Weather Underground Terrorist Kathy Boudin Goes from Prison to Columbia Prof

Unemployment may be hitting most Americans hard, but for the privileged lefty elite, there’s always a warm academic spot to nest in. Ordinary ex-cons have a hard time getting jobs. But that doesn’t apply to lefty terrorists like Kathy Boudin.

In 2003, Boudin got paroled.

When they reached the U-Haul, the terrorists abandoned their first vehicle and climbed into the back of the truck.  They didn’t expect to be seen by a sharp-eyed high-school student, who called the police. When one unit of four police officers spotted and pulled over the U-Haul, they could only see Boudin in the drivers seat.  She got out of the cab, hands raised.

Some accounts claim Boudin pleaded with the police to put down their guns, convincing them to drop their guard; others claim Boudin was silent, and the officers relaxed spontaneously.  In either case, one thing is clear – although Boudin knew the back of her U-Haul contained six heavily-armed robbers, she did nothing to warn the police.  Once their guard was down, six terrorists with automatic weapons burst out of the back of the truck, surprising the four police officers. A black police officer, Waverly Brown, was killed instantly. Just to make sure, one of Boudin’s gangster friends fired into him point-blank as he lay on the ground.

On August 20, 2003, two New York parole board commissioners Vernon C. Manley and Daizzee D. Booey — both African American — paroled convicted terrorist Kathy Boudin, who was serving twenty years to life for felony murder and robbery.  In 1981, as part of a joint action by the Black Liberation Army and May 19th Communist Organization, Boudin had participated in the hold-up of an armored truck in Nyack, New York, a botched robbery that left three dead – security guard Peter Paige and Nyack police officers Waverly Brown and Edward O’Grady. Waverly Brown was the first black hired by the Nyack police force.

In her parole hearing, Boudin — a veteran of the terrorist Weather Underground — claimed that she participated in the robbery because she felt guilty for being white. She told the commissioners she believed the crime would help ‘oppressed’ black people and advance the cause of ‘civil rights’.  The two black parole commissioners have not explained their rationale for releasing this self-styled revolutionary terrorist,

According to the August 23rd New York Times, the commissioners kept finishing Boudin’s sentences and summarizing her testimony for her. Daizzee Booey sympathetically suggested that Boudin take her experiences and ‘write a book’.  Booey’s other questions revealed more about her than Boudin; for instance, Booey asked the killer whether she got involved in the robbery because “she felt she had not done anything to validate her commitment to civil rights.”  Given this leading (and ridiculous) question, Boudin only had to reply “yes, I do think that’s right” to tell the commissioner what she wanted to hear.

And now Boudin, with blood on her hands, is a Columbia professor.

Former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin — who spent 22 years in prison for an armored-car robbery that killed two cops and a Brinks guard — now holds a prestigious adjunct professorship at Columbia University’s School of Social Work,

Boudin, 69, this year won another academic laurel — being named the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School, where last month she gave a lecture on “the politics of parole and re-entry.”

Boudin’s status of perp-turned-prof outraged the widow of one of her victims, Brinks guard and dad of three Peter Paige, who was gunned down by her accomplices from the Black Liberation Army on Oct. 20, 1981, in Rockland County.

Boudin acted as a getaway driver in the heist.

“She doesn’t deserve a job at all,” said Josephine Paige, 74, when told of Boudin’s posts. “She doesn’t deserve anything, nothing at all. I think she should be back in an institution.”

Of the hundreds of students Boudin has taught, Yoshioka said, just three have expressed qualms about her criminal background, and only one “switched out” of a class because of those concerns.

One Friday, a criminal-justice conference at the school will feature keynote address by Angela Davis, another infamous radical, and later this month Boudin is scheduled to speak at Columbia Law School’s conference on child and family advocacy.

Here is how the Rose Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence Program gets selected.

The Program is endowed by Jill and Richard Sheinberg, Dale J. and Arthur Galston, and the estate of Joel Dolkart to honor the memory of Rose Sheinberg (’50).

Members of the Sheinberg Committee: Professor Alina Das (Lawyering Faculty), Atoosa Esmaili (2L),Elizabeth Jordon (3L), Leila Kang (2L), Emily Kenney (2L), Professor Sylvia A. Law, Professor Holly Maguigan, Sofia Reed (3L), and Taeva Shefler (3L), Professor Katie Tinto (Lawyering Faculty), and Jill Sheinberg (family).

