• Bobby Tillman

    Michelle is a true Patriot who stands for God and Country … She stands for our Constitution and the security of America and Israel … American Citizens MUST stand up for her because she stands up for you.

    Lord God, I ask for Your divine protection over Michelle Bachmann … Charge Your Holy Angels of Protection to encamp all about her … To go before her and clear her path that she may not stumble and fall on her Faith in You, O' God … I pray this in the name of JESUS our Christ … May It Be So … Amen

  • Redrover

    We are all going to be pushed around by Islam because they are evil and harsh…and think they are right! They are totally against Christianity, Jesus, God and the Bible! They think they are the only truth and that all who do not accept that should die!! That is where we must stand up and tell them we DO NOT stand for their thoughts, totalitarian governmental system or tIslam! They are totally the opposite of who we are; the oppoiste of God, Faith, and Christianity is of satan and the devil! This is a Christian nation and our founding was based on just that and most of the Western World…..though most have turned from it and that is the downfall of America and the Western World. It there would be a return to faith we would prosper ad grow again as we did to become the greatestest nation ever in the this world because we were once blessed by God….he has removed that blessing due to our sin…..it is up to us now to fight for our faith and Him!!Islam and Muslims are strong and merciless and sadly to fight them we must be jsut as for Christianity!

  • redrover

    PS: Yes indeed prayers that Michelle Bachmann never lets down and is strengthened with great courage and faith to do what we cannot….or stand with her, to shore her and all be strong for the right reasons!!! I respect her so much and it is great to have such a person fightfing for the good cause against such evil!!!