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Why the Nidal Hasan/Fort Hood Jihad Case Isn’t Going Anywhere

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 22, 2013 @ 11:15 am In The Point | 41 Comments

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Four years ago, Nidal Hasan, a Muslim terrorist serving as an Army shrink, murdered 13 people, after maintaining contact with an Al Qaeda leader.

The political establishment and the military and the media spent four years covering that up. When Nidal Hasan finally came to trial, he told the truth. He was fighting for the Taliban, for the Islamic Empire, against America.

The official media reports are that Hasan offered no defense for his actions. That’s a complete lie. He offered the above defense. The judge, Tara Osborn, brought in after the previous judge was accused of being unsympathetic toward the Fort Hood Jihadist, refused to allow him to offer that defense.

So Hasan mostly did nothing. He had already given his explanation.

What that means is that four years later, the case isn’t over. And it will go on dragging out the pain of the Fort Hood families.

According to the gold standard of the justice system in which every killer is entitled to be represented by a slimy lawyer who will completely lie about everything he’s done, Nidal Hasan did not receive representation.

Representation would have involved some sleazeball inviting in an expert to discuss secondary-PTSD and browbeating the witnesses over whether it really was Hasan who pulled the trigger.

So even though it’s unlikely that Hasan wants a rerun of the last four years, it’s coming anyway. The media, the military’s political generals and Obama Inc. want a proper trial to liberal lawyer standards. And eventually they’ll get one.

It may take another four years or forty. But they’ll keep going.

The irony is that in trying to save Nidal Hasan, they’re really punishing him. Hasan appears ready for the death penalty. Instead they’ll keep him alive indefinitely so they can have their trial and finally sentence him to life in prison.

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