The Left’s War on Minorities, the Poor, and Working Americans

The “progressive” policies of the socialist left, under the banners of “social justice,” “equality,” and “compassion,” have inflicted catastrophe in many forms—poverty, moral decline, criminality, violence, illness, and death—upon countless millions of people. The programs and policies that led to these disastrous outcomes were often promoted by “progressives” as expressions of high-minded “liberal” idealism that promised to improve the living conditions not only of people in great need, but also of those in the middle class.

Progressives view their own prescriptions for all manner of social ills—racism, sexism, homophobia, intolerance, greed, alienation—as solutions uniquely rooted in enlightenment and decency. By contrast, they portray conservative social policy as the outgrowth of selfish greed and mean-spiritedness. But the solutions they have advanced in the form of social and ideological crusades, often prosecuted with messianic zeal, have actually brought immense, needless suffering to the very same “victims” in whose names they have acted.

We have devoted a special section of DiscoverTheNetworks — titled “The Left’s War on the Poor, Minorities, and Working Americans” — to these realities:

    • how a host of progressive attitudes and public policies—particularly the ever-expanding welfare state—have devastated African Americans, miring them in decade upon decade of family breakdown, poverty, and criminal victimization;
    • how the housing crisis of 2008, which was a direct result of progressive government policies that forced lending institutions to abandon the common-sense practices they had traditionally employed, plundered the wealth of nonwhites and wiped out literally decades of economic progress they had made;
    • how the public education system, dominated by progressive ideology and unfailingly supportive of the Democratic Party, has consigned generations of blacks & Hispanics to academic failure and, consequently, to lives of poverty and underachievement;
    • how the ineffective law-enforcement strategies of progressives have caused many U.S. cities to become hotbeds of criminal activity where millions of minorities are sent needlessly to early graves;
    • how the ill-advised tax-and-spend policies of progressives have turned many urban centers with large numbers of minorities and poor people in the U.S. into economic disaster areas;
    • how the ever-expanding welfare state imposes massive costs on American taxpayers; and
    • how radical gay progressives’ refusal to respect traditional public-health practices needlessly caused hundreds of thousands of young homosexuals to die of AIDS.

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  • Michael Copeland

    The welfare state cripples everybody, recipient and payer alike: it is an anarchist’s delight.

  • Charles Wenzel

    In fact the other day on this site the 'blue' i.e. Democrat controlled, cities were shown to be exhibit-A as to the, not only failed policies of Big Gov. Progressivism, but devastating policies. "There is none so blind as those who WILL NOT see!"

    I think their underlying, implied premise is that it all has to be turned to crap before it can be rebuilt–like the Phoenix–into a Utopia.

  • C.R.

    These policies were intended to devastate!

  • cynthia curran

    Well, imporitng hispanic immirgants into Kentucky by Rand Paul's schems hurts a lot of poor whties. The left ain't the only group causing poverty. I heard a guy from Houston Tx leaved the state since a lot of construcation jobs are done by illegal immirgants. Republicans need to go beyond the Grover Norquist policies which encouraged high immirgation and job competition.

  • Toph Stewart

    By penalising the successful you hold back everyone

  • Ernie Quigley

    Will conservative writers ever learn to write a headline??
    How about "Obama's War on the Middle Class Continues!"

  • cynthia curran

    By penalising the successful you hold back everyone By penalizing the native Americans you hurt everyone. Some of the successful like Bill Gates wants to bring tech workers when they are not shortage. Rand Paul wants to flood Kentucky a poorer white state with immirgants from Latin American to take maid and construcation jobs. Taxes are not the only consideration, so is immirgation policy and guesworker polcies. As Jeff Sessions states why do we have all this agrument for many new guestworkers when Americans are not working.

  • dessie

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  • Ghostwriter

    Today,I read a column by a person named Linda Valdez that blamed Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher that wanted to encourage poor people to do for themselves without government help. She thinks that conservatives are being hardhearted for wanting the poor to help themselves. Now,I think that while government has a role in helping the poor,we shouldn't be too reliant on it. It could ultimately be hurtful to this country and it's people if this continues. We shouldn't be TOO dependent on the government for everything.