An Island in Revolt: A Window into Europe’s Future

People fleeing unrest in Tunisia are escorted by Guardia di Finanza police officers as they arrive at the southern Italian island of LampedusaOne could be justified for being perplexed about Pope Francis’s choice of Lampedusa, a tiny island off the coast of Sicily and Italy’s — indeed Europe’s — southernmost tip, as the destination of his very first official visit, which took place on July 8. Not a world capital, not a place in some important geopolitical region of the globe.

What is significant, even symbolic, about Lampedusa is its geography: The small island, with a population of 5,000, is positioned in the middle of the Mediterranean, making it close to the Muslim world, even closer to Tunisia than Sicily.

These two conditions explain what’s been happening to Lampedusa for over a decade, and how it could be a miniature model of the whole of Europe in the not-too-distant future.

Since at least 2001, Lampedusa has been a primary entry point into Europe for immigrants, mostly illegal from Africa. Tens of thousands have been landing here over the years, peaking during the “Arab Spring.” In 2011, according to a report of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council, “[a]pproximately 60,000 irregular migrants arrived [in Italy] as part of the 2011 influx from North Africa,” mainly from Tunisia and Libya. Around 50,000 of these came to Lampedusa.

Over 10,000 received residence permits on humanitarian grounds, because the Italian government declared a state of humanitarian emergency in February 2011, subsequently extended until December 2012.

In Lampedusa, the temporary immigrant reception center where outsiders were accommodated and sent to other facilities where they could request asylum, became so overcrowded that thousands of people had to sleep outdoors and in shelters provided by the local parish and ordinary Lampedusans.

The immigrants, among whom were suspected escaped prisoners, were given temporary visas and then gradually transferred to mainland Italy and other EU countries, but there were many times when the number of newcomers was higher than that of the locals.

On those occasions, when natives were outnumbered, there were tales of local women having to be accompanied everywhere to protect them from immigrants’ unwanted attention, sacked shops, apartment doors forced open, people returning home to find Tunisians sitting at the dining table eating and, after the intruders’ departure, some householders even discovering faeces inside saucepans.

The island became what one newspaper called “a huge immigrant camp.”

Maybe expecting to find a hotel reception and with scarcely a thought about the crisis they were creating on the small island, the illegal immigrants were complaining, as in the video below, describing what they found in Lampedusa as “shameful” and pontificating “the reception is zero” as if they were giving a hotel review on TripAdvisor:

This video confirms what Lampedusa Mayor Bernardino De Rubeis said: “We have here young Tunisians who arrogantly want everything immediately, just like criminals, ready to endanger our lives and theirs.” He later added: “We’re in a war, and the people will react. There are people here who want to go out into the streets armed with clubs.”

The reception center was burnt down twice by the migrants, during inmate riots in February 2009 and in September 2011. The media blamed everyone for the arson: the Italian government, the provisional Tunisian government, the EU; all except the actual perpetrators. In April 2011 the illegals set fire to a guest house where they were staying at the expense of a charity organization, and threw rocks at the police.

Without the reception center, they had to be accommodated in hotels and tourist villages, which are virtually the place’s only economic resources.

Aliens overwhelmed the 5,000-inhabitants island and took advantage of their hospitality, subjecting the place to unusually high levels of violence and crime. Lampedusa is a micro-representation of what will happen to Europe if both current Muslim immigration and European demographic trends continue, when the proportion of natives and migrants will be the same in Europe as it’s been in Lampedusa. The islanders’ reaction, a small civil war, could also represent a prediction of future continent-wide events.

At the height of the immigration flux, confronted with an unprecedented crisis and left to their own devices to deal with it, the people of Lampedusa used “direct action” methods.

They stopped the Italian Coast Guard patrol boat, loaded with still more “rescued” North Africans. Women occupied the harbour and docks, chained themselves, overturned wheelie bins and blocked the road. Fishermen pulled boats to the entrance to the harbour. “Nobody enters here any more,” the women shouted from the quay where patriotic flags were flying. To chants of “freedom!” they raised a banner: “We are full.”

