The Selling of Syria’s Refugee Child Brides

A growing legion of Muslim men from the Mideast and Europe are scouring Syrian refugee camps in order to purchase underage girls, some as young as 12, as child brides, many of whom end up being sold for use in temporary “pleasure marriages.”

For most of the Syrian women and girls who have fled the genocidal horrors of Syria’s civil war, rape — whether by pro-government or rebel forces – has been identified as one of the primary reasons for their exodus from that war-torn country.

Now, having supposedly escaped that nightmarish reality, Syrian girls are being subjected to a new horror, being auctioned off by their families to unknown Muslim men for use as sexual toys in coerced and forced early marriages.

These pleasure marriages, also known as “misyar” marriages, are legally nonbinding marital contracts which have long been used in Islamic countries to give religiously legitimate cover to a sexual relationship, especially those relationships involving underage girls.

In fact, so popular are temporary misyar marriages among upscale Muslim men that a cottage industry has sprung up in Egypt among Arab sex tourists looking to circumvent Egypt’s ban on pre-marital sex by purchasing underage Egyptian girls for pleasure marriages.

Now that deviant practice is being introduced into Syrian refugee camps. There newly purchased child brides are taken to rented houses outside the camps by their “husbands.” After having their fill of sex, the men will quickly divorce the girls, in many cases often only days and even hours after the nuptials.

According to an official with a charity that works with Syrian refugees, “Many Syrian girls have been impregnated and abandoned in this way.”

The growing sale of these Syrian girl refugees is being fueled by the crushing poverty and harsh living conditions faced by Syrian families living in refugee camps scattered throughout Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.

That bruising reality has led a growing number of Syrian parents to sell their young daughters into early marriages as a way to alleviate the family’s financial stress as well as to spare their daughters from the brutal dangers of life in refugee camps.

As Um Sarah, a Syrian refugee mother who arranged marriages for her 14 and 15-year old daughters, said, “As a single mother, I cannot support them. I cannot feed them. I wanted to make sure they are OK.”

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Syria’s 650,000 refugees are women and children, making them especially vulnerable to the dangers of trafficking, exploitation, and sexual abuse.

That exploitation has found its form in the booming Muslim male interest in securing the services of young Syrian girls, interest that includes the establishment of agencies offering to arrange marriages for would-be grooms to Arabic online forums for men “seeking marriage from Syrian girls.”

Disturbingly, in most all these cases, the younger the girl, the more desirable she is in the eyes of the intended pedophilic groom.

Of course, that underage prerequisite is not surprising given the deep-rooted Islamic attachment to prepubescent marriage, one which allows religious leaders to approve informal marriages for girls 13 and under, thus enabling Muslim men to skirt a country’s minimum age laws for marriage.

Given that, it’s not surprising to hear a number of Muslim religious scholars and clerics heartily encouraging through fatwas the purchase of these Syrian girls, with some explaining the purchase to be an act of charity that extricates the girls and their families from their misery.

As one Syrian woman refugee with two daughters said, “Men are coming here to take young girls as second wives. It is under the pretext of being charitable, of helping us.”

It should be noted, however, that for Muslim men interested in seeking a child wife, that charitable assistance comes at a bargain price.

Specifically, Syrian girls can now be purchased as temporary child brides for just a few hundred dollars, a reduced price tag that proves an attractive enticement for Muslim men unable to afford the high dowry’s required to marry a girl from their own country.

As one Jordanian man said, “Marrying a Syrian refugee girl is cheaper than marrying a Jordanian girl,” one with an added prestige factor given “it makes the groom feel like he is somehow a participant in the Syrian revolution, which is very popular in Jordan.”

In fact, Jordan– where 75 percent of its 150,000 Syrian refugees are women and children — is home to most of the child bride transactions. That popularity led one Jordanian reporter to write, “People do not talk about anything else these days but about Syrian girls you could marry for one or two hundred dollars.”

Yet, while child marriage may be religiously sanctioned by Islam, for most the arrangement is little more than dressed-up prostitution.

That feeling has been echoed by Abdel Bari Atwan, editor of the pan-Arab Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, who said, “Exploiting the conditions of the girls in the refugee camps by marrying them temporarily is a form of rape that must stop immediately. Those responsible for this crime should be brought to trial.”

Syrian journalist Adnan Azrouni has written, “There needs to be a huge outcry from inside and outside the camps: No to clerical interference in the issue of female refugees; No to the crisis-merchants; No to making Syrian women victims twice over.”

Yet sadly, while these temporary marriages may be nothing more than licensed rape, they don’t appear in jeopardy of ending anytime soon. As one Arab man wrote on an online forum dedicated to finding Syrian brides, “This is not a question of exploitation. It is a question of supply and demand.”

Tragically, it’s a growing supply that continues to be fed by an insatiable Muslim demand.

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  • Suzanne

    Has there ever been a more degenerate religion?

    • Mary Sue

      I think the "satanist" (occultist) Aleister Crowley has then beat out, but not by much.

      • Smote

        Naaah! Islam even beats Crowley. One was a satanist, the other proposes a universal system of government.

