“A Few Minutes To Twelve”: Wilders Warns

A warning of time running out for the West:

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  • TOM


    • Kismet

      Israel's Zionists started the pure race syndrome….Hitler took revenge on his illegitimate grandfather and his grandmother when he targeted Jews with the Zionist's own plan… His grandmother was of african extract. His grandfather…a Rothschild….its history and worth studying

      • Roger Cole

        Lovely to see the rantings of a pure looney on here, Kismet, may you rave on ad infinitum.

        • Geppettwo

          What's your evidence that he's a "looney"? What do you know about Wilders? What do you know about Islam and Muslims in general? Specifics only please.

          • reader

            This is very specific – about where the nazis are coming from:

          • Geppettwo

            Still not exactly sure where you're coming from but here's where I'm at with regard to where I think you're at.

            The URL you refer to regards a book, "Al-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity and the Jews." I have not read it but here's one sentence from the summary: "What are the sources of the enmity that drive and justify Jihad in all its forms? Will Judaism and Christianity survive when currently global Islam, supported by the universal Caliphate's Jihad against Israel enforces its 7th century claim to be the origin of these two faiths?" This doesn't sound like a book that praises and glorifies Islam, the "religion" of Muslims.

            It is the influx of Muslims into Europe, including the Netherlands where Mr. Wilders is a member of Parliament, the leader of The Party For Freedom. In 2008 he produced a film, “Fitna,” that portrayed Islam as it is understood and practiced by the so called Jihadis or the ever popular “radicals who've hijacked a religion.” Here's a link to the video. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIKCgRlwQUA&oref=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkIKCgRlwQUA&has_verified=1″ target=”_blank”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIKCgRlwQUA&or…” target=”_blank”>Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkIKCgRlwQUA&has_verified=1
            Wilders has been under a Fatwa since: http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/28
            The Justice system in his own country accused him of hate speech, an accusation he vigorously denied to no avail. He was tried and eventually found not guilty.

            If, as I understand your comment, that your perception of Mr. Wilders is that he is “looney” and coming from “where the nazis are coming from” I interpret this as meaning you consider Mr. Wilders is to Muslims as the Nazis are to Jews. That's not a jump it's an olympic sized leap to the wrong conclusion. “The radicals who've hijacked a religion” are to Jews as the Nazis are to Jews. Mr. Wilders and a number of other equally demonized critics of Islam, are trying desperately to alert a complacent world who remain just as oblivious to the danger of Islamic Jihad as did the world about the intentions of Hitler and the Nazis before he declared war and instituted the Holocaust to solve the “Jewish problem.”

            Wilders reluctance to commit to a specific number of Muslims when pressed in this interview is understandable. He has no idea of the exact number but very much aware that Muslims number over a billion spread over the globe. But he was very specific about the remedy for any Muslim immigrant who prefers their Islamic roots over assimilation to the culture of the host country. Not death in a gas chamber but a hasty departure to from whence they came.

            I apologize if I've understood you incorrectly. If not I suggest you dig deeper. The centuries old Muslim quest to Islamize the world, for a global Caliphate, unlike the Christian Crusades, has never succumbed to modernity. The persistent threat of Al Qaeda, and their numerous offshoots, the turmoil in the Middle East naively labeled the “Arab Spring,” the Muslim Brotherhood front groups operating in the U.S., their infiltration into academia and the halls of power in Washington, James Clapper, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence stating that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “secular” organization, exhibiting a disturbing level of ignorance, etc.

          • Casual Bystander

            I think Roger was referring to Kismet-not Wilders-as the "pure looney," esp. in light of the closing "may you [Kismet] rave on ad infinitum." My guess is that Kismet is a regular contributor to the comments here, that Roger is familiar with him and his perspective, and that Roger greeted him with a little light-hearted ribbing.

            Also, you seem to be concluding that "Roger Cole" (who posted the first comment) is the same person as "reader," who posted the link to the book (since you refer to "your comment" as encompassing both the "looney" and "where the nazis are coming from" statements in separate comments). I'm not sure why you think so; perhaps you are reading too quickly in your haste to defend Mr. Wilders. They may well be one and the same person, but then again, they may be separate people, right?

          • Geppettwo

            You're right. I didn't notice this until after posting my reply. In any case I said what I felt needs saying and much appreciate the feedback.

          • Western Candian

            The comment he made is all the proof anyone should need that is a loon.

          • Geppettwo

            See reply to Roger Cole.



        WW2 Victory in Europe Day: Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender (1945

        I see more Nakba in your future.