The island descended into chaos. An urban riot occurred, with violent clashes between hundreds of Tunisians, police and locals. Many were injured. Three Lampedusans tried to assault their mayor, who barricaded himself in his office with a baseball bat for self-defence, while outside dozens were protesting against him and the immigrants, who wandered around the streets after having burnt down the reception center.

Islanders attacked journalists and TV crews. Tunisians and Lampedusans threw rocks at each other after illegals had threatened to explode gas cylinders near a petrol pump.

The reality is that this was a pseudo-humanitarian crisis: the illegals overwhelmingly were not refugees but economic migrants. What’s for years been called an “emergency” continues. Every day there are new arrivals.

The number of immigrants to Italy from the Mediterranean is growing. In the first 6 months of 2013, 7,800  of them arrived on Italy’s southern coasts, compared to 3,500 in the first 6 months of 2012. About three quarters landed on Lampedusa from Africa, the rest disembarked on Italy’s south-eastern coast in Apulia from Greece and Turkey.

The Pope, unfortunately, seems to have gone to Lampedusa in order to make everybody feel guilty for the immigrants, those lost at sea and the survivors. He condemned the “globalisation of indifference”; he talked about “the frontier of the desperate” and tragedies of people crossing the sea to seek a better life.

His sermon’s been received with mixed reactions. While Italy’s Prime Minister Enrico Letta has promised to put into practice the Holy Father’s appeal through more European co-operation (nothing new here, Italy has unsuccessfully tried for years to pass the buck to Europe), the political Right hasn’t been so keen.

Fabrizio Cicchitto, of Silvio Berlusconi’s party, PDL, pointed out that religious preaching is one thing, but a country’s management of such a complex and even intractable problem as illegal immigration — further aggravated by the presence of criminal groups — is another.

Erminio Boso of the secessionist, “far-Right” Northern League has been more outspoken: “I don’t care about what the Pope did. Indeed, I’m asking him to give land and money for the extra-comunitari [immigrants from outside the European Union]. I’m defending my own land.”

The Italian blog Diavoli Neri has made the interesting observation that the Vatican City State’s law declares that those found in its territory without authorization may be expelled, subject to fine or imprisonment. Further evidence, it concludes, that the Papal sermon, as so often, was beautiful and touching, but government laws are another matter.

A Northern Italian radio phone-in program aired irate messages from its audience: “I would have expected a few words [from the Pope] for those who are killed and raped by them [the immigrants]”; “As a Catholic I’m outraged. I’ve never heard this or another pope worry for the massacres that they commit”; “We have to prevent them from coming here. Let’s shut everything up and start thinking as a macro-region.”

Much of the immigration debate in Italy centers on whether to give citizenship to Italian-born children of immigrants, a worrying prospect considering that one third of the so-called “new Italians” are Muslim.

Particularly vociferous in support of the proposal is the Minister for Integration, Congolese Cecile Kyenge, who claims that this would “acknowledge a path to integration of the parents.”

Italians should look more closely at the experience of countries with a longer history of Third-World immigration, like Britain, where Muslim immigrants of second and third generation are more devout, orthodox and radicalized than their parents and grandparents. Something similar happens in Germany. Rather than a “path to integration” we witness a “path to Islamization.”

Either Kyenge doesn’t know what’s going on in the rest of Europe – where the policies she recommends are bringing to ruin entire countries – or she knows it very well, in which case she is a dangerous woman.

It’s already taking place in Italy too: among the hundreds of second- and third-generation immigrants leaving Europe to fight alongside the jihadist rebels in Syria there are 45-50 who lived in Italy.

In conclusion, the lesson from the Lampedusa experience is that there’s a limit to what indigenous populations can take. While it’s true that the most common reaction of native Europeans to Third-World non-military invasion so far has been leaving the city or country where this colonization occurs, it may not stay like this forever. There could sooner or later be a breaking point.

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  • UCSPanther

    I think if (and when) this happenes in Europe, it will be far more violent.

