“White Privilege Conference” Proposes Government Guaranteed Jobs and Reparations

If on April 14th, you find yourself standing on the edge of a bridge looking down into the swift waters wondering whether you should jump or go to the White Privilege Conference at the University of Colorado… you should probably jump.

Anyone who invokes a claim of White Privilege is already a racist. Holding a conference on the topic of why some people are evil based on the color of their skin with the backing of the University of Denver and Goddard College is like a Klan rally being held at MIT. The White Privilege Conference is predictably backed by the Seattle Housing Authority, which has been going rather crazy lately. And even more predictably, most of these social justice projects are really about the money.

The theme of the White Privilege Conference is “The Color of Money: Reclaiming our Humanity.” It’s the money part that really matters because 99% of these racial social justice gimmicks are about ways to drag more money out of the government for the benefit of hucksters running social justice organizations.

There’s a reason that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will never have to work for a living and they have a legion of imitators promising social justice at cut rate prices.

The White Privilege Conference stays true to its name by offering the next generation of radical money grabs for social justice.

And what does that mean? Government guaranteed jobs.

That’s right. They’re guaranteed. They’re from the government. How can this go wrong?

The federal government should establish a National Investment Employment Corps offering all citizens 18 years of age and above an employment guarantee at a minimum salary of $20,000 with $10,000 in benefits, including medical coverage and retirement support. An upper bound estimate of the expense of the program can be established by putting all 15 million persons unemployed at the peak of this crisis at a mean salary of $40,000, inclusive of materials and equipment per worker, with $10,000 in benefits. The total compensation package would amount to $750 billion,

Well that’s great. Only 3/4 of a trillion a year at a time when we’re already running trillion dollar deficits each year. And we can’t afford to subsidize the guaranteed jobs at the Post Office anymore.

But what would the people at these Guaranteed Government Jobs do? Besides take money from people who actually go to work.

This could include the construction, staffing and provision of high quality preschools, computer repair, upgrade and maintenance,  sanitation workers, flood and other disaster service workers in hospitals and schools, and the extension, repair and maintenance of the public transportation infrastructure

So we’re going to put 15 million people to work renovating preschools, providing disaster relief and fixing roads?

Even though Obama has spent the last four years shrieking that all our bridges are about to fall down, I really think 15 million people are a bit much for that.

With 15 million people we could build a build a bridge to China.

And at some point all the preschools will be finally renovated. The infrastructure will be in decent enough shape that the existing maintenance crews can take care of it and there won’t be a large enough disaster that 15 million people will be needed to clean up for it.

And then what will that 15 million people do?

But think of it as an investment

Furthermore, the income paid to the employees of the National Investment Employment Corps would restore tax bases at the state and municipal levels, alleviating their current budget crises

So the taxpayers will pay 3/4 of a trillion dollars to people to renovate preschools and these people will barely make enough money from the government to pay taxes on… but this will somehow restore the tax base?

I’m not sure that even Paul Krugman could get behind this math.

But if Gov.Jobs.Bankruptcy doesn’t thrill you, there’s a Baby Bond, which I would be very surprised if Obama didn’t propose in a future State of the Union address, to redistribute wealth over to minority children from birth.

We are not optimistic about the public will to directly address the racial wealth gap. Indeed, the surge in the post-racial perspective has moved the public sentiment strongly away from race specific social policies. But all is not lost. Since the distributions of white and non-white wealth are so disparate—85% of black families have wealth holdings below the median white family—wealth can be an effective non-race based instrument to eliminate racial inequality. A shift from an income based means test to a wealth based means test for transfer programs.

The Savings for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Down-payment (SEED) initiative which establishes Children’s Development Accounts (CDA) (what Manny Marable refers to as “Baby Bonds”) to create endowed trusts for children at birth.

The United Kingdom has moved beyond the demonstration stage. Beginning in 2005, every newborn in the UK receives a trust ranging from 250 to 500 pounds depending on familial resources.

Every year since 2004 the American Savings for Personal Investment Retirement and Education (ASPIRE) is introduced in congress to established universal CDAs in the U.S. (see Sherraden2009 for more details). Since the nation’s black president eschews race specific policies, perhaps a strongly amended ASPIRE bill designed to progressively distribute funds based on familial net worth can be the policy that enables him to “bind…[black America’s] grievances … to the larger aspirations of all Americans.”

