Wiesenthal Center Calls on Obama to Recognize Muslim Brotherhood as a Hate Group


I’m not sure Hate Group really sufficiently covers an international organization with terrorist wings, control of entire territories and a plan to take over the world. It’s like calling the Nazis a hate group or a bunch of criminals.

It’s not inaccurate, but it’s also quite an understatement.

Still it’s good to see a mainstream Jewish organization speak up and state the obvious. The Muslim Brotherhood responded to a government crackdown on its terror camps by burning as many churches as it could.

That’s what a hate group acts like.

Secretary of State Kerry is to be commended for declaring that the Egyptian military was “restoring democracy” by deposing Morsi. Now the U.S. should drop its flawed Muslim Brotherhood policy. Never a force for moderation, it should be recognized for what it is: An enemy of freedom and tolerance– a hate group with a long enemies list.

There should be no more grants and no more White House visits for bigots.

What’s interesting about the piece is that it’s a straightforward defense of the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood rule. It cites Counterjihadist sources like Gatestone and Raymond Ibrahim. And putting its moral authority on the line, it takes a powerful stand for the persecuted Christian Copts of Egypt.

On Morsi’s watch, Cairo’s only synagogue lost its designation as a Jewish House of Worship. But Jews aren’t Egypt’s “canary in the coal mine”,  millions of Christian Copts are.

It’s true millions of Egyptians continue supporting the Brotherhood, just as millions once supported Stalin and Hitler, but is that how we should gauge when America should remain silent? That was the disastrous mistake Winston Churchill saw repeated in England during the 1930’s — the more powerful the Nazis became, the more accommodating Chamberlain tried to be. America cannot signal the world it is only willing to take on small-time bigots and terrorists.

No one knows what Egypt will look like next month, let alone next year. But if millions of moderate Muslims, Christians and secularists have the courage to stand up to the hateful Muslim Brotherhood, dare we remain shamefully silent?

  • Jsjk

    Wow, at least one organization “gets it”. But will Obozo, the evil viper, now declare war on them? Sic the IRS on them?

  • Erudite Mavin

    Just like much of the population of Europe in the 1930s.

    Hitler’s Nazis in the streets killing, rounding up Jews and


    The general population of Europe looks the other way,

    while the Nazis spread into other countries. PM Chamberlin of England makes nice with Hitler and signs a peace treaty in late 1930s to see his London leveled
    in major areas with the Blitz and then England in General and Europe by the Nazis.
    This is how making nice with the enemy ends up

    Why do I bring up the early blindness to the Nazis?

    It is the same with the Muslim Brother Hood not to mention their association with the Nazis.

    People and still looking the other way with the Muslim Brother Hood or

    just not understanding the war freedom loving people are in today.

    Since most won’t read a history of the Muslim Brother Hood.

    Look at the photos of a major founder and leader and the Nazi connection.


  • Erudite Mavin

    A major Muslim Brother Hood leader and his activities decades ago

    and they are the same mindset today.

    Look at the photos of their connection with Hitler and the Nazis


  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Obama would sooner list an ‘anti-Muslim Brotherhood’ group as the hate group.

    • samantha657

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    Excellent. Now quadruple all of the security arrangements.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Obama stopped lounging around Martha’s Vineyard today long enough to throw on a suit jacket and read a speech on the subject. He insisted that Egypt stop cleaning out the MB terrorist camps. Of course, he used mealy mouthed euphemisms like “protestors,” etc. He is not giving up on his beloved Brotherhood.

  • Texas Patriot

    If Islam is a religion that teaches that failure to submit to Islam is a “crime against God” and it makes God “happy” when non-Muslims are killed, enslaved or radically discriminated against in Muslim-majority countries, then most assuredly we are not just talking about another a hate-group; it is rather probably much more appropriately thought of the oldest, largest and most well-organized hate group in the history of the world. Communism was a product of the 19th Century and is still less than 200 years old. Naziism is a product of the 20th Century and is still less than 100 years old. But Islam is 1400 years old and claims 1.5 believers active believers alive in the world today. Let’s face it. There is really no comparison.

