Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness

Stockholm riots SwedenThe May 2013 riots in certain immigrant-dominated suburbs of Stockholm raised eyebrows abroad. While I found them disturbing I cannot say that I was totally surprised by them. I’ve consistently warned against such a likely outcome under this pen name for what is now nearly a decade.

The political elites not just in Sweden but also in neighboring Denmark, Finland and Norway watched nervously as the events unfolded. Clearly, major riots by immigrants no longer take place just in slightly more distant Paris or London, but now also in the largest city in the Nordic region. The problems are getting closer.

As usual, the comments from Denmark have tended to be the most sensible ones, with the newspaper Jyllands-Posten publishing an editorial about “The Swedish Lie”. The ethnologist Karl-Olov Arnsberg and the journalist Gunnar Sandelin in their book Invandring och mörkläggning (“Immigration and Cover-up”) describe sensitive facts about immigration which are hardly ever mentioned in the mainstream media in Sweden. Swedish mass media are quite possibly the most repressive, censored and totalitarian of any Western country, which is why some dissidents choose to write under pseudonyms such as “Julia Caesar” for websites abroad.

In Norway, the former soldier Aslak Fløgstad Nore is a journalist and author of spy novels who has for some unknown reason been hailed as a brave intellectual, telling truths others don’t dare to tell. One of his idols is Sweden’s Jan Guillou, a far-Left activist and writer with pro-Islamic sympathies who, apart from being an author of spy thrillers, was paid multiple times by the KGB for providing them with sensitive information.

In addition to being an editor at Gyldendal, one of the largest publishing houses in Norway, Nore is a regular columnist at VG, the country’s largest national newspaper. On May 26 2013, Nore published a commentary in VG on the “enigmatic” Swedes after Stockholm had been rocked by a full week of riots on a scale unprecedented in modern Scandinavian history.

What were his views on the causes of these riots? Well, for one thing Nore assured us that they had little to do with Islam, despite the fact that even left-wing newspapers show video clips where shouts of “Allahu akbar”! may be heard from residents of these heavily Muslim-dominated suburbs when Swedish police officers are attacked.

Instead, Mr. Nore blamed the obligatory “racism” of the white natives, especially alleged police racism, for partly triggering the riots. Finally, he blamed the “Swedish class society” for these problems. Yes, really. Nore defines himself as a member of the political Left and is a Social Democrat, but his above-mentioned analysis is straightforward Marxism at its core. His father Kjartan Fløgstad is an established author influenced by Marxist ideology. Nore didn’t foresee similar riots coming to Norway, although he admitted that the percentage of immigrants is actually higher in Oslo than it is in Stockholm.

Just to enlighten the ignorant Mr. Nore: Oslo has previously experienced major riots involving Muslim immigrants plus their left-wing extremist allies. I know, because I was there. In the very heart of the country’s capital city on January 8, 2009, a peaceful demonstration in support of Israel gathered in front of the Parliament (Stortinget). This triggered sizeable and very violent counter-demonstrations, broken windows and stone-throwing plus the mandatory shouts of “Allahu akbar!” Eventually, the police had to use large amounts of tear gas at the very doorsteps of the nation’s Parliament to disperse the thugs. Some Muslims afterwards walked around central Oslo looking for people they thought might be Jewish, so they could beat them up.

In the daily Aftenposten, their regular commentator Inger Anne Olsen, who has earlier stated in the same newspaper that hardline Muslims should of course have the right to work to overthrow our society and institute sharia laws, believed that Oslo could experience similar riots in the future. She was happy, though, that unlike the police in Sweden (and virtually every other European country apart from Britain), the police in Norway are normally unarmed and therefore appear less threatening and provocative to criminal gangs. Her recommendation for how to avoid future riots was to engage in tough urban planning and build more housing districts.

Oslo is at the moment one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, largely due to mass immigration. Some migrants come from European countries such as Poland, but a large proportion of them come from dysfunctional and economically backward non-Western nations. The ruling political and media elites take it for granted that this will continue indefinitely and that there is nothing the natives can or should do about it. Wave after wave of non-European immigrants will continue to pour across the weakly-controlled borders. They will not only be allowed to settle temporarily but will normally gain citizenship after a while and then continue fetching spouses and family members from their original homelands.

