While the West Slept — on The Finch Gang

shariaOn this week’s edition of The Glazov Gang, a coup occurred and Jamie was replaced as host by Michael Finch, the Chief Operating Officer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Finch’s hosting abilities were so stellar and the show was so spectacular that doubts now remain if Jamie will ever return — thus the new name of the gang: The Finch Gang.

This week’s guests were Michael Chandler, Political Commentator, Morgan Brittany, a conservative TV and Movie Star and Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of PolitiChicks.tv.

This week the gang discussed: While the West Slept. The discussion occurred in Part I and the guests reflected on what will awaken free peoples from their willful blindness. The gang also shed light on: A Beheading, Multiculturalism and Videotape, as the panelists focused on the London beheading and our culture’s expected Islam-Denial in dealing with it.

In Part II, the gang discussed: When Freedom’s Foes See a Wounded America.  The guests reflected on the perils of a president exhibiting weakness in a world of tyranny and terror. The segment also involved an analysis of: Will Democrats Jump Ship on Obama?

Watch both parts of the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

  • Chtistian

    Multiculturalism is a UNESCO, UN Agenda 21 globalist, utopianist idea that is embedded in European culture.
    This idea has created a Europe saturated with Social Democrats who can't think and who are so party centered, the will bring in immigrants as voters to keep the party in power, even if the cost is an Islamic conquest.

    • Eddie Henley

      your so right then you got idiots like obummer that want to destroy the evil white empire and replace it with his black muslims

      • Defcon 4

        Hmmmm. I haven't noticed the zero having much sympathy for the black muslimes in the Sudan who are being ethnically cleansed and persecuted by Arabic muslimes (e.g. by the Janjaweed militia). Or even for the African blacks who are being enslaved by Arabic muslimes. Furthermore, it would seem one of the zero's best buddies in the muslime world is Turkey's new despotic theocrat Erdogan, who has been prime minister for almost ten years now.

  • Guest

    To Brittany Morgan and the Gang

    I see that Brittany keeps on saying that she just doesn't get why the media and the people just aren't talking about terror attacks. Well I have a possible answer for you. Did you ever see the Matrix when Neo is told about taking the red pill or the blue pill? The blue pill is like thinking there is nothing really wrong and you go about your day like every other day of your life. The red pill on the other hand will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Its money for this and its money for that and If you have enough money you can buy anything. Is there anyone you know that could buy whatever they wanted?

    You know it’s about the money power. It's everywhere. And our media has us involved in what they want us to hear, see and think. So turn your media off and start living again and start thinking for yourself. Find out about the America you grew up in and read about American history.
    Stop spending your life listening to things that don't matter before it too late. We are at war and the enemy doesn’t want us to believe it.

    • Eddie Henley

      of course we are at war and the enemy does not want us to believe it. as racist as this might sound, the whites that did not want to go to school with blacks in the 60s was on to something, look at what happens to cities every time blacks get a huge population or our schools . youth blacks are conditioned to hate whites and it shows up in communities and schools were whites are bullied and rapped and beatdown by blacks and not a peep of race hate. but one incident of a white on black and the whole black world comes out of the woodwork talking about race . bottom line is whites are not safe around blacks

      • Defcon 4

        I used to work with at-risk black youth in the USA, and while some of the gangbangers were trouble, those who weren't were decent enough kids. I never came across any of them who hated me either, for being white or otherwise.

    • buddy

      When American's begin to think of leftists and democrats as the enemy,
      we'll be at the end of the beginning in this current war.

      I don't think a democrat should be allowed a security clearance.

      I would never hire a democrat. I certainly don't want them teaching
      my children. I wouldn't trust a democrat in any way.

      I wouldn't let a democrat walk my dog. Now there's a bumper sticker!

      • Guest

        Finally someone who understands the problem!!!

        While Obama is certainly a problem, he is not THE problem. THE problem is an electorate that in the last six Presidential elections has run: two arguable traitors, one environmental Nazi, and a Marxist socialist. THE problem is an electorate of whom 40%+ do not believe in the founding principals embodied in the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, or the first two hundred years of American tradition. They realize that they do not have the political power to amend the Constitution, so they brazenly redefine the language; they ignore Constitutional prohibitions, and simply circumvent the rule of law, and rely on no prosecutor daring to pursue, and indict them.