We envision a “baby bond” plan of much greater scale and magnitude—progressively rising to $50,000 or $60,000 for children in families in the lowest wealth quartile and accessible once the child turns 18 years of age.

…the baby bond program would cost about $60 billion per annum

No reason this can’t work. I mean most lottery winners do well with their money. Dumping 60 grand on an 18-year-old kid whose big dream until this point was to be a rap star can’t possibly go wrong.

For anyone keeping track, we just passed 800 billion dollars in social justice spending.

And if blowing 60 billion a year, that we don’t have, so a bunch of 18 year olds can have the best summer of their lives doesn’t appeal to your deep sense of white guilt, how about attacking the axes of ability?

The White Privilege Conference journal will be taking an axe to all the axes of privilege. That includes ability. What, you didn’t know your ability was an axe, you ax?

Like the WPC, the journal is committed to examining not only white privilege and oppression, but the intersections of systems of privilege based on race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, ability, nationality, and other axes of inequality.

I want to hear about more religious privilege, but I want to hear even more about ability privilege.  And if you want to learn more about why you should feel ashamed at your skin color, religion, gender, nationality, sexuality, ability to get up out of bed in the morning…

… come to the White Privilege Conference and Matrix Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. It’s got the word Matrix in it, so it’s bound to be good.

If you don’t go, you’re racist.

  • RebeccaJean

    I don't know how anyone can keep a straight face when people come up with this kind of twaddle.

  • John Stone

    We do this already informally with the selective hiring of blacks, and perhaps other minorities.

  • Mary Sue

    Don't they already HAVE that?!

  • Edward Cline

    I think it's appropriate that the White Privilege Conference lifted "The Color of Money," for part of its theme title, from Paul Newman's sequel to "The Hustler." Jackson, Sharpton, and their ilk are all race hustlers, and all that interests them is mounds and mounds of free green.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! A mere $20,000!? What pikers! Why not make it 200,000 dollars? Or how about half a million.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "The federal government should establish a National Investment Employment Corps offering all citizens 18 years of age and above an employment guarantee at a minimum salary of $20,000 with $10,000 in benefits, including medical coverage and retirement support. An upper bound estimate of the expense of the program can be established by putting all 15 million persons unemployed at the peak of this crisis at a mean salary of $40,000, inclusive of materials and equipment per worker, with $10,000 in benefits. The total compensation package would amount to $750 billion…"

    Ten years later when industry finally grinds to a halt; "shoot the Boers."

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Like the WPC, the journal is committed to examining not only white privilege and oppression, but the intersections of systems of privilege based on race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, ability, nationality, and other axes of inequality."

    Marxism in full bloom.

    Inequality is natural. It's necessary to create incentives. We want to strive for creating equal opportunities.

    O P P O R T U N I TY!!! That's the end. Good luck, work hard and stop crying you bunch of lying babies.

    • Mary Sue

      Don't you just love how the Marxists appropriate and colonize the language, so that the terms you and I use no longer have the same meanings we think they do?

    • allie

      The issue is that our nation is based on ideals of equality and continually preaches 'The American Dream' that claims that there are opportunities for everyone to move up in life yet this is not the case. You claim inequality is natural but the institutions and policies in place today are not natural, they produce an environment that is actively subjugated a portion of the citizens. This inequality you speak of is one that is actively performed, not passively natural. So yes something needs to be done rather than hiding behind the facade of 'equal opportunity'.

  • The Anti Racist

    I have a better idea. No tax breaks or incentives for anyone who breeds.

    At age 23, a young adult's skills, character, and actions are assessed. If it can be demonstrated that its parents produced a benefit to society–a productive, self-disciplined, energetic adult–then the parent is granted an annuity fund equalling what they would have gotten for breeding the kid via the standard deduction and other tax benefits, as determined by reviewing their income in those years.

    The parent can cash out that annuity starting at age 50–support in their older age for having created a benefit to society, rather than a net drain. And this benefit is only granted if the parents are still married, or committed for life in places too primitive to allow good parents to marry.