        • jimi belton


    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Tom, great points. I couldn't agree more.

  • Rita

    I think in this case Geert Wilders is optimist… a few minutes TO midnight? I feel its a couple of minutes past :(

    He has just arrived in Australia, going to hear him speak. He is a Hero! And all his points have been proven many times over here already, by the cowardly attitude of our politiicians, and venues being cancelled because the venue owners have taken fright by the onslaught of threats.

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Rita, indeed, western civilization is NEAR bowed, there is little time left – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/08/clash-of-civi

      Eurabia is gone. Finished. As to the U.S., it is not yet a done deal, but it is nearing the witching hour. No kidding – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/09/shariah-law-e

      And bowing to Sharia Law has brought the U.S. to here – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/05/u-s-movie-mak

      NONE of the above is hyperbole. Have been studying its roots for years. This is where the west is at, whether one tends to be an optimist or pessimist.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

      • Drakken

        The folks in Europe are not in anyway, shape or form finished, they may be cowed for the moment, but that is changing fast, much to the horror of the govts including the EUSSR. Once that genie of nationalism is let out of the bottle, there will be no putting it back again, the people of Europe will only be pushed so far before that backlash the muslims and their Quisling leftist allies fear comes to pass, make no mistake, it is coming.


          Just as I reject Islamofascism, I reject fascism – the national Socialist fascism that killed tens of millions of people in the former Europe.

          You don't trade one disease for an equally deadly disease.

          Both diseases must be cured.

          Meanwhile, except for the Czech Republic, SCREW SOCIALIST ISLAMIST-PHILIC EURABIA.

          • Drakken

            Never did mention anything about facism, I said nationalism, big difference.

        • jimi belton

          please show us ASAP…..I pray you are correct….Send these hoards of devils running..

  • Mladen

    There is an even better interview Geert Wilders gave the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Dutch MP Geert Wilders being interviewed by Tony Jones on ABC Lateline 13 February 2013 http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2013/s3689

    • Arlie

      Excellent link..thank you….We can stand behind this truth and pray all will listen to him a follow his clear, honest message. Thank G-d for Geert and all brave truth tellers!

  • Kismet

    I think people should take time out to evaluate what Islam teaches, what most Muslims believe. before they decide what Islam is all about. Christians show a history of taking over the world and converting all nations to Christianize and any who opposed were killed…… The Israelis are doing the same through the world banks that they own…..Please explain to me why Islam is wrong….and NO…I am not a muslim..I am christian with an open mind

    • Dwee

      Christians may have been violent in the PAST, but that doesn't mean they are still that way. Muslims are trapped in the past and still treat women like animals. Israel owns the world banks? Another delusion you've sucked into your spongy brain.. The Israelis are going to separate themselves from the hoards of ignorant people that mean them harm. They are completely self sufficient now, but once they separate, world banks and money will be like a children game to them. Soon, you and yours will be left banging at their force field begging for their technology. Too late. You lose.

    • Lan Astaslem

      no, you're a low information dhimmi

    • Watcher87

      ."Please explain to me why Islam is wrong"

      "I think people should take time out to evaluate what Islam teaches"

      Take your own advice! Sheesh.

    • Poppakap

      We've been evaluating what Islam teaches ever since the Barbary Pirates sought to extort from the US treasury over 200 years ago. That you seem incapable of learning from the lessons history teaches (except for the blame America first crapola) is all we need to know about you.

    • Drakken

      Ah yes, our education system in all it's glory on full display. No wonder why our youth are dumber than a bag of hammers and these useful idiots vote!



      60,000+ people have died in Syria. That's Muslims killing Muslims – Arabs killing Arabs.

      Iraq/Iran had an 8 year war where 1,000,000 Muslims died.

      Islamofascists hijacked 4 passenger planes on 9/11
      Islamofascists placed a bomb on passenger plane Pan Am 103.
      Islamofascists dominate OPEC and rape the entire world with $100 per barrel oil.
      Every airport in the world needs checkpoints, to screen out Islamofascist terrorists who try to kill people in the name of the false prophet muhammed (nabka be upon it).

      BTW KisMETH, we don't believe your Taqiyya.


      KisMETH, Are you John Brennan?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Good Catch, if not his offspring………………William

    • Mary Sue

      Islam is wrong because it commands Muslims to go on Holy War and kill the infidels wherever they are found, and it says that a rock or tree will call out to a Muslim and say "O Servant of Allah, here is a Jew hiding behind me, come kill him."

