Allen West on George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

3857199523_AlanWest5_xlargeWith the George Zimmerman trial underway, and in light of David Horowitz’s recent article “Is the Zimmerman Case Really Open and Shut?” Frontpage’s editors felt it important to post a statement that Col. Allen West posted in March 2012 on his Facebook page. In his statement, West criticized the local authorities for their handling of the shooting of Trayvon Martin. West stressed that George Zimmerman “should have been held in custody and certainly should not be walking free, still having a concealed weapons carry permit.”

The full statement is below:

I have sat back and allowed myself time to assess the current episode revealing itself in Sanford, Florida involving the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. First of all, if all that has been reported is accurate, the Sanford Police Chief should be relieved of his duties due to what appears to be a mishandling of this shooting in its early stages. The US Navy SEALS identified Osama Bin Laden within hours, while this young man laid on a morgue slab for three days. The shooter, Mr Zimmerman, should have been held in custody and certainly should not be walking free, still having a concealed weapons carry permit. From my reading, it seems this young man was pursued and there was no probable cause to engage him, certainly not pursue and shoot him….against the direction of the 911 responder. Let’s all be appalled at this instance not because of race, but because a young American man has lost his life, seemingly, for no reason.  I have signed a letter supporting a DOJ investigation. I am not heading to Sanford to shout and scream, because we need the responsible entities and agencies to handle this situation from this point without media bias or undue political influences. This is an outrage.

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  • Conniption Fitz

    Disappointed in Colonel West drawing conclusions, making assumptions without evidence. This is exactly what the media is doing, calling Zimmerman a murderer.

    Do you not believe a person has the right to self defense and a fair trial without racism and political influence?

    Better do some research of the facts in evidence before chiming in, Colonel West and Mr. Horowitz:

    Trial Lawyer:

    Effects of drugs on behavior, mental state, aggression:

  • Alvaro

    Let me start by saying that I have been an admirer of David Horowitz and an avid reader of Frontpage Mag for many years.

    But light of David Horowitz’s embarrassing article before the weekend, I see that the damage control team at Frontpage Mag has rushed in to save Horowitz from all the negative response. Horowitz seems to have strayed back to his roots, yet again defending violent black thugs. One of the only people supportive of Horowitz was a person with the telling handle “progressives rule”. Almost everyone else saw through the demented logic of flat out excusing assault and battery, while at the same time denying the victim the right to self defense. In my opinion there is no way this would even be in the news had Zimmerman been black and Martin been white – the fact that we are even discussing this is racism, race hustling and threats of riots.

    “From my reading, it seems this young man was pursued and there was no probable cause to engage him,”

    You try to defend a clueless Horowitz by citing another clueless person who just had the first narrative leaked to the press, namely that of a “racist white hispanic” who stalked an innocent black teen and shot him in cold blood under the excuse of the stand your ground law.

    By now we know that it wasn’t the case. In the 911 call, Zimmerman was asked if he was following Martin. Zimmerman said he did. The 911 operator said he shouldn’t do it. Zimmerman then said OK! He verbally complied! Zimmerman stated he was assaulted on the way back to his vehicle, something quite credible, considering how close he was to his car when Martin was shot. And Martin found way too close to have tried to get away.

    “certainly not pursue and shoot him”

    That is not what happened. Zimmerman’s explanation is consistent with the evidence: He stated that Martin suckerpunched him, sat on top of him and beat him. The evidence shows that Zimmerman had grass on the back of his shirt, he had a broken nose and marks on the back of his head. The evidence also shows that Martin’s knees had been on the ground and that his knuckles were damaged, consistent with hitting someone several times in the head.

    “but because a young American man has lost his life, seemingly, for no reason.”

    The reason was that he committed a felony and could have seriously or even mortally injured Zimmerman, (and allegedly verbally stated that he would kill him). There is no doubt that anyone being in that situation, with a physically stronger person sitting on top, battering them, while they were on the bottom with no way to retreat or escape, and with blood running into their lungs would not fear for their lives.

    Deadly force is justified in situations where you reasonably believe that it’s immediately necessary to prevent the attacker from causing you death or serious bodily injury.

    Frankly, Zimmerman had no other option than to shoot, because he could not get away and was not capable of defending himself otherwise. Shooting was therefore necessary to protect him from serious bodily injury or even death.

    The tragedy is that *two* lives has been destroyed over this.

    • 8ball

      Well said. I didn’t know about Martin’s knuckles being damaged. I was surprised to see the prosecution call evidence that there was no DNA of Z under Martin’s nails given that there was no evidence of scratching. It seemed to me to be deliberate misdirection.

      • newsel

        Why would he scratch when he was using his knuckles…

        • Fifthcolumnist

          Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon Martin used both hands on either side of Zimmerman’s head as he slammed Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk. From the pictures at the time, Zimmerman’s hair was cut low. To bash Zimmerman’s head into the walk, Trayvon Martin could have possibly scratched Zimmerman as he supposedly held Mr. Zimmerman’s head…..but I find it hard to believe that Trayvon Martin could have held either side of Zimmerman’s head during the fight and not scratched Zimmerman.

          • Fredrick Massey

            dude….I, myself, have been in scraps where I grabbed a guy’s skull and held it tight and smashed it into the ground.

          • tagalog

            Why am I not surprised to hear that?

          • Fredrick Massey

            I am just guessing but where you come from conflict resolution is considered a martial art…

          • tagalog

            That’s correct: you’re just guessing.

          • Fredrick Massey

            Of course I am guessing. Tm guessed that GZ was harmless. I am right. TM was wrong.

            He won 1st prize in the Darwin contest. His gene pool was drained.


          • NAHALKIDES

            Supposition on your part. The condition of Martin’s knuckles is in agreement with Zimmerman’s story. No DNA under his fingernails doesn’t prove anything – we typically see DNA under the nails when serious scratches are inflicted on someone; Zimmerman didn’t have any in the photos I’ve seen.

          • WhiteHunter

            Too many jurors–and wannabe jurors–nowadays suffer from what the judge in a gangbanger homicide case where I was on the jury called “CSI Syndrome.” That is, an overdose of the popular TV series leads viewers to (falsely) believe that there is ALWAYS DNA that can be analyzed to prove guilt or innocence; and that without DNA, nothing can be known, much less proved.
            In fact, DNA is available at all in only a small minority of cases–I think something like 15%. The absence of DNA proves nothing at all one way or the other.
            All of the other evidence in the Zimmerman self-defense/justifiable homicide case supports the truth: that Martin threw the first punch, breaking Zimmerman’s nose and knocking him over backwards, then continued the attack by jumping on top and starting to beat him to death. If that isn’t full justification for the victim of such a life-threatening attack to use his firearm against his assailant in defense of his own life, nothing is–regardless of which race either of them belongs to.

          • love4geneva

            I was a p.i.for several years.i observed,sometimes followed people.I also was confronted a couple of times,usually @ night.I alsocarried a weapon,and would have used it tofight off an attacker.I am a female; but shouldnt matter.gz would not be alive,if he hadnt gotten his weapon.

          • tagalog

            Maybe Martin bit his nails.

          • Zu Byerly

            After he was shot in the heart or before, while he was, supposedly fighting Zimmerman? There is so evidence of bitten nails.

          • Zu Byerly

            No DNA foreign to Martin found under his nails, and police saw no traces of blood on his hands nor nails at the crime scene.

          • NAHALKIDES

            Which proves exactly nothing. There’s no reason why Martin would have Zimmerman’s DNA under his nails even had he beaten Zimmerman to death. Zimmerman was clearly bleeding and why police couldn’t find Zimmerman’s blood at the scene is rather unimportant – it may have washed away or soaked into the ground, but it doesn’t matter.

          • m4253y


            Let me ask you this, do you watch UFC fights? Do you recall the witness who came out of his house and stated he saw Martin on top of Zimmerman “straddling him and throwing blows down at him MMA style”?

            Well, I have seen many of those UFC contests and fought some myself (non UFC but MMA) and rarely if ever were scratches seen on either opponent.

            Your finding it hard to believe simply because you have no knowledge base to draw upon and as such, the facts aside, you are drawing erroneous conclusions.

          • Zu Byerly

            That witness said he didn’t see any blows thrown by Martin.

          • m4253y

            what trial were you watching, the Arias trial?

          • Fredrick Massey

            Not true. Not true at all. He said he saw Martin landing blows, but the short bushes blocked GZ’s head, so he could not see the impact.

            But really? You are THIS desperate?

          • Zu Byerly

            Sounds like you are desperate to sound like an unverified expert.m just like the witness.

          • Fredrick Massey


            Your statement is odd. A witness to a crime needs to be a ‘verified expert’?

            You would succeed in North Korea. This, however, is America.

            Sound like you want a lynching.

          • Zu Byerly

            No DNA foreign to Martin found anywhere on his body.

          • Fredrick Massey

            You watched too much X Files and WAY too much CSI.

      • Zu Byerly

        His hands had no engery.

        • Fredrick Massey

          no “engery”?

      • suzyshopper

        I also read on a news site that trayvons autopsy report showed,broken skin on his knuckles, but the funeral director said thete was only the gun shot wound, I also read that the funeral directors had ties to the family, so I might think his evaluation of the wounds might be suspect!!

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      According to the NY Times Zimmerman is a White/Hispanic. So I guess that President Obama is a White/Arab right?? That should end all the racist garbage that has been spewing out of the mouths of liberal for the past 6 years, unless they are referring to our racist attitude toward White/Arabs.
      Anyway, Zimmer man is the only person with a face that looks like someone hit him with a baseball bat not a fist and cement scrapes on the back of his head. He has grass stains on the back of his jacket and Martin had grass stains on his knees. Case closed, Zimmerman walks, SELF DEFENSE.
      Wasn’t Zimmerman part of a neighborhood watch? We are told in our neighborhood to pursue those suspicious individuals at a distance, get a description and call the cops. Who cares what a 911 dispatcher says about pursuing someone, there is no way in hell I would take his advice as “gospel.”


      Powerful, accurate summary of the issue.