        I no longer believe that the system can be fixed – as the GOP has an overt lack of fortitude: I give you John McCain.

        • http://www.okcteaparty.org Mark Ward

          RE: Redefining the language. Last night Mark Levin eschewed the term "Progressives" and recommended — from now on — calling them what they are: Statists. I always do a similar thing when referring to the party of the "Statists" as The Democovet Party. Just as that party encourages masses to break the 10th Commandmant and legalize plunder, they themselves covet the ultimate: Playing the role of the Creator himself, with masses believing all Providence coming from the State; including the very reshaping of the Earth in their image.

  • cheryly lewis

    In the united States they live in a world where every decision is based on what it will do to benefit blacks. you have the black caucus who exist soley to promote black agendas. funny how they preach diversity and acceptance but will accept no one else ideas just like Muslims. there is a reason people flea from blacks and Muslims

  • Shirley Greene

    Eddie your so right, every one points fingers at Christens and whites as racist to cover up their own racist views. blacks leaders will do nothing that does not help their blacks even if it screws everyone else

  • Asher

    Our prayers went out to Lee Rigby's family, and believe me this act will not bring peace to Muslims! There is not dam excuse for barbarism!

  • RebeccaJean

    Michael Chandler stated it absolutely correctly in saying multiculturalism is behind the problem. Trying to assimilate dissimilar cultures is doomed to failure when one of the cultures wants to reinstate the caliphate. That the west refuses to see this is what makes one wonder WTF has happened. When we kowtow to these people rather than confront and push back, even to the point of rolling back the ability of these people to immigrate to our countries, is absurd. And we do this because we are afraid of offending the Muslims who aren't trying to kill us? We need to offend them all! It is the only way anything is going to change.

    • M. Demetrius

      Multiculturalism, as I argued three decades ago, takes the American Pie, cuts it into pieces, pulls the pieces far apart and celebrates how different they all are, rather than remembering that "E pluribus unum" means "Out of Many, One", not "out of one, many". Try that slicing technique with a fresh, hot cherry pie and you will get a simple graphic explanation of what happens to a society when its parts are separated.

      The Founders understood that principle, but we have forgotten that they were not modern Democrats–even the most liberal of them would be far to the Right of Rush Limbaugh these days.

  • chrmenn

    the real scandal is:
    This fellow had AMPLE and PLENTY of time to make his sick declaration.
    Noone even DARED to interfere.
    What kind of society is this??????

    • M. Demetrius

      In a word, 'Declining', chrmenn.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    From the prolific Sultan Knish:

    "Terrorism's great achievement isn't hijacking jetliners, but hijacking the debate. Successful terrorism persuades the terror-stricken that he's conscience-stricken. Once adapted and internalized by its targets, asymmetric terror can be as powerful as totalitarian terror.

    Ultimately, terror triumphs when it allows perpetrators to masquerade as victims.
    It's the intolerant demanding tolerance that bedevils Western civil liberties and anti-defamatory organizations"

    • guest

      nice statement whoever wrote it

      • Defcon 4

        Mr. Daniel Greenfield I believe.

  • Rifleman

    Nope. Like with Clinton, they'll bluster a little and fold, back up, and draw a new meaningless line for him to cross.


    NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES, BLACKS WILL NEVER ABANDON HIM which proves that they voted for him based only on the COLOR OF HIS SKIN and not the content of his character which SPITS IN THE FACE OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, their hero, whose Dream turned into HIS WORSE NIGHTMARE!

    WHO WANTS TO ADMIT THEY VOTED FOR THE WRONG PERSON??? No matter what he does, those who voted for him will never admit what all of us knew, and learned, as far back as 2007. There are so many issues that they glossed over since they only wanted to vote for "The First Black President" and he surely fooled them with his smile and oration skills like he learned selling drugs and picking up girls, and guys, on the beaches of Hawaii.

