When Enemies Infiltrated the White House

On December 7, 1941, 353 Japanese aircraft delivered a shocking blow to a complacent United States. The losses at Pearl Harbor were heavy, but heavier still was the loss of that sense of distance that had come with the American banishment of European empires from the hemisphere.

Japan had woken a giant and the events of that day led to a changed foreign policy and a changed nation. The impact of that attack would lead the United States to becoming a world power with bases around the world ready to meet any attack. The unspoken element of American foreign policy after that day was to prevent another Pearl Harbor from taking place.

Nearly seven years later, Harry Dexter White, a senior official in the Roosevelt Administration, appeared to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). Numerous witnesses, including Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley, had implicated White in involvement with the Communist Party and the Soviet Union.

The House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings were another Pearl Harbor exposing the political vulnerability of the United States to Communist infiltration.

Harry Dexter White, a Harvard PhD and Assistant Treasury Secretary, had played a major role in creating the World Bank and the IMF. Shortly after his testimony, in which he denied all Communist activities, White suffered a heart attack. A few days later he died at his farm after supposedly overdosing on a heart medication that has also at times been used as a poison. Whether that overdose was an accident, a suicide or a murder remains unknown.

In “Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR’s White House Triggered Pearl Harbor,” John Koster draws a link between the event and the personality, alleging that Harry Dexter White was involved in orchestrating a conspiracy to draw the United States into a war.

There is little doubt that Harry Dexter White had acted as a Communist agent; that much has been confirmed both by American and Soviet intelligence figures. While the newspapers of the day cheered White’s testimony, his involvement and activities are clear and undeniable. And in “Operation Snow,” John Koster adds more information based on declassified documents.

Nor was White alone. The governments of the United States and the United Kingdom were rotten with traitors and fellow travelers. Names such as Alger Hiss and Kim Philby have become signposts on the black road of Communist betrayal.

There is also little doubt that the Soviet Union benefited from Pearl Harbor. Had Japan pushed into Russia, as Hitler wanted it to, then the Soviet Union would have lost the war and the Axis would have been able to finish off the United Kingdom at its leisure, before formulating plans for dealing with the United States.

During this pivotal period, Washington, D.C. was rife with British and Soviet agents closely monitoring the United States government. Of these two groups, the Soviet agents were far more dangerous than their British counterparts like Roald Dahl.

Japan’s interests however lay to the east. Ever since Commodore Perry had sailed into Uraga Harbor, the Land of the Rising Sun had looked to equalize its power relationship with the United States. With the British largely beaten in Asia and the Russians dying in huge numbers, the only power that could still threaten its dominion over Asia was the United States.

Japanese atrocities in China had sickened most Americans. And from a more practical standpoint, America still had significant interests in China and Japanese expansionism would not end there.

An American oil embargo gave Japan only two options; to end its imperial expansion or to attack the United States. The Roosevelt Administration expected Japan to back down, the way that the Clinton Administration expected North Korea to back down and the way that the Obama Administration expects Iran to back down.

The trouble with such ultimatums is that genuine aggressors rarely back down. Instead they attack.

In “Operation Snow,” Koster describes White’s push for maintaining the oil embargo on Japan as a ploy for drawing Japan into a war. Communist agents certainly did a great deal of damage during that period and Harry Dexter White no doubt contributed to the tensions between America and Japan, but the war was also largely inevitable.

Japanese militarists had been planning a war with the United States for some time, and even if the breaking point had not been reached on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, it would have happened somewhere else. The outcome of the war might have been different, but there is little doubt that at some point America and Japan would have collided in the Pacific.

While “Operation Snow” is an excellent assessment of Communist intrigues in the United States and sheds new light on the activities of Harry Dexter White, a subject that has long been neglected, it lacks an equal willingness to directly examine the ruthlessness and hunger for war on the Japanese side.

Koster suggests that Emperor Hirohito risked assassination by his own officers. This is highly unlikely to have happened at the hands of the military establishment, as opposed to rogue Communist officers, regardless of the provocation. Even during the Kyujo Incident, there was no serious thought given to harming the emperor. And if the Japanese military could not harm Emperor Hirohito even as he was preparing to surrender to the United States, it is highly unlikely that they could have harmed him over earlier more moderate efforts at averting war.

Imperial Japan was not compelled into war with the United States. Nor was it unjustly victimized in that war. Japanese war planners had overestimated their odds of victory, but they understood that the road they were walking would end in war. And they were prepared to commit every conceivable atrocity within the scope of that war. To the last days of the war, the Japanese military establishment that began the war could not conceive of turning back. Those who did quickly fell out of favor and lost influence.

Imperial Japan, like Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, wanted national greatness, international power and territorial expansion at any cost. They were willing to kill millions to achieve their goals, and while they lost their conquests, the millions did die.

During those crucial decades the United States was largely blind to the threat of the Soviet Union, but it was less blind to the threat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Had the United States been as aware of the third threat as it was of the first two, then China might have become a free nation and Eastern Europe would have been free to develop along with Western Europe.

Communist agents like Harry Dexter White were instrumental in preventing the United States from becoming aware of that third threat. And the willingness of leading government officials to blind their societies to that third threat foreshadowed the troubles with Islam that we face today.

