The Islamist Wind in Britain

sharia-law1Over the last weekend there have been two more street attacks on soldiers in Britain, one of which was fatal. 

On Saturday, the Yorkshire town of Barnsley in northern England honored soldiers with parades and celebrations for its Armed Forces Day. One of the soldiers, who had returned from the Falkland Islands just hours before, was brutally assaulted at around midnight when he was getting home. He was jumped from behind, knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stamped and kicked in the head and face, and left with a concussion, injuries and bruises.

He is a 28-year-old corporal who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, 26-year-old newlywed ex-soldier David Ryding was attacked in the Warwickshire town of Rugby, in central England, suffering head injuries. He died in hospital almost 24 hours later. Three men have been arrested.

What is missing from these reports? Any information about the suspects, except their ages. The word “Muslim,” which, in view of the beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby by self-confessed jihadists, may spring to mind, is notably absent, and can only be found in the comments to the articles. Also noteworthy is that these incidents were only reported in local news.

Readers, judging by their comments, are suspicious of the media’s suppression of information: “If this were an attack by whites on a muslim it would be on BBC news, lead story – fact.” Another: “I bet it was Muslims who attacked him, but the media have left this part out because of community tensions.”


It might be a random attack but the total lack of info in the rest of the media is pretty weird. After Drummer Rigby you’d think any incident with a soldier attacked the media would want to make sure everybody knew it wasn’t a jihadist attack if it wasn’t but this – total silence.

The media may or may not know more about the identities and religious affiliations of the suspects. But it is their reluctance to even mention the elephant in the room, the self-evident similarity with the previous, recent street killing of a soldier, that makes such coverage suspicious and, frankly, surreal.

The common excuse for this kind of censorship is the wish to avoid indirectly inciting anti-Muslim attacks, that have increased since Lee Rigby’s murder.

A noble intention, I’m sure. It’s a pity that these same media outlets don’t take the same prudential attitude when it comes to trumpeting, say, how “Islamophobic” the British government has allegedly been in its unjust wars against Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan, or how racist the UK police and public allegedly are. In those cases the media don’t seem to be so concerned about possible “backlashes” against non-Muslims or whites.

Nor is the mainstream media worried about having in the UK such a large, non-assimilated immigrant population from alien cultures (one of which, Islamic culture, could hardly be more antithetical to British and, indeed, Western civilization), which may at any moment instigate serious, even lethal, conflicts.

There is an increasing polarization between Britons and Muslims. A recent opinion poll compared answers given by respondents in November 2012 with late May 2013.

In 2012, 50 percent agreed that “There will be a ‘clash of civilizations’ between British Muslims and native white Britons”; in 2013, 59 percent did.

The number of those who agreed with “British Muslims pose a serious threat to democracy” rose from 30 to 34 percent.

In short, it’s not just the “far-right”  that is “Islamophobic” now in the UK.

Terrorism is not the only problem by any stretch of the imagination. The Brits are not too impressed by the Muslim pedophile rings which have become an epidemic, or the way mosques disrupt their own neighbourhoods — through parking jihad, general harassment, vandalism, etc. — and drive them to move out, or the de facto imposition of sharia law on them by the selling and serving of halal meat to unsuspecting non-Muslims.

The response of the Establishment to this rise in anti-Muslim feelings has been more of the same with a vengeance, intensifying, if anything, repression of the politically incorrect.

Following the Woolwich beheading, there has been a crackdown on several social network users who have been warned, charged, arrested and released on bail for making “inflammatory” and anti-Muslim comments on Twitter and Facebook. The police said people should be careful about what they write on Twitter as the “consequences could be serious.”

Two of the men detained were organising an anti-Islam protest in Bristol and made racist and “anti-religious” remarks. Anti-religious: I wonder if they would have been arrested for insulting Christianity?

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are now considered by the British Home Secretary to be public enemies, holders of opinions that are “not conducive to the public good,” and banned from even entering the country.

The English Defence League (EDL), an organization demonized under normal circumstances for daring to fight against the Islamization of Britain, has been more than ever targeted by authorities.

