What’s Right about Ted Cruz & the Tea Party

OB-ZG871_cruz_G_20131014105859If you believe the Democrats (and some Republicans) the biggest threat to the Party of Abe is a man named Ted. It’s tempting for the GOP to believe that all it needs to do is practice some Cruz Control and wait around for Americans to wake up and realize that it is the sensible party with the moderate solutions.

And if that doesn’t work… there are always the elections of 2020 or 2024… or 2124.

If you don’t fight, you can’t win. That’s what the Party of Lincoln, a party that tested its mettle in a devastating national conflict, has forgotten. Instead it has become a party of good losers who would rather lose easy than fight hard.

The GOP would like to win without fighting. It wants to wait for the voters to come around and recognize that it’s the better choice because it compromises.

Like the nerd waiting for the pretty girl to recognize his niceness, the Republican Party is futilely courting an American voter who barely even knows it’s there… at least until he watches the next Saturday Night Live skit depicting Republicans as crazy evil billionaires who want to power Christian nuclear plants with the corpses of minorities.

And he’ll believe that is what the Republican Party really stands for because the elephant no longer roars loud enough to be heard, it moderately whispers, and is outbrayed by every jackass.

The Republican Party has allowed its enemies to define it. Its moderation has convinced voters that it’s crazy and dangerous because without raising its voice and fighting back, the only things they know about it comes from its enemies.

Complacency has made it impossible for the Republican Party to compete. It’s so busy being reasonable that it unreasonably fails to realize that no one is paying attention to its displays of moderation.

Its reasonable and moderate candidates were shot down twice. Meanwhile the last Republican to sit in the Oval Office was a man that the media tarred and feathered much more thoroughly than McCain or Romney as an illiterate Texas hick who loved killing black people and bombing countries.

George W. Bush was not all that conservative, but he was pugnacious, and that is a quality that Americans admire more than moderation. Ted Cruz is an actual Texas conservative and he is also pugnacious.

The Republican Party has forgotten that it did not win the midterm elections in 2010 because voters saw how moderate and reasonable it was. If those were qualities that impressed voters we would be tuning in to another speech from President Romney about the improving economy.

The midterm reversal happened because a bunch of people wearing costumes and waving yellow flags began arguing with Democratic politicians trying to sell their constituents on a disastrous health plan. The plan is still disastrous and the people with the costumes are still out there, but the GOP would like them and Ted Cruz to go away and stop interrupting their plan to win in 2014 by impressing the public with their moderate program of reasonable compromises.

And if that doesn’t work there’s always 2224… or 3224.

Ted Cruz isn’t the biggest threat to the Republican Party. He’s the only hope for the Republican Party. Cruz understands that you have to fight to win. You don’t get points for compromise. Compromise is what it takes to run the system, but voters elect candidates to do specific things for them. They want politicians who will represent their interest to the best of their abilities.

Not compromisers.

No one hires a lawyer to settle a court case. The court case may have to be settled, but a client expects his lawyer to get him the best terms by fighting as hard as he can. A lawyer who advertises his reasonable and moderate willingness to make a deal as soon as possible will have no clients. A party that advertises its eagerness to settle on any terms it can get will have no voters.

While the Republican Party worries about Ted Cruz alienating voters, it might want to consider the voters that Ted Cruz is bringing in. Conservative voters have been staying home from elections that don’t inspire them.

Passion wins elections. Passion feeds turnout. Passion makes voters feel like it’s their fight, not just another election.

Instead of bringing passion to their fight against the left, Republicans misdirect their passion into circular firing squads. There have been more passionate Republican attacks aimed at Ted Cruz in a single month than there have been against Barack Obama in an entire year.

The deluded establishment still believes that it would have won even bigger in 2010… if not for that pesky Tea Party. It believes we would be listening to President McCain explaining to the nation why we’ve been bombing Syria… if only it wasn’t for Sarah Palin. And it believes that Mitt Romney would have won in 2012 if it wasn’t for… that’s the question.

The Tea Party was out of the picture. The Republican Party had two men up front who could quietly, calmly and reasonably make their case to the nation. And their case was good. It was a story about the American Dream, about small businesses becoming big businesses in an economy driven by vision, ambition and individual striving.

And it went nowhere.

