize the greatest cause of HIV in our schools and abroad? _We fight terror, but fund terrorists and host them in the White House and UN? _We defend women's rights, abhor child abuse, misogyny, but ignore Islam's treatment of women and children?_We abhor killing of innocents and civilians, unless it is by Islamists or abortion. __All policies of the Obama administrations seem to be aimed at killing or impoverishing the most Americans. Every day there are over 11,000 new food stamp applications and week, 350,000 new unemployment applications.__The wars on plastic, fossil fuels, furs, the 1% and the imaginary political wars on women are just smoke and mirrors to hide the real agenda… the war on the US from within and without.

  • http://alwaysonwatch3.blogspot.com/ alwaysonwatch

    Classic propaganda tactics on the part of the Left: distractions and diversions.

    Pity that so many Americans don't have a clue as to the tactics of propaganda. Our populace has been so dumbed down — thanks to our education system, particularly institutions of "higher learning."

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Thankfully there is one country that is paying attention and taking care of business.

      Our press here filters the news, and decides what we need to hear about. I'm glad we have internet and can find out anyhow.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Obama is winning the war against th USA. He is fundamentally changing this country as he promised. He has put our troops in harms way and will not let them succeed. This administration has not engaged terrorism and in fact it has supported terrorism.

    • MK

      I sometimes wonder if it is his intention to let the troops bleed.

  • Elaine

    The leftists are the war mongers who stage and fight wars against the defenseless (abortion), the children (brainwashing in government controlled schools), women (convincing them unpaid prostitution is a virtue), blacks (perpetual slavery to the state), and liberty for all.

  • Woody

    The real war this administration is gearing up to fight is against the American heartland. Note that not only Homeland Security but the IRS and even the Social Security Administration have been supplied with ammo in anticipation of the uprising of "domestic terrorist" like the Tea Party. Wake up!

  • Tracy scanlon

    i am with you on everything,but global warming is true and it enslaves our country to their oil and that is why Obama kisses their ass.If we didn't need them anymore they would have no money to fight with no commerce no food no survival and the fact that he is a Muslim himself does not help. is he not a member of the Muslim brotherhood?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Then write and call supporting the Keystone pipeline.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "global warming is true and it enslaves our country to their oil"

      How do you figure that?

      "and that is why Obama kisses their ass"

      Uh, no. If we were as united as our name, we'd ensure OPEC has no say in oil pricing. We're far too generous and too divided to come up with any rational policies at the federal level.

    • kaz

      is he not a member of the muslim brotherhood? who knows. but tell us. if the bamster WERE an admitted, card carrying member in good standing of the muslim brotherhood, what would he be doing differently? i submit that he would be doing nothing differently. it if quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, has a green head, web feet, and its friends are all ducks, it might be a duck.

  • JacksonPearson

    New York's mayor Michale Bloomberg's a natural disaster, and even more worse than the attack on the 9/11 twin towers. The people of New York should be able to apply for long term federal disaster aid relief.

  • Marianne Lordi

    Excellent article. Let's fight everything except the main thing that is going to destroy our freedom and this country! What is salt free diets or smaller soda or childhood obesity or any of those things going to mean when radical Islamist invade this country( since our weapons will all be taken from us) and impose sharia law. It won't matter how much sodium you have in your diet when you are beheaded!

    • dave1543

      "It won't matter how much sodium you have in your diet when you are beheaded! "

      Very funny and also very sad if it comes down to that.

  • Kevin Stroup

    Obama was reelected. Democrats are voted into office, over and over. Yet you blame them? Blame the morons who vote for this crap. These same morons will come for your food, clothing and shelter when their little socialist paradise comes crashing down.Do you have extra food, clothing, camping gear, weapons and ammo? If not, you will have nobody to blame but yourself. Islam is the shock troops that the leftist are using on you. You will give up your freedom by giving power to the government to save you from the Islamist. The real enemy is the Marxist in our midst. When the time comes, shoot them first.

  • Silverio Facundo

    Americans enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle for several decades and took it for granted. People not so lucky who grew up in third-world or communist countries (which is most of the known world: all of Latin-America, all of Africa, 95% of Asia and all of Eastern Europe) know damn well what is it like to live as a lackey of the current despot in charge. Living in an environment with wonderful liberties, almost non-existent bureaucracy, beautiful landscapes, an almost invisible police presence and no military presence in the main streets might have seemed as a given, a natural endowment that came as a result of the normal passage of time.

    The American Founding Fathers knew very well that to defend such lifestyle is a permanent endeavor. It's very easy to become complacent in one or two generations, once you live off the well-being provided by your ancestors and you don't contribute to that welfare. You didn't build that, they built it, as the clown named obama well knows.

    Living "la vida loca" requires others to come and do your menial tasks, like plucking your lettuces from the ground and your oranges from the trees, since you're too busy suing each other and sniffing powdery poison through your noses. Or having someone else doing the construction work required to build your new homes or gardening their landscapes while you watch Oprah reruns or follow the Kardashians in their intellectual quest.. But these other people who come to do such jobs arrived from latin, african and islamic countries. They are used to being pawns of the satrap in charge, they are used to not having their rights respected and they are used to living in horrible streets, neighborhoods and cities. Just look at the latin barrios in every city along the south-border states, or look at the sharia-complaint neighborhoods sprouting in every major American city. These people are used to the nanny-state, and voted overwhelmingly in favor of obama's such nanny state.

    Major Bloomberg is not very different from a corrupt major in any city of say, Mexico or Venezuela. The only real difference is that he was already rich when he got the job, whereas Mexicans or Venezuelans get rich AFTER they get the job in public office. But the incompetence, the lack of will or capacity to solve problems, the red-tape, it's all there. Any Mexican major could have easily come up with the large-soda ban. Any Mexican congressman would have figured out the law to make 100-watt light-bulbs illegal. Hardly any self-respecting U.S. politician in the 50's would have thought any of these.

