Whose Side Is Obama On?

U.S. President Barack Obama walks out after speaking about the violence in Egypt while at his rental vacation home on the Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard in ChilmarkObama interrupted a hard day of lazing around Martha’s Vineyard to denounce the “arbitrary arrests” of Muslim Brotherhood supporters and the “broad crackdown on Mr. Morsi’s associations and supporters” and then insisted “We don’t take sides with any particular party or political figure.”

It was quite a turn to take in a single speech, but he did have a full day of golfing to get in.

“We’ve been blamed by supporters of Morsi; we’ve been blamed by the other side as if we are supporters of Morsi,” Obama said. “That kind of approach will do nothing to help Egyptians achieve the future that they deserve.”

He did not bother to explain how his efforts to free the leaders of an organization that was burning churches across Egypt would help Egyptians achieve the future they deserved. Unless perhaps he thought that the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Egypt, as in Syria, was the future that they deserved.

On Martha’s Vineyard, Obama disavowed all responsibility for the Muslim Brotherhood while insisting, once again, that its leaders should be set free.

Back in Cairo, in the days leading up to the great speech that was supposed to transform America’s relationship with the Muslim world, his administration had insisted that at least ten members of the Muslim Brotherhood attend the speech.

Obama had ordered Mubarak to step down, ratifying a military/protester coup that was not in substance any different than the one that forced Morsi out of office.

While Obama was forcing Mubarak out, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood was a “largely secular” organization that “eschewed violence.” It was a blatant lie that was unnecessary except to reduce opposition to the future Brotherhood victory.

While his officials seem eager to denounce the actions of the Post-Morsi government on a daily basis, they had nothing to say when Morsi was torturing political opponents.

At his confirmation hearing, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States had to keep providing weapons to Egypt because “The fact that sometimes other countries elect someone you don’t completely agree with doesn’t give us permission to walk away.”

This June, Kerry insisted that we had to keep providing aid to Egypt, despite Morsi’s abuses and lack of democracy, in order to maintain “a channel to Egyptian military leadership, who are key opinion makers in the country.”

But once Morsi was gone, the F-16s that had been the subject of such controversy, and that Obama had insisted on providing to Morsi, were denied to the Egyptian military. Obama was willing to provide advanced weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood, but not to the Egyptian military.

Obama demanded that the Egyptian military go easy on the Brotherhood protesters, but had made no such requests of Morsi. He repeatedly emphasized that foreign aid was on the line in his threats to the new Egyptian government, but had made no move to warn Morsi that foreign aid was linked to his treatment of the political opposition.

During the Morsi era, the administration insisted that human rights could not be linked to Egyptian military or civilian aid. After Morsi, suddenly the same officials were very interested in human rights.

In the days and weeks after Morsi’s overthrow, administration officials and spokesmen made it painfully clear that they wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in any new government.

Early on, Obama had said that everyone’s voices must be heard, including “those who have supported President Morsy.” There were no such calls the first time around to ensure that the voices of those who supported Mubarak would be heard.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the United States could not support the arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and urged the new government, which covered the spectrum from liberals to Islamists, to be more “inclusive.” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki emphasized that arresting Brotherhood leaders would make a “national reconciliation” impossible.

There were urgent calls for a rapid transition back to elected civilian government. That policy of rapid elections had led to the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood the first time around as any foreign policy expert had known it would after the earlier victories by Hamas; the Muslim Brotherhood’s arm in Gaza.

This was part of a pattern that would begin playing out across the region.

In Syria, Obama had made the decision to arm the Muslim Brotherhood dominated Free Syrian Army while disregarding its blatant ties to Al Qaeda.

In Libya, an Islamist militia linked to the Muslim Brotherhood had been paid to protect the Benghazi mission, which had been deprived of more conventional security and assistance.