  • Donald DaCosta

    They THINK they have everyone in their pocket? Have you seen any of the "man in the street" interviews put on by Jay Leno for example? What percentage of the voting population do these "ill informed" voters represent? To anyone paying attention, concerned about being "informed," Obama would not have won in 2008 and, based on his record of duplicity and incompetence, I'd have bet the farm against him in 2012. How'd that turn out? America and perhaps the entire western world are gravely misinformed and who is at fault for that? The legacy media for sure and now that their ire is up because of the AP phone records I doubt it will make any significant difference in their grossly biased reporting designed to protect this affirmative action President. He's put their reputations and legacy at risk and they will do all they can to protect that including bending over for the Obama machine if that suits this purpose.

  • Adam's Apple

    RE: Will Democrats Jump Ship on Obama? — on The Finch Gang

    For which reason? Obama is the leader of the DNC's nocturnal Statist emission.

    A wet dream is not a sin in Islam.

  • Maxie

    Obysma, as our first (pseudo) black prez, must go into the history books as a great and flawless leader. That's the Left's sole concern and what they will focus on w/o let-up no matter who gets hurt.

  • M. Demetrius

    I have wondered for years why a person who has one black parent and the other white is always, universally, and loudly called "black". Obama was mostly raised by his white grandmother, yet he is always called black. Is it because his mentor was black? Not all American black people speak with an ebonic accent, and not all racists are white.

  • Stephen

    Jamie is a good writer & a great guy but his interviewing skills are very subpar. There's nothing wrong with focusing on your core strengths. I hope to see more writing & less interviewing from Mr. Glazov … best wishes to all!

    • Diane

      You are crazy, Stephen! Interviewing is one of Jamie's greatest strengths! Have you not read his last two books???!!! Other intellectuals rave about his interviewing skills. Maybe he just makes it look easy.

    • Jarrett

      pfffffft. Glad you arent in charge.

      • Kenny Williams

        Jarrett and Diane, this is clearly a hater — Jaime is obviously the best host of a show ever!

  • Stephen

    Jamie is a good writer & a great guy but his interviewing skills are very subpar. There's nothing wrong with focusing on your core strengths. I hope to see more writing & less interviewing from Mr. Glazov … best wishes to all!

  • Asher

    Christopher Stevens had a certain mysticism for Islam, he surely didn't expect what he got in the end, to be raped by them and murdered. The Left has a fatal obsession with the Islamic Cult.

  • Arlie

    Germany – http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3728/germany-new-ottom...

    The U.S. helps reconstruct the Ottoman Empire.

  • Anonymous

    One item which was not discussed is what happens to a nation state when the public has zero trust in its leaders and institutions? What happens when a President is seen as a lying, deceitful demagogue? When the institutions serving the administration — the IRS, EPA, Dept of Justice,State Dept — are filled to the rafters with corrupt, nefarious cut-throats out to further their Dear Leader's tyrannical agenda? Will the patriots opt-out? Refuse to declare income, return to bartering, disengage from the corruption, and defy the State at every turn?Let the socialists stew in their own juices — bankrupt and powerless!

    • Stephen

      Not yet, but soon. People should start resisting the IRS at every turn. Launch dozens of lawsuits. Pay the least possible amount, at the last possible moment. They will then frame you and harass you and counter-sue you ad nauseam. But better to go down fighting. Resist all the corrupt catamitic institutions that so slavishly kneel before little barry soetoro.

  • Asher

    Remember 911, we thought something like that tragedy would never happen on Americas shores. Complacency , apathy, lack of knowledge, sin, corruption, and lack of getting guidance from God are all responsible for civilizations destroyed. Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."

  • http://www.thedarwinpapers.com James Foard

    I welcome the change. Jamie was a terrible interviewer. He was too controlling, he constantly interrupted the natural flow of conversation almost to the point of rudeness; I was surprised that he ever had any guests back.

    • Jarrett

      Are you kidding me? Jamie is awesome.Not sure what youre watching.

      • Kenny Williams

        Jarrett this guy is jealous. Glasov rules as host!