    • m4253y

      well done Alvaro: too much at stake for the gutless politicians who went against every facet of innocent until proven guilty to proclaim the opposite and now this west feels outraged at the actions or lack thereof the police….WHO CARES WEST OLE BOY…not germane to the facts of the case and has nothing to do with the trial nor any of the evidence presented…you and the idiotic horror-witz are pandering to the soft issues, not the facts and are blatantly using this venue to pander this softness as if to morally suede your readers to the thug’s benefit…nice try

    • hippiepooter

      The boorish right, Satan’s gift to the Marxist left.

      I didn’t agree with all of Mr Horowitz’s take, but it acted as a great counter-weight to the ‘right-wing herd mentality’ over this trial.

      People showing such huge disrespect to David Horowitz here, a man who has made a huge contribution to the cause of democracy and conservatism that few can match, really need to take a look at themselves when they wonder why the right isn’t popular. I suggest charmlessness and ignorance are a big factor.

      • Judahlevi

        Name-calling is neither desirous or necessary. Calling people “ignorant” says more about you than anyone else.

      • beezwaxing

        I’m also an admirer of Horowitz, but he’s way off the mark here. I think David owes us, his admirers, an apology. I live in Florida, and I’ve followed this case. I’m a lawyer by training. I can honestly say that this case would NEVER in a million years have been brought if Zimmerman had been black. Al Sharpton started this, and if David thinks that Sharpton won’t benefit from a conviction or that Sharpton didn’t create racial division here in Florida, then I’d invite him to come here. I will personally show him around, and he can judge again, especially if GZ is acquitted and the riots start. Sharpton’s threats are ALWAYS implicit.

  • Paul B.

    I’m disappointed to see this used by FPM as a defense of Horowitz. I too have admired DH, but disagree with his recent article on the Zimmerman case. That’s fine, but what value is it supposed to have for this year-old opinion by West? Does this advance our understanding of the case, or are we engaging in a popularity contest? We’ll line up endorsements or each side and see who has the most?

    When this incident first broke, the media was in full PC mode. Obama weighed in in order to fan the flames. NBC substantially altered the audio tape to make GZ sound overtly racist. In light of this West gave his opinion. Does he even still think that way, now that we know more about Martin, GZ, and what the tapes really contained?

    This is not your finest moment, FPM.

    • hippiepooter

      Valid points decently made. Having read the link to Lt Col West’s comments in a post on Horowitz’s piece, I was aware of when West made these comments and was suprised we didn’t find something new from West.

      Thus said, the way some people here have been criticising Horowitz and West, I think it’s not so much the ‘boorish right’ coming out of the woodwork, but the racist right. Disagree with the overall import of Mr Horowitz’s piece, I think it has served a purpose in showing just what motivates some people on the right over this, we’re seeing (not so) crypto white Al Sharptons.

      • Judahlevi

        No, it is the ‘herd mentality’ of the left which defends a darker skinned person over a lighter skinned one – the savage over civilized man every time. It is the “boorish” left which constantly cites “racism” at every angle, while they themselves engage in identity politics which is simply another form of racism.

        My experience with the left is that they are the most racist and intolerant beings on the planet. Their collective thinking about people by always putting them into boxes of skin color or gender is very revealing. They are collectivists who deny the individuality of human beings and classify them by their exterior appearance – just as any racist or sexist would.

        They also belong to the political party which created the KKK and Jim Crow laws (the Democratic Party), a party which did not support the 14th Amendment, and a party which continues to view people by which group they belong to. Some things never change.

      • beezwaxing


    • Michael DiCola

      Colonel West posted the above brief statement in March 2012. The gross misinformation by the family lawyers of Trayvon Martin’s family (the “Scheme Team”) and the Main Steam Media,dominated the Zimmerman Case at the time.

      Now it is also s true Col West has not published anything to counter what he posted on this website in March 2012 (at least that I am aware of). Perhaps the good Colonel has decided to sit this one out. He takes positions on a variety of issues and topics that are controversial (ie non-Progressive, not in line with MSM) which I believe are correct. “Plantation” Black Progressives and white Progressives hit him hard and consider him a traitor to his race. So I am willing to let him sit this racially charged matter.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Who do you FPM editors think you will appease with this weak @$$ $hit?
    Martin was a racist POS and guilty as Hell. No leftist on the planet will EVER stop hating every single one of you no matter how hard you try to seem impartial and politically correct. Pull your heads out. A soft hand has no strength and you cant see the real world when your head is @nally inserted.

  • 8ball

    Col West was obviously not aware of all the facts when he made his statement. He did not know that Martin jumped Zimmerman, broke his nose and had Zimmerman pinned on his back – and likely told Zimmerman he was going to die – when he was shot. Martin would be alive today if he had not resented being observed by a Community Watch cracker. It appears that race was a factor, but not in the way suggested by the MSM.

    I’m disappointed that FPM has used this statement to defend David Horowitz’s poorly thought out column on this case – which is clear cut. BTW, the guy yelling for help is the one on the bottom.

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      I am sure Col West was aware of the facts. He tends to just give his own opinions rather than doing the right thing. He was asked nicely to help Lt. Mike Zullo in getting out the information about all the fraudulent and criminal activity involved with Barack H. Obama. He has viewed the evidence and know the evidence is solid and trustworthy since men with over 100 years of criminal law enforcement are the people who collected the evidence but he chose to ignore it while he was a Congressman. He was asked to help after he was defeated in his re-election bid but refuse saying he had aspirations to run for political office again sometime and that this would not be good for his political career. West is shameless!!

    • beezwaxing

      West should reevaluate this case and either repeat his claims or retract them.

  • Black Racism

    I prefer wanna be cops to gang bangers in training any day of the week

  • Lord Whiteman

    Zimmerman said that Martin slammed his head into the concrete 25 times. Yet Zimmerman’s injuries were minor and there was no blood stain on the concrete.
    Zimmerman claims Martin jumped out of the bushes yet there were no Bushes to hide behind.
    Zimmerman claims Martin beat him with his fists yet there are no scars on Martins hands. Zimmerman claims Martin broke his noses yet there is no blood on Martin’s except his own.

    It is clear that Zimmerman knows he murdered Martin and that is why his self defence statements are all exaggerated and don’t fit any of the physical evidence.

    That being said I still think Zimmerman will walk because under Florida law it is legal to kill anyone if you think your in danger and Zimmerman is clearly a coward who is afraid of his own shadow.

    • 8ball

      I don’t recall any reporting of 25 times. It seems clear that Z embellished Martin’s attack. What is clear is that Martin attacked Z, broke his nose and had Z pinned when Z shot him.

      You have to be pretty stupid to not understand that it takes days for scars to form and that the nose is pretty soft.

      • Fredrick Massey

        Are you saying that Z embellished the broken nose I saw? And he embellished the bloody gashes on the back of his head?

        • 8ball

          Obviously Z had a broken nose. I don’t think the lacerations on the back of Z’s head are consistent with having his head repeatedly smashed on the side walk.

          • Fredrick Massey

            I saw the bloody cuts on his head…..

            Maybe the grass was sharp?

          • Juan Motie

            Ya never now about grass like that ! Maybe they had just mowed and there were lots of sharp edges! LOL! :)

          • Zu Byerly

            Or concrete he slipped and fell on.

          • Fredrick Massey

            yes,,,I can. GZ slipped ….OOPS! He then proceeded to flip over and over to insure a bashed rear skull and a broken nose.

            Those wiley WHITE HISPANICS! In spite of the deep fear he felt for TM, GZ was in charge enough to quickly whip up an alibi.

            Poor TrayTray. Z savagely attacked his knuckles with his face. What’s a little innocent 11 year old to do?

          • beezwaxing

            Dr. Vincent Di Maio did.

          • Zu Byerly

            The EMT’s report does not state a broken nose.

      • Zu Byerly

        No evidence of that.

    • Charles Martel

      You are full of bull. Even if he did kill him it was a net benefit to a society plagued by punks. This thug was clearly on his way to menacing society. The current politically correct climate will not allow Zimmerman to go free. I could care less. A thug is gone, and a democrat voter will be locked up. The big loser is white people who may I. The future need to defend themselves.

    • Juan Motie

      Are you trying to say that if you had been in the place of Zimmerman you would have:

      1, Called police on a non-emergency line before doing anything else.

      2. Give you name, location and cell phone number to the police operator.

      3. Make arrangements to meet the patrol office(s) who you have been told are on the way..

      4. Knowing the police may arrive at any second, hang up from the police then “stalk” and murder just because … I guess just because you want to murder for the sheer fun of it.

      Yep, that’s what YOU would do, yes?

      BTW, have you ever been at the Retreat at Twin lakes? Ever bother to see if a photo exists of that “dog walk” at night? I had the opportunity to visit in person and saw the area of the incident at night. It’s DARK back there – no outside lights. There are bushes and trees along that walk. There are also privacy dividers between the condos. Plenty of places to hid and lay in wait. (Some of the police photos from that night show the police using headlights from their patrol cars to light up the scene – that’s how dark it is back there!)

      • Zu Byerly

        That’s why the charge is 2nd degree instead of 1st degree.

    • Fredrick Massey

      “Zimmerman said that Martin slammed his head into the concrete 25
      times. Yet Zimmermens injuries were minor and there was no blood stain
      on the concrete.”

      I saw the broken nose and the bloody skull. Let me bash your head in and then YOU tell me the wounds were minor. TrayTray’s wounds were minor. He only had a little bullet hole in him.

      “Zimmermen claims Martin jumped out of the bushes yet their are no Bushes there to hide behind.”

      Wrong. There are bushes.

      “Zimmermen claims Martin beat him with his fists yet there are no scars
      on Martins hands. Zimmermen claims Martin broke his noses yet there is no blood on Martin’s except his own.”

      I have administered beatdowns in my younger years. I didn’t have any instant scars on my hands from some guy’s nose. You are reaching for the rope now.

      “It is clear that Zimmermen knows he murdered Martin”

      It is clear you want Z guilty NO MATTER WHAT.