While the protests against the Brotherhood were mounting in Egypt, in Libya the Muslim Brotherhood was orchestrating a wave of protests against the government. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood insisted on its right to power because it was the democratically elected government, while in Libya it was trying to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Libya, Egypt and Syria formed a triangle of conflicts, with Libyan weapons moving on to Syria and Egyptian Jihadists involving themselves in both conflicts. A former Egyptian intelligence officer has recently alleged that the killer of Ambassador Stevens can be found with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. There are other allegations that the Benghazi attackers shouted, “Dr. Morsi sent us.”

A translated Libyan government memo reportedly stated that the captured Benghazi attackers were Egyptians with backing from the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a region as clouded with claims and counter-claims, with conspiracy theories and real conspiracies, it can be hard to know what the truth is, but there is little doubt that whatever pallid denials Obama may offer before embarking on another round of golf, his administration chose to get deep into bed with an international terrorist organization.

All the accusations, true or untrue, are the product of that first conspiracy.

Obama created a set of favorable conditions that would allow the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists to take over country after country. When they couldn’t do it non-violently, he went to war, as he did in Libya. When he couldn’t go to war for them, he supplied them with weapons and training, as he did in Syria. When they were overthrown, he supported them to the hilt, as he is doing in Egypt.

The wave of terror spreading over the region has empowered Al Qaeda and endangered America, bringing no stability, only an endless conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and everyone else. Threading through the center of the relationship between Obama and the Brothers is the web that links the various conflicts, the alliances between Islamist militias and the Muslim Brotherhood and the wave of attacks on American diplomatic facilities that took place on the anniversary of September 11.

The son of Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater, the man who was originally meant to be the President of Egypt, has come forward to claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is blackmailing Obama with documents that could put him in jail.

Meanwhile the Egyptian authorities have arrested Mohammed al Zawahiri, the younger brother of the leader of Al Qaeda, who had been held in deep detention under Mubarak, but was freed under Morsi. Zawahiri became a top leader in Ansar Al-Sharia, a sister organization of the one accused of carrying out the Benghazi attack. Muhammad Jamal Abu Ahmad, another terrorist freed under Morsi, was reportedly closely involved in that attack.

Egypt has already charged Morsi with collaborating with Hamas. It will be interesting to see what information the same security establishment that helped the Bush administration break captured Al Qaeda terrorists will pry out of Mohammed al Zawahiri.

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  • semus

    Very interesting. Keep it up.

  • Warren Raymond

    Five years after American moonbats elected the illegal Marxist Muslim? Is there really anyone who still doesn’t get it?

    Hussein Obama brought about the “Arab spring”. He is the excrement of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Are there still people who reject reality? That the half white son of an African Muslim and a Gramscian whore is the most unqualified, unelectable, incompetent parvenu the world has ever known?

    • ziggy zoggy

      Fvckin A, bubba.

    • nomoretraitors

      Yes, unfortunately, there are a lot of people who still don’t get it. How else does MSNBC stay on the air?

      • Geoffrey Britain


        • herb benty


        • nomoretraitors

          Thank you. I momentarily forgot about him

      • William James Ward

        Many super wealthy people are vile and hate America
        while siphoning off our Treasury, they support MSNBC,
        NBC, CBS, and all Communist based disinformation
        platforms. Why I wonder and all I can come up with is
        that they are inherently evil……………………William

        • Rocky Mountain

          Since I don’t know any super wealthy people, and suspect that I never will, I don’t know this to be true but it kind of seems like cutting off your nose etc. etc. doesn’t it?

          • nomoretraitors

            You don’t have to know them personally to hear their ramblings (Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Ed Asner, Sean Penn, Jeneane Garofalo etc)

          • William James Ward

            How etc. etc. does it. Soros is and evil manipulator
            who promotes the left and he is not alone in doing so.
            Communists, Socialists, Leftists, Islamists make
            money to use against liberty and to shut down our
            freedoms. Wealth is a means to many ends, not just
            social comfort…………………….William

    • Giles Blyzzard

      Unfortunately, he is not unelectable.

    • Lars

      Most Americans have no idea of that which you speak, but the latest on A-rod is of utmost importance to the basebally numbskull idealists.