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  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    “There is also little doubt that the Soviet Union benefited from Pearl Harbor.”
    In all fairness, so did Britain, and consequently the whole world.

    Winston Churchill: The Second World War, Volume III, The Grand Alliance, page 539:

    No American will think me wrong of me if I proclaim that to have the United States on our side was to me the greatest joy. I could not foretell the course of events. I do not pretend to have measured accurately the marital might of Japan, but now at this very moment I knew that the United States was in the war, up to the neck and to the death. So we have won after all!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes as I mentioned the UK badly needed the US in the war.

      Perhaps more so than the USSR

      • Mark

        Your article is strange to me. If the U.S. hadn't declared war on on Japan and Germany and eventually attacked Germany, Germany would have conquered all of Europe and Britain and murdered even greater numbers of innocent people. The U.S. might have decided to sign a non-aggression treaty with Hitler or remained neutral unless Hitler attacked the U.S. At that point the U.S. would have had to defend our country fighting on U.S. soil, unless we had time to use nuclear weapons against Germany and Japan which would have been a great tragedy. Winston Churchill's agents in the U.S. were trying to save Britain and all of Western Civilization. Britain never acted against the interests of the U.S. Roosevelt was faced with public opinion heavily dominated by Isolationism, as well as pro-Hitler sentiment in many quarters. Roosevelt himself appeared to have little sympathy for many of the victims of Hitler. Early on when he could have opened our borders to Jews trapped in Europe but he refused to do so because of widespread antisemitism in the U.S. and perhaps indifference on his part to their plight. In any case the U.S. as far as I know had no intention of entering the war in Europe before Pearl Harbor. Even after Pearl Harbor the U.S. didn't immediately attack Germany. Please explain how Eastern Europe would have benefited if the U.S. hadn't entered the war. Are you implying that the defeat of the USSR by Hitler would have benefited humanity? And please explain how Radical Islam had anything to do with any of this.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          No I'm not implying that at all. I'm reviewing a book by an author.

          As I state here, "There is also little doubt that the Soviet Union benefited from Pearl Harbor. Had Japan pushed into Russia, as Hitler wanted it to, then the Soviet Union would have lost the war and the Axis would have been able to finish off the United Kingdom at its leisure, before formulating plans for dealing with the United States."

          That clearly would have been a disaster.

        • nina

          You are absolutely right on every count. These are historical facts, and I don't understand how people could give you a hands down. (By the way, I removed one.)

    • tagalog

      Don't forget, not only the marital might of Japan, but also its martial might too.

    • http://twitter.com/PDMacGuire @PDMacGuire

      Winston Churchill sat at the dinner table with American representatives on 7 December, 1941. He knew perfectly well where the Japanese were attacking and failed to tell them. I really cannot blame him. At the same time OSS Director Donovan had to ensure that he would learn nothing he would feel obligated to relay to President Roosevelt. Once told, Roosevelt would in turn tell his wife or Vice President Wallace. Either one of them would have passed it on to the NKVD almost instantly.

  • Alvaro

    " […]able to finish off the United Kingdom at its leisure, before formulating plans for dealing with the United States."

    If you had read any of Hitler's writings, you could have read that he did not want to "finish off" the United Kingdom *or* the USA. He wanted peaceful relations with both of them, because the only one he really wanted to deal with was the Soviet Union.

    Stalin's collectivization and industrialization had just one goal: To produce weapons. Everything was spent on weapons, even if it meant starving 6 million Ukrainians to death while exporting their grain for cash. The Soviet Union had by far the largest air force on the planet in 1941, the world's largest army, and more tanks than the rest of the world combined. They were no underdogs in any sense of the word, and had these weapons been unleashed on continental Europe, no one in Europe could stop them.

    • Alvaro

      Part 2:

      When Hitler incorporated areas with a majority of ethnic Germans into the Reich, like Sudetenland and Austria, hell broke loose. When Stalin bullied Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians into submission, no one cared.

      World conquest was never a goal of Hitler, as it was of Communism. Living space in the east was his goal. No more, no less. I also fail to see how a German Reich would have been more hostile towards the USA after the war than the Soviet Union. You can't top the "we will bury you" hostility of communism.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "When Hitler incorporated areas with a majority of ethnic Germans into the Reich, like Sudetenland and Austria, hell broke loose. When Stalin bullied Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians into submission, no one cared. "

        Because the Nazis didn't do a good job at placing traitors in US positions of power and influence. The Soviets won that war before Hitler even started his.

        • EarlyBird

          It had to do with partisanship.

          American socialism already had a very deep and broad history in the US by the '40s. This was the result of decades of dramatic disparities in wealth and power, with a small elite at the top and the miserable masses below them, robber barons, exploited labor, the Gilded Age, labor strikes, Americans joining the socialist Spanish revolution, and finally, the Depression.

          The average American was sympathetic to the aims, if not style, of socialism (New Deal), let alone the hard left, which were dedicated to the Soviet fantasy. So, when Stalin started "bullying" Eastern Europeans, there was an impulse to look away and decide that maybe it takes breaking a few eggs to make an omelet.

          By the mid-'50s, however, it was clear that Stalin was just a murderous, evil SOB, and it took willful ignorance by then to dismiss it.