      And also because Allah is the god of the moon is made of green cheese and there is not a LICK of teachings of LOVE in Islam AT ALL.

    • dave1543

      Alright Kismet, I will show you why Islam is wrong, although you should already know it, if you are a Christian.

      1Jn 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

      Joh 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

      There is more written in the Word of God but the above are plain to all. Islam denies the Father and the Son. Muslims deny that Jesus is the Son of God. They are liars and antichrists, according to the Bible. They follow a spirit that is not of God and, as it's written, unless they repent, the wrath of god abides on them. That is why Islam is wrong, among many other reasons.

    • candy

      Everyone is well aware what islam teaches,what they believe and their negative actions – except apparently you.

      Israel is taking over the world ? Israel is forcing people to convert ? Christians are forcing converts ?muslims own more banks than " Israeli's " do. Where are the 100 million Israelis that have invaded every western country and are raping and murdering people in the name of god ? Where are the Christians that immigrated to Michigan and raped and drugged little girls and forced them to be prostitutes because their god allows them to enslave and rape infidels ?

      Every 4 minutes a girl has her genitals cut off ,by force,for allah,not Jesus..

      All the information on muslim atrocities is available .It is easy to find because it's not a few radicals ,it is hundreds of millions of cult fanatics . You can choose to listen to pretty words or read the facts.
      You've obviously chosen to turn your back on an imperfect religion and accept submission and subjugation in a racist ,misogynist ,violent ideology that has murdered 300 million people ,enslaved 200 + million and more every day and destroyed every religions history they can get their hands on.

      There are 57 muslim countries .Muslims force people to convert on the threat of death and legally kill them for leaving islam there. Pick one to live in,submit and enjoy your faceless burka imprisonment until they kill you.

    • William

      Maybe you should first learn "to evaluate" what Christianity teaches if you propose to be a Christian. Your grasp of your own presumed religion is atrocious.

    • Beth

      Kismet…forget what this world is teaching you for a moment…and look at the facts for yourself:

      Look at what the New Testament teaches (sole supreme authority for all christians) and look at what the Koran teaches (sole supreme authority for all muslims). Compare the two.

      You will not find a single sentence in the New Testament where humans are taught to be violent with each other. In fact, you'll find quite the opposite. The same can not be said of the Koran. The west needs leaders who are willing to open the koran – BEFORE ALL – to show how it vioates all human rights.

      Taught in the Koran:

      047.004 – Beheadings

      033.052 & 024:033 – Gang Rape of female 'infidels'

      005.033 – Crucifixions

      008.067 – Treason (perjury in a non-muslim court is commanded when defending islam)

      033.061 – Genocide "without mercy"

      005.041 – Racism

      005.041 O Messenger! let not those grieve thee, who race each other into unbelief: whether it be among those whosay "We believe" with their lips but whose hearts have no faith; or it be among the Jews,- men who will listen to any lie (This is pure RACISM. It teaches hatred)

      WE need leaders who are willing to expose these facts – which are online for ALL to see.

    • surj1936

      Kismat " I think people should take time out to evaluate what islam teaches " I agree with you wholeheartedly. Infidels MUST read Quran ,Hadiths,Suna and muslims history to know exactly how EVIL islam and muslims are.Quran Sura 9 :111 " Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them paradise.They will fight for the cause of Allah, they will Kill and be Killed." And that is exactly what you muslims have been doing from the times of Mo-ham-mad[may piss be upon him] Quran is full of hate towards Jews and Christians, Just see http://www.compassdirect.org

    • surj1936

      Kismat " Christians show a history of taking over the world and converting all nations to Christianize and who opposed were killed .." Which part of the world are you talking of? Do you know that Arabs/muslims who colonized most of East Africa, Central Africa West Africa converted blacks to islam, and those who refused were killed ,centuries before white man ever set foot in that parts of Africa.To this day there are over 800,000 black Mauritanian who are slave to Arabs. See who were the slave masters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsaPQ8jOqGo

    • surj1936

      Kismat " The Islearlis are doing the same through the world banks that they own " Your muslim hate of Jews which comes from your Quran will NEVER, NEVER go, no matter what. We don't have to explain to you why Islam is wrong, as you are a muslim ,you know it very well. Now stop lying that you are a Christian, You fu%king liar. AS SCRWE SOCIALISM say '' we don't believe in your Taqiyya.'' Now learn more about ''al-taqiyya'' see http://jeffjenkinscoala.blogspot.com/2009/09/taki
      Kismat, would you do us a favour,and admit islam is EVIL cult.

