Wikipedia and Left’s Propaganda Innovations


Historically speaking, the left has failed at everything it ever tried to do except destroying countries. The reason that so few know and understand this simple fact is propaganda.

The left is determined to control the future by controlling the past, not to mention the lovely horizontal and vertical parts of your television set. The internet has added new challenges, but the left is responding to them with new techniques, consolidating and extending its power through innovate methods.

While we fall behind.

Case in point. This.

Fifteen universities worldwide — including Yale University, Brown University, and Pennsylvania State University — will offer college credit to students who “write feminist thinking” into Wikipedia.

The program, “Storming Wikipedia,” will be part of the Dialogues on Feminism and Technology online course developed by FemTechNet, an organization of feminist educators and scholars.

“A woman’s point of view or feminist point of view is not yet expressed in relationship to women in technology in Wikipedia,” she said. “We hope that people engage in this project in respect to other themes as well.”

FemTechNet alleges that many Wikipedia pages are “skewed now toward male participation,” citing a 2011 study which found that fewer than 15 percent of Wikipedia contributors were females, according to an article in the Huffington Post.

I suspect women are more likely to rely on pseudonyms on Wikipedia, especially considering how nasty edit wars can get.

It appears that “feminist thinking” is not currently an entry in Wikipedia at all, however there are entries for both “feminism” and “black feminism.”

So why does there need to be one on feminist thinking? Is it distinct from feminism?

This isn’t something that we can duplicate directly because we don’t control universities, but we do need to think outside the box.

  • emptorpreempted

    Who cares? Outside of academia, the people who take this stuff seriously are extremely few.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Bull$hit. Hundreds of millions of people use Weakipedia because they don’t know of alternatives like conservapedia. Wiki is corrupting a huge amount of people..

  • Gee

    I remember taking a modern history course in college taught by a feminist. Unless it had to women’s issues it wasn’t important. The Suffragette Movement was 3 weeks long – World War I – 30 minutes.

    Even then she was wrong on many facts

  • ziggy zoggy

    Unless Fox News or the Catholic Church comes up with an alternative online encyclopedia, I can’t think of whatever else can be done in this particular instance. No other organizations have enough followers to make a difference.

    Just keep mocking the stupidity and dishonesty of all things leftist, and make your attacks personal. Really stick it to lefties by name and don’t just insult them for their viewpoints. Insult everything about them like it’s a comedy roast. Go Alinsky on their @$$e$. It works.

    You do a good job of this at FPM, but ramp it up. Make the mockery more personal. Insult people’s appearance and habits. Mock their names. Mock their family, friends and associates. If you do that, people will stop taking these lefties seriously, and your targets will lose restraint and respond stupidly – in a very public way. And you live in New York City. There ain’t no shortage of targets there to smack around. Assuming you ever leave your writing desk.

    • David Gerard
      • ziggy zoggy

        Yeah, I like conservapedia but few people know it exists. Too bad, because if they did, conservatives would add plenty of more entries. I wish. I knew how to draw attention to the site but I don’t blog anymore and I’m not exactly a celebrity. I haven’t even used my Facebook account for two or three months!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Here’s a bit of “feminist thinking”: “What difference does it make?????”