Oslo is the capital city of a country that straddles the Arctic Circle and gained its full independence in the early twentieth century when it had no colonies, yet Oslo already today contains more ethnic groups than there are member states of the United Nations. Questioning whether this is good or necessary is totally unacceptable in polite society, and could lose you not just your social standing but your job as well. Not only are the natives expected to continue funding their own colonization and ethnic dispossession; they are expected to actively celebrate their national destruction as a great and wonderful thing. This is true all over Western Europe.

Even after the riots in Sweden, few establishment commentators or parties asked whether one should perhaps reduce or – God forbid – stop immigration from the cultures that were largely responsible for these riots. It was taken for granted that immigration should continue as before. A new borderless world is being presented as the inevitable result of the flow of history, virtually beyond human control, just like a classless Communist world was once (falsely) viewed as “inevitable.” The remaining question is how much more money law-abiding white natives should give to these “socially disadvantaged youths” who are causing crime and burning cars or schools.

The political and media elites import Third World peoples en masse. When they start acting like Third World peoples, the ruling elites are always surprised and point fingers at the (rapidly dwindling) white majority population for supposedly causing this with their alleged “racism and social discrimination.” Their solution is nearly always to give more money to those who cause riot and mayhem, paid for by law-abiding citizens.

Libe Rieber-Mohn of the Labour Party, the Deputy Mayor of Oslo, was concerned that riots similar to those in Stockholm could happen at some point in the future in Oslo also due to “class differences.” No mention of cultural differences, which might have been closer to the truth.

Norway has considerable wealth if the form of oil and natural gas offshore, in the North Sea and elsewhere. Yet several well-researched reports have been published over the years indicating that non-Western immigration is so extremely costly when all aspects are considered that it may take all of Norway’s oil wealth to fund it.

I once confronted John Olav Egeland, a political commentator in the left-wing daily Dagbladet, on Twitter and asked him whether his newspaper would apologize for having falsely claimed for decades that this mass immigration is “good for the economy,” a lie which has cost the country untold billions in unnecessary expenses. His answer was no. His newspaper viciously demonized individuals such as MP Øystein Hedstrøm from the Progress Party when they tried in the 1990s to raise the issue of how much immigration costs.

In a particularly ridiculous essay, the columnist Aslak Nore declared in November 2010 that “smart” immigrants from Pakistan, Turkey and Chechnya will be “the new oil” after Norway’s oil wells run dry. He seemed to imply that there is something wrong with the brains of the natives, since these are inadequate and need to be replaced by non-European ones. Of course, if you look into the taboo subject of genetic intelligence measured in mean IQ, saying that Pakistanis or Turks have “smarter” brains than northern Europeans is utter nonsense.

If that were the case, then why are they incapable of producing innovative economies? Furthermore, you can look at technological achievements, or the fact that a tiny Nordic country like Norway has produced more Nobel Prize winners than the entire Islamic world combined, including large countries such as Pakistan and Turkey.

In the spring of 2013, the business daily Finansavisen in Norway published a series of articles detailing just how costly the ongoing mass immigration is in simple monetary terms. In Denmark, the historian and author Morten Uhrskov Jensen published the 2012 book Indvandringens pris (“The Price of Immigration”) which shows the exact same pattern. It’s not just about Muslim immigration, although that is an extreme case due to the increased threat of terrorism and other issues, but essentially all mass immigration from backward non-European societies to developed Western countries. We see the same pattern with Mexicans in the USA, for instance. Plainly stated, Third World immigration is followed by Third World problems, rising crime and welfare costs combined with reduced competitiveness.

Aslak Nore thus uses the largest national newspaper in his country to publish utter nonsense without any basis in fact, coupled with Marxist-inspired gibberish about “class structure” and “racism.” It is for this reason that I once called him the Paris Hilton of Norwegian intellectual life. I kind of regret that comment in hindsight, as it’s a little unfair to Paris Hilton. She’s not that stupid.

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  • UCSPanther

    I don’t have any pity at all for the Scandinavian countries. In their quest to force equality (Even as going far as defying the natural order by attempting to blur the lines between the genders) they created a dystopia of mediocrity, where people there are unambitious (Why bother if the state is going to take approx. 75% of your earnings and society scorns you for excelling), conformist drones who cannot see the disaster that their society is heading towards, courtesy of their elites’ mad plan to transform Sweden into a multicultural society while ignoring the painfully obvious fact that many cultures are simply not compatible with the concept of “diversity”.