          • stevef

            The "Robber Barons" never stole anything….just Leftist propaganda.

          • EarlyBird

            They stole your brain, apparently.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "If you had read any of Hitler's writings, you could have read that he did not want to "finish off" the United Kingdom *or* the USA. He wanted peaceful relations with both of them, because the only one he really wanted to deal with was the Soviet Union. "

      Right. He just wanted Nazi hegemony. He matched is Islamic allies for totalitarian brutality. The UK feared being finished off in its place in the world in exchange for that German hegemony. The USA feared a world run amok.

      Basically we should have helped the Soviets a lot less, but kept up the smiles all the same. And maybe we should have joined the war sooner and kept the traitors out of our government so that whatever we did, it was not based on so much bad information or lies.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Stalin and his apologists also claimed he wanted peaceful relations.

      The Islamists of today also claim to want peaceful relations.

      Few tyrants immediately announce that they want to conquer the world.

      They just want a few local countries.

      • Alvaro

        I have read many writings by Hitler, most notably Mein Kampf and Zweites Buch. In addition there are also Hitler's Tischgespräche (Table talk) where many of his private conversations (read: monologues) are recorded. All of these speak of wanting peace with Britain, German expansion in the east and the dismantling of the Soviet Union.

        If you believe that Hitler wanted to "come after" the US, I am sorry.

        • anor277

          IF this is true, then why did Hitler declare war on the USA just 3 days after the Pearl Harbour attack? War with Japan did not automatically mean war with Japan's ally. I grant that the USA had committed arguable acts of war against Nazi Germany prior to the attack and the declaration of war (the USA did this for excellent reasons – i.e to support friendly allies who had not launched wars of conquest). Hitler's monumentally stupid declaration of war against the US came back to haunt him later.

          By the way, this is the first time I have heard that Roald Dahl, the author of the children's books, was a Soviet mole. You live and learn.

          • JeanJean

            A British mole. “Of these two groups, the Soviet agents were far more dangerous than their British counterparts like Roald Dahl.”

            But yes, one lives and learns. I Had no idea of White or the strange roots of worldbank and IWF.

          • Michael Durham

            Or Henry Wallace (FDR's vice president), or Eleanor Roosevelt, for that matter…both of whom were informants for the Soviet NKVD (?).

          • EarlyBird

            "IF this is true, then why did Hitler declare war on the USA just 3 days after the Pearl Harbour attack? War with Japan did not automatically mean war with Japan's ally."

            It actually did. In the mid or late '30s, Germany and Japan (and later, Italy) signed the Anti-Comintern Pact between themselves, to thwart communism. Just as NATO members are sworn to defend a member nation which is attacked, the Anti-Comintern Pact made any member of the pact automatically at war with the enemy of another member country. So when the US and Japan were formally at war on December 8th, 1941, the Germans were too. Their declaration a few days later only made it official.

          • reader

            And yet, the Japanese would sign peace treaty with Stalin in April of 1940, which they would never violate. Stalin who would send Vasilevsky to break this treaty and attack Japanese forced in China in August of 1945.

          • EarlyBird

            Goes to show you: never trust a commie.

          • reader

            That is never in doubt. But the point is that the anit-Comintern Pact was a joke, and it was effectively null and void as soon as Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was signed in Moscow.

          • EarlyBird


          • reader

            I think that the most rational explanation lies in desperation that Hitler felt by basically being told that Blitzkrieg in Russia failed. At the very least, his Minister of munitions Fritz Todd did tell him that. So, why would Hitler lash out and declare war on the US, might you ask? In all likelihood, he counted on the Japanese to reciprocate by opening the second front against the Soviets. This did not happen, of course, because Stalin had already masterfully poisoned the well. You see, in August of 1939, just when the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was signed in Moscow, Zhukov launched an all-out assault against the 6th Japanese Army at Halkin Gol and effectively wiped it out. I'm sure that the Japanese were not pleased by their supposed ally – Hitler – striking the deal with their enemy in the midst of nasty hostilities..

          • Alvaro

            "I think that the most rational explanation lies in desperation that Hitler felt by basically being told that Blitzkrieg in Russia failed."

            It had not failed by 1941. In fact Germany came very close to winning the war against the Soviet Union in 1942. Not because they were close to Moscow, but because they had conquered such a large extent of the natural resources. Germany lost the war when they lost the Ruhr, not when they lost Berlin.

            In 1941 the United States was in effect at war against Germany, and the declaration of war gave German u-boats a free hand against US shipping headed for the Soviet Union. Everyone knew that Germany could not win a war of attrition, so they depended on the Soviet Union getting knocked out of the war quickly. If not, the war was lost anyway.

          • reader

            Ruhr does not have any natural resources to speak of. It is an industrial base. Germany entered the war relying on shipments of ore from Sweden, oil and a whole host of other stuff from Stalin and Romanian oil. In fact, according to Keitel's testimony at Nuremberg, Hitler was forced to attack Russia under the growing pressure on his strategic supply lines from Stalin. Mind you that he, who had repeatedly stated that Germany should avoid war on multiple fronts, invaded Russia having failed to subdue the British. But my point is that Hitler's own Minister of Munitions Dr. Todd would tell Hitler – as soon as at the end of 1941 – that the war was lost in military and economic terms.