    Sadly, the mindless worship of natalism and human breeding creates incentives for the worst parents to do the most breeding, or to get the most money for kids they neglect in favor of chasing dollars. It's part of this overall idea of society–that is to say the productive–payiing the slackers and the parasites for doing everyone the huge honor of drawing breath, eating, and excreting.

  • Mary Sue

    I love how, according to Identity Politics, "racist" doesn't even mean what it says in the dictionary anymore (the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another) [/sarcasm]

    • ziontruth

      Don't you believe it, but a while back, one of the trolls at CiFWatch, otherwise a stickler for the minutest detail in the language of international "law," responded to my reprimand on the misuse of the term "racism" this way: "Racism isn't about biology." I kid you not. My jaw dropped to the floor reading that.

  • dickymo johnston

    Peter Brimelow: "The modern definition of a racist is someone winning an argument with a liberal." I suggest a lawsuit against the federal government for setting up systems that have led to the breakdown of families in so many communities. (According to Obamanomics, this will stimulate the economy.) A big handout to people whose lives have been worsened by government handouts! You cannot make this stuff up. I'm to pay because both my parents parented…

    • Mitchina

      Was just having this conversation today with a co-worker. He is upset with his parents for not teaching him how to be an azzkisser because it is more than evident that in order to advance in our department, you must suck at your job to get promoted and make the best sucking noises while doing it. We work hard, think our contribution and talent will get us somewhere…. NOT! same old adage: It's no what you know but who you snow [not using the correct word there – being polite]

  • Spikey1

    Now I'm confused?

    Example: I'm primarily french russian. My surname is an slight alteration of an common Irish last name. My skin color even in the winter is a tad bit tanner than the average white folk. My fore fathers snuck into this country fair and square from Canada in the 1800's (frost back). We've always resided in the northern states, but I've been to Africa while I was in the U.S. military. Also, I currently reside in Obama's and Jessie Jackson's home state.

    Now for the question: Clearly I'm 99.9% to 100% black, so do I have to go and build pre-schools and repair bridges for $20,000 per yr + $10,000 in benefits or can I continue running companies?

    I should probably send this background info and question to Jessie Jackson for clarification and I urge you to all do the same till we get this straightened out…

    • Dennis

      Bonjour Spikey1,

      Dobra Dien and comment ca va?

      You DO NOT need to acquire Rev Jesse Jackson's "clarification". How do I know? Cuz I'm a guy who worked my a** off to pay for my education -both formal and industry to get to where I got and earn what I have.

      Spikey1, your satirical comment is great and who really cares about anyone's skin color anymore other than parasites for "Social Justice" who cannot produce!?

      Please see:

      If you do speak with the Rev, please ask him to consider what Dr Wiiliams & Dr Sowell present.

      ps Continue to run companies!!!

      • Spikey1

        Those two are my favorite reads I've been following them for years.

        I've left a few messages with Jessie's office, I have yet to receive a call back, but I'll keep you posted.

    • Mindy

      Spikey, Do some more political reading. Libs claim you are racist – despite your black heritage. I am being quite truthful. Blacks who see what this system has and is doing to America, to all Americans, and voice the reality of this oppression and their racism are than called by libs racists. You don't fit into their profile of "the poor, stupid black" Spikey and they don't like that. They don't like anything factual , any proof at all that they are ignorant.

      No Spikey, they would not allow you to remain an independent and productive American, they will without a doubt, attempt to force you into their racist vision of being "Black". LOL! Most of them are so white they glow in the damn dark! But, Spikey, they know more than you know and per them it is because most of them are white and you are black. I'm guessing the blacks involved in this scan do it for money and/or power.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Spikey, Do some more political reading. Libs claim you are racist – despite your black heritage. I am being quite truthful."

        Here's an anecdote to explain how they distinguish between races. If you take a "black" conservative like Allen West and report that he purchased fried chicken for his colleagues, you are reporting on the alleged racism of Mr. West. If West was a liberal and you reported that he bought the chicken under the same circumstances, the reporter would be accused himself of racism.

  • cedarhill

    If they made ammo and AR-15s and gave them to those that want them, one might be persuaded.