American voters had a choice between two men. One was passionate. The other was reasonable. One was applying for a job interview. The other was warning that their children would starve in the streets and their daughters would take wire hangers to themselves if he wasn’t reelected. Despite the poll numbers, the turnout favored the passionate candidate. It favored the teleprompter demagogue warning that the sky, the phones and the food stamps were about to fall.

Elephants never forget. That may be true of Loxodonta Africana, but Loxodonta Americana never remembers. Ted Cruz is the new Tea Party, the new Sarah Palin, the man in the middle of a circular firing squad that is taking its targeting orders from Democratic Party political operatives in the media. African elephants aren’t cannibals, but American elephants eagerly eat their own.

The Tea Party was right about what it takes to win. Sarah Palin was right. Ted Cruz is right.

The Republican Party has two options. It can learn to fight or it can give up. A political party that fails to compete abandons itself to the tender mercies of its enemies. And the left has no mercy.

Ted Cruz tried to teach the elephant to stop eating grass and switch to a diet of red meat. The American elephant can either evolve into a predator or devolve into a rhino and be preyed upon by the wild asses of the Socialist desert.

The Republican Party will never win by out-moderating its enemies. Its last three presidents who won reelection were not known for being mild-mannered and soft-spoken types.

Politics is not a game for the weak. It is not the sport you play if you are afraid of hitting or being hit. It has moments of greatness that bring nations together and uplift peoples… but those moments will never be achieved by those who fear to fight for what they believe in.

Ted Cruz is not afraid to fight. The Republican Party could stand to learn from his example.

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  • KCTed

    I would add in Rand Paul, Mike Lee and in the House Justin Amash and Thomas Massie. We need to fill as many spots as we can, with folks like this, at every election. This isn’t about a Tea Party label, this is about the Constitution of the United States and it’s in trouble.

  • Phil Ossiferz Stone

    Dead on.

    The radical left has brought us to an age of ideologically-inspired unreason; and this spirit of unreason extends from the streets to the comments section of your family newspaper. All you see is rabid reactionary tribalism directed at anyone who dissents.

    It’s time to fight them with their own tools. No more sweet reasonableness.

    • JimJim

      Right on my brother!!

  • Duel

    The T-Party is tantamount to the Jihadists and Islamic terrorists. No different other than they believe in Jesus. We on the LEFT will pursue the Ted Cruz’s Naturalization paperwork to scrutinize it closely. That paperwork is held by the U.S. Department of State. Cruz had to prove his mother was in this country with CONTINUOUS RESIDENCY 10 years prior to and after his birth. There are already holes in her years prior to his birth that must be accounted for once those records are asked for formally. We on the LEFT will go thru those documents with a fine tooth comb to assure that he has given the correct information when he submitted his application to Naturalize.

    I was born in Mexico in 1961. My mother was a Mexican national and my father an American citizen. My Mexican birth certificate was stamped by the U.S. Department of State allowing me legal entry into the country via citizenship granted to me because of my father. I lived my life without incident and in my early 20s I decided to get a passport and was denied and a week later I received a letter from INS asking me to report for deportation. I was told that I would have to go thru the naturalization process to obtain citizenship thru my father. In that application, I had to establish that my father was in CONTINUOUS RESIDENCY in the Untied States for 10 years prior to my birth and 10 years after my birth. That took 4 years with the help of an attorney. There was a 2 month period that was in question and it held up the application for the next 4 years. It took the help of the SS administration to release my father’s work history, census records, my father’s library card history and a host of other minor documentary evidence to establish the time frame needed to qualify my father as an eligible citizen from which I could be granted Naturalization. This is the same process Ted Cruz must have had to follow. His mother had to be in CONTINUOUS RESIDENCE in the U.S. for 10 years before and after he was born. We shall ask for those records to comb thru them ever so closely. There are already questions of Cruz’s mothers’ whereabouts 10 years prior to his birth. Be assured we on the LEFT will pursue this to the very end and throw a wrench into Mr. Cruz’s plans at the most perfect time. Timing is everything here and pay back is a b-it-ch. He may be stripped of his Naturalization and be asked to report for deportation to his native Canada. That is our goal.