      You don’t have the facts straight. Zimmerman DID have a broken nose, and the marks on Martin’s knuckles are consistent with him using his fists on Zimmerman. I wouldn’t call Zimmerman’s other head injuries “minor”; there was copious bleeding which was again consistent with Zimmerman’s story. No evidence so far introduced would justify a murder conviction.

      • WhiteHunter

        I’ll never understand the libtards, either here or ever. Zimmerman’s wounds are beyond dispute. Are these loons claiming that they were self-inflicted — that Zimmerman punched himself in the nose, breaking it, then proceeded to lie down on his back and bang his own head on the concrete, in order to “frame” Martin and justify executing him?

        • beezwaxing

          Look at Zimmerman’s wounds. Call them what you will. But compare them to TM’s. Virtually nothing except a small bruise on a knuckle. Who was getting the best of who based on the wounds each one had? Based on a standard of prove beyond any reasonable doubt, why on earth would Zimmerman not walk free?

      • beezwaxing

        Even if they were minor wounds, it doesn’t discredit Zimmerman’s claim that he feared for his life. If someone had punched me in the nose and smashed my head on concrete and I had a concealed gun, I’d have shot him more than once.

    • beezwaxing

      Your first statement is false.

  • tagalog

    It’s true that Zimmerman pursued Martin, possibly without cause.

    But it was Martin who initiated the engagement with Zimmerman and the assault that ended with Martin getting shot. Martin just misjudged the situation.

    • 8ball

      Z had every right to observe Martin walking through his neighbourhood. What kind of person physically attacks someone because they resent being watched by a Cracker – as Martin called Z?

      • tagalog

        Well, I agree that the term “pursued” is a somewhat loaded term. No person has an unfettered right to FOLLOW anyone, whether in his neighborhood or elsewhere. That’s why we have stalking laws. But it’s also unlawful to assault another person if all they’re doing is following you, observing you.

        • 8ball

          Following a stranger in your neighbourhood to make sure they are not enganging in illegal activity is not stalking.

          • tagalog

            In practice, it depends on what the cops, the prosecutor, and the judge/jury believe happened.

          • tagalog

            Oh yeah?

          • tagalog

            The Florida statute on stalking:

            Florida States of 2012, Title XLVI, Chapter 784, Section 784.048. Stalking defined:

            * * * *
            2) A person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of stalking, a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

          • Fredrick Massey

            hey dufuss,
            the dispatcher never told him to stop following Martin. You racist bigots really do have repeat that lie to whip the crowds when GZ is freed.

          • tagalog

            The dispatcher did whatever the jury decides that he did.

          • Fredrick Massey

            I don’t if this is going to devastate you as well. I have listened to the dispatcher’s conv with GZ. The dispatcher, also, on the stand, in court, under oath affirmed what I told you.

            You bring the rope. I’ll bring the beer.

          • WhiteHunter

            If the jury decided that the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese, would that make it so?
            There are plenty of facts in this case that no one disputes, nearly all of them entirely and powerfully in Zimmerman’s favor. If the jurors keep faith with their oath, they’ll come to the only proper verdict, which is acquittal and exoneration.
            If, on the other hand, one of them is a stubborn, arrogant, lying, doctrinaire White Liberal with a racial axe to grind — as there was on both of the juries I’ve served on — we’re in for a long deliberation, and likely a hung jury with no resolution at the end.
            The facts are clear, and they overwhelmingly exonerate Zimmerman; the verdict depends on the honesty (or lack thereof) of the jurors.

          • beezwaxing

            If GZ committed the crime of stalking why is he not charged with it? And the crime is at Fl. stat. 800.04, not that section you’ve posted here. You’ve merely posted the definition which, as I said, requires that the offender follow the person REPEATEDLY; this would mean on more than one occasion, episode, or incident, and more likely, more than twice. Zimmerman did not know TM and had never before met him. That entire evening is ONE episode. Therefore, NOT stalking.

          • tagalog

            “Repeatedly” only requires more than one instance. In my home state, harassment involves repeated instances of prohibited behavior: cussing a person out in the same conversation, where the perpetrator engages in more than one cuss, is enough, and that’s the commonly-defined prosecutorial approach to statutes that prohibit “repeated” behaviors.

          • beezwaxing

            You haven’t read Florida’s stalking law: Florida stat. 800.04, et seq. It plainly requires more than one episode. That’s not a matter of interpretation. Moreover, your other statements don’t make any sense.

        • cheechakos

          Stalking has nothing to do with complete strangers

          • tagalog

            Wanna bet?

          • beezwaxing

            cheechakos, not as the law is defined, but as a practical matter, it usually is the case that either party or both knows the other. This is not stalking for the reasons I mentioned above.

        • beezwaxing

          What GZ did is not stalking under the Florida stalking law. See Fl. stat. 800.04. Stalking requires multiple instances of following with a conscious purpose to harass, frighten, annoy, etc.

          • tagalog

            Florida statutes 800.04 regulates lewd and lascivious conduct. Below is the title of the statute:

            800.04 Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age.—

            Under the Florida statute on stalking, multiple instances of following are not required, only repeated instances. If Zimmerman stopped following Martin, then resumed following him, as some say he did, that’s enough for stalking under the Florida stalking statute.

      • beezwaxing

        Right, all he did was follow him for a while to see where he was going. That’s not a crime as the bald headed jerk subtly suggests. And after the 9-11 dispatcher told him it wasn’t necessary to follow him, Zimmerman QUIT following him. That’s on the audio tape. Geezus what does it take to figure it out? Trayvon Martin was a thug and a racist, on drugs.

    • Fredrick Massey

      He had cause. Why is that so mysterious?

      • tagalog

        Whether he had cause or not is not clear. I suppose the jury will decide about the question of cause.

        • Fredrick Massey

          I guess you slept through the entire class on


          Yeah. I guess this is real how-many-angels-can-stand-on-the-head-of-a-pin mental struggle for some… you.

          Not for me. TrayTray would have never gotten close enough to tag me. And if he happen to get lucky and close the distance and break my nose, I would not have hesitated to shoot him in the liver as many times as necessary to secure my safety.

          And then I would have gone for coffee and cheese cake.

          And then I would have called the cops.

          Call me insensitive. I just don’t see the big deal.

          One more wannabe gang-banger-that-ends-up-in-prison-and-I-have-to-feed-and-house-him doing the dirt nap.

          What did Django say? “What’s not to like”?

          • tagalog

            Impressive overreaction.

          • Fredrick Massey

            Everything about me is impressive.

            Your lack of honesty is not.

          • tagalog

            Lack of honesty? Why, I’m purely DEVASTATED!

          • WhiteHunter

            Why bother to call the cops? Just walk away from the scene, enjoy the coffee and cheese cake, and say nothing.
            That’s what the punk would have done if it’d been Zimmerman’s bloody body lying there in the rain, with the added bonus that he’d also have Zimmerman’s pistol, which he would NOT have been licensed to carry. Might come in useful the next time he met a “cracker” who needed to be taught a lesson. Anybody doubt that?

          • Fredrick Massey

            Your comment is confusing.


          • beezwaxing

            Why would GZ call the cops to come quickly if he was then planning to murder TM?

        • beezwaxing

          He didn’t have to have a cause to follow him! It’s not a crime to follow someone in FL. And this is NOT stalking.

    • cheechakos

      He followed straydog,not pursued.
      As a resident and neighborhood watch member he had every right to do so.

    • beezwaxing

      That was because he was an arrogant, racist, thug with a hate from hell for white people, especially those he thought were following him. So he arrogantly assumed the right to brutally attack that “creepy a[ss] cracker” much to his demise.

  • Andy_D

    I have also been an admirer of D. Horowitz. But now at this late stage of the game as the trial is unwinding clearly in favor of the defense his article and this defense of it which was clearly based on initial perceptions seem out of line. Everyone is entitled to self defense if the are being threatened with death or substantial bodily harm. All facts and testimony given so far seem to bear this out. The prosecution must prove 2nd degree beyond a reasonable doubt and the doubt appears to be quite substantial at this point. Others have provided detailed rebuttals so I will not restate the rather obvious.

    Front Page Magazine…You risk your credibility if you continue to support the unsupportable. I have been an avid reader for quite some time and know that most of the time what you provide is well backed up and substantially footnoted. That is the reason I have followed you, because the content you provide is credible and backed up by facts. Please don’t become just another media spin site.

  • James Keir Baughman

    The awful problem is that virtually nothing Allen West said a year go is true according to facts we have now. Zimmerman did not “pursue” Martin. Martin assaulted Zimmerman suddenly and without provoke. He also seems from the latest facts to have attempted to kill Zimmerman. The other truly awful accusation that Horowitz and West imply is that condo owners who have had about 30 recent home break-ins have no right to watch people who seem suspicious. How far are minorities determined to go with “political correctness” designed to let themselves or their buddies steal and kill working people and just walk away free without even a question. Now we see how even the good ones work together against working Americans.

    • Fredrick Massey

      From God’s mouth to your ears. The internet is chock full of angry racist blacks and guilty white liberals spreading insane gossip.

      • castingstones2

        Angry, you better believe it. Racist? we leave that up to those of you who defend Zimmerman.

        • beezwaxing

          Yes, Trayvon Martin was a racist. That’s been proven.

    • castingstones2

      The good ones! now that’s a good one. So some of “us” are good, let me guess Clarence Thomas he would be a good black person, . What’s your definition of the good ones.

  • Charles Martel

    Again we see why a black cannot represent our country at large. They simply cannot understand the law at large. Florida has a stand your ground law. You do not have to back down and be bullied. You can use deadly force if you reasonable feel your life our family is in danger. Trayvon was not being threatened even if he was being followed.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Oh,shut up,you idiot racist nut.

  • littletxlady
  • FairestWitness

    In America, we don’t want an unarmed 17 year old to be shot to death because he was a stranger to a neighborhood watch captain in a gated community. Trayvon Martin was entitled to be at the home of his father at The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, FL. Did George Zimmerman, a homeowner and neighborhood watch captain in that community, track him down, provoke a violent altercation and then shoot Trayvon in cold blood? Is that who George Zimmerman is? Is that what he did? Or was he attacked by a suspicious stranger who laid in wait and ambushed Mr. Zimmerman?