        • HoR_Emperor

          If you have actually read this, you know perfectly well that Hitler fully expected for Germany to fight a war of global dominance with the United States after Russia had been beaten.

          So, you're a liar and an apologist for Nazi Germany.

          • reader

            You need to be careful not to mix apples and oranges. Hitler's quite explicitly and clearly articulated immediate concerns were the destruction of Versailles Treaty and not being caught fighting on multiple fronts. The Bolsheviks had articulated their intent to destroy Versailles Treaty even earlier – Lenin had done so back in 1920. So, in this regard Nazis and Bolsheviks were allied, and hence, Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. The outcome just goes to show that Hitler was a very poor strategist. Here's an excellent reading about all this: http://www.amazon.com/The-Chief-Culprit-Stalins-D

          • Alvaro

            "If you have actually read this, you know perfectly well that Hitler fully expected for Germany to fight a war of global dominance with the United States after Russia had been beaten."

            Sources, please?

            "So, you're a liar and an apologist for Nazi Germany."

            You are an Ignoramus and a communist sympathizer.

        • Omar

          Alvaro, quit repeating leftist lies about the alliances in World War II. Leftists like to claim that the Soviet Union was the only one in the Allied side in the war. The reality is very different. America and Britain were also on the Allies side of the war. The Soviet Union did not fight against Nazi Germany until they were attacked in 1941. Leftists like to be revisionists when it comes to history. Here are two charts on the real WWII alliances and the fake one that the left wants people to believe:
          Real Alliances: The Fake Alliances the far-left wants people to believe:
          Allies Axis Allies: Axis:
          United States Germany Soviet Union United States
          United Kingdom Italy Japan United Kingdom
          Soviet Union Japan Germany
          France Italy

          As we can see from the fake alliances chart, the far-left ideologues like Oliver Stone want people to believe that the United States and the United Kingdom supported the Axis forces because those far-left ideologues hate America, the West and democracy. Far-left activists like Oliver Stone and Noam Chomsky want to portray America, Britain, the West and democracy in a negative light, so they lump both countries as "part" of the Axis forces. The far-left loves the USSR and its totalitarian system, so the Soviets get placed on the Allies side in the fake alliances chart. Because Japan is not a European country and because its main enemy in war was the United States (in addition to the left's awful obsession with identity politics), Imperial Japan gets placed on the Allies section of the fake alliances chart. What the far-left fails to mention is that the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were allied with each other before 1941. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact led directly to the invasion of Poland on both sides. Those invasions lied to the outbreak of WWII. You should also know that the Soviet Union actually helped Nazi Germany instigate the Holocaust. You should watch the film called the Soviet Story. The link is here: http://www.sovietstory.com/about-the-film/

          • Alvaro

            "America and Britain were also on the Allies side of the war."

            I know very well that they were allies of that Georgian pig.

      • Viet Vet

        Actually, I think the Islamists have announced they want to own the world by 2030.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      One problem with all that.
      Neville Chamberlain had a peace with Germany, the the bombings still followed.

    • Omar

      Alvaro, Hitler did not want peace with either country. He wanted to destroy both Britain and America because they were (and are) democratic countries. Don't repeat the leftist lies about World War II alliances. Leftists like Oliver Stone keep trying to create revisionist histories in order to export their propaganda.

    • http://twitter.com/PDMacGuire @PDMacGuire

      Modern historians have also conveniently forgotten that virtually the whole spring and summer of 1939, Poland took a more and more aggressive stance against Germany. Germans in Danzig were harassed and attacked. Trains were prevented from traveling to East Prussia and Lufthansa transport planes were shot at. The Germans practically begged the French and British to step in and intervene on three occasions. They were ignored, and the Poles were encouraged to act out even more. This was exactly the wrong way to treat a paranoid like Hitler.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    It must be hammered into the American psyche, again and again, how the reds have penetrated deep within the body politic for generations. In tandem, the dangers are exponentially worse, now that a Radical-in-Chief is at the helm, and he (and surrogates) is in bed with Islamists!

    In fact, this is the gravest danger to western civilization, so much so that it hangs on a precipice. Moreover, the latest putsch, by none other than the new CIA head, John Brennan, should give every patriotic American more than puase – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/11/john-brennan-

    The foxes are DEEP within the White House!!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • EarlyBird

      That hammering is MOST important to Israel! Go away, creep.

      • Lan Astaslem

        just when you start to make an iota of sense, you reveal yourself as the Israel bashing Jew hater you are – get lost and stay lost – this is for earlyturd

      • Western Canadian

        And we all know how much you hate jews.

        • EarlyBird

          If Adina and the hacks on this site represents "Jews," then yes.

      • nina

        Go away, Nazi .

    • mlcblog

      They have OWNED the State Dept since the early 1950's at least, just to mention one agency.

      • Viet Vet

        As the Venona Decrypts show, the commies owned the State Department, long before the 50's. Senator McCarthy's main thrust was that the communists were driving U.S. foreign policy. He was right.

  • MeIAm

    Now you've got Obnog who has infiltrated the – not so White House

    You lot have a bigger problem in the US – Some 40 Million Savages mixed into society. Your children will pay the price for your mistake

    The war is on your own soil and most of you just don't see it or choose to shy away from the truth

    • Chiggles

      "Your children will pay the price for your mistake"
      I think they already are.

