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Washington DC is the Fastest Growing Part of America

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 2, 2013 @ 8:53 pm In The Point | 5 Comments

We’ve already discussed how the wealthiest counties in America are the bedroom communities for Washington D.C. The census also notes that Washington D.C. is the fastest growing place in America… for the same reason that a parasite is the fastest growing part of a host.

The fastest growth in the last two years has been in two small enclaves — the District of Columbia (5.1 percent), thanks to the federal government and gentrification, and North Dakota (4.0 percent), thanks to the Bakken shale oil boom.

North Dakota has oil and that’s a reliable growth engine, but Washington D.C. has an even better growth engine than oil. It has 300 million serfs that spend all their hard-earned money for the comfort of their masters in the house and the hill.

The Federal government has grown so aggressively that you can actually see the impact on census results, which is a very scary thing indeed, especially for anyone who studies history.

There really are two Americas now. Government America and Working America.

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