    Mr. Zimmerman came to the position in his neighborhood due to ongoing burglaries and home invasions in the community. He & his fellow residents were angry and scared. Some neighborhood eyewitnesses identified the culprits as hoodie-clad black males. This community is multi-racial. One home broken into had a young mother and her infant at home and terrified while her home was robbed. Others had property stolen from their homes, computers, televisions, and from their porches, bicycles, etc. These homeowners and residents were living in fear, feeling unsafe in their own homes and neighborhood and resenting the heck out of it. George Zimmerman wanted to help protect them and their property. He has been referred to as a cop-wanna-be. To that I say, SO WHAT? Is that a crime, evidence of bad character? I don’t think so.

    Eyewitnesses attest to Mr. Zimmerman being violently assaulted by Trayvon Martin. Hearing witness, Rachel Jeantel, says Trayvon was scared of a creepy ass cracker who was following him. During the call she claims to have heard Trayvon (or someone) say “Get off, get off.” Who knows what really happened? But, why didn’t Trayvon just go home when he felt unsafe, why stay outside in the dark and in the rain? What was he doing? Was he smoking pot? Zimmerman observed him acting suspiciously, up to no good and acting like he was on drugs. What if Zimmerman was exactly spot on? The toxicology results show the drugs in Trayvon’s system at the time of his death.

    We need much more evidence than has been presented to convict George Zimmerman. He simply doesn’t appear to have stalked and murdered this young man. It’s a shame Trayvon lost his young life that awful night, but I think he bears responsibility for it.

  • Zundfolge

    Those piling on Mr West for his comments after the shooting are missing the most important part; “First of all, if all that has been reported is accurate…”

    I agree with Horowitz that we should never jump to conclusions even if those conclusions support our side, but to assume that the massive groundswell of conservative support for Zimmerman is simply dumb partisan politics is just foolishness.

    The facts of the case, as presented in the media, were CLEARLY lies in what is clearly a legitimate self defense case.

  • MidSouthMitch

    I’m still perplexed that no one has linked the FACT that cannibis sativa was found in Martin’s system to his behavior. Yeah, I know the M.E. was ambiguous about the possible effects, but is widely known that “marijuana” can cause a feeling of paranoia. Coupled with the alleged “creepy ass cracker” comment – Doesn’t that create possible scenario for Martin to become the aggressor?

  • Jeffrey P. Rush

    Col. West and Mr. Horowitz, et al. are unfortunately wrong. The cops, after their initial investigation, did not believe that Mr. Zimmerman should be charged. In the absence of a charge, the suspect gets released.

    Being released does not mean that charges can’t be brought later, it just says that at this point, given what we know, there are no charges. In this case, there is no evidence that Mr. Zimmerman did not comply with the request (yes, request) of the dispatcher (not a sworn individual, i.e., not a copper). In complying (i.e., in going back to his car, Mr. Martin accosted him, apparently (based on the testimonial evidence) threatening him. A fight ensued, Mr. Zimmerman believed he was in fear for his life, and used his legally licensed pistol to end the threat.

    Nothing – nothing – in the initial investigation or in the testimony offered by the prosecution’s witnesses contradicts any of this.

    If Mr. Martin was himself in fear, why not simply return to his father’s house where he could be safe, and if necessary call the cops himself? That he didn’t do this says much about him and the kind of person he was.

    Mr. Zimmerman is not at fault here.

    • cheechakos

      Trayvon could have dialed 911 on his cell as he walked.
      He chose to assault Mr.Zimmerman

      • Jacob’s Ghost

        It’s not illegal for someone to follow you so why call 911? or do you call 911 to report a stranger following you and when the police arrive they shoot Zimmerman because he’s a stranger with a gun?

        • Juan Motie

          The reason he should have called 911 was obvious once witness number 8 testified. Her claim of poor innocent little travon™ being scared of the “crazy @ss cracker” should have been all the reason in the world to call IF witness 8 was telling the truth.

          Then too, the people who complain Zimmerman was following – their term “stalking” – in the dark and rain was so scary for the small and poor innocent little travon™ never answer why he didn’t call for help.

  • quousque

    The Zimmerman trial is a perfect mirror image of O.J. trial. If the O.J. trial begun the corruption of criminal trial process, the Zimmerman trial will complete it. All components are perfectly in place; race, political arm twisting, mass media salivating and commentariat from all possible directions. The O.J. trial was appeasement to avoid riots, so is this one. I am deeply sorry George.

  • Giles Blyzzard

    “Excuse me, Mr. Thug, but do you plan on bashing my head into the concrete until I’m dead or just until I’m a drooling vegetable? I need to know so I can determine how much force I can use against you.”

    Superficial injuries? Sheesh, David. Come on.

  • steveh49

    Frontpage is a great publication. But one has to wonder about Horowitz’ thought process. He was a radical leftist well into his adulthood years. How is it that a Horowitz or a Hitchens could believe such adolescent tripe long after they were no longer adolescents?

  • Moliminous

    Oops! Colonel, shame on you for second-guessing the results of an investigation that already took place. And to suggest that the Department of Justice investigate anything under the current administration is to play into the hand of racism and duplicity. I think you got this one terribly wrong.

  • Eddyb

    Wish that commentators could be realistic about this case. If this was your brother or child who had just been murdered, does he deserve to die because he smoked pot and wore baggy pants ? he had a 3.7 G.p.a, I don’t understand the judgment calls. Do any of us deserve to die because we have sex, drink alcohol , and wake up and don’t even remember? do we deserve to die for being who we are. Does George Zimmerman need to Carry a Pistol to do a little shopping at Target ?

  • Robert_Fl

    Wow! Maybe I need to rethink my support of Alan West.

    • oldironsides

      I have already rethought my support for Allen West when he lost interest in the fight and declined to pursue a challenge to the fraudulent vote tally that caused him to lose his seat in Congress. And I contributed heavily to his campaign. And as far as that goes, I have also stopped supporting David Horowitz after I learned of his left-wing background.

      As far as the George Zimmerman case goes, I have always subscribed to the belief that an attacker does not have the right to declare the rules of combat. Trayvon Martin was younger, bigger, more powerful than George Zimmerman, and was trained in martial arts. When Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman with his fists he was certainly capable of doing deadly serious damage. So what if he got shot before he finished what he started? He started it and deserved what he got.

      As far as all the nay sayers taking sides, God save us all from the self-righteous. This was an open and shut case of self-defense that was turned into a racial propaganda story.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Excuse me? Zimmerman was hundred pounds heavier and FAR bigger than Martin,whom if you bothered to see a picture of him, was a tall,very skinny young man. He could have finished the fight without pulling his gun, and there is no proof that Martin supposedly knew any martial arts. Zimmerman was the one taking classes in MMA. So why the hell couldn’t he have fought Martin off without pulling his gun? Why did he even follow him in the first place, when he didn’t even see him committing a crime, and had already reported seeing someone he thought was suspicious? Also,since when the hell is just walking a crime? martin had only been in that community for a week—he was probably looking around to make sure that he didn’t get lost,because he wasn’t that familiar with his father’s fiancee’s place.

        Another thing—at least 20% of that gated community Zimmerman lived in was black. So why did he immediately assume that just because Martin was black that he didn’t live there, and just because he didn’t know him? That’s what I don’t understand especially since Zimmerman knew some black folks that DID live there. And Martin had been coming to that community for years since his father lives there. Also, what kind of idiot (Zimmerman) who isn’t a policeman or security guard JUMPS on a suspicious person he follows? An idiot jacked up on prescription drugs,that’s who:

  • Che Joubert

    Why would Martin ever ‘jump’ his stalker. What would you do if you were walking down the street and became aware of someone following you and watching you? I believe you would wonder immediately if he had a weapon, and Zimmerman confirms that he did, saying clearly he was looking for thugs/criminals, and carrying a gun. But Martin, the supposed ‘thug’, was actually not a thug, but just a kid standing around, eating, and talking on his cell. Why would he, an unarmed kid, confront this guy? It would make no sense for an unarmed kid with his mind on socializing to take on someone crazy enough to stalk him, because the roles imply that he has prepared himself to meet you, and is possibly armed, while you haven’t prepared yourself to meet him.

    • Paul of Alexandria
      Martin was a thug, he wasn’t just standing around talking on his cell, he was probably casing the houses. In any event, there’s no excuse for following Zimmerman after he turned and went back to his car. I’m sorry, but no matter what the provocation, there’s no excuse for jumping a guy from the rear and trying to smash his head in!

      • And

        Hmmm…well He wasnt “standing” anywhere. He was walking first of all. Second of all: There is no proof that Martin jumped Zimmerman other than Zimmerman stating that he did-which isn’t enough to prove that scenario under the court of Law. This is UTTERLY irritating. Half of you obviously already have preconcieve notions of black people (ie Black men) and are using your biasness in making a judgement call—–> This issue wouldn’t be a Black or White issue had it not have been made one. There is NO evidence he was casing anyone’s house that night! So what if Zimmerman got injured: A. it was a fight and that’s what happens B. Im sorry but if a man (is being followed and doesn’t have on a badge or isn’t security (this is for any one/ man) that person has a RIGHT to defend themselves!!! I don’t care color or sex that is a HUMAN right. Had he have stayed in the car NONE of this wouldn’t have happened. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with anyone calling the police to report suspicious activity but at the same time, it wasn’t HIS job to pursue the man! DURRRRRR!! He was profiling the man. We ALL know this. That’s why the Defense isn’t saying anything regarding Martin’s actions that night BEFORE the incident. What idiot is going to pursue a (suspected/ possibly armed) Criminal..????…. a normal person wouldn’t But if I’m Zimmerman with a loaded weapon on my right side and pissed that these “(expletive) punks always get away” and I want to stop this man from causing criminal harm to someone… I just might walk down the backside of an apartment and pursue the guy…I don’t think he meant for anything to happen (to that extent) but this situation is his fault. CAUSE and EFFECT at its finest! Character bashing a victim who can’t speak for himself is low of you all and Zimmerman KNOWS that and is working that to his advantage! HELLO! Dead people don’t talk!!! He’s not Mr. Honest…considering he was also extorting people who were kind enough to help pay for his defense. So let’s just agree NEITHER party is Mr. Perfect! He derserves to go to jail for at least manslaughter. (throws the mic down) I’m done.