    • HoR_Emperor

      So you're a white supremacist scumbag? Got it.

      • EarlyBird

        That sums it up. Welcome to Front Page Magazine, the furthest right fringe of the far right!

    • Michael Durham

      "MeIAm", and "EarlyBird" – probable false-flag DNC/MediaMatter players & trolls.

      MeIAm, posing as a "conservative" (probably a DNC/MediaMatters/HuffPo troll) posts blatantly, racist entries in order to misrepresent and spoof conservative views, and "EarlyBird" chimes in as his "amen chorus".

      MeIAm shakes the trees, EarlyBird rakes the leaves. We've seen these kinds of Alinsky/Ayers operations many times.

  • pierce

    And now that complacency is returning. We have once again let down our awareness, by overlooking the danger that exists in the Muslim Brotherhood, and ignoring Islam and its fanaticism.
    Our fearless leader has charmed us, and we are letting our guard down.

  • pinnie

    Im amused at r Reps inability to see..they R on the chopping block also..They make me laugh in respect to how totally "stupid and ignorant they are.. MBH doesnt care who or what they(Reps) think they are. they are disposable..just like BO's media conglomerant…When u think of how easy it would be to ravage Washington..by any one of the slimy groups *allowed to "micro manage R Constitution … its frightning. Especially when there are so many inside the govt itself..+ .Now Brennan ..+ El dope-o Hagal.

    and we have a Pres.that has actually … Lied,and threatend its citizens and R Reps do and say nothing…..A supreme Court Judge throwing Nation under bus (Roberts) ..McCain and Graham mocking a very" needed"Filibuster…..etc.

    Writings on the Wall….R govt has lost thier way…IN GOD WE TRUST NO LONGER MATTERS TO MOST OF THEM.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The communists are here. What is really upsetting to me is that we know who they are and we tolerate their.subversive and illegal activity. Will we pull out of it this time? They have substantially succeeded at disarming private citizens. Once they have completed.that they will go after the other rights. Also, with Obamacare there goes.our money. We now.have internal and external forces.to deal with.

  • http://www.numbersusa.com/content/ First_One

    There were two additional communists in the White House at that time ….. F.D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor! Eleanor was by far the more committed communist, and the newspapers were told not to print anything about it! Roosevelt was one of the war criminals that "escaped" justice at Nuremberg!

    John Galt

    • Daniel Macdonald

      To make such a statement one must provide a citation for your claim if you expect to be taken seriously.

      • Viet Vet

        Eleanor cavorted with several communist organizations, and when the FBI informed her of this, she ignored them. She was also accidentally caught in an FBI sting having a sexual trist with a communist, whom she was trying to get a commission in the U.S. Military.

        A very good friend of the Roosevelts was Amelia Earhart, who was a card carrying communist.

        • trickyblain

          He was asking for a citation, not more unsubstantiated claims.

          • Viet Vet

            It's documented in the secret files of the Venona Surveillance Program, declassified in 1995 pea=brain.

      • mlcblog

        Try The Roosevelts by David Horowitz.

    • tagalog

      Don't forget Lauchlin Currie and Lawrence Duggan.

  • http://www.clarespark.com clarespark

    This is an important topic, but I doubt that China was on the way to being the ally that Daniel Greenfield hoped for. Harry Dexter White is an important player in diplomacy between the US, Japan, and Chiang's China in the early 1940s, and I wrote an article about it here: http://clarespark.com/2011/06/30/links-to-review-…. "Hemingway spy mission to China" as related by Peter Moreira, who didn't mention White and his colleague Lauchlin Currie till the end of his widely-noticed book. My review is in four parts, and has been widely read thanks to the HBO movie on Hemingway and Gellhorn, which was drivel in many respects and very pink.

  • Infovoyeur

    This article is, to me (a novice in history and politics), especially helpful by panoramically relating varied elements–nations, causalities, interactions–in the whole Big Picture, missing nothing evidently relevant. Also correcting putative misconceptions. And yet also evidently competent and not oversimplifying. NOT TO MENTION, spotlighting the principal big issues involved–because historically they apply right today, alas…….. Thanks….

  • Viet Vet

    For more information on the spies that inhabited FDR's and Truman's Whitehouses, get 'The Venona Secrets', by Romerstein and Breindel. Harry Dexter White, Harry Hopkins, Alger Hiss and Lauchlin Currie were all spies. They were responsible for, but limited to, the Japanese attack on the U.S., the start of the Korean War the undermining of Chiang Kai Shek and free China. The decrypts of the Venona Secret Surrveillance program were declassified in 1995. The book names names, the authors also were able to peruse the KGB files when they were temporarily opened after the fall of the Evil Empire.

    • Viet Vet

      Should have been: They were responsible for, but NOT limited to, the Japanese attack…etc.

    • Sky Soldier

      "Welcome home, brother." A veteran of the 11th Air Assault Division (Test) Ft. Benning, GA. (1963-64).

      • Viet Vet

        Back at ya Bro. 25th (Tropic Lightning) Division. RVN 1966-67.