    • Diane

      I disagree! Jamie is an excellent host. He is VERY considerate of his guests and interjects his opinions just enough to keep the conversation going. Are we watching the same Glazov Gang???

      • Kenny Williams

        Dianne dont waste ur time on these people, they are haters and also want boring orthodox programs…..they clearly never accomplished anything on their own….let them go watch other shows….they can't recognize good stuff.

    • George

      Jamie is the greaest. When he is present, the show is not only highly intellectual in content and possesesseldom heard common sense, but entertaining as well. Besides, how many books has James Foard ever written?

      • Kenny Williams

        hahahahahaha James Foard=Hater……dreams of hosting a show and writing a book but never will…..probably sweeps floors somewhere. Good point George! …. But George, I do question Jaime's selection of guests sometimes.

    • Stephen

      I totally agree. He's a poser, a pseudo-intellect, feels threatened by intelligent guests, likes steepling his fingers, pointing with a pencil. Though he's never rude or ad hominem as leftists usually are.

      • Kenny Williams

        Wow Stephen, you have some issues.

  • Kenny Williams

    Some strange haters on here. Mike Finch is great and so is the regular host, Jaime…..in my opinion he is one of the best hosts of a talk show I have ever seen. Great combo of wit and seriousness. It's a shame he is not on Cable. One criticism is the show should be longer and there need to be more episodes.

    • Diane

      You are so right, Kenny!

      • Kenny Williams

        yup…..the host breaks a lot of standard and normal rules…which makes the show unique and fun…..the critics want a boring person with a bow tie saying the same old thing.

  • Diane

    I am a big fan of he Glazov Gang and Jamie! I think his show is one of the few places anyone will hear the truth of what is happening domestically and internationally. And Jamie is a superb host – very considerate of his guests – in fact one of his strengths is his skill as an interviewer. He says just enough to keep the conversation going and to engage his guests and his audience. I think the Glazov Gang is going places in the media world!

    • Kenny Williams

      Exactly Dianne! The haters are PATHETIC. Jaime needs to be on CABLE!!!! Stellar host….

    • Cathy

      I agree.

      I will embrace Jamie Glazov's positions of the issues … positions that are derived from a firm foundation …over Michael Finch's "stellar hosting abilities" anytime. An Ideology that is consistent with a Conservative mindset is where it is at for me! Love ya Jamie!

      Michael Finch – Illegal Immigration

      (Part II – 8:05 – 8:10) http://frontpagemag.com/2013/jamie-glazov/politic

      • Cathy


        (Part II – 8:05 – 12:10)

  • Jarrett

    Not sure whats up with these guys hating on Jamie's interviewing skills, the man is a genius.

    • Kenny Williams

      You got it Jarrett! Haters gonna hate!

  • Paul Adamson

    Why would you want to replace Dr. Glazov? The man is cut from the cloth of Soviet dissidents who fought a noble cause. He understands what truly is at stake in America. His interviewing skills are what make the show informative as well as humorous, which the show needs. Otherwise it's just doom and gloom. Not to take away from Mike Finch, but I enjoy the Glazov Gang. Jaime Glazov is an intellect who developed his own style of interviewing. If you think he's subpar then you don't get him! Lighten up!

    • Kenny Williams

      Exactly Paul. They are haters. His style is original and enjoyable to watch.

    • Cathy

      Obviously … there has been a falling out between Jamie Glazov and the "powers that be" with Front Page Magazine. I wish the writer of this commentary had taken the high road and given Jamie well deserved credit for his worthwhile contribution in furthering the message of the Freedom Center prior to announcing the impending changes.

      • Kenny Williams

        A heartless coup!!

  • Rita

    The UN at very best is completely discredited, and should, at the very least, be disbanded. Less charibably: they are sponsoring global criminality and they should be indicted for breaches against Human Rights, or at the very least their corrupted seats should be moved to Teheran.

  • Cathy

    The letter from a former follower of Islam that appears in the comment section at the following link is definitely food for thought on so many levels in regards to the furthering of the Islamic agenda while the nations of the free world sleep. IMO