    • Juan Motie

      A better question for you would be why Zimmerman would have “stalked” and murdered poor innocent little travon™ when he had just given his name, location and cellphone number to the police, and had been told by the police operator the patrol officer(s) were on the way? How would Zimmerman know when the police would arrive? Better, how did Zimmerman KNOW he would have just enough time before the police arrived to “stalk” poor innocent little travon™ and murder him for the fun of it? You critters in the poor innocent little travon™ fan club act as if Zimmerman never called the police!

      • And

        If anyone appears to be a part of any fan club you are in one. It’s not a fan club for defending a (deceased) victim when the man accused made a mistake profiling a man who was minding his own business walking home…. I don’t care who he was or what he looked like regarding the deceased and the accused. He initially did right by calling the police if he believed there was a threat BUT he was told NOT to pursue the man in the FIRST place! Had it have been anyone in Martin’s place I’d be defending them too. It’s fact that Zimmerman initated the incident by following him…That was on the dispatch. Again the Defense isn’t stating that Martin was provoking the initial pursual because it was fact even according to the Defense that he was walking home.

        • cheechakos

          The only profiling done was by trayvon.

          Zimmerman doesn’t even consider himself white,
          But straydog assumed he was a “cracka” and out to get him. If he would have simply walked to where he was going ,there would be no dead kid or trial.

          Read the evidence . Zimmerman did not not threaten ,harass or follow him in an aggressive manner. He kept him in sight to tell the police his exact location.It is not illegal to call the police or follow a stranger in your own neighborhood.

          Trayvon approached and assaulted Zimmerman

        • Guest

          Well, obviously you have not paid attention to the testimony in this trial! If so, you would have heard what the policfe3 operator who spoke with Zimmerman that night said about the “following” situation. But you folks in the fan club don’t let lit5tle things like FACTS brought out at trial get in the way of your emotional and hysterical rants!

          Odd how you poor little innocent travon™ fan club members pick and choose what to feel is believable from the non-emergency police tape of Zimmerman’s call! Odd how you ignore any and all testimony which does not fit your fantasy scenario! Odd how you allow the like of al sharpton, crump, jesse jackson etc., etc., al to lead you around by your nose an d tell you what to say!

          Since you feel you are the know-all and be-all of this case, please explain how your hero poor innocent little travon™ didn’t have enough time to reach safety at ms. greene’s condo? If your hero poor innocent little travon™ was so scared of the “crazy ass cracker” why didn’t he call 911?

          Oh, and point me to the transcript where the defense claims your hero poor innocent little travon™ was solely “walking home”!

        • Juan Motie

          That’s right, just ignore any facts and base your comments on hysterical emotions! Obviously you know ZERO about this case – either by reading background information and/or following trial testimony. In my comment above I asked a few questions you can’t answer, so you go back to the same old trite lies and disinformation propagated by the race baiters.

        • beezwaxing

          you haven’t followed this case closely because if you had you would know that all parties conceded that GZ said “ok” and immediately STOPPED following TM the moment that the 9-11 dispatcher told him “we don’t need you to do that.” That by the way, was not the lawful order of a police officer, and in fact, even if GZ had continued to follow TM, GZ would not be breaking the law.

    • 8ball

      Z wasn’t a stalker. He was a Community Watch observer. Martin jumped Z because – as he said on his cell phone, he didn’t like being followed by “a creepy a$$ cracker” . This is the only evidence of racism in the case.

    • beezwaxing

      Trayvon, St. Skittles, the Innocent, did not know that Mr. Z was carrying a pistol on him. That’s because Mr. Z had the weapon concealed beneath his jacket. Also TM didn’t see it from a distance in all probability.

  • Patricia Taylor

    I like Allen West and his statement is a shame. Without evidence, he states this was a mishandling. According to the lead investigators recorded interview with Zimms, the case was pretty much closed. They saw it as self-defense. Based on what they found at the scene and the information they’d gathered in that small period of time, they were correct. And how can West say Zimms had no reason to “pursue.”? He was following a stranger in his recently burgled neighborhood. You’re supposed to keep an eye on suspicious people. Such a shameful statement West. The anger and conviction in the media of Zimmerman before his due process is the outrage.

  • WhiteHunter

    David, I’ve been a bigtime fan of yours ever since I read “Destructive Generation” when it first came out years ago. And Col. West, I’ve felt the same about you ever since you were first in the news for scaring a terrorist into revealing the ambush he’d planned for your men, thereby saving their lives…at the cost of your long and honorable career in the Army, when you were railroaded into a court martial under today’s suicidally idiotic Rules of Engagement…or whatever other trumped-up “charges” were concocted against you.

    So it is with immense sadness–and bewilderment–that I express my enormous disappointment in both of you for the position you’ve taken in the Zimmerman self-defense case.

    David, it’s almost as if you’ve reverted to your 1968 personality. And Allen…I simply can’t account for the astonishing views you hold in the piece attributed to you in this article; they seem completely out of character.

    What’s going on with you two? Is this a momentary aberration, or something we’re going to see more of? I hope it’s not the latter.

    • James Keir Baughman

      You said it better than I did, WhiteHunter. David and Allen haven been my heroes, too, for a long time, now. But, I too am stunned by their conclusions on this case’s facts. If we’re going to survive as the great Nation we’ve been, we must, MUST, find some way past this vicious Political Correctness, and back to honesty and fairness for every one of us.

  • AlexanderGofen

    It is not worth of paying much attention to party mouth pieces like Horowitz or West. It is more telling that there was a police door-to-door warning campaign in Florida to calm down blacks in anticipation of Zimmerman acquittal.

    I wonder why there was no need of door-to-door warning of the whites for acquittal of black defendants (even such a despicable one as Sympson). Well. All this was prophesied already in 1958 by Vladimir Ufland, far away from America, in the USSR, of all places.

    1958, by Vladimir Ufland, USSR

    America is changing rapidly.
    The Negroes are gaining power
    And soon the famous Lady Liberty
    Will be repainted in black powder.

    Then “disadvantaged” and the poor ones
    Will mock the millionaires blatantly
    While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans
    Will rush to mimic Negroes ardently.

    They will respect the Negroes dearly
    And glorify the blackest fellow,
    And Whiteys, walking with humility,
    Will bow first to every Negro.

    Here is the source

  • tokoloshiman

    Tried and found guilty by the press already , any contrary decision by a court of law is these days, second rate and superfluous.

  • Willy Rho

    The video of Trayvon Martin at the conveniece store shows that the Propaganda Photo of Martin when was 12 and 5′-4″. Tall. He is 6′-3″ tall not 5’4″. The desire of the rulers in the white house and Media is to create Chaos, their God desires to divide and conquer the USA People. I can just imagine the picture of the action… Trayvon on top of Zimmerman. Whack Zimmerman in the face breaking his nose, “:Help” Yells Martin. Wack, “Help” yells Martin, whack, help, whack help. The visual witness says that martin was on top of zimmerman beating his face into the ground. And Zimmerman stopped following and was headed back to his car when Martin jumped out from behind a bush and knocked him down and started Flailing him. Duh, not self defense? Blind Racists.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    What is the purpose of posting this March, 2012 comment by Allen West, a
    man I respect and admire? What does Lt. Col. West say now, roughly 17
    months later, given all that’s known about the actions of the race hustlers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc., the photos of “the boy,” Martin, the so called “technical glitch” in the MSNBC tape of the 911 call by Zimmerman obviously intended to promote and reinforce the desired narrative that he is a racist, the
    photographs of Zimmerman’s head injuries and other relevant and possibly pertinent information regarding the possible motives of both these men when their paths crossed?

    In America there exists the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. There is also the problem of racism, continuously agitated, the burning embers stoked, whenever white on black violence occurs, by those who profit from
    keeping it alive; the “poverty pimps.

    Whatever the preferred narrative, the trial is underway and, hopefully, the
    truth will come out and justice will be served; if the system works as intended. Whatever happens, George Zimmerman is alive, Trayvon Martin is dead and the life of the survivor of this encounter and those close to Trayvon will never be the same. And that is the only indisputable truth.

    • Juan Motie

      Is it possible Mr. West was pandering for votes from the black community? And has Mr. West ever made another statement about this situation, either pro or anti prosecution?

      • castingstones2

        Is it possible that he is right? And feels the pain of a child dying because a racist hated his own life and projected it on Martin by killing him.

        • Juan Motie

          Per the facts revealed at trial, Mr. West was wrong – 100% wrong! But you stay emotional and keep ignoring facts!

    • castingstones2

      “In America there exists the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.” But Trayvon didn’t get that standard for he was already guilty in the sick mind of Zimmerman.

      • tagalog

        The presumption of innocence applies to people at trial.
        Unfortunately for Trayvon Martin, he chose to pursue “street justice” and that’s what he got.

      • Fredrick Massey

        TrayTray won the Darwin award. He savagely attacked an innocent man who had a gun.

        TrayTray is unavailable for comment.

        • tagalog

          There’s just no agreeing with you, is there?

  • Omar

    West has lost my admiration. Because they are black they are blameless. Tired of the excuses. Martin was a punk thug.

    • castingstones2

      You comment shows that you never had respect for him in the first place because if you did you would have taken his words under consideration that maybe he shared something valuable that you could use to correct yourself. But he was only valuable to you as a cover for your own racism.

      • beezwaxing

        Tray Tray had no respect for white people. As one of those crackers he thought he could brutally attack, I have none for him.

  • cheechakos

    47 people were shot in Chicago over the 4th of July.
    11 of them died.
    Where is the anger,outrage and front page story about that?