  • EarlyBird

    In fairness to Greenfield, I understand he was not attempting a comprehensive history of the US in the Pacific, but from Japan's view, we were hardly a "sleeping giant."

    By 1941, the US had spent decades establishing bases of power throughout the Pacific in the Phillipines, Guam, Samoa, numerous other strategic islands in the Western and Central Pacific, Alaska (N. Pacific) and Hawaii. The US had become Japan's chief rival in what it considered its own "sphere of influence." The US had all sorts of naval bases, large ship ports, rubber, oil, fishing, timber and agriculture assets at the doorstep of Japan, which were critical to Japan's voracious imperial aims.

    • Boogie's Daddy

      The US were lucky at Pearl harbor. We were lucky again at Coral Sea and Midway. If Pearl Harbor had gone the other way we would have had all those great out-dated bases lost within a month.
      Those lucky battles gave the nation time to retool and modernize. That ability was the Giant that was sleeping.

      • EarlyBird

        I agree we were lucky at Midway and the Coral Sea. But what do you mean if Pearl Harbor had gone the other way, you mean, have been worse for the US?

        • trickyblain

          If the carriers were in port, as the Japanese expected, yes. A lot worse.

          • EarlyBird

            Gotcha. That's for sure.

  • umustbkidding

    Yes, yes the spies that were – What we need to talking about is the spies that ARE – Islam needs to be defeated – but before we can do that we have to get the American public to understand that there is a religious war being waged.

    Some times you wonder if people even have survival instincts.

  • Winston

    As American leadership is asleep at the helm, or is it really a part of the conspiracy to undo American freedom and liberty…and the Constitution? Every time I turn on the TV to watch news or most any other show there's a British talking head involved in the news or program. So, what's up with this "new" British invasion of America? And, please do not tell me that Americans enjoy hearing the British accent. It was George Bernard Shaw who brought British socialism into America in the very early 1900's…and it's been a slow growing cancer ever since. Get these socialists out of the White House, Congress, SCOTUS, and TV now!

  • mekus milkdud

    we really got enemies in the white house esp with the Muslim Obumer and holder and people like wright and faracaonvict that preach to them wanting to kill off JEWs and the devil whites

    • Ghostwriter

      What does that have to do with the subject at hand,mekus milkdud?

  • tagalog

    It's downright impossible for me to believe that the USSR wanted the U.S. to go to war with Japan, since the USSR and Japan had a non-aggression pact that lasted until the very end of the war and was violated, not by Japan, but by the USSR and then only when it looked as if the USSR was going to lose out on getting a share of the spoils. So I question the premise that holds that the USSR feared a Japanese attack on their eastern flank. It's true that the Soviets had historical reasons to fear the Japanese, and there was some fighting early in the war in the east (where Zhukov first made a reputation), but the Japanese always honored that non-aggression pact.

    So yes, we had American spies working for the KGB (NKVD?) and the GRU, but I doubt the Soviets were trying to push the U.S. and Japan into war. Until June of 1941, the Axis and the USSR were on the same side.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I don't think a Japanese attack on Russia was incredibly likely. It would have a messy disaster even by WW2 standards and Japan had more to gain in Asia.

      But certainly it was a possible threat.

      • HoR_Emperor

        It hadn't been a serious threat since 1938. Of course, Stalin might have still been paranoid about it since paranoia was his operating mode.

    • reader

      Stalin always needed more assurances than a piece of paper. He certainly never felt obligated by any. Moreover, the infamous Richard Sorge was a member of Berzin's GRU ring charged presisely with trying to stir up hostilikties between the US and Japan (Sorge was stationed in Tokio, of course, and would be arrested and hung by the Japanese).

    • Viet Vet

      Yeah, I'm sure tyrants are secure in their treaties with other tyrants.

      • tagalog

        It's not an issue of what they were capable of, it's a question of what they actually did, and what they did is not fight with each other. So I doubt if they attempted to get the U.S., their most hated capitalist enemy, to fight with Japan, their treaty partners.

        • reader

          You have to admit that, given the easiness with which Stalin broke the treaty in August of 1945, the treaty itself had not been his focus. The purpose of the treaty had been to free up his resources for the invasion of Europe. Stalin had amassed enormous force in East Poland in the summer of 1941. This force spectacularly collapsed in the wake of the Wehrmacht – a much smaller force – invasion. Stalin himself explained this collapse to the American envoy Harriman as an unwillingness of his troops to fight for the world revolution in his rare moments of candidness (I found the quote in Geoffrey Roberts' Stalin's Wars).

    • HoR_Emperor

      You're correct. This article, and the book which inspired it, are nonsense.

  • Moishe Pupick

    M., 03/11/13

    If Barry Sotero had applied to be a cop in most any U.S. city or town, the routine background investigation would likely have disqualified him. Yet now he has access to State secrets and nuclear launch codes.
    Hope and change!?

    • Viet Vet


    • Spider

      You are absolutely right Moishe. Barry Sornto / Barack Houssein, his 2 or three social security numbers, phoney birth certificate and personal associations with known radicals / Com-munists would have disqualified him for any national security clearance. Now we have someone who wouldn't be allowed to park cars in front of a government building as PO-TUS. This is far worse than anything that happened during the Rosovelt admin.

