“Woman of the People” Elizabeth Warren Buys $740,000 Condo

Six more years to her next election and the Senate’s honorary Native America has been able to shed the disguise and start living the ObamaLife (TM).

Oh but don’t worry, Elizabeth Warren will still appear in “viral videos” from time to time blasting bank regulators enforcing the policies she proposed and denouncing all sorts of evil fatcats before going home to her humble working class digs in Penn Quarter.

Buyer: Elizabeth Warren

Price: $740,000

Details: The new senator from Massachusetts has put down roots in downtown Washington — and her posh Penn Quarter condo is within walking distance of hot restaurants, popular museums and even her new office. Two bedrooms, two baths and just over 1,400 square feet. She closed on the property last month and quickly started enjoying the neighborhood, including a dinner at nearby Hill Country

She certainly didn’t build it, but you are helping pay for it. Because being a government parasite means living off other people while denouncing the people whose money you’re stealing to cover the cost of your government class condo.

  • throw-m-out

    Typical lying, thieving politician!

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Indeed. She is a typical leftist, a hypocrite and liar. Whatever the left does is considered "holy", at least in the eyes of the mass media. Therefore, no questions are allowed, thus exposing their out-sized mendacity.

      IF she comes up with the same "inventions" as Al-the fraudster-Gore, perhaps she too will reap HUGE windfalls, even if she didn't "invent" this and that – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/01/16/the-leftistti

      Other than at a few blogs, how many have reported on the above? Same thing with Lizzie.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Jolie

    I do not have a problem with that. It's under $1M.
    Now how much did Bush, Cheney, and friends take in during their 8 years. How many trillion?

    • Ben Jabo

      She's an amature in comparison to Bush & Cheney the were in office for 8 years, she's only had her seat for a couple of months

      • kasandra

        Not that Mr. Greenfield's inciteful article needs my defense but you need not worry. I think Sen. Runs with Wolves Warren already has a $5 million house in the Cambridge, MA, area. You know, the form of argument you engage in – tu quoque ("you too") – is really an illegitimate form of argument. Whether Bush and Cheney had expensive digs has absolutely nothing to do with the validity of the article. But I suppose your analysis of issues is limited to whether Bush and Cheney did something or other that you can analogize to the critique made. It's a very unintelligent way to argue. It's as if I had responded to you by say, "So's your old man." You should only use that form of vapid argument on leftwing websites. They might buy it there.

        • Ar'nun

          Yeah, but her mansion in Cambridge was purchased for her and her husband by Haaaarvawd.

    • FPF

      If they do, don't you think your hungry MSM cronies will swarm like flies after them? Or they (MSM) are so inept and they can only broadcast whatever your masters feed them? You are welcome to express your opinion, but not lies.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I do not have a problem with that. It's under $1M.
      Now how much did Bush, Cheney, and friends take in during their 8 years."

      Republicans don't attack people for being successful.

      "How many trillion?"

      Umpteen bazillion. Why?

  • JacksonPearson

    Come on now Daniel, cut her some slack. She just bought her own Injun Reservation.

  • BLJ

    Typical lib. They are all worthless parasites. She is also one ugly person.

    • Scott Haimowitz

      Not as ugly as Pelosi, Feinstein, or the Mooch! You want REAL ugly? Put the three pics together on a wall and look at them together. It'll make you shudder, I guarantee!

  • trickyblain

    $740 K in downtown DC is about average.

    • FPF

      For whom? The 1% that BHBengaziO so against? Or the people whose median household income of 50k?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "$740 K in downtown DC is about average."

      For that neighborhood. I'd like to see her tax returns, then again it would be pointless since she doesn't report all of her income.

  • Richard Of OZ

    Really, Daniel, nothing to see here. Look over there! it's a unicorn.

    • Richard Of OZ

      Must have forgot the /sarc tag.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Hmmm…if she put 20% down, she doesn't have to buy mortgage insurance. Assuming she did this, she's got roughly a half-million dollar mortgage. Wonder what the monthly payment is, at 6%? $4000 a month?
    $5000? Property taxes are pretty high in DC, too.This woman's livin' LARGE.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Hmmm…if she put 20% down, she doesn't have to buy mortgage insurance. Assuming she did this, she's got roughly a half-million dollar mortgage. Wonder what the monthly payment is, at 6%? $4000 a month? $5000? Property taxes are pretty high in DC, too.This woman's livin' LARGE."


    • Spikey1

      $740,000 – $148,000 = $592,000 at 30yr fixed 3.75% = $2741.64
      Taxes 4,600 yr / 12 mo = $383.33 (educated guess)
      Condo association fees = $650.00 mo or less

      Totals $3774.97mo
      Parking spot: unknown $ per mo.

      I would recommend a $15,000 per month income ($180,000 per yr) or more to own that place.

      Note: I wouldn't buy it for numerous reasons including; the association fee, and I view $2.70 sq ft mo as being a lot, and I'm very conservative so I'd buy the worst house in the best possible neighborhood and pay cash for the place if possible.

      • Scott Haimowitz

        Ah. It's nice to hear a professional lay everything out in a logical manner. It's refreshing to NOT be inundated with BS. Thanks Spikey!

        • Spikey1

          Not many people crunch numbers, I just happen to like numbers thats all.

          She probably makes $180,000 a year and had a big down payment and picked a condo because like many others in her position she didn't want to worry about the bs of homeownership especially on a potential "short term" living space – i.e. she may be voted out in a few years and simply return to MI. Plus the housing market has been hammered a bit so those with the ability should consider buying – they may make a few bucks on a few year "investment" in RE.

          I don't have an issue with the condo – I have an issue with her and her viewpoints.

          Thanks for the compliment.

        • Spikey1

          I looked up some of her earnings
          $535,000 in 2009
          $507,000 in 2010

          These figures do not include her husbands earnings and it leaves out a bunch of her other earnings…..
          Yes, she is one of those evil evil 1%ers.
          –sarc about the 1%er comment–

          • Scott Haimowitz

            So she has M O N E Y……….go figure. Don't you find it funny as hell that they scream about the rich getting richer, but they themselves are rich. Of course, they are probably using all kinds of tax loopholes which is why the dems fight so hard against closing them………….

          • objectivefactsmatter

            And she probably had equity from at least one previous home. She's in the "1 percent' as well as being a fraud. It's the latter that I object to.

  • patron

    It’s dwight from the office getting a colonoscopy.

  • Edward Cline

    Warren is a member of the political oligarchy. She is a member of the Aristocracy of Pull. She can't be shamed with this kind of exposure. She is a dead soul in pursuit of power, as though achieving and wielding power would make her feel…well….human. Shame is felt by people who know they've done wrong. But right and wrong are not in her lexicon.

  • Spikey1

    From the photo you can clearly see that Elizabeth Warren is a native American.
    Proof; bead neckless, tribal dress, dark hair, brown eyes, and darker complexion.

  • cxt

    That is perhaps the thing I find most offputing about the Left.

    They are ether outright lying when they rail against the "rich" and in Warrens case her abuse of Native American status or they are willing to believe dang near anyone that says what they want to hear.

    Just don;t know if they are simply credulaus (sp) children or they have no actual values what-so-ever.

  • mcmorrowpc

    Nice digs, Liz. Doen't change the nature of your character, however, as you will continue to speak with a forked tongue.

  • Ar'nun

    No worries, on top of Chief Spreading Bull's Senate salary, she still collects $350k a year for lecturing one class per semester at Harvard. And just so no one worries, her husband makes only $300K for teaching an entire class all year at Harvard so she is paid more than her male counter-part for doing much less work. Obviously the Republican war on women is going strong!