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Was the NSA Leak a Chinese Espionage Op?

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 11, 2013 @ 9:41 am In The Point | 8 Comments

China-US-Good-Vibes-2 [1]

I don’t know that I buy this [2] but the timing pointed out here is certainly interesting. That and Snowden singing China’s praises is certainly suggestive.

Former CIA officer Bob Baer said on CNN Sunday evening officials are speculating that Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing could be “potential Chinese espionage.” Snowden came forward yesterday and identified himself as the leaker of the NSA’s massive surveillance operation.

Snowden revealed he was currently located in Hong Kong.

“It’s [Hong Kong’s] not an independent part of China at all. I’ve talked to a bunch of people in Washington today, in official positions, and they are looking at this as a potential Chinese espionage case,” said Baer.

Territory controlled by China is an odd place for a guy who claims to really care about human freedom and staying out of jail to run to. I doubt very much that Assange would go to Hong Kong. Even if he hasn’t offended the PRC, the Chinese authorities are not fond of troublemakers. And anyone who had access to intelligence and had been stripped of US protection would likely find himself spending a long series of nights on the wrong end of an interrogation table.

Still none of this is exactly proof. But the timing certainly is interesting.

Obama recently met with China’s Presdent Xi Jinping where they discussed issues of cybersecurity.

Baer said, “It almost seems to me that this was a pointed affront to the United States on the day the president is meeting the Chinese leader telling us, listen, quit complaining about espionage and getting on the internet and our hacking. You are doing the same thing.”

Before the story broke there was a lot of talk about the implications of China hacking the plans for most of America’s top secret weapons systems and about boosting America’s cyber warfare capabilities. Now all that is gone.

We’ve seen Obama get slapped around by the Russians. Apparently the Chinese are even better at humiliating Obama.

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