Watch Muslim Brotherhood HQ Being Burned and Looted (VIDEO)

The weather is nice and sunny outside with highs expected in the 130 degree range. Hit the beach, stop by the mall or enjoy a picnic outdoors. Grill some weenies and take in a show.

Your Arab Spring forecast is expected to be explosive with a high probability of a coup. Some riots and marches are expected followed by either another revolution, a military dictatorship or more Morsi.

  • pupsncats

    Pretty much an average day in the lands of Mohammed.

    • Isabel Herron

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  • Feisty Hayseed

    Boy! Those Egyptians really do love to Riot, set things on Fire, and Loot, Loot, Loot!

  • WackoTurds

    Hard to see a downside here.

    Wouldn’t Alinskyite Obama want us to chant, “Burn, baby, burn!” right about now?

    Now if we could just keep the F-16s and M1 main battle tanks at home.

    • pupsncats

      Alinskyite Obama supported the overthrow of Murback to get Mursi into power so no, Obama wouldn’t want the people rising up against his favored Muslim Brotherhood dictator.