Who is Turkey’s PM Erdogan Blaming for his Corruption Scandal?


To no one’s surprise the entire Turkish government has been caught with its hand in the country’s pocket. And even less surprising, the Erdogan regime is blaming absolutely everyone and everything except themselves.

1. The United States – this is an easy one. Turkey is xenophobic and the AKP’s base tends to be hard core Islamic and really loathes America. Not that anyone in Turkey really likes America. The strategy worked in Egypt, so perversely Morsi’s biggest ally is now using it.

2. Israel – This one is barely worth mentioning. If a stray pigeon flies across the border, it’s probably an Israeli spy.

3. The interest rate lobby – Some combination of a vast Jewish conspiracy, America and everyone who has a big chunk of the huge debt that Erdogan ran up funding his “economic miracle”.

4. Telekinesis –  Erdogan’s chief adviser blamed telekinetic assassins. Possibly Zionist telekinetic assassins.

5. The Deep State- With most of the Turkish military in prison, this should have been a bit passe, but European leftists go wild for it. Tell them the Deep State is behind it and they’ll give Erdogan their unlimited backing.

6. The Gulen Movement – The Gulen movement is actually behind it, but everyone inside Turkey is being careful about not blaming them too loudly. That’s smart considering the sheer amount of blackmail material they have on everyone. Enough perhaps to finish bringing down Erdogan.

7. The police – The cops clearly are to blame. That’s why Erdogan is purging them and banning the media from police stations.

8. Alcoholics – This one plays well with Erdogan’s base. The non-drunk part. Erdogan was pushing to sideline liquor in Turkey. Now the drinkers have struck back.

9. Mysterious foreign powers – They’re powerful, mysterious and deliberately vague. How you can go wrong with that?

10. A vast Ameri-Zionist conspiracy of telekinetic interest lobbies run by the Deep State and the alcoholic police – That’s the one Erdogan will eventually go with.

  • JustQuitNow

    “To no one’s surprise the entire Turkish government has been caught with its hand in the country’s pocket.”

    It is the same story in the United State and China. It is a matter of degree, finesse, and repression. One trick is to buy land along a route where a road will be widened form 2 lanes to 4 or 6 lanes. then there is the Nancy Pelosi stock options that are give virtually risk free.

    ” it’s not true and that’s that.” – Nancy Pelosi


    Erdogan’s party began to rise in around 1990 in Istanbul with social works in the poor neighborhoods. 10 years later Erdogan was PM. !0 years after that he was lining his pockets like a big dog.

  • Drakken

    At this point we can just sit back with cocktail in hand and let these islamist tear each other to pieces, then if we are lucky the military will finally step in and line all these islamics up against the walls and restore Kemalist secularism.

  • aztec69

    If the Turks loathe us as much as you suggest it is because of posts like yours. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting such nonsense.

    • Can Kuzu

      The problem is, Erdogan is actually peddling this nonsense.