  • J.D.

    H.D.W.'s stand on the oil embargo was, in my view, correct. But his spy-network was broad and there are plenty of other things he did worthy of treason and prison. Roosevelt's inner circle had many Soviet agents, such as Henry Wallace, his VP, who was so pro-Soviet he became an embarrassment and so was replaced by Harry Truman. Wallace then went on to run for president on the "Progressive Party" ticket, which was a front for the CP-USA. Others such as Felix Frankfurter, who later became Supreme Court justice under Roosevelt, had a long list of communist groups to which he belonged, not the least of which was his role in founding the ACLU at the time when its most serious pro-Soviet and Communists ran the show. As with Roger Baldwin, who like many other pro-Soviet ACLU people, signed open letters in support of Stalin AFTER the Hitler-Stalin pact! The HUAC hearings and those in the Senate did good work exposing and firing Soviet agents in the US Government, as did the FBI, but they were attacked by ridicule in the press, which leaned left even then (ie, NY Times Walter Duranty lying for Stalin to cover-up the Ukranian genocide famine), and bit by bit, even during the Cold War, those kinds of hearings to take testimony on Communist infiltration slowly came to an end. Today, efforts to reconstruct them even about Islamic terrorism brings "outrage" protests by leftists, who are allied with the same.

    • Daniel Greenfield


      All very true.

    • Viet Vet

      Exactly, American Leftists (communists) supported the Soviet Union and agitated against the U.S. entering WWII right up until Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. Then they did a turnaround and began to agitate for the U.S. to get into the war.

      Roger Baldwin, founder of the ACLU, "communism, of course, is the goal."

  • bryce armstrong

    You REPUBLICANS wanted to be like Martin Luther King and Gandhi, well you succeeded.Now dont come whining to me after I told you not to.

    • tagalog

      OK, we won't.

    • pierce

      I am not a Republican, but I am a concerned citizen. You are, it appears, are a stupid Democrat, who can not see, or don't want to see what our President is up to. Take off your blinders, and wake up.

    • mlcblog

      They succeeded? I must have missed something.

    • bryce armstrong

      Let me speak really slowly for you simple minded REPUBLICANS to understand.YOU are the ones who are the self-righteous pansies who constantly push these socalist peacniks down ARE throat. YOU are so smug up there on your high horse looking down on all of us poor unfortunite souls who have to live in the real world, who hate all of YOUR socalist heroes, that YOU are hell bent on shoveling down our throats. YOU do not possess the attachments to even denounce them much less do battle with anyone. As a matter of fact it is YOU limp wristed cowards who scold anyone who dosent bow and curtsy at the mere mention of there name. Can YOU understand ME yet? Everything has to be partisan before YOU can can justify any argument. If YOU learned how to act like proper hetero sexual males instead whining hysterical pu–ies all of are problems could.be solved, but YOU are even worse then the eunick in the White House.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Random incoherent blather. Let me guess, you're a white supremacist?

        • bryce armstrong

          Here is somthing not radom or incoherent, YOUR GAY.

  • Bert

    In WWII we were lucky despite being infiltrated by enemies and betrayed by internal spies. Today we are in far greater danger because Obama is not simply an inept politician. The brutal reality is that he is doing everything he can to acquire dictatorial power, destroy all opposition and collapse America. He is also preparing for possible food riots by establishing a vast internal spy system, detentions camps, destroying the constitution, obtaining the legal rights to use military force against any American without due process, buying two billion hollow point bullets plus 2,700 lite armor tanks, etc, etc. Even his sharpest critics remain reluctant and afraid to contemplate that a deadly enemy now sits in the White House.

  • Mach1Duck

    Rather smacks of Islam, and a president that promotes them within his administration, doe it not?

  • Jossi

    For evil to happen it is sometimes sufficient the good people do nothing.

  • muchiboy

    Interesting,but I'm always suspect of FPM's neoconservative agenda.muchiboy

    • Viet Vet

      Don't get stuck on stupid!

      • Western Canadian

        Too late.

  • muchiboy

    Kind of like trying to make sense of an intelligent hate speech.There may be some hidden gems there,but you know the intent,so better just throw it where it belongs,in the trash.muchiboy

  • Jack

    The White House convinced England and France to sign the treaty with Poland when EVERYONE in Europe know Hitler was going to attack Russia. WE saved the Communists…..why?

    Check out the book Freedom Betrayed by Herbert Hoover to unlearn your WWII history.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Nope. Historical illiteracy.

    • Omar

      Jack, England is not a country. England is one of four internal divisions (along with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) of the country called the United Kingdom (or Britain) Calling the UK "England" is offensive to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Also, Russia wasn't a country during World War II. It was part of the country called the Soviet Union (or USSR). Calling the Soviet Union "Russia" was offensive to the people living in the other 14 "republics" of the USSR.

  • geneww1938

    Follow the money … Who were the wealthiest individuals to die in WWI, WWII, or any war since. None were related to the World Leaders or financiers! Who was sent to Germany in 1938 to help Hitler setup the controls and methods to expedited transfer of individuals into "rehabilitation centers". [Hint: founder of IBM, Presidents of Ford, GE, … research and fill in the blanks]. Europe was devastated except neutral countries and safe havens and chosen sites like shrines, palaces, Vatican … oh, who dictated what could not be bombed or attacked?