    • Drakken

      It will happen and when it does it will make a Serb blush by comparison.

      • Ray Burke

        It seems to always happen the same way over and over again. Everyone chooses one side or the other. Then the blood bath takes place. They kill each other off until one side is forced to capitulate. Then the whole process starts all over again. That’s life. Let the games begin !!!

        • Drakken

          We are about 15 years overdue for a major war. Peace is nothing more than a temporary truce in order to rearm and plan for the next conquest, it is the human nature of things.

      • Pap

        I always wondered why we worked against the Serbs during their conflict. True….there was brutality and excesses but it must be what happens after centuries of dealing with islam.

  • insecticide

    Will Malta be next?

    • John Magee

      Malta already IS there…

  • tatave

    Europe has no future.The future is behind them.

    • Drakken

      You could not be more wrong, this isn’t the end, this is only the beginning.

      • Albert8184

        Correct, Drakken. But it isn’t the beginning of a future. It’s the beginning of another Dark Age.

        • Drakken

          I don’t think we will go into another dark age, but what sort of government we end up with is a crap shoot.

      • Pap

        Civil wars await in a few decades. Its inevitable. The only question is…..which side will the U.S. give aid to.

    • Gottmagus

      We are the future. The rogue state USA will be destroyed.

      • OfficialPro

        who are “we”?

      • putthehammerdown

        We’ll be looking for you to be leading the ensuing mob.
        Make lots of hand motions and move around a lot, so we know it’s you.
        I wouldn’t want to waste my ‘valuables’ on a mere nobody,
        now would I…….??

      • Pap

        (Derisive snort)… muzzies are right out of a comic book.

  • Chez

    It was inferred by the article that the effort by natives to stem the tide of immigrants – (fishermen and townsfolk blocking harbors and docks) – was eventually abandoned. Otherwise, the immigrants wouldn’t keep coming.

    This is why I scoff at the notion of a European civil war between natives and immigrants. There may be isolated episodes of resistance, but the natives have no real stomach for a fight. They’ve been sufficiently inculcated with self-repudiation and pacifism that they’ll eventually either acquiesce or emigrate.

    • Chez

      PS – As much as any other factor, the impending death of Europe as we know it can be traced to the absence of fertility. Without children and grand-children, why concern yourself about the future?

      • Aizino Smith

        Biologically fertility has not gone down. The desire to reproduce has been obliterated by socialism.

        There was an article exploring the birth rate in Italy and the socialist state. It was in News week, Time or U.S. News and World Report in 2006. I think it was titled “La Vita Dolce”. Basically socialism is a death spiral. You increase taxes to provide for benefits. This makes life for the tax payer more expensive. they decide to cutback on family size and hold of on procreating. Tax revenues fall so the government raises taxes again but not ad infinitum. The system eventually breaks.

        So you have these stup_d, as_nine grandmothers who understand that their son is taxed heavily and so cannot start a family while she is collecting more retirement then she ever put in. she enjoys her SWEET LIFE” while fretting over no grand children. So at a micro level she understands the problem but she refuses to aggregate this experience and see at the macro level that she and all the other retirees are killing their and their kids’ future.

        • wrongheifer

          except for the blacks and Muslims…

        • Albert8184

          Nicely described, Aizino. You put the situation perfectly.

        • Georgina

          Some of the grandmothers are making it possible for their children to procreateby helping them financially.
          The problem is not the people who paid into a retirement fund for 45 years, it is the people who have never worked, never paid, and believe that they are ‘owed’ something by society. Those who see that hard working people have houses, but believe it is ‘luck’ or unfairness or something.
          They want everything for nothing.

          • Aizino Smith

            What you say is true about some social security systems, but not the one described in Italy.

            The socialists literally killed the society is was helping.

          • Ace

            “Paid into a retirement fund” is not the same thing as “participated in a retirement plan with no government financial exposure.”

    • Drakken

      Let me assure you that the tipping point has been reached and is on the downslope picking up speed and inertia. The natives have had it and all it is going to take is one egregious incident to set the whole thing off on a Balkans on steroids.