      • Rocky Mountain

        I think its safe to say that a moderately intelligent person can keep up on sports and still have an informed perspective on politics.

    • USARetired

      There is a very large populous of , I don’t know and I don’t care’, who are on the welfare dole, and will vote for a name or face blindly. There are also many who are not illegible and will vote anyway., and multiple times. Put all these together and you have the ‘dumocrat political septic system’, Stinks, Right?

      • Rocky Mountain

        Election results show that 60% of people making $50,000 or less voted for Obama and they make up around 37% of the electorate. Obviously they are not all on welfare; i.e. maybe the 40% who voted Republican are relatively welfare free. I don’t know about the liberal leanings of sports fans – in fact, I would assume just the opposite but maybe you’re right.

      • RLJR1

        thats why the democratic socialists of america dont want voters to register to vote, that would put an end to dead people,illeagals and animals voting

    • Rocky Mountain

      “Gramscian whore” Very nice, Warren. Please tell us about all the “Berkeleyian whores” that make up the moral tale of your youth.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Warren ,unfortunately I still see Obama / Oclownba stickers on bumpers. They will stick to insanity at all and any cost . The reality of their world is Disney Land, feeling warm and fuzzy , free everything , empty the prisons , toke up , defecate on our flag , marry your pet cat , dog or favorite tree ,allowing everyone to vote regardless of their immigration status , doling out Social Security to people who haven’t paid a penny into the fund , calling any and everyone disagreeing or challenging them a racist and that includes the Senate , Congress , SCOTUS and POTUS.

  • mtnhikerdude

    God help us . In 2026 the Demoncratic ticket may very possibly be

  • Alvaro

    Imagine Hitler being overthrown by the army in 1938 after a popular uprising: Hitler was put under house arrest and leaders of the NSDAP and the SA were thrown in prison.

    Then imagine Roosevelt denouncing the “arbitrary arrests”.

    Obama’s words are the words of an ally.

  • truebearing

    It appears that Imambama isn’t even trying to disguise his intense Muslim bias anymore. Maybe he thinks the majority of Americans are too self-indulgent, ill-informed, or stupid to care — the last two presidential elections haven’t done anything to refute that notion — but he can’t keep this up forever, especially now that his poll numbers are finally in the sink hole where they’ve always belonged.
    I hope the Egyptian military starts leaking information about Obama’s role in Mubarak’s ouster, his ties to the Islamists, or maybe his gun running to Al Queda. I can see a very willing conduit from Egypt to Israel to America for things obama doesn’t want us to know. And who knows what Americans could find out from a leak prone Egyptian military — renowned for its practiced use of extreme “persuasion” on Islamists? Could be embarrassing, at the very least.
    Clinton and Bush used the Egyptians for years to extract critical information from terrorists. How ironic is it that Obama ended the methods that could now bring him serious trouble? The Egyptian military knows where Obama’s loyalty lies. They have every reason to want him, at the very least, exposed and humiliated.
    Obama is losing his smoke screen. He can’t, or won’t, hide his loyalty to people who have lierally crucified Christians, among many other atrocities. His past pattern is to always double-down, so no one should be surprised if he disregards what is good for America and the world and increases his support for the depraved, evil Islamists.

    • wesley69

      To Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, probably even the Taliban are ‘freedom fighters,” who battle the forces of western imperialism and colonization. To Obama, we are the last “Colonial” power and we must be punished for our sins.
      Therefore, Mubarak had to go down. Israel has to be humbled. Iraq had to be left dangling in the wind. Afghanistan must be handed back to the Taliban and Iran must be allowed to get their nuclear weapon. This is the thinking of this “terrorist sympathizer” in the White House.
      Naturally, he will NEVER bring the criminals who attacked the US consulate in Benghazi to justice because they would expose the reason behind their attack. Nor can he totally break with the Egyptian military for fear they would expose his secret dealings with Morsi and the Brotherhood.