        • frederika

          Apparently they are worshiping the same entity.

          • Mary Sue

            yeah, pretty much. They both got it on with goats.

  • Rob

    These pervert pedophiles know no end to their lust following their great Prophets example.

  • Rifleman

    This sounds like something democrat party senators and their shady donors would be interested in, except that currently they don't even have to leave the hemisphere to procure their underage sex toys. How long before menendez gets his own network tv show?

  • Abdul Razaq

    Founder and prophet of Islam, his third wife Aisha was between 6-7 years when he marry her. for muslims it should not be a problem, even a Muslim can have 4 wives, it is permit in Islam.

    • Fkallah

      I would kill myself if I were a moslem. It us a disgrace to be part of that bestial race. They should marry their camels instead.

      • Smote

        They treat their camels better than they treat their women.

    • JacksonPearson

      What exactly did Muhammad prophesize, that enabled him to be called a prophet?

      • Robin

        I have my own theory. He had Epilepsy, I think it's called Petit Mal. This is not the kind with violent seizures, rather the person "spaces out" and seems to go into trances.So when he came out of his "trances" he made up a story about The angel Gabriel to cover up his embarrassment. And the rest is history.

        • JacksonPearson

          Your theory is more right, than wrong…

          To record in a Holy Book – the Quran – teachings of extermination, war, rape, slavery, looting, pillaging, hate, terror, etc. is a very great evil on mankind.

          The Quran is the most evilest book ever written in human history. Just declaring that such immoral, evil teachings in the Quran are the eternal, divine word of God is evil incarnate and an obscenity against everything God stands for – a blasphemy and a crime against God himself. Islam is a total and complete rejection of God, a very great sin, and crime against God. Killing, murder, slaughter, rape, looting are all crimes to all normal, rational human beings.

          Murder is not a multicultural difference. Religion is supposed to represent the best of mankind not the worst.

          • DaveK

            I think a better title for the Quran would be "Monologue and Memoirs of a 7th Century Murderer Thief and Rapist.

          • JacksonPearson

            Right on ALL counts…and add:

            In order for the Quran to be the divine, eternal word of God every word of the
            Quran must be Moral Perfection. If just one word is immoral, imperfection – if
            there is just one word of extermination, war, murder, mass murder, killing, death
            and destruction, violence, terror, rape, unlimited sex with sex slaves, hate, violent
            jihad, terrorism, torture, brutality, savagery, maiming, beheading, wife beating,
            inferiority of women, honor killings, stoning, cutting off limbs, child sex, women
            as instruments of sexual pleasure in paradise, Sharia law, bigotry, intolerance,
            extortion, slavery, mutilations, looting, pillaging, sexual depravity, child
            molestation, oppression and subordination of women, inequality of kafirs,
            inequality of any human being, that kafirs can be murdered and their property
            stolen as a holy duty, that Muslims who renounce Islam can be killed, that
            Muslims (or anyone) who challenge the teachings of Islam can be murdered, that
            believers who slay and are slain in the service of God will ascend to a sexual
            Paradise of lustrous eyed, voluptuous breasted virgins who they can sexually
            molest for all eternity then the Quran is no holy book of God. All such
            words/teachings are immoral, evil and irrational and not the perfect, moral
            teachings of God – a God of Moral Perfection – a God of all pure love, peace and

            The Quran has not just one word that is immoral but is filled not only with
            thousands of immoral words but thousands of teachings of immoral depravity.

          • Mary Sue

            allah the god of green cheese is also apparently the master of moral relativism!

          • JacksonPearson

            {{{Chuckling}}}}, allah and mo were one, and the same person. So mo was moral only when his eyes were shut, pretending, or while having elliptic fits, the rest of the time he was a terrorist.

      • Mary Sue

        Muslims don't know the meaning of the word "Prophet", apparently.

        • JacksonPearson

          Besides other common sense reasons, Muhammad's admission to the Satanic verses, disqualified him from ever being a prophet.

    • JacksonPearson

      "Founder and prophet of Islam, his third wife Aisha was between 6-7 years when he marry her."

      Yes he did marry a baby. Then pedophile Muhammad raped Aisha when she was 9!

    • Mary Sue

      If your god is telling you it's OK to marry girls 6 years old, there is something wrong with your god.

  • DaveK

    Islam is not a religion. It's a psychosis that masquerades as religion. Muhammad was not a religious man. He was a psychotic subhuman animal that masqueraded as a religious man. The real followers of this pervert Muhammad ( May Hell Be Upon Him) act like perverts and murderers also.

  • tanstaafl

    “it makes the groom feel like he is somehow a participant in the Syrian revolution, which is very popular in Jordan.”

    This is the perversion that is Islam.

  • DaveK

    If Muhammad (Hell Be Upon Him) was alive today he would be in prison somewhere or the object of a drone strike.

    • DebbieOhio912

      Watch out, Dave! Iran now has a drone that they conveniently obtained from us.

  • @frank95054

    What a sick, evil, religion that promotes pedophile and rape. The so called religion is Islam. The evidence speaks for itself.

