Will Amnestied Illegal Aliens Bankrupt New Jersey and California?


Amnesty for illegal aliens will hit five states hardest: California, Texas, New Jersey, Florida and Nevada. Those are the states with some of the highest percentages of illegal aliens. Amnesty, as noted by Senator Jeff Sessions, may not immediately put illegal aliens on the Federal dole, but it will immediately put them on the state and city dole.

(And since states and cities get Federal funding for their social welfare spending, in practice the Federal government will be providing billions in social welfare spending for illegal aliens very quickly.)

Texas has the financial reserves to survive amnesty, for now. (An oil industry doesn’t provide that much of a hedge. Mexico has oil too.) But California does not.

California is already circling the drain. Its real hole is already somewhere between 150 billion and 300 billion (despite the glowing media stories on how Jerry Brown balanced the budget and turned the state around.)

California has 12 percent of the nation’s population but 34 percent of its welfare population. It is third in per capita welfare spending. And while a lot of illegal aliens are already cashing in, those numbers will jump in a big way after amnesty.

New Jersey is surprisingly second on the list. It has high unemployment and a 71 billion dollar hole. It also has a 6.2 percent illegal alien population and its welfare spending is close behind California. Like California, New Jersey is sharply divided between overburdened homeowners and a welfare population of miniature Detroits. And illegal amnesty will leave it in bad shape.

The news isn’t good in Florida either. Few states are prepared to absorb a large surplus population that will take more than it contributes and cost more than it earns.

And while the Amnesty Gang claim that illegal aliens won’t go on welfare after amnesty, they will. It will just be more indirect.

If the bill were signed into law, America’s 11 million illegal immigrants would be legalized within six months, when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano submits her border security plan to Congress. Illegal immigrants would immediately be eligible for Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status, making them legal to live and work in the country.

As Sessions’ staff points out in the memo, “state laws frequently extend benefits to anyone ‘lawfully present’ in the U.S.” The Sessions team points to a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) brief that details how the only requirement many state and local governments have with regard to immigrant access to public benefits is that they are “lawfully present.” The term “lawfully present” is a legal definition.

According to page 91 of the bill, all illegal immigrants granted legalized RPI status would legally be considered “lawfully present.”

“Therefore, when those here illegally who are unable to support themselves are legalized, much of the immediate fiscal burden will fall on state and local governments,” Sessions’ staff wrote in the memo.

And they will pass that burden back to taxpayers and the Federal government which will provide them with more grants and pass the cost back to tapxayers.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    Amnesty will also be the death knell for pathetic Republican(RINO) Party, hell bent on going along with this continued amnesty madness..
    Without a guarded wall, and a moat with crocodiles, this illegal alien nonsense will continue until there are no poor Mexicans left in Mexico…

    • UCSPanther

      Or we find ourselves in the same position as the Balkans, with racial and sectarian violence ripping the country apart…

      • Mary Sue

        yeah, La Raza is the KKK of hispanics, and I've heard of groups of hispanics driving out and harassing black people…

  • overbusy

    should This bill pass and become law the death of the republican Party won't be by the future Spanish voter's But by Registerd & Independent American Voter's and tax payer's! who will toss them in 2014 Just Talking about this Bill has the voters scared .More than O'bama care.

  • candy

    IL has the 4th highest amount of illegals and is past bankrupt.
    Amnesty will tip tip several states over in welfare costs,Medicaid ,Medicare,SS Disability ,SSI,SS,unemployment ,education costs and crime.

    And if you believe in climate change,it will damage many areas as illegals migrate more around the country.
    Strain of infrastructures will build in the next 5 years ,traffic will increase as more get licenses ………

    Our government and states can't manage the problems they already have.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    The PLAN is to "transform" America, and whether it means CA or NJ will fall first remains to be seen. But the core remains the same: Bringing Down America by ANY means necessary, and economic implosion, due to millions more dependent illegals on the system, is a sure bet – http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/04/bringing_d

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Cat K

    So, maybe this bill is the ultimate plan of RINO Republicans to be defeated forever. The "establishment" Republicans who are in power seem to continue to benefit and live well after each new defeat. Are they paid off directly or indirectly for "throwing the fight" and taking the fall?

    Obviously, if citizens want to be truly represented and remain in the political system they need a new party. Or perhaps citizens need not remain in the current political system.
    These logical conclusions are the reason that Clinton/Obama crafted "Fast and Furious" and when that failed used a school shooting by a mentally ill person to propagandize a national gun grab.
    I guess the Democrats and RINO's think that when guns are confiscated, then they government can……..You fill in the blank.

