Why Terrorists Kill

ss-130924-kenya-mall-attack-tease-526p.photoblog600The Westgate attack in Kenya with its accompanying butchery of every man, woman and child in a shopping mall who couldn’t name Mohammed’s mother is being met with baffled mutterings about “senseless violence.”

But there’s nothing senseless about the violence that took place.

Terrorists kill because it’s what they do. Plumbers unclog toilets. Computer companies sell you software. Terrorist organizations kill people.

Al-Shabaab’s real audience wasn’t the Americans watching CNN and trying to make sense of the violence. It was the millionaires and billionaires in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar who can turn any terrorist group from wannabes into RPG toting superstars racing through the desert on last year’s model Toyota pickup trucks with crates full of night vision equipment.

You may think of the news as a collection of tragedies. To the dozens of Al-Qaeda franchises and assorted Islamist terrorist groups; it’s American Idol. The CNN coverage of their attack is their audition on a worldwide reality show that shows off their skills and makes them famous.

Not every terrorist group is lucky enough to have its own Bin Laden; its Saudi sugar daddy with the cash and the cachet to get them the money they need in exchange for being the one to appear on camera and proclaim “Death to America”. And the Jihadists in Afghanistan fighting over Osama at times nearly killed each other over access to their effete money man.

Terrorists kill people “senselessly” because a spectacular terrorist attack gets them noticed. It sets them apart from every other Islamist terrorist group that throws together a name and waves a flag with a bunch of swords on it while vowing to drive out all the infidels. The 12 PM CNN audience may not applaud, but the Al Jazeera audience does. And it’s the one that matters.

Muslim terrorist organizations fight to impose Islamic law. But what does that really mean, aside from the little girls wearing Burkas and the demolished churches?

Think of the letters of marque that allowed privateers to prey on enemy shipping during wartime. The difference between a privateer and a pirate was the letters of marque. The difference between a warlord, a bandit, a rapist and a Muslim terrorist is the Koran and the Fatwa based on it that acts as his letter of marque.

Muslim terrorism is in no small part legalized banditry with each terrorist group leader hoping to set up shop as the Emir of his own little territory while fighting for the Caliphate.

Get some thugs together, form a terrorist group waving a black flag and stake a claim on some territory. Kill enough people and you’ll get weapons and training from terrorist networks and money from Gulf billionaires eager to impress their friends by sponsoring their very own terrorist attack. “Abdul, You know the Westgate attack? That was my money.”

Kill even more people and foreign governments will come to you hat in hand, offering you foreign aid and pressuring your government to give you autonomy. So why not be a terrorist?

Israel has been hailed as the Start-Up Nation for its dot com companies, but more Middle Eastern youth are joining a different kind of start-up.

Put a website. Set up a Twitter account. Upload YouTube videos of your men shooting at things. Recruit idiot British converts to Islam who traded in Billy and John for Rasheed and Mahmoud. Use your brother-in-law’s mosque contacts to recruit Muslims born in America, Canada or Australia who have no clue what life is really like back in Somalia or Pakistan, but are enthusiastic about overcoming their cultural inferiority complex by being part of the Jihad.

Atrocities get you noticed. If Mohammed in the Islamic Army for a Free Syria ate a lung, get one of your men in the Jihad Against Chess and Kites for Justice and Freedom brigade to eat a heart. If they kill a three-year-old, you kill a two-year-old. If they fire a chemical weapon, get your hands on a nuke.

It’s all about who gets the most attention with the worst atrocities and nothing is over the top.

The most successful Al-Qaeda franchise is its Iraqi branch which was considered psychotic by the original Al-Qaeda leadership. Its tactics were described as completely deranged, senseless and bound to accomplish nothing. Now its splinter groups are in line to take over Syria. It may have taken a decade of horrifying murders of innocent people, but they are finally within sight of someone else’s promised land.

What of the men, the plodding goons getting pumped on Jihadi music videos full of black flags, reciting Koran verses, taking hits of cocaine and dreaming of virgins in paradise before rushing into a sniper’s line of fire; what’s in it for them?

Some join terrorist groups for the same reason that young men in Chicago or Oakland join gangs. It’s a brotherhood of crime. And the Muslim version comes with a  pardon from Allah and the promise of a paradise full of virgins to rape when that Syrian sniper spills all the Koranic quotes in that quivering mass of Hashish-addled grey matter onto a pockmarked street at 200 yards.

Islam provides the structure for these murderous recreations of Mohammed’s conquests with Japanese pickup trucks instead of mules and camels, and machine guns instead of spears and swords.