    • catherineinpvb

      Sorry; but Mexico is not Canada. . .and you just wrote all the above on an ‘error’ of assumption. I know this; because I was born in Canada; and had the ‘same’ dual citizenship that Cruz had. Never a problem; and never needed a lawyer – and did not even know; until I turned twenty-one (and never had a problem; getting a passport when I was sixteen.)

      Why not take this energy; and check out Obama’s citizenship. Now, that will take you years. . .guaranteed. BTW; the ‘Tea Party’ is not the Jesus Party; as much as you try to make it. But no question; you
      need a ‘face’ on this to demonize. Sad; when there are real enemies out there; that could be occupying your time; all to making your efforts, far more worthwhile.

      • Duel

        We will see in the end what questions will be asked about the process of Naturalization Cruz did go through. He could not be a citizen of Canada, dual or not to run for Presidency. Maybe someone should call ICE in your case and you may be here illegally.

        Tell me one thing Catherine. Why did Cruz Sr. go thru the process of naturalization 30 years after he was eligible? I will tell you why. Because he wanted the SS and Medicare benefits granted in the USA even to those newly naturalized. That is why my dear lady.

        You are wrong to think the T-Party is not the Jesus Party for they are. Just look at who is in that Party. They are all white folk and evangelicals. We’ll see how IOWA caucuses pans out for the GOP. The most radical right winger and the most evangelical will win that start of the race. That will be only one factor that is bringing down the GOP among many. You don’t relate to the population at large. You have a war on women, you have a war on the youth (they see you as old and staid), you don’t appeal to minorities or those that are not evangelical. Even the business community has come out to help the moderate GOP and not the rabid T-Party. The business community saw in this last round of debt ceiling hostage taking by the RIGHT, that they were just a bit too radical to have around and the US Chamber of Commerce is not re-evaluating their need for you, as is Wall Street in general. You have become the pariah of the RIGHT and hang around their necks like an anchor sinking a ship.

        This is what you have to look forward to Catherine come November 2016…when we elect President Hillary Clinton to office.

        They never saw it coming, BOOM!!…..Stinging defeat for GOP…. ‘we never saw it coming”…… They looked like they got hit by a cement truck. I love watching NBC, ABC, CBS, Univsion, Telemundo and Galavision and other outlets’ footage of those people at Romney headquarters in Boston on election night. They first looked perplexed and confused, then as results from state after state started coming in, concern and a little fear hit them, and hard. Then a freakout panic, then they recovered a bit. But for only a minute for a few minutes later a little sobbing started and then as if on cue right out frustration, anger and wailing out loud. They clutching each other, looking at each other with doom and disbelief in their tearful and crying eyes. More confused than ever, they just looked around as if looking for someone to come save them. Finally dispare, unbelievable dispare crawled onto and gripped their faces tight with contortions. Some sat with their faces in their laps other fell to their knees as if praying and crying out loud. Some screamed, NO, NO, NO!!! Some screamed, Oh my god!!, Oh my god!! Hilarious! I tell you, hilarious!!! I still go there to watch, it feels so good. The sports bar I go to plays it now and again just for the fun of it all. In all the pics of this montage there is not one person of colour sadly to say. There is Korean version that you can tell the commentators are doing everything they can to keep from laughing. Get your tissues ready and stop your whining.

  • bigjulie

    Excellent piece, Daniel! There are many of us out here who have been saying as much for years. It’s part of the rampant self-delusion Republican “leaders” (term used VERY loosely) inside the Beltway use so they don’t have to “man up” and actually call out Obama and his Fellow Travelers for what they are…punks and tinhorn hoods!
    2010 was as bold and hard a slap in the face as a political party could get, yet what do they do instead of learning? “Well, we’ve go to listen to Karl Rove, because he knows…we have to be MODERATE!” BULLSHIT!! Americans who still understand what America is all about are screaming for people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee! Instead, we have “trusted” Republican “advisors” costing us Senate seats (like Sharon Angle and the lady from Delaware) and with proper support, we could have been rid of Harry Reid!!
    There are so few principled people inside the Beltway any more that the contrast between the Republican eunuchs and these outstanding “rebels” becomes more stark by the day.
    I, for one, would rather see a reformed Republican Party than a third party, but nothing is going to change without some LEADERSHIP in the Republican Party…a commodity that is sadly totally lacking right now.