    But what do Muslims hate? Well, the list is long, but let’s start with non-Muslims. That means the other 5.5 billion people on earth who have not converted to Islam whom Muslims are religiously obligated to convert, kill, enslave, or subjugate. That alone would be enough for most people. But that’s only the beginning. There is the duty to hate and kill all Muslims who voluntarily choose to leave islam. There is the duty to hate and kill all those who wittingly or unwittingly insult Islam. This can be very tricky, especially in a Muslim majority country where Muslims seem to be more easily insulted than elsewhere. All gays, of course, are hated and must be killed. Likewise, all Christians. All Jews. All Hindus. And all Buddhists. And of course, all women who “dishonor” Muslim men by, for example, smiling at men who are not their husbands, failing to cover their faces, failing to cover their heads, divorcing their husbands, and who knows what else. All of such women must of course be hated and killed. And there are many more categories of hated things that those of us in the West have only begun to understand, just to name a few: Non-Islamic food. Non-Islamic dress. Non-islamic music. Non-Islamic art. All of these things are hated and more than likely forbidden. Unfortunately, the list is so long and so exhaustive that it is virtually impossible to wrap our minds around it. Is there anything about the West that Muslims don’t hate?

    No wonder Obama doesn’t know what to make of it or what to call it. No wonder none of us really know what to make of it or what to call it. There has literally never been anything like it. Somebody needs to right the Islamic Book of Etiquette so the rest of us will know how to act around the ever-increasing number of Muslims in the West. Where is the Islamic Emily Post when we need her. Or the Islamic Miss Manners. Surely someone out there can tell us something about the West and Westerners that Muslims don’t hate. If not, why are they moving here at such a rapid and accelerating rate?

  • DennisMets

    bummer and holder would rather list republicans and the tea party as hate groups. but any one that opposes the United States and the devil whites is ok with them

  • Mady Hoffmann

    Yes he is one of them. All his habits shows that. Arming terrorists in the name of Allah. How dare could America ever elect a muslim as a president?

    • QuoVadisAnima

      No, his ideology (along with his parentage, background, upbringing, college years, etc, etc) is clearly that of a socialist atheist – you need to look at how these people use the Muslims as a tool to attack Christianity (because Christianity is one of, if not the biggest forces opposing their ideology).

      Google how Obama’s Kenyan cousin used the Muslims in Kenya to create a bloody uprising that forced the legitimately elected leader of that country to have to share power with him.

  • gary

    Finally someone calling it what it is a hate group no question .

  • nonation self

    greenfield is a hater of Allah and the TRUTH OF ALLAH – Allah WILL visit “a taste” of the VIOLENT racism, genocide, and imperialism, etc. that has been and is STILL being sown by UNCLE SAM SATAN and his little brother in crime ISRAEL (and the Egyptian Military) on those two infidel nations – the Quran says this plainly – the u.s.a. IS “freedom and justice for all” based on 400+ years of CONTINUING UNPUNISHED AND UNREPARATED SLAVERY and Israel owes its existence to, and is propped up by, the u.s.a. – ISRAEL IS democracy based on apartheid and theft of the property of palestinians and racist persecution of black jews (“before Abraham they are”) – the u.s.a. and Israel MUST and WILL reap at least a taste of the violence and evil that they sow in the name of LAW and DEMOCRACY – if the u.s.a. and Israel will not humbly accept the reaping of AT LEAST A TASTE of the War and Hate that they sow then they should understand that Allah is easily capable of “destroying ALL of mankind and replacing it with a new and much improved race” amen?

  • ATM

    It seems to me that there are all kinds of hate groups. What is clear from posts is that secularist sateists would be more than happy to exterminate all the religious people’s off the face planet rather than even contemplate religious tolerance or pluralism and they are promoting idea that promote division rather than unity.