It tells the Muslim idealist that killing for Allah is the only thing that will bring about a just world. It tells the Muslim criminal that his crimes can be virtues. It tells the ambitious Muslim that he can have his own Emirate. It tells the embittered Muslim that nothing will be right until he kills the non-Muslims who are causing all the trouble.

It tells each man what he needs to hear to kill.

Guns don’t kill people. Ideas do. Islam, like Nazism or Communism, is a set of weaponized ideas.

Islam is the world within the heads of Muslim terrorists and it’s sensible if you’re a fat old Saudi billionaire impressing your friends with piles of African corpses, the third son of some backwater farmer with a worthless clan trying to move up from drug smuggling or a Chechen kid in Boston trying to find the glory of your own people while comparing the promises of the Koran to the dingy reality of your family grubbing off welfare while talking up the good old days back home.

Islam doesn’t just promote killing, it incentivizes it. It’s not just a motive; it’s also a rewards program. Its history demands war. Its nature compels killing. Even the most well-meaning Muslim cannot escape the vortex of Jihad at its center. Even if he does not support it in any way; it is always there tugging at him in a hundred different ways.

Islam is the chronicle and blueprint of an unfinished conquest. Its existence inevitably tempts its followers to try and complete Mohammed’s unfinished business.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with author Raymond Ibrahim about Islam’s war on Christians:

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  • Chris

    This is an excellent analysis. The fact is that Islam is a license to kill. And the world’s psychopaths are drawn to it because it legitimizes their dark urges. To call it a religion of peace is wishful thinking in the extreme. The article poses 2 questions: 1). what can be done about effectively opposes it? and 2) when will the penny drop for the ‘leaders’ of the West ?

    • Andy

      Bush 43 made me want to scream in frustration, when he called Islam the ”religion of peace.” Whether he really believed it and was really that ignorant, or whether he knew and was being a panderer via his hypocracy, I’ll never know. I did write a letter to the WH, for all the good that does.


        GWB ment well. But he didn’t reckon that Islamofascism was so diabolical.

        P.S. False prophet muhammed BURNS in H E L L.

      • bribri

        Muslims can’t claim they weren’t given every opportunity, and many years, to fix what they call their “religion” and “community”.

        • defcon 4

          It can’t be fixed. The ideology of islam is fundamentally violent, supremacist, totalitarian and fascist.

    • defcon 4

      The penny isn’t dropping because the leaders of the West are corrupt, amoral, cowards.

    • Drakken

      The penny will drop when the jihadist next door rapes your daughter or kills your son for the glory of allah. Then all this nonsense of coexist at any price, and peace in our time will make way for praise Jesus and pass the ammunition.


        How will 1.5B Muslims fare against 6B Infidels?

        The day is coming when non-socialists are going to do a house cleaning.

        • Drakken

          Hmmm let’s see? Western technology and the ability to wipe out entire cities at a moments notice, and the muslims with a billion or so bodies. Well until we learn to use more bullets against their masses and not apologize for it, but the muslims unfortunately are underestimating our ability to go back to our nationalistic roots and cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, I’ll lay my money on us westerners.

  • Jason

    No they dont. They do it because of colonialism. Dur. And America killed someone that one time. It’s not their fault, their book doesnt contain hundreds of references to kill us! Get it right!

    *Heavy Sarcasm*

  • Johnnnyboy

    Something that is easy to miss about Islam is that it is
    implicitly a slave society. It anticipates a world where the believers are the
    overlords who either take slaves by capture, or dominate a subordinate class of dhimini. That is why there is so much stress on violence. The doctrine
    anticipates that the believers will be members of a warrior class lording it
    over the lower classes.

    That is one of the reasons why it works so poorly as a modern industrial state.
    It simply does not encourage the average person to achieve status by being a
    worker, or for that matter, even an entrepreneur in something other than a
    violent endeavor. Just like in Antebellum South, the existence of a subordinate
    class that does the labor undermines the prestige of labor as a means of advancement.

    This in turn causes Islam to work out poorly when the believers run out of dhimini to repress. Because men achieve status in their groups with conquest or captives, the Islamics end up being stuck with attacking each other, which
    complicates putting together a large scale society, as is necessary in the
    formation of a modern industrial state.

    • http://southernrunner.blogspot.com loseyateefa

      so right in your slave assessment. It’s a shame that the American blacks don’t understand Islamic roots, history and language, for the only word in Arabic for slave is “black” because to them, a slave and a black are the same thing……. When you unpack the layers of deceit upon which Islam is built, it is quite obvious that the entire system originates in hell and will return eventually…..taking those billions of souls with it.