Dr. Boudin is the Director of the Criminal Justice Initiative: Supporting Children, Families, and Communities based at the Columbia University School of Social Work. Kathy Boudin has been dedicated to community involvement in social change since the 1960’s. She works for transformation of the criminal justice system through education, activism, and research and has published widely in the areas of  education, parenting, women, health, and restorative justice. Dr. Boudin was introduced by her son, Chesa Boudin, who is currently working at the San Francisco Public Defender on a Liman fellowship where he focuses on the intersection between immigration and criminal law.

  • UCSPanther

    As I said before, I feel that none of these radical left wing terrorists have been punished adequately…

  • J.T. Kabumpo

    I think it's important to add that Kathy Boudin was the daughter of lawyer Leonard Boudin, who represented the Castro government. And also that the son she abandoned in order to indulge in this leftist adventurism was raised by her good friends Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn – cronies of Obama in Chicago, who launched his political career from their living room.

    • Jerome

      Mayor Daley of Chicago gave an award to Ayers. In 1997 Chicago awarded him its Citizen of the Year award for his work on the project.
      And Ayers' dad was Thomas G. Ayers, who was later Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison (1973 to 1980), and for whom Northwestern's Thomas G. Ayers College of Commerce and Industry was named. Very sad, that this rich kid just played with the social justice movement, and discredited those who were serious, well-intentioned and NON violent.
      By the time Obama hooked up with Ayers, he was "rehabilitated" and back to being part of the establishment, although without ever repudiating his terror.

  • Mary Sue

    Did Ayers or Dohrn ever spend a minute in jail, come to think of it?

    • AdinaK

      Mary Sue,

      Nope. Apparently, there was some "illegal" bugging of their conversations, thus, the "scrupulous" judge threw out the wiretaps, even though they proved their guilt, as domestic terrorists! The results (the take down of America) are evidenced in my review.

      As such, the law is an a-s!

      • Mary Sue


        I don't get why illegal wiretapping is illegal :p

        • beez

          It isn't if the cops have a warrant. Otherwise, the courts grant the police some leeway, but in general they have to obey the 4th Amendment, no unreasonable searches and seizures. I don't know enough about the Ayers case to say whether or not this judge was right or wrong, but in any case, it is a matter of one or more judges' opinion. More than likely, the US Attorney went along with it in hopes that more evidence would come out by which they could get a conviction. Ayers and Dorhn are murderers in my opinion. She was the one who placed a bomb in a SF Cal police substation that killed one and maimed 3 others. The dead officer was SF Police Sgt. Brian V. McDonald, age 29.

      • beez

        Ayers confessed his guilt several times starting on 9-11-01.

      • beez

        It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the judge was persuaded by some good old fashioned palm-greasing to apply a particularly high standard of scrutiny of the evidence against them.

  • AdinaK

    This article is EXHIBIT NUMBER ONE to my latest book review. It is a prima facie case for its thesis –

    In this regard, there are some working behind the scenes to remedy matters.The question is: is it too late? Not everything which is done, as push back, is readily visible.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • beez

      As I understand it, Bernadine Dohrn did actually sit for and pass the New York bar exam. It's my understanding that the NY Bar revoked her license only days later when they learned who she was. Apparently, they let her sit for the bar exam but learned from the investigators only days later that she was who she was. Apparently, Dohrn never appealed the matter, and she never actually applied in her home state of Illinois. I could be wrong in these details, but this is what I've read somewhat recently.

  • Michae1803

    Boudin should be stalked and publicly shamed with pickets and demonstrations at Columbia and NYU as long as she remains in any public life (The incompetent Columbia School of Social Work should lose its accreditation-what a horrible joke it is!). The two NY parole commissioners(the unmanly Manley and the screwey Booey) should be picketed and labeled for the anti-American villains that they both are until New York State fires them.

    • beez

      Ayers and Dohrn should be stalked and berated at every possible chance. But it won't happen. No one knows who they are, and why they're criminals who should never have gotten anywhere near a classroom. Short of that, why are we not investigating why the hell Dohrn is still on the faculty at Northwestern? Why was Ayers on the U of Ill., Chicago education faculty for so long? Who hired these people and why?