    The progressives brought it upon themselves, and they will eat crow whether they like it or not…

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      They will never eat crow. Progressives are incapable of realizing they might have been wrong. They will always seek to find another reason something has failed. They’ll pull out their tried and true bag of “reasons” like racism, classism and “it’s the other side’s fault” politics. The only people who will be eating crow are the ones too broke to afford chicken after “progressive” policies destroy the economy for them.

      • UCSPanther

        They’ll run out of excuses, and eventually, places to run…

        • Tore_Hund

          They’ll run out of other peoples money to spend (Tatcher). Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later.

      • Sun

        That isn’t what he meant by “eat crow” I think.

        I think he meant that Progressives should be forced to stay in their enriched areas and not be allowed to leave.

        They reap what they sow. You made your bed…now sleep in it.

        I agree and that is coming from a progressive!

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          Yes, I’m aware of the primary meaning and I cop to twisitng it to my own interpretation. It’s a take on an old Beverly Hillbillies episode where a city con artist is served crow and consumes it without batting an eye since it’s not the first time he has eaten it. Just a play on words.

    • Drakken

      It is not a question of the left eating crow, but of where the left is going to flee too once the natives say enough is enough and start using the many lampposts for the Quislings and the savages in their midst, there will be blood and lots of it, it is inevitable.

  • Viking.

    Mass-immigration has been a criminal mistake, and mass-deportation is the only remedy. But I’m not expecting that to happen unless I am appointed Minister of Repatriation.

    • Drakken

      The time for mass deportations has come and gone, there will be a Balkans on steroids type reckoning.

    • LindaRivera

      Absolutely criminal, but NOT a mistake. Mass Muslim immigration was perpetrated against our people as a strategy to destroy us by TREASONOUS ruling elites.

    • therealpm

      “mass-deportation is the only remedy”
      I find myself becoming increasingly amenable to the alternative of mass extermination.

    • FelixKrull

      Too bad Norway is not in the EU. I’m from Denmark and I’m quite convinced that an equitable enforcement of Danish law as regards to taxes, VAT, benefits fraud, moonlighting, domestic violence, child abuse, hate speech etc., would soon see an exodus of the disadvantaged seeking greener pastures down south or in Britain.

      In short: take away their privileges, make them pay taxes like everybody else and they’ll go away. All legal, all voluntarily and above board and the other EU countries wouldn’t even be able to say no thank you, they’d just have to bid them welcome.

      I hope they’ll settle on Brussels: one arrow, two birds.

      • Drakken

        Your going to have too remove them or eliminate them at the point of a gun, it is far too late to depot them now.

    • joseph

      how about revolution then?

  • 1Indioviejo1

    It looks like those “smart Northern Europeans” weren’t so smart after all. They will pay the price of their stupidity pretty soon.

    • Morningstar

      It doesn’t have to do with that at all. It’s about cultural marxism and a long time infiltration from the inside. Never forget that when Hitler rose to power, most of the Franfurter school fled to US. Although some returned to Europe after the war, far from all did. One of the most influential was Marcuse. He was the architect behind free sex in the 60’s. Considering recent expotions of NSA, something that should be telling how far they have marched through your institutions. We’re first but you’re next!

  • CowboyUp

    You’d think the ‘environmentalists’ would at least have a problem with the toxins being released by all those burning cars.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Or muslim B.O. Oh, wait. They don’t use deodorant in Europe.

      • madge hirsch

        Medical science has shown that aluminium which is the active ingredient in anti perspirant deodorants is carcinogenic and neurotoxic. Better to smell than use something that has been implicated in breast cancer and Altzheimer’s.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Observing the insanity on both sides of the political aisle by Republicans and Democrats in power alike with respect to Islam and mass immigration of Muslims and Hispanics and the way also that anyone who speaks out in the media is instantly repressed, branded as a racist, and marginalized, it’s only a matter of time before the same manifestations begin surfacing over here in America as well. Indeed, multiculturalism and diversity is about as insane and stupid as Global Warming junk science, yet it predominates our politics today.