    • Rocco

      Silverio, great post. I couldn't agree with you more. It's amazing how complacent (spoiled?) we've become.
      One thing that really struck me when I lived in Europe is the different mind-set the Europeans have regarding the concept of individualism. Whereas we believe (until recently, at least) that the government belongs to us and works for us, many Europeans believe that they belong to the government.

      I am so going to do everything within my power to always promote the cause of individual freedom. With the efforts of like-minded individuals contributing to the cause by supporting sites and writerssuch as this, we may be able to make a difference. Or at least go to our graves trying.

    • Jim_C

      Well, I agree with what you say about complacency, anyway. This is a very large country in terms of geography and population. We enjoy our liberties, but our priorities regarding that liberty have become way out of whack and are leading us down a road where those liberties may well be curtailed.

      Why? The overarching reason is that we have neglected our responsibilities as citizens, as consumers, and as stewards of our children's future. The reason we neglect it is for short term gain, and this is to our peril. Freedom WITHOUT responsibility is a road to less freedom.

      So, people are FREE to buy 64 oz. soft drinks. Soft drink manufacturers are FREE to load their products with cheap sugars long known to be bad for health. But somewhere down the road, you and I PAY for these freedoms by subsidizing interventions for pathologies created by these conditions through what we pay to private insurance companies and in taxes. This takes its toll on our health care system and our wallets, ultimately affecting the quality of care we receive. And suddenly, we are LESS FREE.

      My generation is probably the last that played sports and ran around outside for fun, not because our parents enrolled us in a league somewhere (though we did that, too). That does not happen anymore. This is a reality that is not going to change, and one that at one point or another will need to be addressed by policy.

      • Silverio Facundo

        “…you and I PAY for these freedoms by subsidizing interventions for pathologies created by these conditions”. That’s where your argument breaks down. The argument holds only if you believe that the state is responsible for a decision you took individually, and that’s the thirld-world way of thinking, or obama’s or Bloomberg’s. If Johhny gulped down 64 oz. soft drinks throughout his whole life, it’s not up to me, or the state, or the community to look after and care for Johhny. If anything, it’s up to Johhny and if he’s lucky, up to his spouse or his siblings or his parents or his kids, or the insurance he hired and payed himself. But that’s about as far as it goes. Neither me, nor you, nor the town, nor the state, nor the republic, nor the general health services need to pay clueless Johnny for his mischievousness, or his lack of knowledge, or his lack of capability to process information. If there happens to be charitable organizations that give altruistic care to third parties, even all the better. And thankfully America is full of these. For every 100 charitable institutions in the U.S., try finding one in Latin-America or Africa or any muslim nation. Their nanny-state mentality brings forth poverty, which brings forth lack of altruism, which brings forth lack of real social-care –not the government-based social care crap which is only a resources sink–.

        Because otherwise, as happens in any good old-fashioned self-respecting third-world hell-hole, pretty soon the state will trespass the 64-oz. soda can barrier and start getting into what you wear, what you study, who you hang out with, what can you buy, what you can eat, what you can say and what you can think. And Venezuela or the Philipines or Mauritania won’t be conceptually too far away from obama’s America.

  • Joseph E

    How can there be war on Islamic terror when Harvard University write koran 4:135 at the entrance of its faculty of law. / is as if Sharia is to be viewed as 'something' connected with 'peace', ' fair justice', 'tolerant' & 'user-friendly', or even as 'auxilliary' land law to the U.S Constitution and thus viewed as 'acceptable' ; / No wonder when every vicious top dog lawyer shouts "humans civil & political rights' for that 'lefty-friendly ideology' as if its Islamic terrorists were some sort of 'freedom fighters' citizens unjustly profiled & wronged.

  • Jim_C

    Very interesting. Have you guys seen stats on obesity in the US? We have to keep creating new categories because the numbers are going up exponentially. Where once high levels were confined to the poorest Southern states, obesity is now epidemic in all but Colorado and Connecticut.

    Obesity kills far, far more U.S. citizens than terrorists. Obesity creates an absolutely tremendous strain on the resources of our health care system.

    If you DON'T believe that is a national security issue, and think Islamic terror rates higher as a threat to the U.S., you are a bloody stupid fool.

    • kaz

      you are a bloody stupid fool. obesity is the concern of the fat slob that eats to much, and no concern at all of the government. the medical care of fat slobs (and everyone else) is not the government's business either. what is the legitimate concern of the government is protecting its citizens from invasion by foreigners, and due to the influence of liberal fools like you, the government is in the business of IMPORTING AND SUPPORTING foreign invaders, not repelling them.

    • JeffT

      OK, which is it, fatties or people not getting enough food? You can't have it both ways. People being overweight is not going to destroy America. People with limited skills at critical thinking, like yourself, is what will do us all in, fatties and thinnies, alike.

  • Ghostwriter

    Salt?! That's what we should be worried about? We've got enormous problems and people like Michael Bloomberg go after SALT?! That's stupidity on a level I can't fathom.

  • kaz

    this would be funny if it wasnt so dam serious.

  • Walter Sieruk

    The Muslim who commited the affront by his murderous actions at Fort Hood was putting into practice the miltiiant jihadism of Islam. Not just "just place violence" . Lets call thing as they really are. After all the Quran in Sura 9:112 does teach "The believers fight in Allah's cause, they slay and are slain ,kill and are killed." This is to site just one of the many plces in the Quran that teach violence and killing. Hasan's religion drove and inspired him to commit thoses awful, heinous and murderous actions. Thus is is guilty of murder and likewise his religion, islam, is also guilty of murder