    • castingstones2

      Why just pick Chicago? Is that the only place that had shootings on the 4th of July?

  • JDS

    I initially agreed with Allen West, but changed my mind once I realized the media misrepresented the facts. While I think Zimmerman is a bit of a Barney Fife, I also think that Trayvon Martin wasn’t the sweet-faced youngster the media has portrayed. I believe both men were at fault, and that Martin attacked Zimmerman, thinking he could take the smaller man down. Martin is the one who uttered racist epithets, and he did not call the police even though he supposedly felt threatened. I still believe that police mishandled this entire matter, and should have arrived on the scene much sooner. Perhaps Martin would still be alive if they had.

    • castingstones2

      So you are saying that Allen West isn’t capable of critical thinking. He has considered the facts and his conclusion is spot on. Its obvious that you don’t have respect for the truth because if you did you would know that Zimmerman was bigger than Trayvon. It was Trayvon who was unarmed. NOt happy that Trayvon said cracker, then you weren’t one of those protecting Paula Deen I take it for saying a word after she was robbed because of the circumstance her defenders said that it was okay. Is this situation different. George Zimmerman isn’t the innocent person many commenting here say he is. Like West said, the child had no criminal record, he wasn’t the one who molested his niece, that was Zimmerman. But I guess it’s more convenient to blame a dead black kid than to consider why you would protect a murderer.

      • JDS

        Dude, your hysteria (I mean, come on, talking about Paula Deen on a George Zimmerman thread??) shows you are incapable of having a rational conversation. I never said Allen West isn’t capable of critical thinking. I merely discussed why I no longer agree with West. In your hysteria to pound the keyboard, you failed to notice that I mentioned Martin’s racial slur only because it’s pertinent to how the media misrepresented the facts around this case. I don’t believe race had anything to do with Zimmerman’s actions. I never said Zimmerman never had any faults, but you are discussing things that have nothing to do with the case. Chicken Little much?

      • beezwaxing

        We’re saying that he’s not using his critical thinking skills in this case.

    • beezwaxing

      The police were there in a matter of minutes. What more did you want? They arrived about 1 minute after GZ shot TM dead.

  • mom

    You all should listen. And do a better job of hiding your hateful racist views. You are doing the conservative cause no favors.

    Why speak of crime in Chicago? Those crimes ARE prosecuted. Zimmerman was NOT going to be prosecuted. And now that you have seen and read how small Trayvon WAS will you stop describing him as a hulking monster? He was a skinny 158 pound KID. Zimmerman identified him as a kid that very night and told police that he wasn’t scared of him.

    Don’t like Allen West anymore? LOL What happened? Has he distanced himself from limited government or conservative causes? I guess hunting down black children is a conservative value.

    Just wanted to pop in and say I used to defend you all, no more. Now I see that everyone was fair when they said the party has a race problem. You people are so hateful you actually are twisting yourself in knots defending an armed child molester chasing a high school kid at night. SMH The last gasps of a dying movement.

    • castingstones2

      Thank you mom, you give me hope. Reading through these comments makes me realize Zimmermans are everywhere. But comments like yours can help stamp them out, thank you so much.

    • Juan Motie

      Perhaps if you spend less time running around yelling racist and being an emotional train wreck you could spend some time looking at FACTS and background information easily available to anyone who wishes to learn.

      Since YOU brought this up, point to your reference for your comment where you claim “Zimmerman identified him as a kid that very night and told police that he wasn’t scared of him.” Was that on Zimmerman’s call to the non-emergency police line that night? Perhaps you can tell us why Zimmerman was hesitant to give the police operator his home address if he was “scared” of poor innocent little travon™ hearing where he lived? Or did you miss that part because it does not fit you preconceived notion of your hero being a good little boy just hopping and skipping through the rain drops?

      I doubt very seriously you ever “defended” anybody with an opinion contrary to your own. You illiberal fascist leftist always march in 100% goosestep! Plus, you seem to have an inflated sense of your worth here!

      • castingstones2

        “Plus, you seem to have an inflated sense of your worth here!”

        You really meant that message for yourself so I thought I would write it out so that you could see it better.

        • Juan Motie

          Tell me, where have I misquoted one fact of this case, either from trial testimony or background information! You can’t because you and your pals in the poor innocent little travon™ fan club refuse to look at reality and instead live in a fantasy world were you are just poor picked on little children. You also have an inflated sense of your self worth, but it turns out you are just an emotional hysteric.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            Whatever—you’d believe Georgie Boy if he said the sky wasn’t blue–next!

    • beezwaxing

      hunting down black children? lololol :- D lmbo As da Rev. Al would say, “deconstruct words we much”?

  • Federale

    The police don’t “hold” people just to make the crowd happy. There was no reason to arrest Zimmerman, much less hold him, or take away his CCW. Zimmerman acted in self-defense and there is no evidence to show otherwise. It should also be noted that the State’s Attorney for the county in question determined that no crime had been comitted. Given the relevelations about Trayvon’s racism and violent past, it is clear the police and prosecutors were correct in taking no action.

    • castingstones2

      There was no reason to arrest Zimmerman,”

      Sure it was, his gun killed an unarmed kid.

      “It should also be noted that the State’s Attorney for the county in question determined that no crime had been comitted.”

      It should also be noted that that State’s Attorney isn’t working on the case for that reason, That’s why a special prosecutor saw rightly and charged him with 2nd degree murder.

      “Given the relevelations about Trayvon’s racism and violent past, it is clear the police and prosecutors were correct in taking no action.”

      There you go. Projecting Zimmerman’s attributes on Martin who has no criminal record, but yet Zimmerman resists arrests, molests his niece, and Martin is the violent one? Yet he’s dead? Violence racism fits Zimmerman like a glove.

      • Juan Motie

        Proof of Zimmerman “molesting” his niece? Where is it? This would be huge news in the lame stream media if it was ever proved true! So where’s your proof?

        Tell the whole story of the Zimmerman arrest or go away. In typical illiberal fashion, you provide only one tiny piece of the story and expect us to bow down to your almighty wisdom. Your propaganda won’t work here!, Until you tell the rest of the story of that arrest AND the disposition of charges, your half truth is no better than a lie.

        • castingstones2

          Thank you for asking for evidence. This way I was able to correct my mistake. It wasn’t a niece it was a cousin. The link below is to her interview from the police department.

          • Juan Motie

            Why was he never charged? Apparently the authorities considered this not credible – just like you are not credible. This sounds more like he said/she said than anything of a real serious nature!

          • castingstones2

            I knew it! I could have guessed that you would somehow discount her testimony. Most cases of sexual abuse aren’t charged since our society has a tendency to blame the victim and that the perpetrator usually has a position of power over the victim that makes it more painful if no one helps them. As usual she knew, just like we are seeing in the Trayvon Martin case, she wouldn’t be believed.

          • Juan Motie

            So without any proof whatsoever, just her word, you believe the worst of Zimmerman. Yet you accuse everybody else of that very same thing when it comes to you hero poor innocent little travon™! Even people who back up their comments with FACTS something you never do. You can’t handle facts, just emotions and slander are your stock in trade

            If you are too lazy to go out and look at all the information available out there regarding what happened, there is no hope for you! You wish to remain an emotional fact-less jester clowning around showing total ignorance.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            No,dear, Zimmerman’s police record shows that he has a history shows that he has a history of instigating violent incidents and getting away with them–except for that time he slam-dunked a drunk woman–at a party he worked at as a security guard—so hard on the floor,she broke her ankle:


            If that isn’t proof, I don’t know what the hell is. And this woman–his cousin–was in a position to know who the real Zimmerman was and what he’s like,since she grew up with the family. Hell, she even said herself that he had a violent temper, and that his whole damn family was racist, and that she herself believes that he started the incident with Martin. Pull your head out of GZ’s behind and stop getting it twisted to justify defending him no matter what–it’s sickening.

          • castingstones2

            You know, let’s ask ourselves the same question with Trayvon Martin, why wasn’t Zimmerman initially charged. The answer is shameful.

      • Federale

        Wrong, it is not illegal to kill unarmed kids if you do it in self defense. The police did not and now do not have any evidence other than Zimmerman acted in self-defense.

        What you are really saying is that whites, including white Hispanics, are not allowed to defend themselves from violent racist black thugs.

      • beezwaxing

        No Z killed an unarmed 17 year old racist adolescent who had only seconds before feloniously assaulted him causing him fear of great bodily injury or death by striking him repeatedly with fists to the face and by smashing his head onto a concrete walk. How many times would it be necessary for GZ to permit TM to smash his head into a concrete walk before GZ could pull out his concealed weapon and use it to defend his life? Would it have been 3 times, 4, 5 or so many times that GZ’s head was split open like a watermelon and his blood and brains were left all over the sidewalk? Maybe then, the prosecution team would have permitted GZ to use his gun, i.e., after he was dead.

      • Federale

        What criminal record, Zimmerman has been convicted of nothing. I noticed that you brought up the Davidian Attack. Accuse someone of child molesting to convict them of something else.
        The police found no crime to arrest him for. It is not a crime to shoot someone in self-defense, unless you are a racist who thinks that white Hispanics are not allowed to defend themselves from racist assaults by racists like Trayvon who refers to people he thinks are white as “crackers.”
        The police chief has publicly stated that the black city manager demanded an arrest. Well in this country you don’t arrest someone because a black person demands it, even if it is a racist like Al Sharpton.
        The police chief of the Miami Dade School District was fired because he had a policy of not arresting black males for the crimes they commit. The school district police caught Trayvon vandalizing school property and carrying stolen jewelry that was later traced to a nearby burglary.
        Trayvon bragged about street fighting and assaulting a bus driver. He bragged about his drug use of marijuana and “lean.” He photographed himself with guns and talked about buying and selling guns, something illegal for someone under 18.
        Trayvon was also kicked out of his mother’s home because he was so violent. He was expelled from school for his vandalism and burglary. You worship St. Skittles, but he was a racist thug whom his girlfriend admitted use racist profanity. I think you need to check yourself first before you project racism on Zimmerman.