    Nevertheless, unless we ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage over here in the USA, it is only a matter of time before the USA will eventually become Islamized and totalitarian. Meanwhile, if we provide amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens already residing in the USA illegally as both Republicans and Democrats alike propose, the USA will almost overnight morph into a permanent leftist state. Indeed, we are sitting on the precipice today and could teeter either way.

    • heapologiatoutimotheou

      Plus, Western-hating Obama is accelerating the process with all his might.

    • Roy Patterson

      If all this happens and there is a good chance it will because of the stupid congressmen and senator elected by the dumb, stupid public. It’s both the Dems and Repubs fault. The real truth that there is no two party system at the national level any more. It’s all a shell game with the Public more interested in governments handouts than anything else.

  • Jane Larson Baer

    Thank you, Fjordman! We decendants of Vikings and our supporters need to put on our Thors Hammers and go into intellectual battle for our culture. The key is our ancient culture of “different but equal” gender equality as compared to other cultures. Many Mexicans illegally in America of from a Macho culture, and Arabic culture is also sexist compared to us. We need our diser, our spirit guide, to push them back south again. This has been going on for as long as there have been northerners living simple farm lives nominally headed by the oldest couple. This simple lifestyle has long done battle against the empires from the south who are male dominated (even when there is a female figure-head) even some Bible-land beliefs, though we need Christians to see where they stand, at some point we need to acknowledge that our northern culture is a blend of the old ways with the Bilble and our Old Ways are more more equal and that is the core of why and how we fought off the Roman Empire and even some excesses of the Holy Roman Empire. The Viking settlements in America were an escape from the Chirstian Empire. We can acknowledge the crusades and reach all the way back to Freya and Frey, lets put on our Thors Hammers and go once more “into the Frey”

    • Drakken

      Jane, the time for intellectual battle is over, the time for returning to the old ways of dealing with these Quislings and muslim colonizers is at hand. Time to pick up Thors Hammer and use it physically.

  • mendezjb

    If they are so racist, why are the followers of Mohammed staying behind? Perhaps they can return to their paradise of freedom, virtue and economic prosperity if its so racist?

    • Tore_Hund

      For a believer, there is only one reason to stay in the Dar-al-Harb (house of war), and that is to wage war.

  • Tim N

    Smacks of the Battered Wife syndrome: “He wouldn’t have hit me if I hadn’t made him mad”.

  • knowshistory

    “the columnist Aslak Nore declared in November 2010 that “smart” immigrants from Pakistan, Turkey and Chechnya will be “the new oil” after Norway’s oil wells run dry. He seemed to imply that there is something wrong with the brains of the natives, since these are inadequate and need to be replaced by non-European ones.” the columnist is absolutely right,of course. turks and chechens would never, ever, invite foreigners who hate them to invade their country and occupy it at public expense. never. only europeans, americans, and australians are that incredibly, monumentally stupid. we will pay for our stupidity, and the price will be first our freedom, then our lives, and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

    • Tore_Hund

      You forget the silent majority. Whoever ignites it, wins.

  • Beth

    “but his above-mentioned analysis is straightforward Marxism at its core”….

    “Mr. Nore blamed the obligatory “racism” of the white natives, especially alleged police racism, for partly triggering the riots. Finally, he blamed the “Swedish class society” for these problems.”

    This is a tactic that is preached in the Koran. Muslims are commanded to lie, cause division among all non-muslims and blame their enemies (all non-muslims) for their own crimes.

    If Islam is not dealt with straight forward – right now – leaving out all other names when speaking about the violence that is taking place – Islam will win. Adding marxism, socialism and what ever else into the conversations – only helps Islam. And the muslims know this is the truth.

    • Tore_Hund

      Marxism and socialism are mostly Islam’s allies for the time being. Leaving them free of responsibility/blame will let them all win by default, under the brand collectivism united. The real threat is the welfare/entitlement society, without which immigration to western nations would not be much of a problem.

  • Drakken

    What happens in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe will happen to us if we don’t start putting a stop to it now. Before folks start throwing the native Europeans under the bus because in some minds they deserve it, I am reminded by a quote that is poignant and very reverent today.
    We remain cousins by blood, brothers by need and comrades with common purpose.

    • Tore_Hund

      You are right. The U.S is not far behind.

    • heapologiatoutimotheou

      Absolutely. Stop the schadenfreude and start warning Europe of the dangers. If Europe falls into an Islamicized dark age, where do you think their immigrants will attempt to go? The U.S.