      • truebearing

        My hope is that the Egyptian military extracts the truth out of the captive terrorists and shares it with Israel, who in turn, share it with any number of rightwing websites, like Frontpage.
        I think Obama is more than just a sympathizer when it comes to Islam, but regardless, he serves evil in every way imaginable.
        The Egyptian military knows what dangers lay ahead — now that they have declared war on the Muslim Brotherhood — so they know they need our help when it comes to weapons and money. Having seen what happened in Syria, they have every reason to distrust Hillary as well as Obama, since neither will ever take their side. Hopefully they will repay the Obama/Hillary treachery with the strategic leaking of some devastating truth. Truth is poison to the lying Left.

        • WW4

          “Having seen what happened in Syria, they have every reason to distrust
          Hillary as well as Obama, since neither will ever take their side.”

          So you would take the side of Assad, bombing universities and neighborhoods??! Talk about “serving evil.”

          The whole issue with these countries and the so-called “arab spring” is that the people of these countries have absolutely legitimate beefs with their despotic governments and no real avenues to redress these grievances. And the entire problem is that these damn Muslim groups provide the organization and muscle for any protest movement, complete with quasi-religious “moral” justification for violence. Basically, if you a regular joe who just wants to run a dry cleaner and put your kid through school, you’re stuck. Who do you pick–tyrant 1 or tyrant 2?

          That’s the same thing when you ask a president or senator to pick a side in internal struggles like this. You want to be known as the supporter of tyrant 1 or tyrant 2? By this logic, we should have left Saddam in power!

          Expect much hot air, and continued flow of aid to try and bribe these people into some semblance of stability.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Don’t equate the Egyptian military with Assad. That is a false premise and it negates your entire argument.

          • truebearing

            From a strictly strategic standpoint, yes, I would rather have Assad in control of Syria than Al Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other Muslim extremists. At least he isn’t insane enough to crucify Christians or lob nukes at Israel, or any other country, with the intent of committing genocide.
            My point about Syria was that Obama and Hillary armed Al Queda, just like they did in Libya, apparently not caring that Al Queda has declared war on the US. Assad hasn’t, by the way. I was trying to point out that neither Hillary nor Obama will ever side with the Egyptian military, so the Egyptian military has increasingly less to lose, and much to gain by leaking things that will politically damage Obama and destroy Hillary’s presidential obsession. Maybe I’m just expressing my fervent hopes.
            I don’t see an equivalency between Assad and the Egyptian military. The Muslim Brotherhood was murdering Egyptian citizens, burning down churches, and a host of other atrocities, not to mention destroying the nation’s economy. I couldn’t be happier that the military is crushing them. They deserve it.
            Bombing universities? There is a case to be made….at least in this country. :)

      • herb benty

        There is no doubt now who Obama is and where his loyalties lie, similar to the extreme leftists that run Norway, Britain and Sweden- you know, countries that are having their women raped while citizens are arrested for calling a spade a spade.

      • Rocky Mountain

        Back in the mid-eighties most Americans who were aware of Afghanistan conflict with Russia called the Mujahadeen “Freedom Fighters”. Probably some international relations wizard saw the potential for a backfire but not many did or could without immersing themselves into comprehensive study of regional politics.

    • Bob Almighty

      This is absolutely the best news I have read in ages.

    • herb benty

      Very well said!

  • Chezwick

    For once, most of the pundits on Fox seem to understand the situation. But it’s not only Obama who wants to pull the rug out from under the Egyptian military, it’s McCain and even Rand Paul.

    Meanwhile, the Copts are begging the West not to misunderstand the situation and to support the military.

    • nomoretraitors

      Uh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity warned about the Muslim Brotherhood rising to power several years ago. I guess they knew what they were talking about, huh?

  • adumbrate

    Praying the Egyptians outlaw the Brotherhood.

    But liberals confuse the Brotherhood as the oppressed. Facts of their aggression do not get through – facts contradict their desired narrative. They want to believe the Brotherhood are victims of American oppression. Meanwhile, brotherhood gangs are running wild like animals in the street, killing and threatening and beating – but Obama et al turn from truth to ratify their own care for the “oppressed” And hatred for the oppressors, america. Liberalism is twisted.