      Have you ever wondered why the muslims never create a problem in Eastern Europe? Because the natives deal with the savages in the language they understand and the authorities turn a very blind eye to the problem and in a lot of cases actively support the actions. The natives basically have unofficial sanction to get rid of the problem muslims and gypsies. They apply the 3 S’s, shoot, shovel and shut up.
      So before you pontificate that Europe is a done deal, go there and sit at a few of the pubs, coffee shops and shopping districts and you can see for yourself the absolute hatred the natives have for the muslim savages in their midst, it is coming to a head soon and you can take that to the bank.

      • ReyR

        Right you are, D. But it’s not only Eastern Europeans. As a Russian living in Tatarstan, I can tell you that Tatars here (originally Muslims but mostly secular and intermarried with us now) have serious problems with Tajiks, Uzbeks, and other such migrant cattle, while no such friction exists with us Slavs.

        • Drakken

          I must say that you Russians do deal with the problem head on and no apologies.

          • Aizino Smith

            Which is why Putin for all his warts is a a g_ddamn leader unlike Obama.

        • Albert8184

          It may sound ironic, but nowadays, more and more Americans are looking to Russia as an inspiration, rather than as in the past, an adversary. I respect the Russians’ love for their homeland and their culture. Unlike about half of America, bred by the Left to self-hate and grovel.

          • ReyR

            Frankly, our nation went through a phase of self-hatred just before and after the USSR collapsed. Many gullible whiners have left to seek the wonders of Western life. Now America seems to have its share of whining losers who can’t accept that if you fail at home you will hardly succeed abroad. Bite the bullet, man up and work, what’s so new about that. Lefties are what they are because they are dim-witted kids who believe fairy tails and dream about a free ride. In this sense, Muslims and libscum are identical.

          • Albert8184

            I think most of the people departing America now are the more affluent ones who can afford to get out, and who see the handwriting on the wall. The lower classes have not begun to vacate in large numbers yet, but they may soon do that. Things will have to get a bit more desperate for them here.

          • ReyR

            Exactly. you nailed it down. It’s the same pattern every time, and history goes in cycles. People tend to rely on the status quo and forget that change is the only thing that never changes. When some of my friends fled to the West, I knew I had to stay and just wait a while for the dust to settle. Now some of them are coming back only to find that their seats have been taken))) I know that America is heading for times of trouble, but even that will pass soon enough. A dozen years, most likely. I believe in Americans.
            As to the affluent moving out first, we have a saying in Russian: “The fish starts rotting from the head”.

          • Albert8184

            I’ve heard some saying that Russia may wind up having to save Western Civilization… how ironic that would be. But in the minds of many, America and Russia have almost traded places in the last 30 years.

          • ReyR

            Ironic indeed. Though it will not be the first time. Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler… Yet Russians remain perhaps the most hated nation of European origin. Not that we crave universal affection, but sometimes a glance back at history is in order. You are right, times are strange, and getting stranger every day. The world is mired in virtual reality, but dreams don’t last.

          • Albert8184

            I believe the Russians considered themselves split off from Western Civilization at the time of the schism with Rome, when Constantinople became the Eastern Church.

          • ReyR

            Indeed, an excellent illustration. The prodigal son of the European civilization, Russians, explosive mix of three bloods: Viking, Slav, and Turkic. Even in my family, straw-colored and dark hair alternates.
            And the Great Schism was triggered by events that mystically remind the content of the article above: the United Europe (Rome) fell pray to savages, the church yielded to greed and corruption, and the pope sold out big time. The Eastern Church, being more traditional and perhaps starry-eyed, moved house in an attempt to stand its ground. Russia didn’t even exist at the time of that split, but when Constantinople fell to the Turks, it was a Christian nation already, and seeing the popes having set shop to sell indulgences and other travesty, Russia declared itself the Third Rome. Maybe a bit romantic and naive, we always want to go a little further.))) It’s weird to see how history repeats itself.

          • Albert8184


          • Pap

            It was decades ago….but after one of many palestinian crimes, someone said, “Nobody hijacks Russian planes.”

