We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here

Ever since FDR made it his campaign song in 1932 while running for office during the Great Depression, the unofficial anthem of the Democratic Party has been that Tin Pan Alley classic, “Happy Days are Here Again.”

Like Hope and Change, Happy Days are Here Again was a blandly optimistic and non-specific promise that good times were coming. Someday the happy days would arrive, an appropriate enough sentiment for a song whose pivotal moment came in the movie “Chasing Rainbows” where it was sung to reassure a cuckolded husband who is threatening to kill himself. And in an even more appropriate bit of symbolism, the actual movie footage of that moment is as lost as the happy times.

No matter how often the Democratic Party cheats on the American people, it can always break out a new rendition of “Happy Days are Here Again” to win them back. And even if the happy days never seem to actually arrive, the promise of “So long sad times” and “Howdy gay times” where “your troubles and cares are gone” is always a winner.

While the American Democratic Party may not have an official anthem, the British Labour Party does and its anthem, “The Red Flag” would be entirely appropriate for the new Democratic Party that no longer has anything in common with Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson.

It might be awkward to imagine Harry Reid or Joe Manchin trying to make it through verses like, “The people’s flag is deepest red” and the sonorous chorus, “Then raise the scarlet standard high /Within its shade we live and die/Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer/We’ll keep the red flag flying here.” But you could easily imagine Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett belting it out. And that would be only right because The Red Flag mentions two cities. “In Moscow’s vaults its hymns were sung/Chicago swells the surging throng.”

These days red flag songs, once mandatory, are confined to all sorts of vaults in Moscow. The new Russian anthem is Putin’s redress of the old Soviet one, with lyrics by the same composer. And the Soviet National Anthem, that secular hymn, has a familiar pedigree going back to the Anthem of the Bolshevik Party in 1938, which took its melody from “Life is better, Life is fun.”

You might be forgiven for thinking that the Bolshevik Party had borrowed its melody from some Moscow musical, but that wasn’t the case. “Life is better, Life is fun” was based on a statement by Stalin: “Life has become better, comrades. Life has become more fun.” The year was 1935 and while it is impossible to know whether Comrade Stalin had decided to crib from the Democratic campaign of 1932, the theme was the same. Happy days were here again.

And just to remind everyone that happy days really were here again, Stalin began another round of brutal purges. After the purges were wrapped up, Stalin signed a pact with another red flag waver from Berlin. The Nazis and Communists might have disagreed on any number of things, but both of them had inherited the Jacobin fetish for painting a flag red with blood and then waving it while calling for more death.

While Moscow might have turned in its red card, Chicago’s “surging throng” is still swelling the polls, and even though their shirts are purple, their fingers are red from the strain of repeat voting. If there is anywhere in the United States that the red flag has gone on flying, it’s Chicago. In its shade, generations have lived and died, and now generations have begun living and dying in its shade across the country as the red flag keeps flying for another four years over D.C.

The red flags of the post-modern, post-American, post-British, post-everything revolutionaries aren’t usually as obvious as a gang of wealthy politicians staggering to a microphone once a year and belting out, “We’ll keep the red flag flying here.” It usually sounds more like the parody of that anthem, known somewhat sarcastically as the “Battle Hymn of the New Socialist Party.”

“White collar workers stand and cheer/The Labour government is here/We’ll change the country bit by bit/So nobody will notice it.” A policy of changing the country bit by bit so none of the workers who want their benefits notices that everything else they value is being dragged away to the rubbish heap while they sleep may be sneered at by the real reds, but it’s worked quite effectively.

Tony Blair did a masterful job of changing Britain, leaving behind Neil Kinnock’s threats to take the workers into the streets if the election did not go his way. (It did not. He did not.) A New Labour that would talk like technocrats while importing unprecedented number of immigrants to change the electoral balance of the country, so that the red flag would go on flying here, even if it was green and had a crescent and a pair of crossed swords in the middle.

Instead of the flying red flag, Tony Blair’s New Labour used Dream’s “Things can only get better” as its election anthem, which despite a title that made it sound like another, “Happy Days are Here” or “Life is better, Life is fun” was more of a love song to a Labour messiah promising to cure “prejudice and greed.”

“Walk my path/Wear my shoes/Talk like me/I’ll be an angel,” New Labour voters were promised and they fell for it. The age of the Me Generation PM was here and the new egotism resounded in lyrics like “Things can only get better/Can only get better/Now I’ve found you/(That means me)” that took both self-help and self-involvement to a whole new level. But British voters probably should have paid more attention to warning lyrics like, “I sometimes lose myself in me.”