  • Tom
  • Cascanow1


    Why is the Senate Judiciary mark-up committee as it is called, even bothering with negotiating new amendments on S.477 illegal immigration reform bill? Why even trouble wasting their time and ours, because to me and millions of Americans the whole thing is a carefully contrived set-up. Just like the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), it’s a glittering performance put on for the benefit of the American public. All they want is a credulous audience, but most of the deal-making is behind closed doors. All I have seen is a slouching bunch of old men sitting around on chairs, genuflecting to all their favorite special interest lobbyists for lucrative favors, by killing any beneficial amendments. There should be no exception, no waivers and no path to citizenship 20 million plus illegal alien criminals. It’s like watching some archaic Greek Tragedy, and the losers are the American taxpayer. The triggers have been whittled down, including the real enforcement issues like the 700 mile, 2006 Secure Fences bill. Truly honest lawmakers who cannot be associated with the Gang of Eight or other political hacks is Senator Sessions, who upon himself to fight for all working Americans, but his one voice could do little against the corruption that reigned throughout the auditorium.

    These sly legislators want to be seen as doing something, but the whole thing is no more than a façade, a saddened joke on the workers of this nation. 27 years ago we were promised “NO MORE AMNESTIES”; so that was a lie to begin with. But the biggest lie that will fall upon the American people from the renegade Democrats and Republicans is the overall conspiracy. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was joined by five other House Members on Tuesday denouncing the Senate Gang of Eight's amnesty bill, S.744. Rep. King was joined on the steps of the Capitol by Reps. Mo Brooks of Alabama, John Fleming of Louisiana, Paul Gosar of Arizona, and Steve Stockman and Louie Gohmert of Texas. The six Congressmen said they were concerned about the huge negative impact an amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens would have on the national debt, and they said they stood by the rule of law. Marco Rubio has his own set of amendments, with at least given us some guarantee of security at the border and demanding that certain triggers are met, before S.477 is voted upon?

    That just about the whole stinking issue, is being descend upon the people again and we are falling for it? In 1986 the promise was business owners would be held accountable and would be punished. You can count on your hand the number of business owners, who never even went to jail, let alone prison for hiring illegal aliens. None of the enforcement pledges where kept, because we are still incurring the debt for the millions who have flooded here. Once Guest workers were given legal status they left their farms and stole the jobs of low income Americans. However a limited number of PhDs who want to immigrate should be expedited, but thoroughly vetted for associations with terrorist organizations. The word is already reverberating around the world and U.S. Border patrol is complaining of spiraling numbers crossing the border. Watch the free documentary film about the real truth about the border at ” THEY COME TO AMERICA” If this law passes then everybody who looked on without doing something, anything as contacting the main Washington phone terminal toll-free at 1-888-978-3094-. You can only blame YOU for the financial consequences in the years ahead? Two websites the political advocates don’t want you to see is NumbersUSA, American Patrol and Judicial Watch.

  • NJ

    I am an illegal alien who works and pays taxes. I love the US and its people, and strongly believe that what people in general need is financial education, most people illegal or legal, are not in welfare because they are not intelligent or lazy, but because they don’t know any better. They have not had any instruction as to how to live in and industrialized globe, our society has changed tremendously over the past years, and when people are not educated chances are their children won’t be either, and then we have a chain of ignorance that affects everybody. We can brake it individually, and in a larger scale. We are in this world together, and whether we accept it, or know it, or not we are a big Family which shares a destiny.

    • Blake hitler

      of course you would say that, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. if you love America so much as you claim, why don’t you respect us enough to come here legally instead of sneaking in the back door? your post is so idiotic I cannot even begin to fathom where you get your ideas from. so there not lazy but they don’t know any better? isn’t that the same thing just a euphemism? maybe they should have got all the required training before they came to America instead of relying on tax payers to do that. if you think Obama cares about worthless Mexicans he’s just helping democrats stay in office because Mexicans love free handouts and that’s what democrats do best. please bring your 50 member family back to sh|thole mexico and come back legally if you love and respect us as much as you claim. otherwise you’re a hypocrite.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cynthia-Curran/100002510899902 Cynthia Curran

    The problem is demographic changes, Texas school children are mainly Hispanic now and in 2040 less than 20 percent of the school children are white. The best thing is to sloed the hispanic process down.

  • Blake hitler

    lol do you guys actually have road signs like that? why not just electrify that fence?