  • Steeloak

    I wasted some time watching to this piece of garbage speak at the 19th Annual Sheinberg Lecture. Link here if you are curious:

    It was absolutely disgusting to see her lionized as some sort of martyr who suffered in prison or her beliefs & what a great compassionate humanitarian she is – gag !
    She talked at length about all the great souls she met in prison (the other inmates) and how they were suffering terribly & just wanted to get out but were being denied by the justice system – double gag. She kept going on how "Punishment" seemed to be the focus of politicians & the justice system, not concern for the prisoners.

    She had nothing to say about the victims of these scum – no compassion whatsoever for them! I couldn't continue to watch, it was too revolting.

  • eatingdogfood

    Oh Yeah; Kathy Was Such A Good Little Terrorist and A Loyal Democrat !!! Of Course, She Can Be A Professor at Columbia with the rest of the Radical Educators !!! It’s Over, Folks !!! No Hope !!! Is ” Old Sparky ” Still In Working Order ??? Take A Seat Kathy !!!

  • tagalog

    Solution: don't send your kids to Columbia. Fight Columbia on every front. Agitate against Kathy Boudin's appointment, it worked with Susan Rosenberg, who participated in the Nyack armored car stickup and murder, at Hamilton College.

    If you don't approve of 1960s radicals occupying our educational system, for Heaven's sake, SAY SOMETHING about it. Not just here among friends but in public. You have lots of company.

    On a personal note, that photo makes me see how the Weather Underground might have passed Ms. Boudin around in their attempts to deprogram their fellow radicals on American bourgeois notions of love and marriage. That gal howls at the moon.

  • Ar'nun

    Sickening. No wonder why Obama honored Osama bin Laden by martyring him.

  • BS77

    She should be doing life without parole, like that other pile of garbage, Mumia. RIP Daniel Faulkner, police officer gunned down and executed by Mumia.

    • UCSPanther

      Mumia was no hero. He was a backstabbing coward.

  • tagalog

    When Kathleen Soliah alias Mary Jane Olsen was finally captured 30 years after her murder of innocent bystander Myrna Opsahl at the Crocker Bank robbery (she also kicked a pregnant teller in the stomach and induced a miscarriage), she agreed to a plea bargain with the DA. Then she publicly stated that she wasn't guilty despite the plea bargain. The judge revoked her plea bargain and sentenced her to two consecutive 20-year prison sentences. A review board later reduced that sentence to five years, of which she did two before she was paroled.

    Two years for murder. As Bill Ayers said in his book, "Guilty as sin, free as a bird."

    • UCSPanther

      If it were up to me, a lot of those radical leftist terrorists would have been tried for treason and capital murder, and many would have been either executed or rotting in prison serving sentences that could be measured on the geological time scale…

      • tagalog

        I'd have settled for the two consecutive 20-year sentences as the trial judge imposed. Forty years in prison for a 50-year-old person would be acceptable to me.

  • bahzing

    This freak should not be teaching anything. I am horrified that this entourage of Obama's just keeps growing in size. Kathy Boudin should not be allowed to teach in a university, a high school, a grade school, or a nursery school. It really makes me want to vomit, especially when I think of the 9 kids left without fathers specifically because of her doing.

  • ninjacass

    Geez.. I'm not saying what she did was right or ok, but there should be such a thing as redemption. What if you were never again considered worthy of anything because you made one big mistake? Before you judge her, think of all the ugly things you say in your mind and past misdeeds. Sure most of you have never killed another human being, but does that give you the right to decide what this women deserves to have happen to her or what jobs she doesn't deserve? You can either stay bitter for every little thing that has gone wrong in your life or you can do your best to press on. Don't point and stare at other people, just continue living your own life.

  • beez

    ninjacass, redemption is for those who confess their sins (crimes). None of these people have ever shown any true remorse for their actions. They deserve nothing but ridicule, shame, and verbal abuse for the rest of their lives. As for your criticism, you say that we have no "right" to have a say in their punishment? You have no right to say that WE HAVE NO RIGHT to judge them. We have EVERY RIGHT to judge them. Bitter? Let me tell you something, dear. The people that Boudin helped kill, and the people who Ayers and Dohrn did kill, aren't bitter. They're DEAD!

  • michael

    Cathy Boudin was convicted,put in prison,got an education.And is now a Professor at Columbia University.What does she teach? How to decieve and become a better terrorist.