  • tagalog

    Just remember: when the government takes it upon itself to guarantee everyone a job, it's only a short jump from there to the labor camps.

    • guest

      The labor camps are already in the works…view FEMA's Labor Camp Inspection Form…

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Forced labor (slavery).

    • Mindy

      Someone else beginning to see the light. That is where it is headed tagalog – all one has to do is read history – history written by real historians , not history changed to suit the needs of lib.

  • Akingu

    racism: the desire to be kind to those of your own kind and to be liked by those who are like you. Racism now means anti-white and it's usually screamed out by minorities who are caught breaking the laws and by jews who are stopped by anyone who questions their motives. Racism is racial survival for whites as according to "The Color Of Crime", whites are 8 times more likely to be attacked by a negro and 93% more likely to be raped by a negro. http://www.colorofcrime.com

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "racism: the desire to be kind to those of your own kind and to be liked by those who are like you. "

      There are huge varieties of racial theory. Most of them are based on faulty beliefs. Racism is building ideology on to any of those bogus beliefs. There are also benign false racial theories. If yours is benign, congratulations.

      • akingu

        then prove me wrong, you flivver-lippin' moron! All you do is call names and regurgitate the jewish pablum!

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "then prove me wrong"

          I didn't say you were wrong. It's your theory and if you want to identify "racism" as the desire to be "with your own," then that is a racial theory. It's a theory based on culture, not genetics.

          "All you do is call names and regurgitate the jewish pablum!"

          You're entitled to have any racist theory you want. Good luck with your victim mentality. If you didn't hate "blacks" you'd make a great leftist.

    • Mindy

      It is true. Schools taught us that only whites are racists and blacks were God fearing honest people. I entered all black communities , 3 times. All 3 times I was assaulted. I had my son with me during one of these assaults, he had just turned 9 months of age and 5 black guys attacked me. I had taken a friend to a free clinic in this community, the women inside were all black and hurled verbal insults at us. I took my baby out to the car to wait. 5 black men pulled up beside my car, jumped out , drug me from my car and raped and beat me while my baby screamed beside me. This happened in the middle of the city in broad daylight and no one, not one person, helped. The cops did not come, there was no rescue. If I had been taught the truth by teachers and other adults in my life I would have known to get out of an all black community as soon as I found myself in one. It isn't that all the blacks in a black community are bad, they aren't, it's that there are too many who are vicious , racist, criminals living in a particular area. I have lived many life exp that sweep away all the libs have to say.

  • Drakken

    PSSSSTTTTT! Hey dummy, it's not the jews that are the problem, it is the 3rd world world pouring into our country, it is our so called elite that are doing it, the jews have absolutely nothing to do with it. Oh yes, before I forget, Israel is a western ally facing a sea of muslim arabs who want them dead and gone, so glad I could clear that up for you.

    • akingu9

      and WHO drew up the laws, you twit? The JEWS! DUH! Read your legal history you ill-read moron! You couldn't clear up a window with a powerwasher and scrubby pad. Maybe if your head wasn't so far up your as….

  • Charles


    • Charles

      Sorry Drakken, I was trying to reply to that troll Akingu.

      • akingu

        how can you type Charlie, what with all that Vaseline smeared all over your fingers?

  • Dennis

    Attention! Attention! Mr Akingu speaks – but what 's his point?

    Did you receive your indoctrination in WW II to learn how to murder Jews more efficiently? Where do you fly the swastika flag – at home or under a rock?

    Question: If all Jews and all "negro" persons were POOF'D AWAY by magic, what group would be next on your hit list? Why don't you really get out there and take some time to learn somethings from Black American Conservatives who post daily articles on numerous sites?

    As the Moody Blues sang, "GO NOW, go now…" Mr Akingu

    ps Get a Dictionary:: BIAS, BIGOTRY, DISCRIMINATION, PREJUDICE, RACISM – Definitions!!!

    • Drakken

      The problem with your thesis is, black conservatives make up less than 10% of the black population, the rest 90 + % go with Obummers policies with zeal and blame whitey and that whity owes them something, this country is in dire trouble with that line of thinking.