  • jewdog

    Obama is on the side of Truth, Justice and Allah’s Way.

    • montlasky

      If Obama is on the side of Allah, Allah himself has no chance of making peace wth anyone, a peace he does not want anyway!!!!

    • truebearing

      If Obama is on the side of truth, why does he lie with every breath, Lyingdog? If he is on the side of justice, why would he side with demonic fools who crucify innocent people merely because they aren’t insane Muslims?
      You got one thing right: Obama is on the side of Allah, aka evil.

  • William James Ward

    As the Christians sat in their Churches and their lungs were filling up
    with smoke, were the words of Obama warming their hearts or
    was the screams of those whose bodies were burning in flames
    have doubt. Kerry would tell a person he is giving a knife to the
    Jihadist who has a blood lust and hatred for the Infidels and
    we might not agree but as the fiend cuts your throat we must be
    democratic. What evil men we have aiding in the murder of innocents.
    The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent of almost all Muslim terrorist
    organizations, Al Qaeda is their offspring and look what they did to
    New York City. Obama and Co. are evil and should be in prison to
    stop their lying and murderous actions………………….William

  • george mack

    “We don’t take sides?” So says Obama, but the EUSSR in Brussels isn’t so bashful!


  • wildjew

    “Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah! Go Republicans!”

    Let’s see. Who on our side has essentially come out in support of Muslim Brotherhood jihadists? Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Rand Paul (where is Marco Rubio?), Senator Kelly Ayotte (“Senator Ayotte Calls For Cutting Off Aid To Egypt”), where is Speaker Boehner, the Republican leader who said Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s questions about Muslim Brotherhood penetration into the Obama White House and related agencies are “dangerous?”

    Whose side are the Republicans on? It’s not the other side I worry about. The other side is evil. It is my side I worry about.

    • William James Ward


  • Robert_Fl

    Whose side is obama on? Not ours.

  • RedStateVet

    Congratulations, progressives & other low information voters, for not only electing the most inept CIC in the history of the US, but re-electing him as well. Do us a favor in 2014 & 2016- stay at home and watch re-runs of the Jersey shore instead of voting.

    • nomoretraitors

      The problem isn’t low information. It’s willful stupidity

  • DannyJeffrey

    Daniel, this is the first time that I have ever disagreed with you but I am convinced that Obama is playing a role. He knows full well that the military is not going to release Muslim Brotherhood leaders. What is now happening is truly devious.

  • 2wotvet

    He is clearly on the sides of the Muslims! His betrayal of Western Civilization is now more apparent than ever. The Egyptian army is brave for dealing with all those hairy Islamofascist apes, and the more
    brutally it’s done, the better. They deserve pain for wanting to lay their
    dirty hands upon Western Civilization. Mubarak MUST be reinstated! Mubarak was a steadfast friend and ally of America, and a trustworthy Guardian of
    Israel, one of the few Arabs that the citizens of Israel felt they could trust.
    And we can never allow him to be removed again. The next time a democratic
    movement occurs in Egypt or any other place in the Middle East, we HAVE to send
    in special operations forces to destroy it!

  • nomoretraitors

    Who’s side is Obama on. Any side that’s against America!!

  • Ray Burke

    Oh, what a tangled web our Fearless Leader weaves. He appears to be the incognito de facto leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • joe biden

    let us impeach the b hole NOW

  • Kc

    His “fans” are willfully blind.