    This has been a war of evil versus righteousness for ages. Who besides Jews, Biblical Christians and some Gypsies were killed in Hitler's 'rehabilitation centers'. How did they fair under Stalin, Communist Russia, China's Chairman Mao and the Muslim tyrants we support throughout the world.

    Communism and the One World Order can coexist with Muslims, the Pope, and every religious group except for Biblical Christians and Fundamental Jews.

    I'd rather spend eternity with those martyrs than with the ungodly of this world. It is you choice and eternity is a long time. You best be right!

    • HoR_Emperor

      Conspiracy fantasy is the refuge of the childish mind.

  • Len_Powder

    For more interesting details about Soviet penetration and how it influenced policy towards Japan and China in the 1930s and 1040s read "Blacklisted by History" by M. Stanton Evans. Truly fascinating! The same kind of infiltration may have started occurring with Islamists under Obama. First the communists, then the Islamists, then the wars.

  • HoR_Emperor

    This is risible conspiracy-fantasy nonsense. The oil embargo was not White's idea, and it was not the result of a conspiracy. US policy for many years had been to oppose Japan's attempt to gain dominance over China and the rest of Asia, not least because of our own extensive interests in the region — this was an era when US Marines patrolled Chinese rivers. We were not going to stand by and let Japan gobble up Asia.

    There was no possibility of Japan invading Russia. The Japanese had given up on that after Zhukov kicked their behinds in Manchuria in 1937-38. Ever since, they'd been in a defensive posture toward the USSR and were moving south, invading China and lusting after the oil, rubber, and other resources of southeast Asia. Collision with the United States and Britain was inevitable and the Japanese knew it, but in the grip of fanatic militarist fantasies they could not conceive of halting their aggression.

    What is it with FrontPageMag suddenly posting historically illiterate conspiracy drivel? First Walter Williams spouting Lincoln Derangement Syndrome, now this nonsense… I may have to stop reading this site.

    • reader

      "There was no possibility of Japan invading Russia. The Japanese had given up on that after Zhukov kicked their behinds in Manchuria in 1937-38. Ever since, they'd been in a defensive posture toward the USSR and were moving south, invading China and lusting after the oil, rubber, and other resources of southeast Asia. Collision with the United States and Britain was inevitable and the Japanese knew it, but in the grip of fanatic militarist fantasies they could not conceive of halting their aggression. "

      What does one thing has to do with another? First of, a minor but important correction: Zhukov wiped out the 6th Army at Halkin Gol in August-September of 1939, just when the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was signed. But, of course, in Stalin's mind, it was not enough to sign a Treaty and count on the fact that the Japanese were shell-shocked. The Bolsheviks had been beaten to a pulp at Warsaw in 1920 and, nevertheless, they never gave up on Poland. Again, it is a fact that Berzin's ring at GRU was tasked with stirring up hostilities between Japan and the United States. And, knowing Stalin's modus operandi, it was not the only channel used for such activities.

  • Andy Lewis

    This article is straight-up pro-Nazi garbage.

    • reader

      In the words of Viktor Suvorov, just because Hitler was a cannibal does not mean that Stalin was a vegetarian. And yet, Howard Zinns of the world promote Stalinism on the false premise that Stalin saved mankind from the Nazis.

  • R_Freedom

    Stalin planned to subvert eastern & parts of central Europe. The only obstacle to achievement of his goals was Germany. Plus, Germany aligned with another of Russia's long-standing foes, Japan.

    Stalin couldn't risk a two front war with both Germany & Japan.


    As a consequence, he designed a cunning plan to involve the U.S. in the war. First, Stalin's agents got Britain to make a foolish pledge to defend Poland. Then, he plotted with Hitler to jointly invade Poland. But instead of invading simultaneously according to their plan, Stalin delayed his invasion by 2-weeks. Britain then declared war on Germany. However, when Russia invaded Poland 2-weeks later, Britain completely ignored its pledge to defend Poland against all aggressors.

    Next, Stalin's agents within the U.S. government got FDR to goad Japan into war.



    As Stalin put it: Britain bought us time, the U.S. gave us the money & the diversion we needed; but we did the heavy lifting.


  • R_Freedom

    France & England pledged to defend Poland against all aggressors. However, when Russian & Germany attacked Poland almost simultaneously, England & France mysteriously only declared war on Germany, completely ignoring the Russian attack.

    Later, Britain & France welcomed Russia as an ally in a supposed grand & just war to preserve freedom in Europe (see the Atlantic Charter). But Russia had forcibly taken over Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia, prior to the war and Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania after the war. (That’s how economically backward Russia became the powerful Soviet Union.)

  • R_Freedom

    "The experience of the last 20 years has shown that the Communist movement is not strong enough to seize power in peacetime. Sovietization can best be achieved through war." Josef Stalin, August 9, 1939.

    A few days later Germany & Russia signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact calling for the simultaneous invasion of Poland. (See Icebreaker,” by Viktor Suvorov.)

  • tasi

    nefier ,shqiperi sundon hakmarrja e pashkesnepermjet pandes,zeqos,kerpit,bilal ademit dhe bandave te tyre