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Why Unions Are Going After the Filibuster

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 14, 2013 @ 4:52 pm In The Point | 2 Comments


After the Bill of Rights, the Filibuster is the other major target of the left right now. What did the Filibuster, which Senate Democrats had defended as the embodiment of democracy when they were in the minority, do? Like the Supreme Court and so much else, it got in the way of an agenda [2].

Teamsters union boss James P. Hoffa is the most blunt in decrying the use of the filibuster being used by unions to effectively end secret-ballot elections.

What many Americans realize–especially those who grew up in Right-To-Work states and take the freedom to choose whether or not to pay union dues for granted–is the fragility of Right-To-Work laws.

Under the Taft-Hartley Amendments to the NLRA, the only thing that permits Right-to-Work laws to exist is this single statement:

“Sec. 14 (b) [Agreements requiring union membership in violation of State law] Nothing in this Act [subchapter] shall be construed as authorizing the execution or application of agreements requiring membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment in any State or Territory in which such execution or application is prohibited by State or Territorial law.”

If this single statement is removed from the National Labor Relations Act, all Right-to-Work states disappear.

Ever since the Taft-Hartley Amendments were added to the National Labor Relations Act, unions have sought to have it (or sections of it) repealed.

In 1978, under the Carter administration, when unions again tried to pass the Labor Law Reform Act, it was stopped by threat of the filibuster.

With Blue-Dog Democrats facing extinction and more radicalized union-bought politicians replacing them, should Democrats regain control of the House, repealing Right-to-Work laws will be easy in the House.

Once again, as in years past, the only thing that may save Right-to-Work states will be the filibuster.

One of the interesting things about this is that it serves to remind us of the fragility of any Republican reforms that make it through the legislative meat grinder. Right-to-Work, which has become a campaign across states, is dependent on keeping the left from gaining a majority and then dismantling protections against majority rule. The same is true of most things.

As the Obama Administration has shown us very clearly, given a position of power, the left will ram through anything it likes on any terms and ignore the legality of its procedures. Reforms, in and of themselves, are temporary. The left does not even respect the Constitution. It certainly does not respect any legal or political process below that level. Like the rocks holding the sea at bay, this is an ongoing struggle against a corrosive force.

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