      • Snow White

        The other 90% are in that 15 points below average on IQ tests group. they are the reason our education system had to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator after integration in the 1960s. They sued for separate schools in 1895 because they couldn't keep up with the white students. . 50 years later they demanded to be included in the white schools. The only way to make them equal was to not teach the other students any more than they are able to learn. Ergo…Today's problem with so many non reading high school graduates. . Accepting the problem for what it is it the first step to correcting it.

        • Drakken

          Sadly, you are completely correct, but I am not holding my breath that they will fix the problem, the better it completely collapses so we may start anew.

  • tiredofcomprimise

    .._White privilege Hell. White slavery is mor like it. Reparations . . . caca de toro. What do you call 150 years of welfare and sucking at the ublic teat. For all of my life I have had to take a back seat to permit some black or minority opportunities that I have earned but were given to a minority under the affirmative action programs. one of the programs just 20 years ago took a black woman who could not even read properly and started her on an upward mobility program. This limited intelligence woman was hired as a basic trainee was trained in the job and as soon as she could grasp the rudiments of the job she ws promoted. This senario was repeated and repeated and repeated until she was promoted to a job in the agency HQ in Wash DC. From the time I got out of high school and entered the AF promotions and advantages have been given to minorities without even attempting to disguise the discrimination. I left a career in the service because I saw that minorities were getting special consideration OVER those who were better qualified and worked harder for the opportunities but they were denied because of their race. After leaving service I paid extorting taxes to support welfare programs.

  • tiredofcomprimise

    had to delay purchasing my own home because the government was taking my tax money and using it to provide minorities with the section 8 housing program. So I had to compete with my own earnings to purchase a house that kept rising in cost. As far as I am concerned supporting these parasites for the past 150 plus years is more than sufficient monies to help these ingrates get on thier feet and be self supporting

    • Mitchina

      One would think that after more than 3 generations there would be a substantial improvement to their :condition" as a race. But alas…. they have squandered that time and time again only to turn around and continue to blame "whitie" for their shortcomings. Yes, it is our fault there are more white people on the planet, yes, it is our fault we have ambition, yes it is our fault we take responsibility, and yes, it is our fault that our of all he slavery in history (even that of black on black slavery) ours was the determining factor on their sad state of status quo – even before white people were black slave owners, I'm sure of it.

  • C. Shell

    This idea ignores the major problem even if it could be funded, and that is getting people to actually show up for work on a regular basis. That will never happen, especially if everyone gets paid on Friday.

  • Fenria

    Do you non whites EVER get tired of advocating for more and increasingly outlandish snivel rights?

    • allie

      are you serious with this comment? what does FOX News produce this article and every comment?

  • Gary John 金白龍

    You do realize race is FAR more than skin color difference, right…?

    Would a White majority USA be more united, wealthy, safer, trusting, democratic and happier than a White minority USA? YES.

    If or when Whites become a US minority due to huge non-White immigration, large non-White families, low White birth rates, and feminism (affecting mainly Whites), then what evidence is there that the US will be more wealthy, united, and safer? THERE ISN’T.

    Why are Whites the only race funding and celebrating diversity as they become minorities in their own nations? LUNACY.

    Why are Whites tolerating themselves becoming a minority in a nation founded and built by Whites? LUNACY.

    Every race fights to prevent itself becoming a minority in its own nation except Whites. Why? LUNACY.

    Why are many Whites willingly giving up their money and power to other races? Would other races do the same? NOPE. Where’s the proof?

    Do non-Whites flock to White majority nations because Whites build the most desirable societies? YES. Will those societies be as desirable when Whites become a minority? NOPE! Different birds build different nests.

    People are tribal by nature. Good fences make good neighbours.

    Many multi-culti loving Whites are smart enough to PRETEND diversity is a strength. They fear being labelled ‘racist’ if they go against multiculturalism. At the moment it’s trendy and feels good to be ‘anti-racist’. Multi-culti loving Whites think ‘good intentions’ are more important than results.

    The American dream is fast becoming a White person’s nightmare. A person’s tolerance for diversity is directly related to their distance from it

    Methinks non-Whites can only take advantage of White compassion, guilt and ignorance for so long.