Boston Terror Mosque

Editor’s note: The following video details the shocking truth about the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, including the organization’s terrorist ties and connections to state political leaders. 

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  • The Dead Critic

    These people voted for John Kerry didn’t they? Need I say more?!

  • SoCalMike

    Governor Patrick, Mayor Menino and the rest of officialdom in bed w Islamic jihad and fundamentalism are sell outs w special places in hell with their names on them.

  • tokoloshiman

    Collaborating with those who openly call for your demise is a type of mental illness pervasive among the left. Their views are almost the equivalent of neville chamberlain’s embracing of hitler as a man of peace. Unfortunately there are no
    Churchills to change direction, only sheeple following and worshiping the money.

    • BS77

      Have you seen those CO EXIST bumper stickers? this is the mental illness of the liberal…….CO EXIST with the terrorist mass murderers?
      Liberals demonstrate a total denial of what is happening right in front of them.

  • herb benty

    The socialist agenda for taking over America dovetails nicely with radical Islam, that is the reason for the anti- anyone who desires a strong, free and prosperous America with our Beloved, Judeo-Christian Heritage as a guide. First you destroy a people’s culture, sow discord and dissatisfaction, missplaced fear and PRESTO! A “CRISIS” is born- the left’s favorite word, the best vehicle to enact “CHANGE”. God Almighty!!! I get sick of the lefts addiction to changing me into their image!

  • herb benty

    These Mosks are the reason for Americans dying in America, weird how we aren’t allowed to say that!