Barack’s Brotherhood Bond — on The Finch Gang

obamabrThis week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Morgan Brittany, a Conservative TV and Movie Star, Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood Actor and Tiffany Gabbay, National Development Director at the Freedom Center.

The Freedom Center’s Chief Operating Officer Mike Finch filled in for host Jamie Glazov, delivering a stellar performance.

The Gang gathered this week to discuss Barack’s Brotherhood Bond. The discussion occurred in Part II and analyzed the unfolding events in Egypt — and Obama’s siding with the Islamists.

In Part II, the Gang discussed The Betrayal of Navy SEAL Team 6, shedding disturbing light on how the Obama administration fingered — and marked for death — the American heroes who killed Osama.

To watch both parts of the two-part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • Laser1

    Morgan Brittany said why would they want Seal Team 6 Dead? Why
    would they want Seal team 6 Eliminated? —
    Payback time for dumping Osama bin Laden in the drink. Our 4 men in Benghazi
    could have been killed to get the missiles. And by killing them and cremating their
    bodies, there is no evidence to use or speak of. Same as seal team 6. Dead men don’t talk. The Obama administration has its own agented. 400 surface to air missiles could take out
    our whole infrastructure if placing the missiles in the right places. This could create fear and chaos at the
    least. This could bring about Marshal Law. Interesting don’t you think.

    Tiffany Gabbay was asked about the Middle East and who would
    be winners and who would be the losers. Egypt
    will not make a deal with the Devil any time soon. Morsi
    and the MB will not be let back into power.
    This new Egypt General is a smart man and knows the stakes. He really wants Egypt to be free as free as
    he can get his people from a tyrannical government.

    The Obama
    administration is mixed up with the MB “by its own choice” having 6 or more individuals
    that have some link to MB. He should be
    the one worrying about what details come out of Egypt that could incriminate him
    and his administration. I pray that this
    will happen soon.

    But a greater need is to pray for our country’s people. They are so busy in secularism, going here and there and senseless amusement that
    they wouldn’t wake up until it’s too late.

    By the way Agenda 21 is in full swing.

    • semus


  • semus

    Look I see no indication that Obama is a deep thinker. He’s arrogant, he’s not that smart certainly not as smart as he thinks he is.

    • Gee

      I think he is very smart – look he gotten elected the first time without having any experience and a 2nd after proving that he was totally unfit.

      A stupid person could not have done that

      • LoJoFo

        He did not build that. I know what you mean, however; someone is a schemer/cheater/criminal.

        • m4253y

          yup…just how did he receive information that was sealed by the court on his opponent in the election for senator in Illinois?…the info he successfully used to blackmail his opponent into withdrawing from the race.

      • nomoretraitors

        No but it was stupid people who elected and re-elected him

        • Gee


      • DennisMets

        black people would vote for a murder and drug using convict still in the pen that is the way they roll

      • gawxxx

        with all due respect gee , you give this idiot way to much credit ! , there are other’s way above him involved in this , he is just a frontman for what is going on !

  • semus

    Sorry I don’t think the savior would be Bush or Romney.

    • herb benty

      Our Savior is in the Judeo-Christian Holy Scriptures for anyone who seeks HIM. Bush or Romney would have been much, much better than Obama

  • Larry Larkin

    The anti-semitic leftards don’t want to even think about the current attempted genocide of the Egyptians Copts because it shows just what a load of garbage their continued accusations against Israel of genocide against the fakestinians is.

    If they have to acknowledge real, genuine genocide it will be too much for their tiny little minds to cope with, and as the narrative always trumps the facts with the left they would much rather stick with their narrative, no matter what the death toll.

    • herb benty

      Thank you, Larry, The MSM is “crickets” about Darfur, Nigeria, Mali, Syria, anywhere innocent Christian folks are slaughtered by Islamists who are on a futile mission to take over the world. Can you even imagine the morally bankrupt leftist mind, accusing the Republicans of being against women, then prostituting themselves to the Islamic ideology that denies women full personhood. Hippocrites, evil hippocrites at that!

  • Jack Bair

    Unholy alliance, Radical Islam and the American left.

