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Why is North Korea Threatening the United States?

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On March 29, 2013 @ 7:56 pm In The Point | 26 Comments


To state the obvious, because it can.

It’s not just North Korea’s nuclear program moving steadily forward that has made the North Korean military establishment this aggressive, it was also the total collapse of American power under Obama Inc.

Obama’s Asia pivot was exposed by China’s aggression as a hollow joke. The United States is no longer a Pacific power. China is. And China is North Korea’s sugar daddy.

Worse still, North Korea successfully defied successive presidents in developing and distributing nuclear technology. It expects that the United States will shortly be facing conventional and ballistic nuclear missiles from Iran that were developed with North Korean aid.

The North Korean military is no match for the United States, but neither were the Taliban or the Baathist insurgency. A comparative look at manpower and weaponry only gets you so far without also comparing morale. North Korea is willing to play chicken. Obama isn’t.

Obama proved that he didn’t have the staying power in Afghanistan or Iraq. His big military reforms involve dramatically slashing the military while imposing homosexuality and women-in-combat to further degrade its readiness and capabilities. Obama Inc. has used the defense budget as its private Green Energy slush fund while wrecking the Air Force and Navy.

So why shouldn’t North Korea slap Obama across the face? They know the chances of him doing anything about it are so infinitesimal as to be utterly meaningless.

Obama doesn’t have the guts to stand up to North Korea, so North Korea’s leadership is gaining status by humiliating Obama. And the message that sends to American allies in Asia is that they need to reach an understanding with China in order to be safe from North Korea.

Despite movies like the Red Dawn remake or Olympus has Fallen, North Korea won’t be invading the United States any time soon. But there will be incidents and more tests and more North Korean weapons flowing to American enemies.

While North Korean troops won’t be landing in California tomorrow, the nuclear bomb that terrorists may detonate in Los Angeles will probably be derived from North Korean technology with the help of North Korean experts.

And then who will have the last laugh?

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