    • mark

      If you are truly "Christian with an open mind" then in today's lanquage it means you're a narrow-minded, totalitarian minded "progressive." I've seen so many of you pretending to be "open-minded" while your behavior, indeed your post, shows otherwise. Nice try, however.

    • Rami Reed

      Which world banks do the Israelis control exactly. Name them please and provide evidence. Who are the Israelis converting and how are they taking over the world?

  • Adrienne

    Religious discrimination big time. May I remind you that the Christians killed many many people because they would not become Christians and then they poured missionaries into every country and jungle to convert our native people… people who were practising spirituality. People who were better off. We are supposed to be learning to live together in peace. One race – the human race. We must stand together, not apart… our only enemy is the Elite Cabal… and they want us to be separated by religion, race and such things so that they can manipulate us into playing out their evil agenda of taking of the world and enslaving us. Muslim propaganda has carried on too long and it is time to unite and stand together against these evil satanists.

    • Drakken

      There is no moral equivilance between islam and our judeo/christen West period ! All cutures and all religions are not equal and never will be, warfare is a human condition since the dawn of time, we will contiue that fine tradition, no matter how much the kumbaya singing left wants to deny these simple facts, it is a cold, cruel, harsh world out there and if you want to bend to kiss your enemies feet in the faint hope that they will spare you,reeks of cowerdice, good luck luck in your effort to spread appeasement in the face of savages. Darwin will have the last word where that is concerned.


      Adrienne, Please finish your Peace Quilt and deliver it to Osama bin Laden.

    • Mary Sue

      Guess what. Muslims would have done that and have done that and far worse. Islam is NOT more englightened than Christianity. (Forced conversions are STUPID no matter who commits them)

      Who is the Elite Cabal? Do you even know?

    • dave1543

      Adrienne, you are so wrong. Christians don't kill anyone. This is what the Bible says,

      1Jn 3:15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

      People who claim to be Christians do a lot of crazy things, kill, force people to convert, start wars, exploit others, etc. You, like so many others, have obviously been deceived.

    • Beth

      Adrienne – The Christians have a New Covenant (He gave a New covenant) – which commands:

      Do Not Lie

      Do not Steal

      Do not Cheat

      Do no Murder

      Do not Covet

      (end of Christian Carnal Commands – There are no more after those. The Spiritual commands do not concern non-Christians)

      Just because a person claims to be a Christian – does not mean that they are.

      The same can not be said of the Koran. It's teachings are brutal…and there are too many of you who do not want to address those facts.

  • lehnne

    Not sure what planet some of the commentators think they are living on but here on earth conquest, violence is the calling card of humanity. How do you think Islam expanded from its place of origin? The idea that indigenous people were peace loving and harmonious is not supported by the evidence just the bigotry of modern academics.

  • cxt


    Perhaps, just perhaps, you would like show when RECENTLY "christians" did any of that?????

    If your going to actually advance a worldview that somehow "justifies" the violence and brutality of Islam by comparing it to similar acts by "christians" you might want to check the dates of such acts. Since according to what you posted above since "chrisians" did titular "bad things" say 500 YEARS ago that somehow makes it "ok" for jihad/s to do so NOW.

    Also interesting to note that you ask FOR INFORMATION on what is "wrong" with Islam. So you seemingly are not aware of ANYTHING posted all over this site–ANYTHING widely reported on the news etc.

    But you ARE really up to date on the whole "jews control the world" thing :(

    Sad and tragic.

  • JacksonPearson

    Fitna by Geert Wilders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIKCgRlwQUA

    Is a 2008 short film by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. Approximately 17 minutes in length, the film attempts to demonstrate that the Qur'an motivates its followers to hate all who violate Islamic teachings. The movie shows selected excerpts from Suras of the Qur'an, interspersed with media clips and newspaper cuttings showing or describing acts of violence and/or hatred by Muslims.

    The film argues that Islam encourages—among other things—acts of terrorism, antisemitism, violence against women, violence and subjugation of "infidels" and against homosexuals and Islamic universalism. A large part of the film details the influence of Islam on the Netherlands. The film was published on the Internet in 2008. Shortly before its release, its announcement was suspended from its website by the American provider because of the perceived controversy. It stirred a still continuing debate in the Netherlands as well as abroad, and a criminal prosecution for hate speech.

