Who are the Occupiers? Hezbollah and Palestinians Now Killing Each Other


While you might think that this is part of the Syrian Civil War between Sunnis and Shiites as most Palestinian Muslims are Sunnis and Hezbollah is a Shiite Islamist terror group, the truth appears to be even more ironic.

A Palestinian was killed and five others wounded in a clash between Hezbollah members and Palestinians in Burj al-Barajneh, south of the capital Beirut, the Al Jadeed TV reported.

The report said that a number of Palestinians refused to be searched, and then opened fire on a Hezbollah checkpoint near the Burj al-Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp.

Local media said the skirmish broke out between Hezbollah and a group of Palestinians celebrating a wedding.

They said the brawl quickly developed into an armed clash when the wedding convoy refused to be searched by Hezbollah.

LBCI TV reported that protesters burned tires at the camp’s entrance and shouted anti-Hizbullah slogans in the wake of the clash.

Hezbollah had beefed up its security measures in and around Beirut’s southern suburbs in the wake of a powerful car bombing that rocked the Rweiss neighborhood in Dahieh and left 27 people dead and around 300 wounded.

Hezbollah security measures angered many Lebanese leaders.

Hezbollah set up checkpoints and security measures after being targeted by Sunni Jihadists over its role in the Syrian Civil War. Palestinian wedding parties, which like a lot of wedding parties in the Middle East, involve lots of celebratory gunfire.

The irony here is that Hezbollah is acting like an occupying power and its checkpoints carry obvious echoes of Israel. Hezbollah has absurdly found itself in the same position as Israel, now that it all but runs Lebanon, and is forced to engage in the same security measures and the same firefights.

But who are the occupiers in this scenario? Are the Palestinian Muslims the foreign settlers in Lebanon or is Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy, the occupiers?

Someone forward the question to Noam Chomsky so his brain can explode.

  • Veracious_one

    But who are the occupiers in this scenario?

    no matter how you look at it…it’s the Muslims…

  • Biff Henderson

    The OIC needs to establish a clearing house for privileged victims, a pecking order where Muslims are concerned. The West will follow it’s lead and we can all sleep guilt-free since Mo’s Mob cannot agree on error.

    • Moa

      > “The OIC needs to establish a clearing house for privileged victims”

      It already has. Who other than the OIC runs the United Nations Refugee Agency? The OIC already is the largest voting bloc in the General Assembly.

      Ever wonder why you country is forced to take jihadi Somalis and not Assyrian or Coptic Christians by the UN? It’s because the OIC is calling the shots.

      The OIC now wants a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

      The OIC *is* the Caliphate – they just not yet at the point where they can reveal themselves yet.

      • Biff Henderson

        With the internecine warfare in a constant state of flux something along the lines of a stock ticker update would be helpful.

    • Julius O’Malley

      Yes, I would be very grateful for such an OIC approved pecking order as the whole contemporary Syria thing is so confusing. I have long understood a non-Shi’ite Syrian govt backed by Shi’ite Iran and backing Lebanese Shi’ite Hezbollah to destabilise Lebanon so that Syria can (again) take control of it. But it’s all too confusing now. Could perhaps everything be blamed on Israel? That’s always worked a treat in the past. With a bit of blame attaching to the Maronites? So much simpler.

      • defcon 4

        Who will the muslimes blame for their failed islam0fascist states when no one kufar is left in their islam0fascist misery theme parks to blame?

  • herb benty

    Adding to the irony is that the “palestinians” are often housed in previously owned Jewish houses. The Jews had to flee after 1948 from persecution as Israel became a nation again. This has occured in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran. Billions of dollars in Jewish homes, businesses, bank accounts were seized. Not a dime returned of course. Where is the outcry for restitution…crickets. Fine. The Jews will keep Israel as payment.

    • defcon 4

      Yet the civilised world never heard or read about it. It seems like the ethnic cleansing of Jews was non-problematic. For laughs I invite anyone to read NatGeo’s narrative about islamic terrorism in Israel in the 1960’s issues — islamo-fascist whitewashing at its finest.

      • herb benty

        Hi defcon 4, No kidding about Nat. Geo!! I am 62 years old with 4 kids- later in life! Anyway, we saw an Ad for free NG’s, decades of them, and I was looking for reading material for the kids. I was leery about NG because of how they are so “in the tank” for idiotic evolution and other wing-nut stuff. Now I’m going to scan the sixties. Weird how the so-called “experts” can be so wrong on things regular folks clearly see! Thank You.

        • defcon 4

          NatGeo has been whitewashing islam0fascism for decades. I don’t think a single issue of NatGeo EVER mentioned the ethnic cleansing of ~million Jews from islamic countries in the Mid-East and N. Africa. Ditto for Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists etc.

          • herb benty

            The atheistic left are not threatened by Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus and for some reason Islam. Judeo-Christianity is another matter. God’s Spirit dwells in His children and this makes godless academia uncomfortable and wanting to rid themselves of that feeling. This has been ramped up since Israel became a nation, highly effective Creation science( http://www.icr.org) and a general resistance to their vain lies. Even when confronted with Truth and facts, they usually,”double down”. The whitewashing of the ethnic-cleansing of ME and African Jews by Western media, is paralleled by the recent Darfur genocide of mostly Christians in Sudan. God loves Jews and Christians, therefore this wicked world hates them.

        • Aizino

          I believe in the theory of evolution and that God could start the whole thing and know where it would end up. He is omniscient after all.

          God creates the physics of the universe and the rest is written. Chemists do not study physical chemistry (pchem) and organic chemistry for nothing.

          The links are all there from Physics to Chemistry to Biology

          • herb benty

            Aizino, I know evolution is the widely accepted “origins” theory. However, I find Creation more scientific in many ways and here is my favorite site of experts, http://www.icr.org this is an organization of around 75 Ph.D’s and several Nobel Prize winners that can answer your questions much better than me and my 1st year Biology. Our loving God says that Death is an enemy that will be destroyed when this world has served it’s purpose. Our Maker would not use millions of years of suffering and death to bring about his plan. The Laws that govern the Universe cry out for a Lawgiver. Examples: 1.) Earth’s magnetic field is decaying at a steady rate, a constant. If this world was even 1 million years old, the field would be so strong the earth would be powder. 2.) The Sun is burning faster and brighter, and some day will burn out. Going back even a few million years the Earth would be a frozen wasteland unable to support life. It takes DNA to make DNA! Nature is unthinking, it does not select, save, favor anything. Please keep studying. Bye.

  • Carolyn VanZorge

    let them kill each other ….. it is just what they do.

    • Muck Fuslims

      Thats what I say too!

  • v

    Why does anyone even print Noam Chomsky’s name anywhere ? He is a moron.