Why Employers Will Fire Americans and Hire Illegals Under Obama’s Amnesty

There’s a double whammy here. The legalization of 11 million illegal aliens will give employers access to a “legal” pool of workers free of the taint of ObamaCare.

Considering the number of employers who hire illegal aliens even now, hiring legal illegal aliens will actually be incentivized by ObamaCare. So look for unemployment to shoot up if the Obama/Gang of 8 illegal alien amnesty goes through.

Companies with at least 50 workers will face a penalty of up to $3,000 for each worker who receives subsidies via ObamaCare. If current illegal immigrants given probationary status are excluded from ObamaCare — and the fines that go with it — an employer may see that as an extra incentive to hire them instead of American citizens.

As with most of the left’s gimmicks, this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

Suddenly the very American workers who are losing jobs to Obama’s illegal aliens will push forward for the end of the probationary period to come as soon as possible. And this will give the Democratic Party its new 11 million votes as soon as possible.

The entire process will whet the appetite of employers for a fresh supply of legal illegals, while the Amnesty will have created a powerful magnet drawing in more illegal aliens waiting for the next one to come along. And it will. Once the current crop of illegal aliens will be in ObamaCare, employers will look for the next batch. And this cycle will continue until there is no economy left, only serfs and social workers.

The lust for cheap labor has destroyed many countries. It has managed to bring the United States to the brink of destruction. The new selling point pushed by shills like Grover Norquist should be controlled by the “free market”. And what that means is that America will become a country with Third World labor and First World social welfare. The combination of those things cannot stand.

This is what immigration reform really looks like. The Center for Immigration Studies projects 40 million illegal aliens by 2038. But if 11 million illegal aliens are legalized, it is likely that the next amnesty will not have to wait that long.

  • marios

    Whatever Obama and his accomplices (Dem's party which has nothing close to democracy but pure soci…lists or neocommies) did and still doing is to keep Power forever. As more than 2000 years ago first Republic Rome emperors did bribing plebs, redistributing profit earned by others the same is used now by this administration. Roman empire was destroyed by that way and our great country is destroying now using the same scenario. Moreover I came across some Muslims site with such comments " Thank you Obama for doing great job for us" .

    • bluesky

      Actually the muslims are not happy as you guys are embracing the Hispanics who are mostly Christians.
      But your article was interesting …. we all write randomly knowingly or not knowingly …just expressing our angers … but we forget that this will have no impact on what is going to happen. You should have not waited for more than 2 decades to get rid of them – now that a new situation occurs in decades, you will need to work for at least on decade to start working hard and educating your children properly. I know some Asians who are not happy as those that came here legally spending lots of money and time are feeling jealous. They should not feel like this cause they did not suffer like the Hispanics (losing family, being exploited for peanuts, etc.) and on top of everything – they (the legal ones) can be proud parents and grandparents as they did not do anything illegal – this is something the illegals even after being legalized cannot get …. "the respect"

      • Liberty Dog

        They ( the Illegals ) have no respect from me Period….

  • marios

    It was coupled years ago. Now when BHO is "more flexible" as there is no risk for him (reelection is over) he is as any dictator do what he really want always. If he made additional 15 ML poor and set them up to welfare making them dependent from government in his first term. Now he wants make all those illegal the same dependant and loyal forever by those who give them "free lunch" using not his money but our, taxpayers money. When people robbed banks or individual person they end up in jail. But Obama (and Dem's establishment) does much upscale criminality violation, is sure that he will not be responsible for our country destruction. It is crazy world

  • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

    In 2006, I went through some REAL hell. I had to take a job that I had never even done before; An Inn-keeper. I rather enjoyed it a lot.
    October came around and it was becoming super slow at this B & B (a very big B & B), the mngr came and told me that I had to go 'on call.'

    I accepted my plight and had to look elsewhere for work.
    I could not find a position, it was horrible. I had to sell a fortune in Vintage hats that I had collected for 20 years..
    A friend (who was also Mexican) came to my home, I had the flu, and she told me that when they let ME go (I am Native American and a DAR by my Dad) they had kept TWO illegals in my place, so this is the future America.
    I am native and even I got screwed. If they would screw me, they will screw anyone.

    • Liberty Dog

      I also got replaced on notice, and got replaced by Illegals, you are not alone…

  • mjazzguitar

    I seriously doubt that it is even possible to do a background check on these people.
    You don't know what they've done in the past.

  • Alert

    That day is not far when resisting invading illegals is branded as RACIST!

    • Belledawna Husk

      I've already been called a racist many times over for speaking out again illegal immigration. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL is always my answer. Then I remind them that my granddaughter is half Mexican, her dad was born here, and her Mexican grandparents are LEGAL citizens who followed the laws in place to become LEGAL citizens. I don't care where someone comes from as long as they are expected to follow the law right along with everyone else. :)

  • Ben Jabo

    It's a matter of basic economics, illegal are cheaper