Woman Who Screwed Up $600 Mil Website Demands Investigation to Find the Real Site Killers


Don’t laugh. Or you just might get “investigated“.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a blog post early Wednesday that she is asking the department’s inspector general to investigate the contracting process, management, performance and payment issues that may have contributed to the flawed launch of HealthCare.gov.

I bet this investigation will only cost 2 billion dollars and produce nothing usable. But I can handle the job for 50 cents and a cup of coffee.

CMS, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a sub-agency of United States Department of Health and Human Services, presided over by one Kathleen Sebelius, chose to handle the implementation and coordination of the work for all the contractors. Even though CMS had no experience tackling something as big as this, it chose to supervise it.

The buck stops with Sebelius because her agency supervised the project and was supposed to test it, implement it and bring all the pieces together.

Sure the big part of the job shouldn’t have been given to a Canadian company with a bad track record whose only asset was a top executive who just happened to be a pal of Michelle Obama’s from their time working on radical black groups. But Sebelius had the final responsibility.

Now she’s playing O.J. Simpson and demanding to know who the real site killers are.

“I believe strongly in the need for accountability, and in the importance of being good stewards of taxpayer dollars,” Sebelius said in her announcement.

Amazingly enough, it only took Sebelius a few months to come to this new faith. But let’s put aside Sebelius’ disastrous $600 million Healthcare.con boondoggle.

How good of a steward of taxpayer money is she?

Every year, some $70 billion of taxpayers’ money is wasted in Medicare and Medicaid improper payments. For Medicare alone, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and others estimate that nearly 10 percent of the roughly $500 billion in current annual Medicare payments are improper. In fact, the situation is so bad that the GAO has long designated Medicare a high-risk federal program because of its vulnerability to waste, fraud, and abuse. That all takes place under the nose of CMS, which so far has done very little to curb the trend.

Oh no! We need an investigation to find out who’s responsible for this.

  • john spielman

    if she wants to see who is responsible for this fraudulent waste of tax payer money, why doesn’t she JUST LOOK IN MIRROR!

  • A Z

    An investigation of CGI Federal is going to run into Toni Townes-Whitley. Toni & thus Michlle are going to be in trouble unless she can point to another CGI employee(s)

    “Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.”


    • Habbgun

      If you say so but I’m willing to bet we’ll find that the procurement and administrative practices of the prior administration were inadequate for the necessary governmental expansion into medical insurance the inevitably of which they incompetently ignored. Yeah, its Bush’s fault.

      • A Z

        Reviewed your comments. (BTW I like them; especially the humor. You need that or you go crazy).

        There will always be a level of corruption & incompetence at Federal agencies under any president and certainly under past presidents. No eureka moment there for you, me or most readers.

        It seems it will be harder and harder to clean up after Obama. and that it will ultimately fail.

        But maybe not. There was already an apologia written by the photographer capturing Obama’s Mandela Selfie.

  • A Z

    This just keeps getting better all the time!

    “George Schindler, the president for U.S. and Canada of the Canadian-based CGI Group, CGI Federal’s parent company, became an Obama 2012 campaign donor after his company gained the Obamacare website contract.” – Daily Caller

  • kilfincelt

    She wants to investigate the contracting process? Does she mean the no bid contract that went to a company for whom a friend of Michelle’s worked? Management? Isn’t Sibelius the head of the Federal Dept. for Health and Human Services? Doesn’t the buck stop with her? She doesn’t want to waste taxpayers money? If this website debacle is an example of her department not wasting our money then the whole department needs to be added to the list of useless federal agencies that need to be done away with.

  • truebearing

    There is a fast and incredibly effective method for getting to the bottom of this massive failure. It is called a mirror.

    Americans should bombard the Whitehouse with mirrors for Christmas.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Ms. Sebelius wants someone else to determine whether(or not)she needs to change her underpants?????

  • kasandra

    She needs an investigation so that she can avoid answering any questions on the basis that the matter is the subject of an investigation. SOP for the regime.

  • Robert Lande

    After the investigation, their proposed solutions will be to grow the government, add a new agency in charge of incompetence and stupidity, pass more laws and regulations, put politicians in charge of everything (because they know what’s best for us), and spend more money. Did I miss anything?

  • Drakken

    Oh No ! It looks like ole Kathleen is seeing the writing on the wall and isn’t ready to fall on her sword to sacrifice herself for Obumblers agenda, nice maneuver by the way, it puts the onus of the investigation on her subordinates and Obumblers minions, maybe she isn’t that dumb after all. I can see some folks going to jail on this one and Moocheles friend looks like a really good candidate, well we shall see what transpires won’t?