    • catherineinpvb

      Given what Boehner and Co. are thinking of doing to Mike Lee and offering that Cruz and like-minded, need to be ‘rehabilitated'; it is looking more that Repub Party has hit the plateau of ‘unreconcilable differences’. Meanimte;. . .the clock is ticking; and no real offense; against our proclaimed enemy in Washington; and so no inspiring vision to deal with the ‘thing’ in itself.

  • 20pizzapies

    Why the Tea party and/or Republicans will lose in 2014 by their own devices :

    A Nevada assemblyman said he would vote in favor of legislation allowing for slavery if it was something his constituents wanted him to do.

    Jim Wheeler, a Republican from Gardnerville, was talking to a crowd of Storey County Republicans in August he when said “yeah I would” vote for slavery if that’s what his constituents wanted.

    “If that’s what they wanted, I’d have to hold my nose, I’d have to bite my tongue and they’d probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah, if that’s what the citizens of the, if that’s what the constituency wants that elected me, that’s what they elected me for,” he said. “That’s what a republic is about. You elected a person for your district to do your wants and wishes, not the wants and wishes of a special interest, not his own wants and wishes, yours.”

    Wheeler said today that he believes “liberal” operatives are trying to frame him as a bigot by spreading video of the statement on the Internet.

    • Omar

      Why Occupy Wall Street, Warren Wilhelm Jr. (aka Bill de Blasio) and the contemporary Democrats should lose future elections by their own devices:

      Maxine Waters, Kathy Castor, Charles Barron, Bobby Rush, Luis Gutierrez, Bonnie Raitt, Warren Wilhelm Jr. and other radical left-wing Democrats all support the murderous Castro family dictatorship in Cuba and the despotic Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. They all repeat Communist propaganda in the United States. That’s the reality.

  • 20pizzapies

    Why Cruz will go nowhere :

    Conservative activists compared Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to Jesus Christ during an event Friday, earning a chorus of amens from the audience of Iowa Republicans.

    Steve Scheffler, a conservative Christian activist, thanked God for the freshman Texas senator who helped engineer the 16-day government shutdown in his effort to derail the Affordable Care Act.

    He also prayed for more conservative leaders like Cruz who were willing to “be crucified for their belief system,” reported BuzzFeed.

    The Republican establishment, including Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch, have criticized Cruz for his legislative efforts to defund or delay Obamacare, but tea party activists applaud his stance.

    “Every time one of these guys attacks him, it’s good for him,” said one Iowa Republican operative. “He’s like a superhero. The more bullets that get shot at him, the bigger and stronger he gets.”

    • catherineinpvb

      Funny; Obama playing of the Messiah role; did not hurt him. . .he even played it out with imagery and languge yet. . .they were not calling him the ‘ONE”; for nothing. Why worry about the Christians; when the even ‘non-believers’ go over the top; voting in the man they truly believe is a ‘miracle worker’?

      Ted Cruz will not have a PR company; doing his own logo; nor writing ‘Dear Leader’/or Dear Messiah children songs for Cruz. Unlike; Obama; Cruz will never buy into the ascribed ‘savior narrative’. Obama; on the other hand; could never let it go. . .and think he ‘does believe’ still; so much in himself and his ‘gifts'; but then; what else from a ‘mega-narcissism'; so empowered. . .

      • 20pizzapies

        How childish ! Obama’s “messiah ” designation was generated mainly by TeaBags like yourself . I’ve heard of no Democrat Caucus that presume that title . However Cruz’ own father and better yet a GOP caucus have bowed down before the FOOL FROM TEXAS.

  • Lanna

    Well said Daniel, Some in the GOP have grown soft and want to go to work daily to be legislators, but have forgotten how this nation was built…not on politics but on brains, character, and honor, and a will to serve the people! Conservatives, Tea party members, Conservative Jews, religious groups and small businesses all feel that the Left are the racists…they have targeted these groups with the IRS…you know that street flows both ways……We are not the racists, its Obama who has divided the nation and uses the race card as a leverage tool to demonize the Republicans and pass his agenda….No none should be getting a free ride or free stuff. Ephesians 4:28 “Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.”
    Ineptocracy….A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers!!!!! Cruz is a hard worker and a man of principles…something that has been lacking since GW Bush….Obama has promoted laziness…he himself has never physically worked hard for anything!