We Need More College, So We Can Have More Nannies with Master’s Degrees


Fidel Castro once boasted that in Cuba even the prostitutes had university degrees. That was probably true. Communist countries had made a habit of running diploma mill educational systems in which much of the population, even the illiterate, would have some kind of degree.

Cuban education is actually pretty terrible. Its med school grads don’t even qualify in other Latin American countries. And we’re headed the same way with education being treated as a social program and schools that act like diploma mills with graduation quotas.

We’re spending insane amounts of money on overeducation that has no actual use. Instead more janitors in the US have college degrees than NASA employees and we have the best educated nannies in the world.

Elizabeth Chuck of NBC News reported this week on a “fast growing segment of the nanny industry”: American-born college graduates. Since the mid-nineties, the profession has seen a rise in these well-credentialed caretakers, who “could go into law, medicine or other fields but are choosing to become career nannies,” often because they cannot find work elsewhere.

Cliff Greenhouse, president of New York City’s Pavillion Agency for personal service placement, confirms it. “More and more families are saying, ‘I just want someone with a Master’s degree,’” he told me over the phone. “Whether or not it’s in child psychology or some other field, it shows a commitment to education that families believe will rub off on their children.”

That’s nice I suppose. Unfortunately much of this is being subsidized by taxpayers. And it means that we have students piling up six figure debts and then going to work as nannies.

As Christina Hoff Summers frequently points out, women are a majority on campus.

Women in the United States now earn 62 percent of associate’s degrees, 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 60 percent of master’s degrees, and 52 percent of doctorates.

But what isn’t discussed is what happens to a lot of them. Quite a few apparently become nannies. A job once meant for women from the low end of the upper class with no other prospects.

We’re not quite at the point where everyone has a degree, but we are on the road to there. College degrees don’t mean the jobs of tomorrow, no matter how often Obama says it. Often they mean getting the same job that people without college get, but with the added bonus of a pile of student loans and a job market where employers now learn to demand people with Master’s Degrees for work that doesn’t require it.

  • Raul

    “Fidel Castro once boasted that in Cuba even the prostitutes had university degrees.”

    If there is film clip of that it should be played over and over.

    Damage over time gets the job done.

    If every college kid is cognizant of it, it think the left would be in trouble

  • RaulBG

    What’s the point of acquiring skills or learning knowledge that doesn’t have an application in real life? It seems to me that education is just another big business to promote the status quo.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    What a waste. If ever there was an example of the axiom that Liberalism wastes people, this is it.

  • Johnnnyboy

    We do not educate more, we educate slower. If you want to have more people move on the the next stage of education, you get it by grading more easily so that more people qualify. That is, you educate slower, expanding the number of years students spend in classrooms, and of course, expand employment in the educational system itself.

  • Guest

    I don’t know about Cuba’s educational system, but in a Communist Poland Universities were not ‘ diploma mills.’ The college entrance exams were difficult and specific to the field of study chosen, with between 4 to 10 candidates for each place, depending on school and major. Those from the disadvantaged background received additional point, but it was a far cry from the US affirmative action program.

    Usually, the first year was to weed out time of the weakest students and the fail rate was substantial. At the end of the five years, about a half of the class graduated.

    Yes, you had prostitutes with masters degrees, just like you have high price hookers, here. You even had some of the college students ‘ supplementing ‘ there income.

    I can assure you, that, unlike some American college graduates, none among Polish graduates would confuse Austria with Australia, or state that Austrian speak ‘ Austrian’ like our Columbia and Harvard educated President did.

    As a matter of fact, because the education was free, the state did limit the size of new entrants into the majors were jobs were scarce, like history or archeology.

  • Andy_Lewis

    More globalist rubbish from FPM. What we need is industrial policy, plus an end to HIB visas,so we can have an economy that employs our skilled and educated people.