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Who’s Dumber: Obama or Kerry?

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 20, 2013 @ 6:47 pm In The Point | 15 Comments

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In the media, Kerry is getting much of the blame for his Assad WMD quip. He’s the one being held responsible by the media for letting Assad getting away by saying something. (And then the next minute the media begins unrolling the revisionist history and claiming that the proposal long predated the Kerry comment.)

But while Kerry’s flip comment was foolish. As a senator, Kerry might have gotten away with saying something like that, but as Secretary of State you have to be more careful, contextually it was clear that he wasn’t making an actual offer. When the Russians tried to take him up on it, a State Department spokesman shot down the idea… likely at Kerry’s order.

Kerry may have said something dumb, but he knew better than to let the Russians trap him in it.

Obama however was much dumber than Kerry. And Obama insisted that Kerry and the country’s diplomatic efforts be oriented toward dealing with the Russian offer.

Kerry’s hands were then tied and he discovered that, like Hillary Clinton, he was stuck working for a genuinely clueless idiot. Kerry has a long career of international stupidity, but even he knew better.

Obama didn’t.

Kerry who had been in the Senate during the Iraq War had understood the disastrous implications of the Russian offer. Obama who had spent that time giving speeches and running for office, did not. And probably still doesn’t.

It’s a sad day when a man who was taken by the Viet Cong and the Sandinistas still proves to be less of a soft touch than Obama.

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