    • Morningstar

      It’s good that the columnist Julia Ceasar is starting to get known outside of Scandinavia. I hope more of her columns get translated in the future because her description of Sweden is as true as Fjordman’s of Norway. I mention her because in her latest column on danish blog Snaphanen was a comment from a swedish lady who refers to a conversation she had with another elderly lady of the politically correct kind. She tried to tell her friend that the folks that where rioting was not of swedish descent at all. But the older lady refused to believe in it. She said her friend does not visit alternative blogs or news sites at all. She only watch news from public service channels and read MSM newspapers. So does we deserve extincyion just because 90% of us are brainwashed since decades ago? Does 90% of the north koreans also deserve to die because of the same reason, namely brain washing?

      You have no idea how controlled our media is here. There was one case of a gang rape. It took six days before swedish MSM even mentioned it at all! Before that alternative news blogs had written about it. Even MSM media abroad wrote about it. Even after the assassination attempt against Hedegaard earlier this year, it took a few days before they even mentioned it. Then only briefly and with the angle that Hedegaard is a known racist and only had it coming! It’s almost impossible to get a comment through on a PC news site. Even if you do, the perma ban is seldom far away.

      The censorship hardened after the Sweden Democrats entered the parliament in 2010. After that appeared a company by the name of Interaktiv Säkerhet AB (Interactive Security Ltd). A sort of internet police hired by MSM to moderate the comments on their sites. The company has ties to high profiles within the Social Democrats I might add. Around christmas MSM started to debate the phenomena of net hatred.I have little doubt that they work hard behind the scenes to silence even that dissent as well.

      Before you judge us to damnation, ponder a few words written in the mid-60’s by our great author Wilhelm Moberg. This was written when the long march through the institutions just was in it’s early stages and didn’t have the stranglehold on everything like today.

      In a demokratur (note the word carefully) is general and free elections, free speech is formal but politics and mass media is dominated by an establishment that believes that only certain expressions of opinion must be presented. The consequence is that citizens living in a performance that conveyed a full and objective picture of reality. Opinion Repression is well hidden, the free debate is strangled.I own thing:

      uncomfortable topics in public discourse, 1965

  • Texas Patriot

    If the Koran calls for Muslims to be perpetually at war with those who do not submit to Islam, we should not be surprised if Muslims take it seriously.

  • nazuro

    It’s a terrible event… I was so sad when I reading about it.

  • tokoloshiman

    Via stealth, jihad is not only advancing it is leaping forward in bounds and europe
    is on the brink of becoming eurasia dominated by sharia and all the intolerance
    of minorities that entails.
    denmark holland and sweden are well on the way and france will be 50 % muslim by 2060.
    prepare, ladies because your freedoms are the first to go.( or perhaps the jews
    who by that time will all have left europe , except the quislings)
    Not far behind on the persecution scale will be gays , blasphemers, free speech advocates( already almost gone) and adulterers , ….

    • Drakken

      The left and muslims are going to get that much feared backlash before what you said above happens, the muslims will continue to kill our own in the streets, the left will blame the right, and before you know it, the Balkans visits us and everyone will be surprised.

  • LindaRivera

    Fjordman: “Not only are the natives expected to continue funding their own
    colonization and ethnic dispossession; they are expected to actively
    celebrate their national destruction as a great and wonderful thing.
    This is true all over Western Europe.” End of quote.

    A perfect description of the RACIST and RELIGIOUS HATE Western European and British ruling elites have for their indigenous, white, non-Muslim peoples. Ruling elites are determined to DESTROY their own people and their own countries who are being offered up as sacrifices to Islam. The future of a people who have been conquered by Muslims is terrifying.

  • LindaRivera

    Non-Muslims live in DAILY FEAR from Muslims in many countries. Once Muslims attain a majority, life becomes a non-stop living HELL. It’s all over once
    Muslims attain a majority. We CANNOT let this happen to Britain, Europe
    or any Western country! Britain has Muslims from many different
    countries. The majority of Muslims are from Pakistan. Pakistani Christians told, ‘Protest again and you will die’ By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries March 16, 2013

    Many in the Lahore area are living in shocking conditions following the
    violence there which saw about 200 Christian homes torched and two
    churches burned to the ground

    LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) — Outraged Pakistani Christians have taken to
    the streets of Lahore (and other cities in the country,) to protest
    against the terrible violence they have suffered following a blasphemy
    accusation against a young Christian.