  • Chintu B

    There is one, and only one, reason why Islamist fanatics kill. It is because they believe, if they die while killing a non Muslim (infidel / kuffar / kaffir ) they will go to Jannat and enjoy the 72 virgins. There is no other real reason. The usual way to stop someone from killing someone else is to hold out the threat of punishment, including death. But this does not work here. These terrorists themselves desire death, because it is a ticket to Jannat in their mind. So, how do we stop them. The way is to find a way to cancel the ticket to Jannat even if the die while killing a non Muslim. Is there a way to do this ? Apparently there is, and was used successfully by General John J Pershing.

    • Steven Currie

      You didn’t explain the details of what General “Blackjack” Pershing did. He had his soldiers coat their bullets in pig’s fat and pig’s blood before loading their weapons. Sounds like a good solution to me.

      • Chintu B

        Yup, I didn’t give the details. I thought it is well known, and those who don’t know can google it. It is an effective method, but for some reason, governments don’t seem to want to use it. It is apparent that they will have to start using this method. Only question is about how many people need to get killed before they start using this method. If the ISAF forces had sprayed the country with pork pieces, the Afghanistan war would have been won, and within a day.

        • Drakken

          Careful now! You will give those progressive/leftist an extreme case of the vapors and then they will need hours of therapy to help them with their self esteem and have to apologize to the savages for being mean to them.

  • defcon 4

    The reference to the Chechen kid and Boston bomber is very apt, considering one of their names was a variation of Timerlane, the great muslime hero responsible for slaughtering tens of thousands of Hindus and selling many more into slavery across the Hindu Kush.

  • Rajeev

    These people should caught and hanged till death as they don’t know the real meaning of their own religion. No religion teaches to kill or rape a woman. The people who are doing this in the name of Islam are real assholes. If they want to kill innocent people then they should first kill themselves for their sins.

    • nagesha

      Not true Rajeev. Islam teaches and commands it’s true believers to kill and subjegate non-muslims. With a name like Rajeev, you should know that islam teaches this. Of course, it also teaches deception, so perhaps you have been deceived.


      Correct me if I am wrong. Recently weren’t there lots of rapes of women in India?

      Who was doing the raping?

      • quousque

        Don’t travel that far; check the frequency and ethnic statistics of rapists in Sweden and Norway.

        • defcon 4

          Or the islamic rape gangs in merry, old England.

  • Well Done

    These guys kill for one reason: they can. There are countless targets where they can kill dozens before anyone can do anything. Period.

    • Blake

      What motivates them? Islam. Period.

      • Well Done

        No. Motivation isn’t it. That they can do it is it. Period. Yourself, fool.

        • Blake

          I can kill people also, but why don’t i? I have no motivation to do it. fool. period.


    It was the Muslims of Africa who rounded up and sold Africans to American/Eurotrash slave ships.

    Africans killing Africans goes on every day. Current day slaver Sudan and Mauritania, Rwanda genocide – something the UN didn’t stop – proving the worthlessness of the UN.


    Daniel Greenfield and others, PLEASE watch this 11 minute youtube!

    Daniel Johnson | Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Union


    Currently the UK is a state in rapid decline – but people like Daniel Johnson give us hope the Europe still has a chance against the socialist/islamist axis.

    • defcon 4

      I saw these debates. The muslime bastages in the audience repeatedly tried to interrupt those critical of islam.

  • quousque

    What troubles me personally is that we are witnessing creation of an ‘army’ of individuals steeped in blood letting and mayhem. That dreadful experience counts at time when the ‘push comes to shove’. As a civil society we are fielding the professional army second to none, however across the board as a citizenry, we are becoming wussified.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Bravo ,Daniel !

  • A

    Fantastic Read

    I have spent a long time doing relevant research and really do understand the mess that we are in as “free” people.

    Our unquenchable thirst for oil requires us to deal with the devil.

    Get hold of your legislators and replace oil power with fully electric cars. Charge them by whatever but for base load use nuclear if you are anti global warming or coal if you are indifferent.

    There are so many useful links on the internet but the best by far is


    Take the time to have a look

  • Joanne Long

    These people are brought up to have no future for themselves only for an Allah. They have absolutely no responsibility towards mankind. They have no idea of being a spirit themselves, so nobody else is a being so killing is just tearing up a piece of matter, no consequences.

  • Dan Mesa/AZ

    Desperately need Pope Francis to channel St. Pope Pius V.