Two of its leaders, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, have been arrested practically for attempting to walk too close to a mosque, although the official excuse was “for obstructing the police.”

The media, predictably, are doing their bit. The usual suspects, like The Guardian, RT and Sky News, are doing their best to create an association in the mind of the public between EDL peaceful demonstrations, a lawful expression of free speech, and attacks on mosques or Muslims, which are criminal acts.

Channel 4, the UK’s major TV network, has gone even further. It has announced that it’s going to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer throughout Ramadan, which began Tuesday, 9 July.

Channel 4’s head of factual programming, Ralph Lee, has excellent reasons for doing so. He said:

And let’s not forget that Islam is one of the few religions that’s flourishing, actually increasing in the UK. Like Channel 4’s target audience, its followers are young. It’s recently been reported that half of British Muslims are under 25.

That nice bit of demographic information will cheer us all up, Ralph. He added that the broadcasting is “a deliberate ‘provocation’ to all our viewers in the very real sense of the word.” We are all grateful for that.

Unsurprisingly, Islamist preachers like Anjem Choudary and Abu Zakariyya applaud his decision as a step towards the implementation of sharia law in the UK.

Choudary ventured a prediction: “[B]y some accounts Britain could be a Muslim country by 2015.”

Not so fast. Hubris could be your downfall, Anjem. We may still have something to say on the matter.

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  • Charly Marteau

    ! 150 sites/blogs posting against islamization and the leftist fascists !
    Retweet pls !

    This document has been published on ‘Islam : danger planétaire’
    and on

    Islam is a doctrine of hate, subjugation and extermination that
    some are struggling to call ‘religion of love, tolerance and peace’

    • defcon 4

      The concepts employed to defend islam0-nazism would make Orwell smile, laugh or perhaps cry (for the UK).

  • kafir4life

    muslims behaving as muslims behave. Media isn’t so much ignoring it as not considering it any more news worthy as a dog biting a man. Dogs bite. muslims kill. It’s just what they do. Would you expect the media to report when a Jew lights a Sabbath candle? Would you expect the media to report when a Catholic prays the Rosary? It’s no different for muslims. And before anybody goes off the deep end over this, I DO like dogs.

  • logdon

    Here’s Rydings widow’s statement. Is this how she would have normally spoken or expressed herself?

    ‘David Ryding was a true hero who touched the lives of all who met him. He was a fun loving character and the world will not be the same without him. In our short time together he managed to turn our lives upside down and taught me what true happiness really was.
    He wanted nothing more than to make a difference to the world we live in. He served for our country alongside many and I was so proud to call him my husband. He was always trying to better himself to provide a better life for me and our daughter.
    Can I please ask that people do not speculate about what happened that night as the events from that night will become clear following the investigation. For the future I hope that this makes people aware of the devastating consequences of what is an everyday occurrence.’

    First off the clumsy officialese, almost totalitarian state in it’s boilerplate faux compassion.

    This is either scripted by the police who in their attempt at preventing a non-existent backlash or as they put it, ‘preserving community relations’, will get one of their university educated lefties to compile this gushing bullshit. Or it’s an indoctrinated politically correct geek employed by an Army which has forgotten its core mission of protecting our state and if needed, killing the bad guys.

    They haven’t a clue and my anger is that this blind cluelessness is not directed at the obvious perps who without a doubt will be Muslims but that automatically the excuses begin and the whitewash follows.

    They treat us as imbeciles and unfortunately this bereaved woman is a mere prop in the massive campaign of misinformation around Islam.

    It is true that anger in Britain is mounting and it’s also true that low level retaliation for Rigby’s murder has occurred. But the real question is, what do they expect to gain from lying apart from fanning further the flames of resentment?

    That this poor woman is paraded and issued with a script to tell us how she feels is the mark of a state which has lost it’s way.

    Britain has weathered many storms and the amount of devastation wreaked by the Luftwaffe during WW2 is not quite appreciated. Whole cities and towns and dozens of them, not just London were bombed into semi oblivion.

