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Muslim contribution to UK

Michael Adebolajo was born to Christian immigrants from Nigeria and then became involved in gang violence as a teenager. An acquittance said,

Adebolajo became involved with a criminal Nigerian gang from outside the school: As he got older he started mixing with other people from outside. We used to go around the house and there used to be 20 black guys and they would walk around the streets … They were stealing people’s phones and that and they had knives.

She said that Adebolajo himself would carry a knife around, not just for protection but as part of his criminal activities. However, she didn’t know if he had ever been arrested. She said that once he started to carry a knife around his parents decided to get the boys out of Romford:

It’s unknown if the Nigerian gang was Muslim or not. The neighbors had bad experiences with the family and Michael appeared to be a thug.

A former neighbour of the Adebolajo family at the home they lived in until around 2004, along the main A12 road in Romford, Essex, said he did not have fond memories of them.

Graham Silverton, 63, who has lived in the street for 25 years and lived two doors down from the family, said he found Michael Adebolajo’s father aggressive and short tempered.

Silverton said the neighbours living between him and the Adebolajos had a particularly bad experience with Michael when he was a teenager. He said one of the neighbours’ children, a teenage girl, had gone to the Adebolajos door to retrieve a ball kicked into their garden and was insulted and punched by Michael. The incident was not reported to police, he recalled.

Adebolajo’s parents divorced and his father left, leading to another broken family, which is a rather typical reality among Third World immigrants.

At some point Adebolajo became involved with Islam and formally converted and took the Mujahid, one who engages in Jihad, in 2003. The security services remained aware of him, but did not act, even as he became involved with Islamist groups.

Witnesses recalled seeing him handing out Islamic literature in Woolwich and acting as a street preacher. No action was taken. Until it was too late.

The police appeared to have detained some more individuals, suggesting that we may be dealing with a larger cell…

Two women, said by neighbours to be sisters, were taken out of the flat in handcuffs this morning, along with a teenage boy, a toddler and a baby. All were taken away by the police.

  • tagalog

    Locking the barn door firmly after the horses have escaped, I see.

    Lately, the West has become quite good at those after-the-fact arrests.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    The fact that they were "aware" of his jihadi intent tells us all we need to know. There will come a time, in the near future, that the west will need to deport citizens who are deemed a clear and present danger. And it is not as if scooping people off the street is in play. But through clear cut evidence of jihad-in-the-making, there is no reason why this shouldn't be the case.
    Democracy is NOT a suicide pact, or maybe it is. Islamic adherents bear GREAT scrutiny and this is the truth, like it or not – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/06/islam-barbari

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • Simon

      'Democracy is NOT a suicide pact, or maybe it is. Islamic adherents bear GREAT scrutiny and this is the truth, like it or not.' – 100% true and the time has come to tighten laws on Islamic adherents.

  • bob e

    dan..your essays are sharp & always a head shaking journey. you are d' man..dan

  • Moishe Pupick

    Th., 05/23/13

    I fully expect that at least 1 U.K. legislator will now call for a ban on certain types of knives. "Knife Control"– what a concept. It'll solve the problem of homicidal jihadis muy pronto.

    • Simon

      Knife control is not sufficient, it should be people – Islamic people – control!

    • Deep Space

      There already is a ban on certain types of knives in the UK and while it doesn't prevent thugs from carrying and using them it does give the police legal recourse to arrest a carrier and potential murderer.

  • ruby

    Moishe there is already such a ban in place.

  • D-Boy

    England you need a death penalty you daft nillys! Time has come to man up.

  • antisharia

    the problem is, and has been from the start, that most people in the west see Islamic jihadist activities as being a criminal problem. This is not a criminal problem anymore than the IRA was. Islam(not some small goup of Muslims) itself is a dangerous existential threat to western civilization. Along with the progressive left it makes up one of the two wings in the pincer attack the barbarians have launched.

    • Praisesinger

      So, so true! Wake up people and look all around you!!

    • Desmond

      So true, at last someone has read up on this ideology of death. The Q is why do we import these creatures in the first place. Here in the States, we have 300,00 feral Somali's in Minnesota. I bet we pay for them to be warm, instead of letting them freeze

  • Eddie Henely

    Imagine that a violent black person that will kill whitey? The United States is screwed by the southerners that brought slaves here but what about England they more of these violent people you bring in the less freedom you have. soon enough blacks in the US will convert to Islam and if you thing there is a lot of black on white crime now. you aint seen noting yet

    • praisesinger

      Eddie….this is not a white vs black issue. Islam hates ALL non-believers equally and kills within it's own denominations as well!

      • wooo

        in the mubai masacre they were told to target white people. on the (media hushed) failed tube bombings post 7/7 one of the terrotists went and stood next to a white woman and child and tried to detonate his bomb. the woolich beheading has never been reported as a racist crime but when a white britsh guy went into a mosque the next day he was arrested for a racist attack.
        white people are the only people capable of being acused of racism
        for every one non white person arrested for racism i can name you a thousand white people arrested for racism. mandella signs aboiut killing whites but there is a statue of him in westminster

      • ziggy zoggy

        Adebelajo was a racist thug long before he degenerated further into an islamopithecine.

  • sam jones

    people just keep making excuses for these murders and who pays the price? Innocent people that are just trying to get along with everyone, black leaders would as soon crawl in bed with muslim murders just to have a war partner against the devil whites they will sacrifice their own safety to see more war on whites

  • Bonnie Smith

    diversity does not work innocent people die because the thugs always win. they win because they are not afraid to kill. cities and politicians need money and votes so they recruit millions of immigrants. and they prey on the locals and if the locals complain they are called racist. any idiot can see how Israel looks full of death because of diversity any one can see the same thing in the United States large cities blacks are programmed to hate whitey and they are recruiting Mexicans to help in the war on whites of course american whites are so terrified of being called racist they wont speak out on the violence that surrounds them

    • Simon

      People who tell the truth about Islam are called racist, but the innocent pay wither lives and not the politicians. Yes, Islam(not some small goup of Muslims) itself is a dangerous existential threat to western civilization.

  • Sound&Fury

    We are long overdue for another crusade.

  • Tim Torrance

    Gt Muslims out of London

    • Lan Astaslem

      get them out of the universe

      • Guest

        Infinity thumbs-up to that one Lan !!!!!

  • tepes

    Break a limb off the tree behind him and impale it through his fat mouth.

    Then spend the rest of the night burning the Somalis out of Britian.

  • piperlord

    Another thing that is infuriating (which I believe is done on purpose just for THAT reason, to "infuriate"…think of that. wow. pure evil doing) is where the innocents are punished – told not to wear a certain article of clothing, or whatever to appease the EVIL murderers.

  • Helena

    "Aquittance"? Really? And you call yourself a journalist??

    • ziggy zoggy

      What do you call yourself?