      • Albert8184

        I sure do hope you are correct Drakken. The situation is dire enough that it’s about time people are putting a stop to the insanity.

        • Drakken

          As ReyR says, history always repeats itself without fail. Russia will one way or another come out very strong and in a good position when the SHTF.

  • rbla

    “There could sooner or later be a breaking point.” Lets hope its sooner.

  • jtrollla

    What if the citizens of Lampedusa had guns?

    • ReyR

      Quite honestly, you don’t need a gun to be rough. Guns are a plus, but hardly prerequisite. It’s what between your ears that does all the difference.

      • jtrollla

        Tell that to some thug who is pointing a knife at you and demanding your wallet.

        • ReyR

          I have had sufficient practice with that, darling. Ours here is a rough little village, and if I gave my wallet every time someone asks, I’d starve.

          • Albert8184

            Americans tend to put an over-emphasis on the necessity for firearms. I think it’s dangerous to put more trust in technology than physical prowess.

          • Drakken

            God made man, Sam Colt made man equal.

          • Albert8184

            God made Sam Colt.

          • Drakken

            Ole dead Mao said power comes from the barrel of a gun. We are talking about defensive measure which ole Sam Colt advocated.

  • No Jizya

    When the violence starts, don’t forget to visit the politicians and their minions who so casually destroyed your culture and the sanctity of your homes.

    • John P.

      That is one comment I really like. I think it may be time to start trying to have a contact list of the most progressive politicians and when the time comes it will be a lot easier. heh heh

  • Ray Burke

    We are being hopelessly overrun by worldwide dregs of worthless and often hostile, ungrateful humanity. Muslims are the least desirable and most dangerous of all. This menace must be identified and dealt with nationwide before we are overwhelmed and reduced to dhimmihood by our relentless foes. We must purge our society of this useless horde while we can.

    • Drakken

      One way or another it is going to come to that.

    • Albert8184

      It’s called reverse colonialism. Fomented by the International Left as a weapon of both revenge and convenience. These people put Leftists in power and keep them in power.

      • Ray Burke

        Sounds as if the party’s over, Albert. We may as well call it a day.

        • Albert8184

          No. I think we will still win World War 3. I can’t wait to see how the factions are aligned.

          • Ray Burke

            I’m even more interested in knowing what’s left and where it will be.

        • Drakken

          It is going to be a very brutal nasty bloodletting that happens and when the smoke clears, it will be the American and Canadian heartland that will have the power for the simple reason, people gotta eat and most of the commodities are there. The major cities will be war zones.

          • Ray Burke

            I pray you’re right, Drakken. I also believe that the majority of cities will be war zones because that’s where the human trash congregate. Cities will be ground zero for a vast ethnic expurgation to begin. Without this essential measure our hope for a better tomorrow will be unattainable.

  • Ralph Haglund

    Israel is the ONLY country that has succeeded in stopping the inflow of illegal infiltrators – learn from them.

    Ever read “The Haj” by Leon Uris? Do that – the muslims were exactly the same 60 years ago, UNRWA came with everything, the muslims burned and destroyed and stole the goods and blamed it on the UNRWA that their life didn’t improve. And the UNRWA just sucked Western money, very very little from the rich oil states of the Muslim world.

  • therealpm

    This is what happens when a country takes in Muslim refugees. Gratitude is an alien concept in Islam, so the refugees just take whatever is available, by force if necessary, and turn violent if they are denied. They no doubt regard it as their right to take whatever the “sub-human kuffar” possess. The Italian government, like all Western European governments, has not an iota of sense or it would treat these “refugees” as the hostile invaders they really are and shoot them on the spot.

    I would suggest that the temporary immigrant reception centres should be something akin to the Vernichtungslager, in which the invaders are processed and disposed of. In the end it’s what will have to be done with them anyway and the sooner we get started the better it will be for everyone, or at least everyone who matters.