    Were we told then, ‘go easy on Jerry, old boy. They’re only human just like us’?

    Of course not. Newsreels promised retaliation and bombed out Britons took grim satisfaction in knowing that their Nazi counterparts would soon be suffering similar fates.

    It worked because those beleagured bombees knew that the state establishment was with them, on their side and understood the feeling of anger.

    Now? A world of fantasy, spin and make it up as you go prevails and nothing fans an already enraged populace than being lied to.

    We’re past all that now. The great unwashed have twigged and no matter the lies, they can see the truth.

  • evantoo

    Might just want to throw pig grease on their mosques and on them. Makes them impure and outcasts.
    Tell any would be attackers that you use the stuff for personal hygiene.

  • chuckie2u

    Brittons moving from the Christian influence to the godless Secular has left a spiritual void which is being filled by the Muslim faith. Since Islam out breeds the secularist it won’t be long before they can vote in their own political candidates to rule the country.

  • Sean Voorhies

    Hmmm, am I the only who read in the original news story that the attackers were British white men???!

    • Major

      Are you so thick as to not see it was in response to being attacked, kumquat? Go back to your mosque and get it right.

      • Sean Voorhies

        Buddy major, you apparently can’t read. Look at the original link , not frontpagemag’s story.

      • Sean Voorhies

        The mother of the soldier says the attackers were white British men….victims Mother is quoted.

        • defcon 4

          Duh, here’s a big news flash for you, there are WHITE muslimes now.

          • hippiepooter

            So let’s see, ex-British serviceman (no chance of knowing one has to suppose if he was ex-forces) gets attacked at a taxi rank at 5am by white men.

            What are the chances:-

            a) They were boorish white drunks looking for a fight?

            b) They were white Muslims waging jihad?

            To the valiant keyboard warriors of internetland nobly defending western civilisation in their frontline basements, there only is of course one possibility.

  • hpe reader

    It’s a mad house. A m-aaaaaaaa-d h-o-u-s-e………

  • tokoloshiman

    the traitorous left wing media are just doing what they do best-undermining their own cultures and committing treason.
    nothing very unusual about this any more , it is just the norm.
    i call it the chamberlain syndrome.

  • logdon

    Posted a comment today and no show?

  • itaintmojo

    Pity. Soon afternoon tea will be replaced with Allah Akbar beheading hour.

    Cameron and his predecessors are no different then Obama and a long line of POTUSes in accepting sheik graft. and appeasing 7th century Sharia for oil interests. If communists back in the day had oil, the appeasing would have been the same. But communist had no oil, so there was no problem for the west to have a cold war against communism. Sharia law deserves a freezing cold war against it, but they have oil which we need, so that ancient, brutal, barbaric 7th century Sharia is tolerated and protected. Oil money talks, while pointing out the evil of Sharia walks.

    • Major

      “they have oil which we need..”

      We do not need one drop of their bloody oil.

      • itaintmojo

        Amen to that!

      • autdrew

        EXACTLY!! We could be energy self sufficient if the government would get out of the war. Its amazing!
        I remember when Clinton was president & there was talk about drilling in (I think) anwar. One of the excuses was even if we drill tomorrow it wont be available for years, so we dont do it. A few years later, post 9/11, the same debate, the exact same answer! Flash forward another decade, still the same debate, still the same excuses. Imagine how far along we would be right now if they would have started drilling then. No need for saudi & all the others

      • defcon 4

        That’s clearly not true. OPEC has enabled islam0-nazis to solidify their grip on the oil market (as they proved after the Yom Kippur War). I wish the Jackal had killed all the delegates of OPEC when he had the chance.

        • Drakken

          It is not that we couldn’t take their oil if w really wanted it. We could and should have a long time ago and saved us the trouble of these savages.

      • Drakken

        We should have just taken it for ourselves and saved us the trouble we have now.