    The Arabic title-word "fitna" means "disagreement and division among people" or a "test of faith in times of trial". Wilders, a prominent critic of Islam, described the film as "a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamisation"

  • jimi belton

    I wish that the word 'christian' was not used so many times in such a fashion….No one can be filled with the Spirit of the Savior of mankind and hate and subigate nations to convert at the point of the sword….Roman Paganism in the past has brushed its evil with the brush called christian, but there is just no way that a true follower of the Bibical Jesus can do this kind of offence to others….Oh well, I am embarrased by the history created by the Papist`s of Rome….jb

    • Drakken

      Jesus said turn the other cheek in arguements, not to let the muslims slaughter them. So the Christian sword needs to be unshealthed and used if you are to survive.

    • JacksonPearson

      Stay embarrassed, because:
      "To him who believeth, no explanation is necessary;
      to him that believeth not, no explanation is possible."

  • jimi belton

    These bottom feeders called muzzies are a plague upon humanity….Send them reeling

  • earlyamerican

    The propaganda against Wilders is horrific. The left in Europe is vicious. My husband is from the Netherlands and still has family there. They tend to believe the leftist garbage preached to them and they've done a great job targeting Geert Wilders and labeling him a Nazi. Horrific evil leftist trash! The believed Pim Fortyn was a far right nutjob. Heaven help the Dutch.

    • candy

      Most Europeans have chosen to remain blind,deaf and dumb to islam ,including the rape of their own children ,abuses of their social system and persecution of their Jewish citizens .
      They are so delusional ,they completely ignore the fact Hitler was allied with muslims and they preach the same terror. This is literally like the return of Hitler and yet again ,Europeans ignore the facts..

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Wilders warnings are not just a man crying in the wilderness, the list of crimes against
    humanity by Islam and the daily rape and murder victims piles up high. When the viscious
    gang bangers get out of our prisons, many will be in the vanguard of violent jihad in
    America, trained by Muslim propagandists who look for the most vile adherents. Like
    a poisonous vapor the deceit and underpinnngs of evil are seeping up throughout
    America abeted by leftist fools preparing thier own demise……………………William

    • JacksonPearson

      I wish Geert Wilders was an American, and in our politics. To me, this man is a giant!

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Yes he is and a model of right action for all freedom lovers, soon I hope he will be
        Geert "The Giant Killer" of Islamist perfidy…………………William

  • bluffcreek1967

    I know it's hard for us civilized folks to do, but we must begin to fight back somehow against the world-wide Muslim invasion in white, western nations. I'm not advocating violence per se, but we can all do simple things to show our contempt for Muslims: (1) Don't greet them on the street. Make it clear in your facial expressions that you view them as unlawful foreigners, enemies of the West. (2) Don't do business with Muslim companies or businesses that support Islamic causes. (3) Teach your children about Islam, its history and murderous ways. (4) Make it customary in your home to mock and ridicule Islam and it's pedophile founder (may pig piss be upon him). (5) Read and share with others books critical of Islam, such as the works of Robert Spencer.

    We might not be able to be a Geert Wilders or have his level of courage, but we can all do something.

    • surj1936

      bluffcreek1967 . Very well said, I only wish people who have read your comment here will abide what you say.The more you ridicule islam/muslims the better. I always give them dirty looks when I see them on road or any where.I never buy at their shops. I suggest a book by BatYe'or " The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam " I my opinion it is a must for all infidels to read. see http://www.islam-watch.org

    • WilliamJamesWard

      It would preface our not having anything to do with the US Government………………William

  • Indioviejo

    Boycott Muslims in America and ostracise people who engage them in any way. We need to strike back before it is too late.

    • surj1936

      Indioviejo " Boycott muslims in America and ostracise people who engage them in any way …" I agree with you completely. Infidels ought to do that or else we are doomed .see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com and http :www.blip.tv/file/1382254 Islam is an evil cult, don't trust any muslim especially one in the W.H.

  • cathy

    Geert Wilder's Speech to the Dutch Parliament
    September, 2007

    Geert Wilders – Islam, and the freedom of speech (1/4)

    Geert Wilders – Islam, and the freedom of speech (2/4)

    Geert Wilders – Islam, and the freedom of speech (3/4)

    Geert Wilders – Islam, and the freedom of speech (4/4)

  • cathy

    Fitna – Full movie
    Producer – Geert Wilder

  • cathy


    Anti-muslim campaigner coming to Australia
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    Broadcast: 13/02/2013

  • lynda

    the man interviewing Wilders is sadly a fool. Someday, he'll regret not taking Wilders seriously. It'll be his loss.