  • NoMoSmoke

    A hard day lazin around at the Vin-yad is better than a hard day lazin around the White House.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Obama is definitely a Muslim Brotherhood apologizer and sympathizer. However, GWB and the neo-cons were equally as incompetent as Obama when it came to combating Islamic jihad. In fact, they were such morons that they prosecuted a “War on Terror”, which inevitably turned into the biggest strategic blunder ever in American history. Nevertheless, Muslims aren’t terrorists, as terrorism isn’t even an Islamic manifestation at all. Instead, Muslims are jihadists, as jihad is holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the expansion of Islam. In any event, we are not at war with terrorists and never were. Instead, we are at war with Islam, as the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is the subjugation into Islamic totalitarianism of all religions and all infidels through jihad, which is not terrorism, since unlike terrorism it is both violent and non-violent, and the imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law. Hence, if Obama, GWB, and the neo-cons can’t even correctly identify our enemy, then how can we possibly win?

    • Max Johnson

      The rhinos are getting carried away with the media trying to drum up public sympathy for these MB bastards.

  • DurkaDurka

    He already told you what side he’s on. I find that people don’t listen to what he’s actually saying. They are listening to what they want him to say.

    He said he would support the Muslims. He’s supporting the Muslims. The end.


    oblamo the marxist leaning muslim brotherhood pusher is an open book this has been answered and the question still seems be going on a path of not being answered when it has. 2011 Libya oblamo barry one anti-christ each gave NATO (which is a joke and part of the one world order, which barry is apart of same satanic mess) weapons and money to hire mercenaries to kill innocent people and have the oblamo controlled main stream media to lie about innocent Libyian people, who loved Americans, who peaceful, Gadhafi which also was lied about, he was not bad he loved his people, kept the “dinar” being gold backed and oil backed. He did not want his people enslaved by the global banking elitists like “WE THE PEOPLE” are under the federal reserve which is not federal at all it is owned by the global banksters! This was all a lie because our politicians and oblamo is owned by these one world order freaks. info (libyanwarthetruth)


    I believe many Americans just want to live in dreamville, not face the truth, and not want to deal with what needs to be dealt with. It happened in Nazi Germany, it happened in other countries where people just wanted to remain in darkness!

  • Max Johnson

    The percentage of the Egyptian people that SUPPORT the military is in the 90’s. The MB is killing Christians Obie-Boy! That same majority enjoys Westernization of their society. Morsi was trying to enforce strict Sharia law and they got angry. I support killing these MB bastards. Maybe we can save some Christians lives.

  • Joel Cairo

    Because Americans do not pay attention to world events in their proper context they lose touch with reality. Eduction is the key to understanding reality. Today many are not interested in reality but in “reality entertainment.” It does not surprise me that they elect their enemy to office.

    • Charley Hoarse

      I’m unsure about “eduction”, but our schools and universities are peopled by left-leaning people who “teach” socialism and eschew our traditions and groundwork beliefs. I agree that television is full of vapid putrefaction..

  • antioli

    Both the Brother Hood and Obama seem to want to rule by anti democratic means.

  • BenJabo1Machal


  • bluffcreek1967

    Obama is on whatever side traditional Americans aren’t. This man continues to be an enemy of true, patriotic Americans and it should be patently obvious to all by now that his intention is to destroy the U.S. from within to be re-shaped after his Utopian scheme.

    If a book would have been submitted to publishers about a man such as Barack Obama gaining the presidency, it would have been rejected as hyperbole, unrealistic, and as something too unbelievable. But here we are into the Obama’s second term, and he is doing everything he can muster to divide and destroy this once great nation. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


  • Giles Blyzzard

    I have no doubt that ethnic cleansing of Christians in Egypt and Syria is exactly what Obama wants.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Oliver Stone might have
    answered this question. He called Obama a snake. Now whose side is
    a snake on in any situation? He had a twenty year relationship with Rev.
    Wright but spun on a dime when that video of Wright surfaced in which he said
    God Damn America. He wasn’t sympathetic to the MB. He was their PROMOTER,
    their Godfather. While mobs were ranting in the square before Mubarak was
    fully ousted Obama said, “One of the components of the new government
    should be a religious one.” He didn’t mean the Israelis or Copts. He
    was fully aware that the MB was best prepared to win an election and I’ll give
    odds, he lectured them on how to rig up a successful voting fraud that had
    worked for him. It was just minutes ago that he was screaming for the
    reinstatement of Morsi and then came that pirouette on that dime again.
    Wow, what a dancer!