        • hippiepooter

          With the leadership we have in the West this is totally out of the question, but an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear weapons sites would have been a good pretext for the West to flatten the Muslim world, take their oil, and in so doing solve our economic problems and security problems in one foul swoop. Thing is, if we still had the moral fibre to do this, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now, and if we ever to get it in the gills to do this, I fear it will be at the behest of a fascistic abreaction to Islam that will have nothing to do with defending civilisation, but making the world just as barbaric as Islam wants to make it.

          • Drakken

            I agree, when the muslims push us to deal with them, they will rue the day they did.

  • LindaRivera


    Will Durant, famous historian:
    “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any
    moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.”

    Koenraad Elst , German historian writes in “Negation in India”
    The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure
    struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations
    massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and
    similar numbers deported as slaves.

    Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls.
    Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the
    annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the
    Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter.

    The Bahmani sultans (1347-1480) in central India made it a rule to
    kill 100,000 captives in a single day, and many more on other occasions.
    The conquest of the Vijayanagar empire in 1564 left the capital plus
    large areas of Karnataka depopulated. And so on.

    The Indian (subcontinent) population decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate)..

    This describes only ONE of many countries invaded by Muslims. A terrifying past filled with great horror. We must not allow history to repeat itself in Britain!

    • autdrew

      You should read Dr. Andrew Bostom’s book, the Legacy of Jihad. It goes into the conquest of all the lands with translated papers & letters from their own hand. There are also ones from the victims. It is quite astonishing how all of this happened yet we are taught nothing about it. In school we are just told that islam “spread” from here to here in these years. Never how it spread. The book was so awful that I had to stop reading it

      • defcon 4

        The US educational system, from elementary school through “higher” education, teaches nothing but lies and islam0-nazi propaganda WRT islam.

  • LindaRivera

    Join the EDL!

    Mohammad, founder of Islam, was a barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader. He married a six year old little girl and had sex with her at age 9. Mohammad is regarded by Muslims who follow Islam, as the perfect man and role model.

    Do British and European politician TRAITORS who have colonized Britain and Europe with many millions of Muslims, volunteer their services for free in the cause of world Islamic conquest or are they paid by Saudi Arabia?

    There are many no-go Muslim areas in Europe and Britain where it is
    too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter. In some areas in Europe, Muslim
    hate for non-Muslims is so fierce that ambulances require a police
    escort to enter the Muslim areas.

    BARENAKEDISLAM: UK: Military and police helicopters targeted by
    lasers coming from Birmingham, a predominantly Muslim area…at least one
    attack on a police helicopter came from the open window of a mosque…

    Join Paul Weston’s political party, Liberty GB, Britain’s last great hope!

  • herb benty

    “…half of them are under 25…”. That is also soldier age, it appears they are breeding an army, muslims are TRYING to take over England, and the Leftist, Multiculuralist, Globalist, Marxist bloody liberals cover for them- England is pitiful, Winston C. would wonder if something was in the Brits water! Why does Western Socialism,(sounded nice at the time), turn free nations into bankrupt, soulless, welcome mats for some of the world’s most dangerous people?

    • autdrew

      because of the years of indoctrination telling them that their countries are bad, evil, causes of all the suffering in the world etc. They become self loathing & cant see anything good in their own culture so why bother defending it? They must have a true grievance & its appeasement is the right thing to do right? Cause after all, its all (insert country) fault. Its only right that we should suffer to make up for all the wrongs we have done.
      At the same time, our lives have become so easy that we have forgotten what it means to stand up for something bigger than ourselves. Weve got so much that we dont value it so we arent used to fighting for it to keep it. All the countries want someone else to do the fighting. Its just crazyness

      • Karan Singh

        The present generation of britons are so brainwahsed they never even try to prod deeper into history & see that all those countries prior to british conquest were already in shambles and anarchy in rein.

        British rule saved them from total destruction, made them proud of their culture & enlighten them with modern education & medicine.

        It’s sad to see the cradle of modern civilization hurrying on the path of self-destruction.

  • hippiepooter

    At this moment in time noone has the faintest idea if Muslims killed these serving and ex soldiers. This sounds like wishing they were.