    • knowshistory

      that is what will happen, but it will be our muslim superiors processing us in their vernichtungslagers, while our governments give fawning approval of the way our immigrants are “assimilating” the lowly infidel. before we have any chance to deal with our invading enemy, we must deal with our enemy governments.

    • John P.

      I agree. One thing I’ve noticed in these blogs,… they are finally getting more and more angry. What will it be like 5 years from now? Might be a few worried Muzzies.

      • Drakken

        It won’t be 5 years from now that the SHTF, it will be sooner, much sooner.

  • Elena

    Pack up the ones who act like savages and ship them right back to their country of origin. This is a messy as the Marielitos that Castro pumped into South Florida under Jimmy Peanuts term.

    • knowshistory

      if by the ones who act like savages you mean all muslims, you are correct. if you think it would help to keep the “peaceful” muslims, and expel the “savages” you are strangely deluded. of course, the traitorous governments of the west intend to take, keep, support, coddle, encourage, aid and abet all of them, until the genocide of the west is achieved. there is no safe number of muslims for an infidel country.

  • FalkoBaumgartner

    It is not immigration, but occupation.

    • Ray Burke

      Right you are, Falko !!! We have been occupied !!! Where do we go from here. The fox is in the hen house and he is hungry.

      • FalkoBaumgartner

        Thailand’s navy blocks Muslim boat people from Burma from coming ashore. They just send them back. And built fences like Israel did so successfully on the Egyptian border ( Create detention camps.

        The reality is that the Third World increases by one billion people every 15-20 years. Either the West takes the demographic challenge and toughens itself to defend against it or it will be swamped and civil war for us or our children is inevitable.

        • Ray Burke

          Vwery interesting nugget on Thailand’s defensive strategies strategies against the Burmese boat Muslims. Our problem is to get our limp wristed leaders to take the necessary protective measures while there is still time to do so.

  • herb benty

    This is an Arab army that is infiltrating Europe, nothing less, and perverted rapists to boot! What is the matter with European politician’s MINDS?

  • Gottmagus

    Treacherous us-americans, citizens of a treacherous rogue, play oracle, nice try, your ignorant, christian fanatic, illiterate nation will be destroyed. Europe is the future of mankind, you degenerated fanatics will fall.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Mass Muslim immigration to Europe by Muslims, whether legally or illegally, is really stealth jihad for the purpose of demographic conquest intended to eventually render Europe into Islamic totalitarianism via the gradual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law.

  • FalkoBaumgartner

    The first thing I’d do is if I were a native from Lampedusa is to set up a bilingual blog in Italian and English about the beleaguered state of the island. Just factual news telling how it is plus photographic material showing how it is. On a daily basis. If rightly done such a blog may have a real chance of influencing public opinion.

    • Drakken

      Start shooting a few of them and that will get the point across that they are not wanted.

  • tokoloshiman

    emigration is running amok.
    Disillusioned disenfranchised , the poor of these mainly muslim countries
    cross the ocean to escape oppression but sadly bring the principles that created that oppression with them and are totally incapable of forgoing those traditions.
    this inevitably will and must lead to a lowering of standards for everyone , because the welfare states of the west cannot support this scenario.
    No integration and a connection to an immutable dogmatic religion and way of life that cannot separate state from mosque means ongoing conflict and vying
    for jobs and services.
    The horrific abuses are brought to the west and fear prevails , causing more
    concessions and allowing sharia in.
    the west is like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding train , too afraid to move and facing certain death.

  • cecilhenry

    The problem is:

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for EVeryone!!

    That is GeNocide.

    Deport all the immigrants, demand national sovereignty for European peoples, and hang the traitors witihin.

    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.


  • trapper

    I am beginning to like Putin more and more–his attitude on illegal Islamic “immigrants” should be adopted everywhere.

  • ItsJulie1964

    These savages land on the shores of our countries and we allow them to walk in unmolested. If it were the other way around, and Europeans or white Americans were landing on the shores of Africa, the savages would kill us instantly. We need to be doing the same thing. And somebody needs to be arming the islanders. just shoot them when they show up. They will stop coming almost instantly.