  • William_Bradford

    This is quite long, but worth the time, and quite scary. If you are not
    familiar with the events of 8/6/2012; what took place 93 days after the Bin Laden
    raid, 22 members of Seal team 6 were ordered into a hot landing zone in
    Afghanistan, it appears to have been a set-up targeted to kill those
    responsible for the Bin Laden raid; their helo was hit and all 30 on the
    helo were killed.

    The link will take you to a video of a 5/13/2013 press conference
    put on by the families of Seal Team 6 sacrificed in Afghanistan on
    8/6/2012, and the cover-up of the actions that led to those 30 deaths,
    and the desecration of their dead bodies after the fact – and much, much
    more. Have patience it starts slow, but it is well worth the time.

  • RCraigen

    Just to be sure, so I don’t make any mistakes commenting here: When a popular and talented Conservative writer produces a book in support of a conclusion many who study the matter have come to based on records that have opened up 50 to 60 years after the fact, namely that the closest advisor to the president during the second world war colluded with the Soviets not only as an innocent dupe but as an active agent within our administration on their behalf … and the judgement of this point comes down (regardless of which side one believes the conclusion lies on) to a careful parsing of those newly released documents … she is to be shunned, exhoriated and excommunicated from conservative ranks as a base, opportunist propagator of conspiracy theories.

    However, when a group of FPM talking heads spins a more thinly documented but nevertheless long and lively narrative declaring that the sitting president deliberately colludes with an organization known to be hostile to America and betrays american heros by deliberately putting them and their families into the spotlight and “marks” them “for death” … that is just hard-hitting journalism, to be applauded and paraded on your front page.

    I don’t get you guys.

  • ConroeTex

    Why did this take so long to come up? I kept waiting to hear through friends that SEAL Team 6 had been transferred out of country. Never happened. The ambush was inevitable–and completely preventable.

  • DennisMets

    obummer holder the black caucas all hate our old allies and anything whtie or European they are using the Muslim nations in their war on America and the devil whites. that might sound harsh but how do you explain everything they do?

  • stone7

    Morgan Brittany, I just saw Gunsmoke: Daddy went Away, you were adorable.

    I’d like to suggest something to you. You seem to favor dictatorship when it comes to Egypt, or perhaps muslims in general. And to this I’d just like to point out that nothing moral can result from the immoral. It’s not a good idea for America to support dictatorships, regardless of the level of development of the populations involved. You cannot betray your principles and hold on to your principles. It’s impossible. So my message is, try something else. There is only one human morality. And that’s the American morality of human rights. For the muslims to move forward into this morality, they will first have to secure their populations from force. The force of the so called radical muslims. Once security is established, then things can progress. But this first step will require the use of force against those muslims who would deny liberty, free speech, women’s safety and liberty and all the rest. It won’t be easy, but it will be better than supporting dictatorships.

    The best thing America could do to move things forward, would be to ban islam totally. And kick out all non citizen muslims. Force them to return to their homelands and deal with reality. This would be tough love, but it would be for the best. This would give meaning to the chaos.

    Of course the lefty traitors will prevent this. They revel and make their living on the back of chaos.

    Anyway, Morgan you’re wonderful.

    Dwight you point your fingers too much, get some new gestures, sorry and thanks.

    • moneekwa

      ok, so a “democracy” of morsi (if you can call it that after his shameless power-grabbing), where they sent FGM teams out to be sure all the girls’ clitorises were hacked off, and enabled genocide of Copts, and pushing sharia with all that entails, is to you better than the dictatorship mubarak regime where there was some protection for minorities and secularists, and suzanne mubarak was an outspoken opponent of FGM and also promoted stunning halal butchered animals? interesting. because human rights fared better under the dictatorship in the final analysis.

  • tokoloshiman

    he just wallowed along and obtained degrees without knowledge.
    he claims to have great understanding of foreign affairs but his record
    dismal as it is disproves this notion.
    on top of this his cringingly embarrassing inaccurate and stuttering remarks
    are now the stuff of legend. he exceeded the clownish demeanor of bush by a country mile!
    and yet the press forgives him , ignores the bloopers and blunders and whilst hollywood is the most important arbiter of right and wrong in the new usa , all is well and the inevitable decline of a once great nation is well on its way.
    dhimmitude and sharia law await !

  • RLJR1