    • defcon 4

      Yes, just like the Boston marathon bombing it could’ve been anybody. Disgruntled amish, Hindus, Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, atheists. After all there are extremists in all religions aren’t there halfwit?

      • hippiepooter

        Oh dear defcon, I’m afraid you’re a prime example of the boorishness that often makes conservatives so unattractive to undecideds.
        It could have just been a drunken altercation that went wrong. Personally, as a democracy first conservative, I’m going to wait for the facts.
        There aren’t many democracy first types on the left, but you’re in very good company with those who aren’t. Take care.

        • defcon 4

          Maybe you could move to any islam0-nazi state and enjoy many more good muslimes than you do in whatever western style democracy you’re squatting in.

  • Marisa Martin

    This is an act of war -groups related to our overseas enemies killing soldiers on British soil. Why are media and UK leaders such abject cowards? Do they suppose they will actually survive this way?

  • Major

    “They’ve had their Arab Spring. This is time for the English Spring.”

    Then the EDL better get bigger and busier. We’re rooting for you to take Britain back from the brink of disaster. How this could happen to a once great country is mind boggling. Are Brits that “civilized” that they don’t know sharia law would wage war on them and preach to kill them all?

    Maybe Britain will have to fall and the slaughter to follow…for us to see what we’re in for?

    • Drakken

      Push will come to shove and then you will really see what happens, a Balkans on steroids.

  • Samuel

    Parking jihad? Wow didn’t know about that. Now that I think about it a bunch of Jews built a synagogue a few blocks from our house. Every Saturday they were also parking all over the place walking around with their skullcaps. You couldn’t recognize the neighborhood.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Hindus do the same thing. It’s all the same. All ideas are really the same.

      • defcon 4

        Do I detect a note of sarcasm?

        • Drakken

          A wee bit eh?

  • The Elderking

    If my parents generation knew what was going to happen to the UK and the unbridled immigration of Islamofascist colonists they may well have laid down their weapons and invited the Germans in as the lesser of two evils.

  • Tryst46

    The political elite are so stupid that it will take a civil war to make them realise that multiculturalism isn’t going to work and yet, they are striving daily to make that civil war a reality.

    Enoch was right… Rivers of blood indeed.

    • Karan Singh

      Multi-culturalism is a sham.
      It has failed every country who adopted it.
      Assimilation & Integration should be key element to every immigration policy.

      • Hktony

        Assimilation has not worked in the USA. What works is small govt and all follow the same laws.

  • tokoloshiman

    islam is a religion of peace – these are just fringe elements giving it a bad name

    • defcon 4

      Yes, 99% of muslimes give the other 1% a bad name.

  • usedtobeconservative

    The Brits are more than simply “secular”: They have become militantly anti-Christian. Of course, nature abhors a vacuum, and into the spiritual and philosophical vacuum created by radical secularization has flowed Islam.

    I hate to admit it, but I think that “Merry Old England” is done for.

    • defcon 4

      Aside from New Zealand, what English speaking country isn’t on the same fast track to islamofascism?

      • Drakken

        Push is coming to shove soon enough, when the powers that be imported the 3rd world, they made a clash inevitable.

      • Karan Singh

        Hail, New Zealenders.
        We are trying as much as we can, to save our beloved Canada. We’ll fight islamofascism tooth & nail.

        • defcon 4

          Brave words, but I fear the majority of Canadians are as weak-willed, apathetic, ignorant and cowardly as the rest of Western Civilisation.

  • Steve

    Get your guns ready, Brits.

    • Hktony

      No guns in Uk. Also do u have to use that photo???

  • Karan Singh

    Britain is a lost case.
    Unless, the Britons realize their mistake & re-start taking proud in their heritage.
    Bring in more stringent immigration policies than Ms.Thatcher adopted
    Kick every muslim out of their land & only let immigrants from other races & nationalities who actually wants to assimilate & contribute towards Britain.

  • A True Muslim

    Dont really understand why you all people are so scared of Isalm. Every single comments made here are baseless and far from reality. Islam is religioin of peace and properous. An isolated act of indiviuals do not represent the real Islam.