    • John E Coleman

      Hello Again DontMess ,

      The topic of this, { Mr Greenfield’s article } fairly well explains itself !

      It is just a Darn ?? Shame the ” Big Bird’s ” are now finding out !!

  • rich__b

    Still wanting to vote present……….

    All these annoying problems getting in the way of his golf game..

  • DilloTank

    Nothing would make me happier than to see Obama executed for treason.

  • Hass

    Of course that Usurper is a Muslime. No other sane POTUS would’ve submitted to the Muslimes’ every whim like he does.

    In my opinion, it was the beginning of the end when he bowed to the King of Terrorists (Saudi King). Even as an Aussie, I was angered by his deplorable and submissive behaviour. Why weren’t the Americans as out raged as I expected? It was their useless MSM of course (and they’re getting better at licking now, more than ever).

  • A_Perspective

    I really respect Daniel Greenberg, it’s just that headline? Because anyone who’s still scratching their head on this one clearly isn’t capable of converting oxygen to CO2.

  • Mark Jessup

    “Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States had to keep
    providing weapons to Egypt because “The fact that sometimes other
    countries elect someone you don’t completely agree with doesn’t give us
    permission to walk away.”

    Too bad the Buffoon from Georgia, aka Jimmy Carter didn’t pursue such a policy in 1978-79, if he had, the Shah of Iran would have remained a solid U.S. ally, the Assahollah Khomeini and his terrorist thugs would never have seized power, and the entire history of the Persian Gulf region would be vastly different today.

    But nooooo, just like Emperor Barky becomes fully engorged when thinking about his pals in the ‘Muslim B’hood’, Jimmy the Clodhopper always got some wood when contemplating the overthrow of the Shah and the rise of Islamic extremism on a nation-state basis.

    How’d that work out for ya Jimmy? Oh right, 44 states and Ronald Reagan sent your incompetent and cowardly azz packing in 1980.

  • DennisMets

    For all you idiots out there that still do not get it, Obummer is standing behind his Muslim brothers and the black caucas. And the racist preachers that are calling whites the devil and demon race and the panthers that are calling for the killing of whites and their babies. Obumer would love to see the day blacks turned to Islam and whites were the minority and he is doing his share to help make it a reality .
    They are and have been importing Somalians, Hatians and other muslims by the thousands and then programming them to hate Cr@ckers. it is clear what they are up to

  • DennisMets

    obummer and the democreaps are the ones that give money by the billions to nations while our debt continues to climb? All the while he begs for Americans to accept higher and higher taxes and screws the veterans out of benefits and retirement pay

    • Zada

      The haves, have nots, and the want moars. Can you say “plutocracy” in one breath and marxist in another. He’s sort of convoluted most of the time, talks out of both sides on purpose.

  • Lanna

    The President and Morsi have the same agenda, too bad more didn’t see this before he was elected a 2nd time. Stopping supplies to the Egyptian military says what? If Morsi isn’t in power, then the US won’t help the Egyptian military who are for the people and against Sharia Law…..

  • melvin lafleur

    oops, i didn’t realize this was a right wing extremist circle jerk. rave on wankers.

  • aposematic

    “Whose Side Is Obama On?”
    Obama has demonstrated the side he is on is any side that opposes America’s Constitutional Republic.

  • RLJR1

    take over of the world, one world govt obama and the brotherhood are all in for it. sharia law is whats coming if obama gets his way. the brotherhood’s already in american govt. nobody is listening. whats next?

  • PouponMarks

    Like in those spy and espionage thrillers, I can imagine Barack Obobo watching funds count upwards in a secret bank account, for service rendered, words spoken.

    One thing is for sure. He is not on our side. He does even expend much effort pretending he is an American.

  • Just ask the women about islam

    doesn’t say much of anything about the christian slaughter throughout the world and especially in muslim lands, but sure has a lot more to say about the muslim brotherhood… hmmm!