Bias in the Classroom

here99In the video below, Benji Backer talks with Megyn Kelly about how he was attacked for his political views from his teachers. This case serves as yet another reminder about the dire need for an academic bill of rights for students, which the David Horowitz Freedom Center is leading the way in promoting. Below the video is an excerpt from David Horowitz’s Indoctrination U: The Lefts War Against Academic Freedom.

A Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Educators in K-12 Public Schools

Whereas the purpose of public education in America is to produce knowledgeable and competent adults able to participate as informed citizens in the democratic process;

Whereas this purpose is best served by offering students a curriculum that is non-partisan and non-sectarian;

Whereas it has been established through testimony at legislative hearings that many teachers in K-12 classrooms are abusing taxpayer resources and abusing their ability to speak to captive audiences of students in an attempt to indoctrinate or influence children to adopt specific political and ideological positions on issues of social and political controversy;

Whereas public school teachers are public employees who have been hired for the purpose of teaching their subjects and not for the purpose of using their classrooms as a platform for political, religious, anti-religious, or ideological advocacy;

Whereas it has been established that some teacher training institutions, teacher licensing agencies, state education departments and professional teacher organizations have condoned this behavior under the guise of “teaching for social justice” and other sectarian political doctrines;

Whereas time spent on political or ideological indoctrination takes time away from instruction in the academic subjects taught by public educational institutions including the foundational subjects of mathematics, science, English, history, and civics and prevents students from receiving the best possible public education as funded by the taxpayers of this state;

Whereas parents and taxpayers have a right to expect that taxpayer resources will be spent on education, not political or ideological indoctrination;

Therefore be it resolved that this state’s [board of education or other relevant regulating body] will promulgate clear regulations for appropriate professional and ethical behavior by teachers licensed to teach in this state; that these guidelines shall make it clear that teachers in taxpayer supported schools are forbidden to use their classrooms to try to engage in political, ideological, or religious advocacy.

At a minimum, these regulations shall provide that no teacher is permitted during class time or while otherwise operating within the scope of employment as a teacher in a public educational institution to do the following (these provisions do not apply to the students themselves):

(1) Endorse, support, or oppose any candidate or nominee for public office or any elected or appointed official regardless of whether such official is a member of the local, state, or federal government;

(2) Endorse, support, or oppose any pending or proposed legislation or regulation regardless whether such legislation or regulation is pending, proposed, or has been enacted at the local, state, or federal level;

(3) Endorse, support, or oppose any pending or proposed court litigation regardless of whether such court case or judicial action is at the local, state, or federal level;

(4) Advocate one side of a social, political or cultural issue that is a matter of partisan controversy;

(5) Endorse, support, or engage in any activities that hamper or impede the lawful access of military recruiters to campus; and

(6) Endorse, support, or engage in any activities that hamper or impede the actions of state, local, or federal law enforcement;

The regulations promulgated pursuant to this act shall apply to all teachers at public educational institutions, tenured and non-tenured.  Moreover, the regulations shall contain clear guidelines for enforcement and provide penalties for violations, up to and including termination.  The state’s [board of education or other relevant regulating body] shall provide written notification to all teachers, parents, and students of their respective rights and responsibilities under the regulations promulgated pursuant to this act and shall provide at least three hours of annual continuing teacher education instruction to teachers to instruct them regarding their responsibilities under said regulations.

Moreover, we call on the state’s professional teacher organizations and unions to voluntarily adopt an educators’ code of ethics and professional responsibility that incorporates the above principles and specifically prohibits teachers in K-12 schools from using the classroom for political indoctrination.

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  • AdinaK

    The bias in the classroom is akin to the "fix is in" and its indoctrination does not tolerate any veering from the leftist script. None at all. This is why the west is in free fall, as generations of students have no idea who they are, and how to fight the menace at their doors –

    The teachers are taught by Bill Ayers and Co how to indoctrinate (most haven't a clue that this is what is going on) and this is how they are co-opted –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Michael Durham

      "the menace at their doors"?

      AdinaK, these "progressive" Bolshevik RATS kicked those doors in 90+ years ago.

      What rock have you been sleeping under?

  • Micha Elyi

    Who`can say which is worse in the long run – State licensing of guns or State licensing of teachers?

    Why do Americans tolerate one but not the other?

  • clarespark

    If under David's leadership, this ship of misstatement can be turned around, it will be a historic victory for the truth. Even relatively conservative Herman Melville had great hopes for the American project, quoted here, that got him into trouble with the anti-imperialist establishment during the period when he was being resuscitated. . See…. "The Hebraic American landscape: Sublime or Despotic?" Or, see…. "American exceptionalism, retold."

  • pierce

    Our college professors, even some high school teachers, are in the business of molding young naive minds into accepting radical ideas. It is most unfortunate, but it is the truth, and it did not just arrive on the scene. These kids are still wet behind the ears, and very impressionable, with no mind of their own.
    What an absolute shame to sit down in a class and have some professor introduce them to ideas that have nothing to do with the course subject matter in the course description. I have known some of these professors, and wished I had not. They are truly disgusting.

  • anonymous_econ

    An academic bill of rights? That's as dumb as Obamacare or the Immigration bill. Horowitz just wants to get even with Academia because it's controlled by communists. The problem is today's college students just don't have the skills to handle the curriculum. If you don't like communist professors, don't go to a Leftist college. There are plenty of good colleges around that have a politically diversified faculty, better stay away from California, BTW.

  • Crossbow87

    I choose to subvert public education and homeschool our kids….our local schools loose money each year because of it too.

    • sushieq

      I homeschool, too. However, as fast as we run, we will not be able to hide forever. Common Core is infiltrating every nook and cranny of public education (colleges and universities, too) AND corporate America, too. There will come a point, and soon, where anyone who has not been Common Core-indoctrinated will not be able to find a decent job (it's already happening, or haven't you noticed?). That will include our better-educated kids. Between greater and greater governmental control on businesses and the Common Core conspiracy (yes, I used the dreaded "C" word!), we free-thinkers are going to be excluded and marginalized. Believe it.

  • Jeffrey Ludwig

    Great pledge. It should exist everywhere. A similar set of rules is on the books in the NYC schools, but the rules for balanced teaching of politics are routinely ignored. In the high school where I taught, communist teachers routinely promoted their ideas and/or browbeat their students with their ideology. One teacher distributed communist publications to the students. Although Howard Zinn's textbook A Peoples' History of the United States is not one of the approved books on the list for NYC, for years teachers copied sections of the book and used it in classes. I taught in one school where, as a new teacher, one of the older teachers told me, "Communism is dead in the USSR, but it's alive an well in this school." In AP government, this teacher spent one entire month on the Communist Manifesto. When the students complained, no action was taken.