  • Ghostwriter

    How come I'm not surprised at this?

    • Ano

      Because its so common

  • Melanie

    This is haram in Sunni Islam but I have heard its ok in Shia Islam. As a Muslim I still think this is disgusting cause it's not helping there fellow sisters in Islam but exploiting their desperation. Allah SWT won't be pleased by this. Prophet Muhammad respected and loved his wives. He didn't abuse them or treat them like slaves. It was normal back then especially cause the life expectancy was lower then it is today. The article is right this is dressed up prostitution which is haram in Islam too. This is not what Allah wants and they will be judged of the day of resurrection.

    • Joseph E

      To Melanie:
      What you see as "dressed up prostitution" and "exploiting their desperation" is legal under Islam Sharia Rule of Law, especially when it concerns the mohamedans "Travelers" under the same Islamic Jurisprudence . /// 2ndly, What sort of "Allah" would think "It was normal back then especially cause the life expectancy was lower then it is today." But that same "Allah" would today think "This is not a question of exploitation. It is a question of supply and demand.” When in fact both "Allah" sayings are compliant with Sharia Rule of Law whether under Sunni and/or under Shia Islam . /// And though many "satanic verses" were taken out of the Koran, many others are still embeded in it, including in the Suna, Hadiths and in the Sharia Compliant rulings, decisions of the today most known scholars Imams, Islamic clerics, Muftis… ///

    • Mary Sue

      that all depends on whether Allah is "Shi'ite" or "Sunni".

    • Zooz

      WOW !!! even here people are trying to defend sects ? it is the same in Shia Islam and Sunni, the problem is not the religion, if really followed, Islam laws are geat, and it is a great religion, the problem is in the "fidels" who trie to interpret it and explain it the way they want, to control people, and simple mindeds, too bad that Islam is mutilated to fit a group of dirty people (Saudi rulers for example). Do you know that they can ask their Sheikhs (preists) to issue a "fatwa" , (a series of religious rules) to condemn and forbid ANYTHING they dont like ? like the one forbidding women to buy banana, and cucumber ?? or the one forbidding the father to stay with his daughter alone at home ? or the one allowing "mujahideens" to Sodomize each other, so they can insert more explosives down there, to execute suicide bombings ??…. all these STUPID rules are not part of REAL Islam, thse were invented , and stupid, dirty people are following it to fulfill their needs, justify their misbehaviour, and destroy Islam's picture.

      • Drakken

        Islam doing what islam does, being a blight upon all of humanity with its craven depravity. The false prophet and pedophile muhamed(may you piss on his dry bones) is the anti-thsis of humanity.

  • Joseph E

    To Melanie:
    The Hadith in which Aisha says that Allah accomodate mohamed interests . ///
    Sahih Al-Bukhari, book 62 Wedlock, Marriage (Nikaah), volume 7, hadith 48 ///
    Narrated Hisham's father:/
    Khaula bint Hakim was one of those ladies who presented themselves to the Prophet for marriage. 'Aisha said, "Doesn't a lady feel ashamed for presenting herself to a man?" But when the Verse: "(O Muhammad) You may postpone (the turn of) any of them (your wives) that you please,' (33.51) was revealed, " 'Aisha said, 'O Allah's Apostle! I do not see, but, that your Lord hurries in pleasing you.' ///

  • pfwag

    Just Muslims doing what Muslims do when there are no natural laws to stop them.

  • TheSun

    Moderate muslims are as much to blame as the pure (extreemist) muslims. Every moderate muslim, indirectly, helps the pure muslim justify his actions. If there wernt 1.5 billion muslims in existance today, then all these pure muslims would take alot more convincing that what they're doing, is sanctioned by allah.

    Whenever a pure muslim f's up, the moderates say nothing. As soon as we speak out against whats breeding these purist (islam), the moderates jump in to defend the very ideology thats motivating the purists, then we all shut our mouths because we dont want to be labled islamaphobes.

    we're getting nowhere with this. We all have pull together, ignore the label islamaphobe and continue to denounce islam!

    whats worse, saving millions of innocent people around the world or hurting the moderate muslims feelings?

  • BABI


  • Akber Choudhry

    News source: There is a war on, and Abdul Bari Atwan attention to exploitation. Which war does not have exploitation? To compare this with peacetime exploitation is completely off-base.

    At least Atwan is doing something to stop this exploitation. What are you doing? Who was responsible for the exploitation of Iraqi women after the Iraq War? Muslims? Saddam? or George Bush?

    Use some common sense please – or is this the periodic genocidal Nazi instinct that is now targeting Muslims?

  • Henry

    @ the sun, very well said !!

  • Wasim Ahmad

    America is responsible for this underage marriages, if America let them
    live in their own houses and in their on country then why would they
    migrate to other countries and get their girls married in early ages
    for the sack of some money. How America is fighting against the
    terrorism? As America is playing the most violent role in the
    destruction of the World peace.

    • James

      I think it’s just about moral & culture.

    • Jim

      Of course. Its America’s fault. I would expect no other reasoning from someone who worships a dead child molester named Mohamed.