  • AmericaFirst

    Republicans can attempt to dress those like Allen West up as conservatives, but at the end of the day, their interests lie with their “ko-MUNE-niti-tay.” Real conservatives shouldn’t be afraid to point out the disproportionate violent crime perpetrated by blacks–typically against Whites. I think it’s perfectly rational to view any negro street hoodie with caution and suspicion; the statistics justify this. If Republicans can’t stand up for majority (i.e., White interests) by pretending that there isn’t an epidemic of minority crime and jew-led cultural rot, they deserve to go instinct. Blacks are violent hominids and have no business being treated like equals in advanced White societies.

  • gritosdelcongo

    I wish GZ had kept his distance, loudly announced his name and who he was. He could have asked TM if he needed help finding his way home. GZ’s assumption that TM was up to no good resulted in a tragic and completely avoidable outcome..

    • 8ball

      There was nothing to prevent Martin from continuing on to his father’s girlfriend’s house. Instead he decided to attack a Community Watch Captain. The judgement of Z was that Martin should be watched to ensure that he was not up to no good. Given the rash of break-ins in the area, that was a very valid judgement.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Sorry,but I don’t believe Zimmerman’s story of Martin attacking him first, since nobody actually saw who started the fight, and we have only Zimmerman’s word for that. How do you know he didn’t just lie about who really started the fight so that he wouldn’t go to jail? I think he did, and concocted that ridiculous story of Martin attacking him so that he could act like the victim, to cover up the fact that HE started that whole damn thing. According to his friend Jeantal, Martin said he was trying to get away from the “creepy-ass cracka” stalking him when the strange creepy man (Zimmerman) disappeared,then reappeared, and then Martin was heard to say, “Get off, get off.” before his phone was cut off. Also,where did this nonsense about Martin getting home and going back to attack Zimmerman come from? That’s the most idiotic nonsense I’ve ever heard! Why the hell would you run back and attack someone that you were trying like hell to get away from? Apparently Zimmerman counted on people being stupid enough to believe that, especially the right-wing nuts like you who defend him,and sadly, you all bought it,hook,line, and sinker.

        For all you pro-Zimmerman nuts asking why Martin didn’t just keep walking home, well, he WAS, and clearly would have made it home has Georgie Boy not been stupid enough to jump on him for whatever the reason,Trayvon would have MADE it home in one damn piece. If a stranger is following me near dark, I’m gonna assume that they mean to do me some harm and rob me. If they keep following me to the point where the person actually jumps on me, hell,yeah, I’m gonna be fighting them the hell off, because I don’t what the hell they’re gonna do to me! Which was probably how Martin felt when Zimmerman jumped on him—he didn’t know who the hell this crazy man was! And Zimmerman didn’t even ID himself as a NW volunteer. So how the hell was Martin to know he wasn’t a damn robber or something trying to rob him?

        And,sorry,but just because a rash of break-ins had been happening around that area didn’t give Zimmerman the right to stalk and jump on every black man he saw walking through there, because he WASN’T a policeman,which is what you pro-Zimmerman nuts fail to understand. He wasn’t above the damn law just because he had a gun—he apparently thought that he WAS the law and could do whatever the hell he because he had a gun. He didn’t have a right to play the vigilante whenever he wanted to. He wanted to be a cop,but his criminal record keeps him from being one,thank God. Neighborhood watch members are NOT supposed to be armed,because ONCE again, they are NOT the police (look up the Florida NW rules, which were put together by Florida sheriffs) and they are not supposed to confront suspicious people either. Hell, Martin had every right to stand HIS ground because he felt threatened by this strange,creepy-ass man following him! Zimmerman wasn’t the only damn one who had rights under the SYG law,you know.

    • keyesforpres

      Martin had disappeared before Zimmerman got out of his truck. If you listen to the call, he got out to try to find a street sign because he did not know the name of the street he was on and wanted to let the police know where he was.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Got out to find a street sign? Oh,please–look up a map of Zimmerman’s ‘hood—there are only THREE streets in that whole neighborhood. He had been living there for several years–more than enough time to know all three streets, and to know exactly where the hell he was. If he got out to find just the street sign, then why the hell did he keep going after Martin,anyway? Because he wanted to,that’s why–he thought being a NW volunteer meant he could also do whatever the hell he wanted since he had a gun (which is something as a volunteer he was NOT supposed to have while he was patrolling, because he wasn’t a policeman–that’s what the neighborhood watch rules—created by Florida sheriffs–say.) He’d said that he was too scared to get out of his car when he saw Martin, during the police interview, but funny how he still got out and went after him anyway like an idiot. So he obviously wasn’t that damn scared of Martin to begin with.

  • 88keyman

    Trayvon didn’t lose his life “for no reason.” He lost it because he’s a thug who viciously attacked Zimmerman. Even if Zimmerman was being a pest, and I only pose that hypothetically, that neither invited nor justified a vicious physical attack that could have cost Zimmerman anything from his teeth to his life. Once he started pounding on Zimmerman’s face, Trayvon gave Zimmerman the right to shoot him. And I don’t care how contrarian David Horowitz feels like being this week or how many like-minded but equally wrong opinions he gathers.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      You’re full of it. No, Zimmerman didn’t have the right to take anybody’s life because he thought he was losing a fight that HE started. And why are you so damn sure that Zimmerman was telling the truth? He was caught in the act of lying about how much money he had in his legal fund, so what makes you think that he told the complete truth about what happened that night? Especially when he was looking at some serious jail time? Why are you so damn sure that Zimmerman didn’t jump on Martin first? Martin’s walking through a gated community where HE was staying at didn’t justify that bastard Zimmerman’s stalking him and jumping on him and then shooting him either! Go ahead and keep defending that spoiled bully GZ all you want.

      And what the hell made Trayvon, who didn’t even have a criminal record, a “thug”? Just because he was a young black guy wearing a hoodie because it was raining? Whatever,keep believing your stupid racist stereotypes while your boy GZ gets away with something once again.

  • midnighteye

    Why don’t we just leave this to the jury, who will have ALL the evidence presented to them and won’t have to work on a combination of supposition and guesswork?

  • Don Kosky

    If someone was following me in my gated community, I would ask them why they are following me and if they said they are part of a community watch group then I would say “great, good job, I live over there in house # 27, If you want to see me put the key in the door to relieve you of your suspicions about me then feel free to do so. And thanx for your good work we need to keep the community safe”. What ever happened to politeness and courtesy to turn a possible bad situation into something good. Maybe a new friend. Everyone just wants to fight and be defensive. It’s a morale problem we have.

  • Dado7

    Sorry Allen – maybe this is why you weren’t re-elected.

  • ssohara

    Honestly, sometimes intelligent, well meaning people disagree. I can see both sides to this. I think Zimmerman WAS in fear for his life when he shot Martin. I also think he should have stayed in his vehicle and not gotten out. He should have let the police handle the situation. Reality – Martin was 17 years old, I believe while Zimmerman was a mature man. Teen-agers are immature and sometimes act in stupid ways, that’s why adults need to be responsible and more careful. Zimmerman should have avoided the confrontation by staying in his vehicle. That being said, once he was in the fight, I can totally see why he would shoot Martin.

    All that being said – for people who disagree with me – let’s just agree to disagree in a civil, polite manner, OK? No reason to call each other names.

    • 8ball

      Z should have assumed a teenager walking through his neighbourhood would jump him? Ridiculous.

    • keyesforpres

      The confrontation would have been avoided if Martin had just walked on home ( he was a very short distance from his dad’s fiance’s condo), but instead he jumped Zimmerman.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Excuse me–hell no. Zimmerman didn’t have to shoot Martin–he only did it because he was in no shape to win a fight. And Zimmerman stalked Martin—I don’t believe his story that Martin just all of a sudden turned around and punched him after trying to get the hell away from him to begin with! How come you pro-Zimmerman nuts can’t concede that maybe Georgie Boy just lied about some parts of the situation to make himself look like the victim? After all, HE was the one to start following Martin in the first damn place.

      Another thing—that gated community Martin was staying has a 20% black pop. So, there were black folks living there—-so how come Zimmerman just assumed that Martin wasn’t living there (he was staying there,after all)? Just because Zimmerman didn’t know him didn’t mean that he didn’t. And don’t sit here and tell me race had nothing to with Zimmerman’s profiling Martin. If Martin was a white boy just walking along with a hoodie, Zimmerman would have never even approached him,period. He just assumed since Trayvon was young and black that he just HAD to be a thug, despite the fact that he didn’t catch him doing.anything illegal. I think Zimmerman (given his own violent past of instigating incidents) made the stupid decision to jump on Martin,a total stranger to him (sorry,but Zimmerman deserved to have his a** kicked for doing something so stupid–what kind of idiot who isn’t the police or a thug does that stupid s*** in the first place?) I don’t believe Georgie Boy was in fear for his life either–he was just probably mad as hell that he was getting his a** whupped (and deservedly so) by a teenager who probably thought he was going to be robbed! If a stranger starts running after me near dark, the first thing I’m gonna assume is that he’s a thug and wants to rob me! And if that person jumps on me, hell,yeah, I’m gonna defend myself by whupping some a**! Zimmerman knew that he could play on that racist stereotype of the “violent black man” to justify his actions,that’s all, and that he’d be given a pass because of that—that’s what was sickening about .the whole situation.

  • T100C1970

    I have always respected Col West.. But this statement was truly his: “The Cambridge Police acted STUPDILY” moment. If said at the time my respect for him goes down a little. If he still stands by it, he is down in McCain / Grahamnesty / Rubio territory.

    • 8ball

      Don’t be too hard on Col West. Unlike Horowitz’s article West’s statement was made a year ago when all of the facts were not known. Did FPM even get West’s permission when they used his statement to bootstrap Horowitz’s poorly informed article?

  • gfmucci

    Can’t trust the writers of this website for logic either, I guess.