    Get the ball rollin’ Holy Father and the rest of the sheep will follow.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    The view of this issue from a laymen. If any of you are prepared to take the time to look, listen and read you may be surprised to realise that the world as we know it has changed quite dramatically. Firstly our methods of communications have become global so our perception of information is not only instant, but also peppered with ones own point of view of the subject, it is also subject to the controlling powers of how that information is delivered. This being the case we MUST investigate, research and determine for ourselves the truth if any of the information we receive. WHY because everyone has their own agenda, be it rational by our reckoning or not. So what’s my agenda you ask, good question. When we look at the world and it’s societies the denigration is obvious, the open sexualisation of all demographics and persuasions, the debilitating results of substance use and abuse both legal and illegal, the open criminal activity that pervades all levels of society, greed and selfishness and ones own self importance above all others is so openly displayed, the total destruction of a person by mental and emotional distress that ends in mental instability and suicide, that this writer is surprised by everyone’s bitterness and hate towards one particular group of idealists/radicals, because when we take a look and search ourselves with true honesty we all have unfortunately very similar negative traits me included. We believe we are right above all else, we will not tolerate difference, we seek instant self gratification and we believe what we being told of how our lives are less important/useless unless we MAKE something of ourselves. Read and try to understand a real piece of information that may put what is happening into a perspective that we can relate to if we look around. The LEFT BEHIND group of books (12 in all ) may be Christian based but take at what is written and what is going on in the world. Remember earlier I said Research/Investigate and Determine the truth for ourselves, why listen to me? who am I? just another pair of arms and legs like you. Keep safe Cheers

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Terrorists kill because it’s what they do.

    Except for the fact that they aren’t terrorists because they are jihadists instead! As jihad, in stark contrast to terrorism, is specifically and only holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment/expansion of Islam, as opposed to terrorism, which is perpetrated for all kinds of different political reasons and causes.

    Additionally, Jihad is the product of Islamic society alone as it is waged and perpetrated strictly by Muslims only, while terrorism, on the other hand, is perpetrated by people from all walks of life and from all nationalities, with the single exception being Muslims, because Muslims are products of a very totalitarian Islamic society that controls every single aspect of their lives even down to the way they must all use the bathroom.

    Moreover, jihad, in stark contrast to terrorism, is both violent and non-violent but overall astronomically far more non-violent relative to violent. Meanwhile, terrorism, on the other hand, is always and only violent.

    For example, The Unabomber, Bernadine Dohrn, and Bill Ayers were all non-Muslim infidels that perpetrated their extreme violent acts of terrorism for various unhinged leftwing political causes. Meanwhile, jihadists are always and only Muslims that wage jihad either violently or non-violently but always in the cause of Allah for the establishment/expansion of Islam, i.e., Al Qaeda violently and the Muslim Brotherhood and its various affiliates around the world non-violently.

    Hence, until this writer learns to distinguish between these two very unique and distinct manifestations, that is to distinguish between what is jihad and what is terrorism, and stops conflating and morally equating the two very different and distinct manifestations altogether exactly as the left also does while also at the same time spreading misinformation, then I will just have to take everything else he has to write about on the subject with a great big grain of salt. Indeed, when it comes to identifying what is jihad and what is terrorism, I’m afraid that this writer is just as unhinged and unraveled as President Obama.

    Indeed, it is exactly this writer’s sort of misinformation propagation that is enabling the stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad that is turning France into an Islamic majority country in just 23 years to manifest without opposition to flourish. Indeed, since that sort of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad isn’t perceived as being violent, it isn’t therefore seen as being terrorism, which is always and only violent, and it is therefore allowed to manifest totally without opposition.

  • Moshood Olayiwola Olatunji

    First things first, all the civic countries of the west and beyond should stop trading with these terror countries (or should I say people). Your analysis, forget one important thing the middle east contains all the oil we need for our materialist lifestyles. Think about it, if we stop having relationship with these terror countries, who loses out, them or us? Who needs the terrorist when we have defence contracts to sell. As for the misguided fool called muslims terrorist, your partners from the west will always back stab you, so your days are numbered. AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING.

  • Chaz_Martel

    I have read many commentaries on the exigencies of jihad but few so terse, almost flippant and to the point. Well done expository.

  • Guest

    Actually, terrorism isn’t senseless killing. Terrorism is literally defined as violent acts that impose fear in order to achieve a political goal. If they are killing senselessly, then it isn’t terrorism. That’s some Manson shit there.

  • michael meir

    this doesnt really help me because i want to know what terrorists want from the people they kill. it doesnt make sense that they would just kill to kill. do they want money? to be noticed? what?

  • michael meir

    its so stupid how they kill people. why not take their money, knock them out and run? i dont get why they wouldnt do that.