Woman Running for Pres Based on her Diplomatic Experience Oddly Silent About Syria


Kerry is talking non-stop about Syria. Obama keeps giving brief speeches about Syria. McCain won’t shut up about Syria. But you know who won’t say a word about Syria?

The former Secretary of State, prepping her presidential run, doesn’t seem to be interested in talking Syria. Her chummy Twitter account, run by some bubbly aide, found the time to talk about the corrupt Clinton foundation and Downton Abbey and tweet a baby picture of Bill Clinton. But not a thing about Syria.

Hillary was, as Jennifer Rubin points out, calling Assad a reformer only a few years ago. But then again so was Kerry. Hypocrisy is a Democratic virtue. Obama shook Gaddafi’s hand and then bombed him.

The real reason Hillary won’t talk Syria is that there’s only one position she can take and it’s the wildly unpopular “Bomb Syria” one. The last time Hillary endorsed a major war, she lost her shot at the White House. And she’s not about to make that mistake again.

Hillary retired at the perfect moment when the Arab Spring was coming completely unwound. The truly perfect moment would have been before Benghazi and September 11, but even she couldn’t manage that.

Now Hillary Clinton, who intends to run on her disastrous time as Secretary of State, refuses to actually take a position on the biggest foreign affairs issue of the hour. And she’s doing it for cynical political reasons.

The two cancel each other out.

If Hillary wants to run on her foreign affairs experience, then she has to take positions on foreign affairs issues. Instead she’s retreating behind a bubbly aide’s persona while accepting awards and delivering meaningless speeches.

But oh well, what difference does it make anyway?

  • Nancy Murdoch

    Now is the time to start demonizing Hillary for the POS she truly is. Remind your friends how she touted Assad as a reformer. Reformer? What difference does it make needs to be connected to her absolutely. We can’t wait until 2016. THE TIME IS NOW! Let’s get to work and destroy the POS NOW.