What is Huma’s Next Move?


When Huma hooked up with Weiner, he was a promising politician who was at the front of the line to become the next mayor of New York? And from there, who knows.

Now that clearly isn’t happening.

It’s not inconceivable that Weiner will manage yet another comeback, but his neurotic persona that kicks in when a scandal does makes that unlikely. If you’re going to live the dissolute life, you should have the teflon skills of a Bill Clinton. You wouldn’t catch Clinton getting into a shouting match with Larry O’Donnell. Not even John Edwards, the closest thing to Bill in national politics since, sank that low.

Huma skipped the public vote with Weiner. Weiner claimed she had an important phone call. And she skipped his quote, unquote victory party. Maybe she just lacks his knack for riding a nuke down to the ground. But more likely, she’s moving on.

What’s her next move?

An immediate divorce announcement is unlikely. Huma built her whole rep on being classy. This whole mess has wrecked a lot of that classy image, but there are plenty of those still waiting for her to reemerge.

The trouble here is the exit strategy. Huma Abedin will want a graceful disengagement, a quiet reemergence into public life, and then an engagement to another promising politician.

The sandbag here is Weiner who is not dealing with things gracefully. And the last thing Huma Abedin wants is Weiner dragging her down again with loud divorce proceedings. That means that the Clintons will have to bite their lip, assuming Huma is worth it to them, and buy him off with more consulting gigs.

Meanwhile Huma’s friends will quietly leak a trial separation to some classier source, like New York Magazine. Then there will be a nearly off the record divorce in the hopes of not ending up on the cover of People or one of its trashier clones like Us or OK or Ugh.

And then there will be another spread, this time on Huma balancing her career and role as a single mom, while helping Hillary go for the 2016 gold. There will be lots of photos of her with the kids. Of Weiner, she’ll say. “I want their father involved in their lives.” She won’t use his name.

And then there will be rumors of her dating another promising politician. A politician with gay rumors or questions about his lifestyle that her presence will help silence.

Cory Booker would be a very good choice. Especially if he makes it to the Senate.

At least that’s the likely plan. But as Huma found out with Weiner, the best laid plans don’t always work out according to plan.

  • http://www.federaleagent86.blogspot.com/ Federale

    I am certain there is some jihadi she could marry.

    • kafir4life

      Isn’t she already married to one? Or did she work for one? Or both?

      • http://www.federaleagent86.blogspot.com/ Federale

        No, he is your classic Jewish communist from the 30s. But the Reds and the Islamists can work together because they hate America.

    • Little GreenMen

      Turdish reply

  • Biff Henderson

    Why marry another potato sack with buttons for eyes? The advances the Alphabet Soup Coalition has made opens up the possibility she could tag team with Bill and Shrill. If she wants to play it safe she could do like that one gal did and marry a bridge. Go with iconic Americana, Brooklyn or the George Washington. The occasional jumper milked for tragic sentimentality to boost her image as a caring soul. “George and I are…blah, blah, blah.”

  • bob e

    sounds like you are tracking this on radar dan..we know huma of the ummah
    will do our country right…eh ??

  • Muslim Comments

    You have nothing better to write about? Boring…………

    • iluvisrael

      it bothers you to see one of your own screwed – good for you!

    • Biff Henderson

      Muslim Comments,

      That’s a spiffy looking logo. Nice hand job. Hand Job. What an appropriate moniker.

      • Raymond_in_DC

        Actually, that “logo” is known as the “Rabaa” sign, a symbol of solidarity with Muslim Brotherhood’s protests at the Rabaa Mosque in Cairo. So we can guess where MC’s loyalties lie.

        • Biff Henderson

          Designed by a Turkish graphic artist, Spanish for rabid, rage, madness, and ire, The first thing that came to my mind was how appropriate, it represents the mental masturbation one would have to constantly subject oneself to to rationalize glorifying the deeds of a psychopath. That and the constant lies You/ve got to be stroking me…

    • kafir4life

      huma of the ummah will most likely leave the Weiner now. The only reason that beast wasn’t “honored” by the muslim community is that it was felt she could help the ummah by being married to a Jew with power. She’ll always have a place between Hillary’s cankles.

  • Jakareh

    It’s good to see the plans of dastardly and Islamic of the world crumble into dust.

    • Little GreenMen

      You must be as ugly on the inside as your avatar

      • Jakareh

        What, you can’t appreciate the beauty of one of God’s most majestic creatures? And you say I’m ugly inside?

  • BenJabo1Machal

    Please, Huma is Hillary’s second daughter (sez Hill, the pill)
    Speak nicely about the two bitches

  • Beverly Willett