“Yankees Go Home!” Shouts Insane Venezuelan Leader, Accusing US Diplomats of Sabotaging Electricity


We’ve discussed before whether crazy Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro is crazy like a fox or just crazy.

Then the question was settled when Maduro claimed that Chavez had appeared to him in the form of a small bird and when he began sleeping in Chavez’s tomb.

Also he threatened Venezuelans who didn’t vote for him with an ancient curse.

Now fresh from nationalizing a toilet paper factory because there wasn’t any in stores, Maduro resumed his attacks on the United States which, to his frustration, hadn’t been paying any attention to him.

“We detected a group of U.S. embassy officials dedicated to meeting the far-right and to financing and encouraging acts of sabotage against the electrical system and Venezuela’s economy,” the president said in a televised speech.

“I have the proof here in my hands,” Maduro added. “Yankees go home! Get out of Venezuela! Get out of here! I don’t care what actions the government of Barack Obama takes.”

He said Venezuela was expelling Kelly Keiderling, who as U.S. chargé d’affaires is the senior American diplomat in Venezuela because the United States has no ambassador to the country.

Venezuela identified the other two diplomats as Elizabeth Hunderland and David Mutt. The U.S. Embassy had no immediate comment or confirmation regarding the expulsions.


Maduro has desperately been trying to pick a fight with the United States for reasons only he understands, perhaps to distract his people from the lack of toilet paper and cars.

It hasn’t been working.

In the most recent diplomatic spat, Venezuela accused Washington of “aggression” this month after Maduro’s plane was briefly blocked from flying over Puerto Rico en route to China.

The U.S. government said it nevertheless approved the flight plan, which had not been properly submitted by Caracas.

So Maduro escalated yet again. And Obama, who would hug Maduro if given half a chance and lavish foreign aid on him, is just ignoring him some more.

The only question is how will Maduro escalate this one-sided conflict next? Well he can start reviewing movies.

He calls US “factories of anti-values” such as Hollywood.

“Take a 14-year-old youngster who has a 9mm pistol in his hand and is carrying in his head thousands of hours of violent programming,” mused the 50-year-old president this month, after watching Spiderman III with his wife. “Stimulated by such consumerism and violence, no wonder he goes out and kills.”

There’s always Dr. Doolittle.


  • truebearing

    Yet another insane fool who found all of the answers to his psychotic fantasies in Marxism. Now, about the idiots who voted for him…..or were they all figments of another kind of hallucination?

    • Well Done

      Don’t forget, Marxism is a Western invention. We take so many people who have led magnificent lives due to our culture, and tell them what a pile of shash it all is. The results are predictable, from leaders of countries who are full of shash to pop singers from Korea who sing about how much they hate the U. S. This is what the left wanted. It’s what we’ve got.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “We take so many people who have led magnificent lives due to our culture, and tell them what a pile of shash it all is.”

        And that it’s all due to capitalism / imperialism or imperialistic capitalism or capitalized imperialism…etc. Anything that sounds ominous and out of reach with ties to the past greatness of the West. Our culture is not superior, we’re frauds and thieves.

  • Veracious_one

    Maduro has desperately been trying to pick a fight with the United
    States for reasons only he understands, perhaps to distract his people
    from the lack of toilet paper and cars.

    with Obama in charge… Maduro figures he will win…

    • Aizino Smith

      Exactly, the wheels are coming off the bus, he knows it & he is desperate.

      There are legions of college educated idiots. There are smart bus drivers with good sense. He is not one of them.

      I assume he knows how to read, write, drive & engage in socialist politics, but not one thing more.

      So outside of being a commercial driver, what use is he?

  • defcon 4

    Mate los gabachos!

  • otherles

    The breakdown of the world depicted in Atlas Shrugged was saner.

  • Gee

    He must be next in line for the Secretary General of the United Nations post

  • Well Done

    He’s not insane at all, by Central & South America standards. And how dare the US sabotage Venezuela’s electric grid :)

  • Omar

    Maduro is clearly beyond insane. That’s the reality. This man is not a “peace” advocate at all. He is not the president of Venezuela. He is a Stalinist/Maoist fraud who illegally stole last April’s presidential election from the rightful winner and president, Henrique Capriles. Did you know that Maduro is not even Venezuelan by birth? He is not a natural born citizen of Venezuela. Maduro is Colombian, both by birth and by heritage. He became a Venezuelan citizen at age 11, while the Venezuelan “Bolivarian” constitution (which the Venezuelan Communists misnamed after 19th century Latin American anti-colonial military hero Simon Bolivar in order to exploit his legacy as a democracy advocate) , which was created in 1999 by Hugo Chavez (who else?) states that a person born outside of Venezuela can only be considered a natural-born citizen if he/she becomes a citizen by age 7. Thus, Maduro is illegitimate because not only did he stole and rigged an election, but he is totally ineligible to serve as president of Venezuela. Maduro shouldn’t be in political office at all. He should be thrown in prison instead. In fact, that should be the first priority of the democratic forces in Venezuela when that country returns to liberal democracy.

    Regarding “imperialism”, Maduro currently serves as the viceroy of what I call the Cuban Raj (that’s the term I use for Venezuela under the Chavez/Maduro autocracy, since that country is under the control and influence of the Castro family dictatorship in Cuba) and that makes Maduro and his regime the Castro dictatorship’s puppets, while Raul Castro (who is Maduro’s puppeteer) is the dictator of Cuba and the Emperor of Venezuela. Under the Chavistas, Venezuela has become an imperial colony of Communist Cuba. The Castro family dictatorship is guilty of imperialism in Venezuela, and everyone knows it. Henrique Capriles is today’s Mohandas Gandhi. He will save Venezuela from the Castro dictatorship’s evil clutches. Capriles will help dismantle the Cuban Raj and democratize both Venezuela and Cuba by cutting off trade with the evil Castro mafia family in Cuba (or as Carlos Eire of Babalu Blog calls the criminal Castro dictatorship, Castrogonia).
    I also find it funny how Maduro also goes around and insults Hollywood, considering the fact that many of Chavez’s supporters, like Sean Penn, are Hollywood stars. If Maduro wants to go and talk about denouncing violence in his country, he can start by getting rid of the Castro regime’s agents from Venezuela and then resign from the office that he never legitimately won. Maduro and his Castro dictatorship puppeteers are the chief reason to why is there so much violence in Venezuela today. If Capriles assumes the office that he rightfully won in April, there would be far less violence in Venezuela. That’s the reality.
    I get so annoyed every time those far-left Communist rats in Latin America insults the United States, calling us “Yankees”. We should retaliate by calling those Latin American far-left Communists the “Mets”. It would be a good retaliation and funny too, since both the Yankees and the Mets are Major League Baseball teams from New York City. And the Western Hemisphere is NYC is this context. It is time to combat and defeat the “Mets” once and for all. We can start by singing to the Castro dictatorship’s empire this song: “Meet the Mess, Meet the Mess. Step right up and greet the Mess”. The Mess, by the way, is what sports fans opposing the New York Mets sometimes call the baseball team. And Russia can be the Boston Red Sox.