Obama marries the red flag radicalism of the old left with next generational egotism to show us the spoiled brat as leader, the tyke born with a set of silver spoons in his mouth who not only waves the red flag, but who mistakes his shamelessness for political genius. To the Hope and Changer, the man is the office, the state is the man, and the whim is the national agenda.

Stalin famously told his mother that he was the new Czar, transmuting collectivist revolution into the egotistical authoritarianism of one man. Obama has managed the same trick, merging revolutionary politics with his own brand until there is no longer a difference between the man and his revolution. FDR only promised happy days, but Obama has become the actual incarnation of hope, which may explain why there is no longer any hope to go around.

There is a flag flying over Washington and it’s no longer the stars and stripes, but the same red flag that flies over Chicago. It’s the red flag under whose shade misery and tyranny spreads while the band strikes up the same anthem over and over again. “Happy days are here again.” “Life is better, life is fun.” “Things can only get better” and of course Obama’s victory speech promise; “The best is yet to come.”

It might have been more honest if he had instead admitted, “We’ll keep the red flag flying here.”

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  • Larry

    The true anthem of the leftards is "The Taxman".

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Yes, herein are the reds, amply demonstrated via their deadly swath across the world – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/19/comrades-in-a

    The amount of killings, under their banner, only rivals that which rides under the wave of the green flag – Islam. They heart one another mainly due to their love of totalitarian ethos/rule, as well as their utter hatred of America (Israel and the west) and Judeo-Christian underpinnings.Herein lies their morphing, their marching in lock-step.

    Adina Kutnicki – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Mary Sue

    I knew there was a reason I didn't like that song!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    America is undone by deception and fraud and the Democrats are not the culprits, it is
    the Marxist, Socialist & Islamist axis that has done it, the Democrats are no longer a real
    political party, they exist only in the memory of diehard fans. The new reality is that with
    the government in the hands of the enemies of America we are done in, brainwashed
    fools pouring out of our Colleges without hope of employment blame the system that
    created wealth for thier poverty and useless degrees. Clear thinking has been replaced
    with propaganda and it is becoming impossible to find sanity in most discourses.
    Conservatives hold the last possible chance for any revitalzation of our Nation.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Now, that’s the kind of writing I had come to expect from a wordsmith as proficient as Mr. Greenfield. Nice job. Almost makes you wanna smack some sense into those smug, way too comfortable, conservative-lite, proud to pay their taxes, tea party pukes, don’t it? And maybe burn some red flags?

  • LibertarianToo

    Ever since the media started their red state / blue state nonsense, I've been wondering if anyone remembered what being Red meant. Only a Lefty is dumb enough to think Republicans are Red, but if the media called Dem-dominated states Red, the Democrats would have screamed bloody murder at being outed.

  • Omar

    Red is also the color of the lunatic Popular Democratic Party (PDP) in Puerto Rico. The PDP favors the current territorial "Commonwealth" status for PR. All of the PDP's politicians are affiliated with the stateside Democratic Party. Just like many contemporary Democrats exploit the lower income and other people into supporting the Democrats' radical agenda, the PDP exploits the people of Puerto Rico into supporting the party's lunatic agenda.

  • Ghostwriter

    The song "Happy Days are Here Again" should be retitled "Happy Days Have Yet to Arrive" the way things are going now.

  • edgineer1

    From Russia in 1917 to Cuba in 1959 the Communists have convinced people to surrender their freedom to their promise of prosperity for all. This is no different than Castro who for several years was sold to Americans as "a freedom fighter" by the Democratic Party.

    • fightwarnotwars

      really? what freedoms exactly did the common people have in Russia under the Tsar? and what freedoms did the average cuban have under the military dictator Batista?

      • Omar

        Actually, Lenin did not overthrow the Czar. The Czar's military convinced him to abdicate the throne. Lenin's Bolsheviks decided to kill the entire royal family, including the Czar's son, who was suffering from hemophilia. The Bolsheviks were far worse than the Czar. As for Batista, he was nowhere near as bad as the Castro regime. Most of the propaganda used against him was fabricated by none other than the Castro regime and its supporters and sympathizers. Read Humberto Fontova's books for more on the truth about Cuba.

        • freedomentreprenuer

          You probably think you answered the previous question but if you read your reply you will find you did not address the actual question at all. Typical.