What Does America Get in Exchange for Foreign Aid? Hate


You know things are bad when even NPR notices that our program of foreign aid isn’t winning hearts and minds. The populations we support hate us more than ever.

To figure out which countries dislike the U.S., one quick way is to simply look at which ones are getting the largest dollops of U.S. aid.

This general trend was true in every region except in the Middle East. There, animosity toward the U.S. runs high, and the also tended to be some of the most antagonistic toward the U.S.

— In Egypt, which gets $1.5 billion a year from the U.S., only 16 percent had a positive view of the U.S. We should note the Pew survey was taken this past spring, before the recent upheaval in Egypt that has unleashed a wave of anti-American invective that may well have pushed that approval rating even lower.

— Among Palestinians, who’ve been getting about $500 million annually, only 16 percent viewed the U.S. favorably. Bear this in mind as the U.S. attempts to restart peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, who haven’t held such talks in the past three years.

— In Jordan, which receives more than $600 million a year, only 14 percent had a positive view. The aid is considered critical in a poor Arab state that is feeling extremely stretched these days with a flood of refugees from war-torn Syria.

Farther east in Pakistan, which has been getting close to $1 billion a year, a mere 11 percent think nice thoughts about the U.S. Despite decades as allies, the U.S.-Pakistan relationship has often been fraught with problems, typified by the friction in recent years as the countries have been at odds over policies toward Afghanistan.

There is one exception to the rule.

None of these examples suggest cause and effect. In other words, U.S. assistance may not cause countries to dislike the U.S. But in these cases we’ve noted, U.S. money certainly doesn’t seem to help.

Also, the correlation between getting U.S. aid and disliking the U.S. is far from absolute. To cite just one counterexample, the leading recipient of U.S. aid is Israel, which gets more than $3 billion annually, and 83 percent of Israelis surveyed had a favorable view of the U.S., making it one of the most U.S.-friendly places on the globe.

That’s why we’re working to force Israel, which likes us, to make more concessions to the Palestinian terrorists, who hate us.

  • Softly Bob

    So this puts paid to the Liberal argument that claims that Muslims only commit terrorist attacks because they are ‘frustrated angels’ who hate the West because the West exploits them, when evidence clearly shows that the more we help them, the more they hate us.
    So the solution is – don’t give them anything. Why pay them to hate us when it would be cheaper to get them to hate us for free?

  • Johnnnyboy

    I would imagine what is going on is that we give aid to buy cooperation from the local leader with foreign aid. As the local leader does not want to be seen as a puppet, he runs us down in the bargain for the sake of domestic support. On balance I think the deprecation is real and damaging and we are more tolerant of it than we should be. Perhaps there should be an understanding, a quid pro quo as to what they can say and in what forums.

  • Gee

    US aid to the ‘Palestinians’ is over $1 billion/year including the $500 million to UNRWA.

    Both Afghanistan and Iraq receive over $50 billion/year in aid from the US – far more than Israel and I bet that they hate the US just as much as any Muslim regime

  • Manaphy

    Ironically, the title of this article also applies to U.S. AID to Israel. Most Israelis see america as their poodle, who will obey do anything for them without question, and without regards for its own interests. Somewhat similar to slavery.

    • OfficialPro

      Have you even talked to any Israelis to determine their ACTUAL attitude, rather than ASSUMING?

      • Manaphy

        would you believe me if I said yes? Because I actually did. Unlike the writers and commentators on frontpagemag, I actually do research and use facts to back up my statements. At this point, you know that you don’t have any more arguments that you can use against me, so you and a bunch of other Jewish Supremacists are going to call me a “nazi” or and “antisemite”. My popcorn is ready.

      • Manaphy

        BTW, Yes I did research this.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Drug abuse and insanity aren’t research techniques, whackjob.

  • Fred

    Of course they hate us. We are the US. We are the big bullies on the block. We got more than they do. We got more of everything they want than they could even use. We’re rich, they’re not, so they hate us like the 99% hate the 1%. They mostly know that they are never going to be as rich as us, that their countries are never going to be as pleasant or safe to live in as ours is, so they envy us our luxuries and ease, naturally. When you envy someone its easy to start hating them for having so much and being so undeserving, and we are stuck with that as long as the US is the richest, most powerful nation on this green Earth.
    I hate being hated, don’t you? That is why I support Ayatollah Obamassiah in his efforts to destroy the prosperity of the United States. Lets face it, we have too much and there is only so much to go around, so its time to share the wealth. And just think, now think, of how much all them poor folks is gonna love us once we is poor as they is. Then we’ll all have the joy of justice well served and we can all starve together in peace and freedom form fear in the purity and essence of our precious bodily fluids.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Exactly why we need to cut off ALL USAID & start putting America first…