Woman Lobbying for Syrian War was Against Iraq War

Idris is the shifty one

Idris is the shifty one

It’s okay. It’s not hypocrisy. She’s just a Democrat.

If you have followed the previous adventures of Elizabeth O’Bagy, the twenty-something Syria expert that McCain and Kerry have been relying on to give the Syrian rebels a clean moderate bill of health, then you know that she’s

1. Actually a lobbyist for a Syrian emigre group pushing for US intervention

2. Despite that, she gets paid from contracts given by the US government

3. She opposed calling Al-Qaeda a terrorist group

But irony of ironies, the woman who is the public face of the expert push for a Syrian War opposed the War in Iraq. Speaking about McCain’s trip to meet with Syrian Jihadists, which she claims to have arranged, she told Charles C. Johnson…

McCain didn’t ask the rebels about their views.

O’Bagy said Senator McCain spoke to General Idris as one “military man to military man, almost as if it was one commander to another.”

O’Bagy came away impressed with the senator.

“To be frank, I was never a big McCain supporter because I was very much against the Iraq War,” says O’Bagy, who was registered as a Democrat in Utah. “I was like adamantly against the Iraq War and so I was a little bit reluctant to work so closely with him but he’s really, I think, been a true advocate for the Syrian people and has been great to work with at least in terms of Syria.”

Poor McCain. Always a bridesmaid. Never a bride.

  • S7teen70six

    Poor McCain. Always a bridesmaid. Never a bride.

    But at least he is always an idiot.

    • Andy_Lewis

      Get off my lawn!

  • Phillip

    Add to the above article: the Institute for the Study of War fired her for lying about receiving a Ph.D. from Georgetown. http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/11/us/syria-elizabeth-obagy-fired/index.html

  • No RNC

    When McCain next visits ‘my Syrian friends’ let’s hope they just kidnap his lame self and finish off what the Vietcong started!