  • Junior Samples

    The real question should be, why didn’t Thugvon go back to the house he was staying at and avoiding a confrontation with Zimmerman? If he did that, he’d be alive today. Zimmerman did not prevent him from doing that. Only brainwashed racists can look at the evidence so far and conclude that Zimmerman was at fault for the outcome of this unfortunate situation. The Sanford police were correct in determining that this was a textbook case of self-defense. Only when the outside “racial arsonists” arrived in town on their “black” horses, did the case become a racial incident. This was a total waste of taxpayer money in pursuing this case due to the pressure from racial instigators who wanted to push their racial victimology. Does this rush to judgment to “lynch” George Zimmerman remind you of the Duke lacrosse case? Shame on the state and the prosecutors for spinning the facts in trying to make this a racial incident. Thanks to them, the real victim in this case was not Thugvon, but George Zimmerman who’s life is now in shambles.

  • RickG

    The first assumption is that the “follower” was always GZ and the “followed” was TM…however, it appears from the testimony that the tables turned when TM – street savvy as he was, doubled back on GZ, “came out of the bushes” and ambushed him, knocking him to the ground with a shot to the nose.

    And by the way, unless someone has been in a fight and had their nose broken and teeth knocked loose or head bashed into a concrete walk, they are not qualified to say what constitutes fearing for their life! No forensic specialist or armchair pundit can say how many more punches or head-bangs GZ could have taken before he passed out or even expired. Only the individual on the receiving end can qualify that. If GZ says he was afraid for his life, I’m good with that.

    Meanwhile, TM was a thug and the jury will never hear why he was kicked out of school in Miami and why he was staying in Sanford in the first place. And please, don’t come at me with “now we’re judging the victim” crap. If TM was on top of GZ, beating the tar out of him and all evidence points to that, then it was not TM who was the victim of a violent attack, it was GZ. He just happened to have an equalizer!

  • castingstones2

    Thank you for posting the message from Allen West. I didn’t know he commented on Trayvon’s tragic death. It was good to see and it was courageous of him to do especially in the light of the comments that have condemned him for speaking truth. Many only respected West, I guess, if he only agreed with their positions sadly it wasn’t reciprocal, this article exposed how much his opinion isn’t valued in the comments below.

  • Lorilu

    This is what West wrote over a year ago. What does West think now, after the evidence has been presented?

  • surfcitysocal

    West points out the most damaging evidence against Zimmerman, that he pursued Martin after being advised not to by the 911 operator. Bravo, Col. West.

  • cathy

    When Republican Representatives at all levels of government only talk the Conservative talk but fail to walk the talk when it counts … logic dictates
    that they are Liberals who have deceptively infiltrated the Republican Party. Why was “Conservative” Allen West’s signature not at the bottom of the letter authored by Michelle Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks , Thomas Rooney, and Lynn Westmoreland requesting an investigation into the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood within the Obama administration? Why was West silent when RINOs condemned Bachmann without mercy?

    Why did Allen West prematurely concede the November election to Murphy while options were still open in regards to the investigation of voter fraud … an investigation that he initiated … an investigation that had nationwide implications?

    Why has the once outspoken “Conservative” Allen West been relatively silent on the recent Benghazi, NSA, IRS and AP scandals?

    Why has Allen West not gone up one side and down the other side of the RINOs who provided the required number of votes that allowed the Comprehensive Immigration Bill to pass?

    Why did “Conservative” Allen West not appear as a speaker at the recent “Audit the IRS” rally in Washington?

    Check out “Conservative” Allen West’s voting record … Allen West’s voting record that furthers the agenda of the Islamic appeasing/Marxist in the
    White House … Allen West’s voting record that perfectly defines a RINO.

    1. NDAA
    2. CISPA
    3. Patriot Act
    4. Bank and Wall Street Bailouts
    5. The Debt Limit Deal
    6. Pigford

    What a betrayal to Conservatives!! There was a time I believed this man was God’s gift to conservatives.

  • beezwaxing

    Yes, but stop using the word stalking.

  • beezwaxing

    There’s no such word as “biasness.”

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      None of what you said can be proven, and is speculation,at best. But keep making up your little racist fairy tales to amuse yourself.

  • Bubba St. Jaques

    I Love the quarterbacks , and their Monday Morning opinions , and they always have the right answer even when faced with the truth , but be warned all you potential “Zimmie’s” out there , if you shoot a Hoodie in the dark ,…………….Just Keep on Walking , and ditch The Gun !

    You Will NOT Get justice from a media run by the Left , and certainly NOT from Blacks as they are incited to Riot by the Likes of Sharpton , Jackson , and every Collar wearing preacher who still believes That all Whites Still have Slaves Hiding in Their Basements !

  • Graeme McNeil

    Allen West is one of the all-time greatest clowns to have ever graced American public life. Someone should do a reality show where him and Sarah Palin and a few more doofuses like them try to figure out why they are perennial losers. It would be a smash!

  • Zu Byerly

    What is Zimmerman’s evidence? His head has only on minor contact wound near the top of is head and a few scrapes on its sides, so he’s lying about Martin taking both of his hands and repeatedly bashing it over and over again on the concrete sidewalk. He claims right-handed Martin punched him in the nose with his left hand, since only the right side had swelling. Zimmerman, as his mother testified, is left-handed. He can, obviously use his right-hand with the same amount of accuracy, since his weapon (which he forgot he had ) was holstered on the back of right hip. His right hand, supposedly unholstered his weapon and got off a point blank shot into the left of Martin’s heart, while blood was dripping in his eyes and mouth, yelling at the top of his voice all the time Martin is, supposedly suffocating him with one hand. He, obviously stopped yelling when he shot Martin, as the witness’s cell phone recording contests (if that is his voice in the first place). There is no DNA on Martin other than his own, though and none of Zimmerman’s on the concrete or environs. Where’s the evidence?

  • Zu Byerly

    ZImmerman’s white father described him as hispanic.

  • titan

    it blows my mind that everybody talking as if they was at the scene that night. We do not know who started it and who was the aggressor. The witnesses testified that they saw bodies but could not see clearly because it was dark they just saw bodies. at the end of day Zimmerman could of approach the situation and handle the situation a lot better, by speaking and presenting himself to tm, he also could of stayed in the car and watch from a far. a volunteer neighborhood watch is suppose to observe and notify the authorities. not provoke a fight and kill an unarmed teenager. a lot of people say it self defense but none of you never lost a child, relative, or a friend in a situation like this.

  • Bubba St. Jaques

    Enough of these Mau-Mau’s !

    Let em loose on me !

  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    No longer the big fan of Allen West that I once was. The police officers on the scene were the best ones to make the decision, not speculators. On this issue, I don’t see much difference between West and obama. The case has gone to court the jury has seen the evidence and they have made their decision. It is not a politician’s place to butt in on this. I’m sorry I cannot support those who wish to second guess and speculate.

  • hpe reader

    Another case of whose ox is being gored. West seems to completely ignore the details of the event, especially the seeming fact that Martin punched Zimmerman in the face and then proceeded to beat the shit out of him.
    Let me remind West that, just as Martin had the right to walk around the neighborhood, so did Zimmerman have the right to notice suspicious behavior and call the police, which he did. Zimmerman didn’t break any laws by observing Martin, anymore than Martin did in being there. The problems begin when Martin hit Zimmerman. That someone would think Martin was justified in hitting Zimmerman just because he didn’t like being watched explains how situations get out of control to begin with.
    West needs to consider the AVAILABLE evidence, including the fat that Zimmerman showed signs of being beaten while Martin did not. Along with everything else that resulted in the only verdict that could result.
    If West shot someone who attacked him and show no signs of letting up, would he expect to be arrested? I doubt it.
    This is another example of the inferiority complex of Black Americans. Apparently all of the Black is beautiful, Black pride hoopla is just a cover for their insecurities. Why do they expect anyone to respect them when they have none for themselves?

  • Federale

    You get off because you enter a diversion program. It is Trayvon who got off the burglary charge, the vandalism charge, the drug charge because he was black. The police chief of the Miami schools reduced crime by refusing to arrest black criminals like Trayvon.
    What second charge? Are you refering to the mutual domestic violence charges that were exchanged with an ex-girlfriend? Neither was charged in those allegations.
    In any event, Trayvon’s criminal history also makes him guilty as well. But in a real court, you are accused of a specific offense, not a previous offense.
    And, yes, St. Skittles is a racist. He used a racist word, crackas. So you defending a racist makes you a racist.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      So what if Zimmerman wasn’t charged in those allegations? Dosen’t mean he didn’t commit those violent actions, he’s still on record as having actually DONE those things,and he’s STILL the one with the actual criminal record—-a lot of those incidents are proof that Zimmerman acted like a violent thug whenever he didn’t get his damn way,and got away with it,thanks to his dear old dad.

      The fact that his dad was a magistrate in the Florida courts explains why he got off on the assault charges on the policemen, because I don’t believe that a regular person without Georgie Boy’s connections would have ever gotten off on those charges. And Martin was never charged with anything, AND he didn’t have a single criminal record,plus there was never any proof that he actually committed ANY crimes—get your facts straight—also,how the hell can you label something a “burglary tool” if you have NO proof that the person even used it for a burglary to begin with? Sounds racist to me, because as it turns out,Martin was into mechanics and that’s probably why he had a screwdriver—not because he was supposedly a so-called “thug”.

      And here’s how Zimmerman was able to avoid getting arrested at first and why he had such strong legal help:

      And yes, the term “cracka” is a slang term used for extremely racist white people,particularly Southern racist white people. Didn’t make Martin a racist either, and that has nothing to do with why he was killed. Stop trying to deflect from the subject.

  • oiewgmopwenweqon

    I’m just glad the punk is dead.

  • Pavelina

    I’m afraid Colonel West hasn’t thought this through. What responsibility did Trayvon Martin have? He thought he was being followed. A strong aggressive young man, he could have turned and confronted the “follower”: Are you following me? Stop following me if you don’t want to get hurt. Leave me alone.
    But he attacked Zimmerman without knowing for sure if or why he was being followed. Then he proceeded to try to break Zimmerman’s skull by banging it on the concrete. His girlfriend said at the trial “that’s the way we do it in the Hood”. Martin had the choice to behave differently and no death would have occurred.