    The demonstrators denounced the burning of about 200 Christian homes
    and two churches by a frenzied Muslim mob of about 3,000, amidst claims
    spurred by allegations that a Christian man made remarks against the
    Muslim prophet Mohammed…

    The violence that tore through Lahore’s Badami Bagh community on
    Saturday, March 9, 2013, followed the arrest of Sawan Masih, a Christian
    in his 20s accused of blasphemy.

    “But Masih’s arrest wasn’t enough to appease an angry mob of Muslims
    irate over the alleged crime,” added CNN. “(The) mob wanted police to
    hand them over the alleged blasphemer, said Hafiz Majid, a senior police
    official in Badami Bagh.

    “The mob also looted some shops run by Christians, he said. Majid said Christians have fled the area for fear of being killed.

    “If convicted, Masih faces the death penalty. He denies the
    allegations made by the two men who filed the blasphemy complaint
    against him with police on Friday (March 8, 2013), Majid said.”

    Since that time, hundreds Pakistani Christians become homeless in
    Badami Bagh, said ANS correspondent, Shamim Masih, who also reports for
    the British Pakistani Christian Association.

    He said, “Two hundred homes were turned to ashes and poor Christians
    are now living in the streets, desperate for food and other needs. Their
    children cannot attend school or college due to the destruction and
    fear. Many Residents have expressed great dismay and sorrow and
    depression is seeping through the entire community.”

    One Christian that Shamim Masih spoke to, Sajid Masih, broke into
    tears as he said, “I feel helpless and unable to do anything for myself
    and my family.”

    Shamim Masih went on to say, “Christians around the country who have
    been incensed by the recurring theme of a blasphemy allegation followed
    by the attack and burning down of our vulnerable communities, held
    protests across the country in a concerted effort to vent their disgust
    at this most recent incident and to show solidarity with the victims.

    “In Youhanabad and Kot Lakhpat, Lahore police used this opportunity
    to beat the innocent Christian protestors, shot tear gas at them and
    beat them with sticks, yet when the Muslim attack took place they stood
    back and watched till the town had been razed to the ground,” he said…

    Mr. Masih said that Muslims of Jhelum City, located on the right bank
    of the Jhelum River, in the north of Punjab province, “then threatened
    to burn Christians homes like those in the Badami Bagh community, in
    response to the protests.”

  • JenniferGranholm


  • Van Grungy

    Until the Caliphate is reformed, there is nowhere to send all the muslims.
    Once the Caliphate is restored, all muslims of any kind will be instant citizens of that Caliphate. Even the muslims in the west will be under the command of the Caliph.


  • Anti_Femastasis

    Well, well, Fjordman at it again. Complains about politics and media an the left again, instead of seeing what the real root of the problem is:

  • Diederik

    The problem is that the muslims are breeding faster than the native Swedes. The only solution can be to deport the muslims as fast as possible, or to lock up the entire male muslim population (easier).

  • KafirFar

    Nore had to change his course as his career was stuck when he became too friendly against the right wing Progress party (frp) and their politics. He oviously turned 180 degrees.
    Now he works in the nobel comitee and is still rising. He gets more articles accepted in the newspapers and he is allowed to join the political correct ones. Doors has opened. His change of course has paid off.
    It was too hard to stay outside, all alone, and who can blame him for wanting to taste the sweet nectar of approval from his fellow academics?

  • Michael Hansson

    The fall of Europe will be because of mass immigration. The way politics in Europe is it will take at least another 10 year before there will be anything done about the problem. In 10 years, the muslim population will be so big that they might even have their own Sharia Party in government.

    Even if they wouldn’t and mass deportation would be the way to go, it could start a a nasty civil war.

    The best thing to do is to get an education while it’s free and then GET THE HELL OUT!! Countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore would be my first choice.

    Europe have big financial problem as it is, to have wellfare hungry people from the middle east will only drain an economy that is already struggeling to compete with the rest of the world.

    My outlook for Europe is weak. Maybe some countries such as Schwitzerland will do alright, but Scandinavia, France and UK will all go! It has already started! Government debt is already a big problem and it’s only going to get harder from this moment on.