When The Brotherhood Fell — on The Glazov Gang

morsi-obamaThis week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Tiffany GabbayNational Development Director for the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor, and Jennifer Serrano, the Newest California PolitiChick.

The Gang members gathered to discuss When The Brotherhood Fell, analyzing why Egyptians threw Morsi out — and why Obama is upset about it.

The episode also shed light on Zimmerman on Trial, The ObamaCare Setback, and much, much more.  

To watch both parts of this two part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • stone7

    Hey Dwight, I’m a big fan of yours, especially the Lieutenant Barkley character. I hope you keep losing weight and that you’ve discovered Dr. Esselstyn.

    No one has my take on Egypt. I see the protests as the first crack in the world wide anti-Americanism program, at least partially. Look at the protestor’s signage. They were all against Obama, who is anti-America. So really, the protest is in a way pro-America, or pro founding American values.

    One very funny sign has a guy holding up a poster that says, Hey Obama, your bitch is our dictator. And the guys is looking off to the side at a friend laughing. It’s so funny, and you ought to hold this poster up, every time you talk about Egypt, or Obama’s foreign policy.

    It’s really funny.

    12 million people, largest in the history of mankind.

    People want freedom, not a religious OR leftist overlord.

    Jaime, I love your pregnant pause humor. It’s awkwardly great !

    • Barbara Rossell

      I agree. In my travels throughout the middle east over the last 35 years I have found near universal affection for Americans (disregarding the currant crop of islamo fascist nutters) while often wanting to go on at length about US foreign policy. This from taxi drivers and shop keepers, not the “educated elite”. While their concept of democracy is simplistic (winner takes all and losers/ minorities get oppressed, which actually is Obama’s take too: they need to understand the concept of a democratic republic) and their concept of free speech isn’t all there (kinda like Europe and Canada), the people of the middle east strike me as a generally savvy people. Two of my favourite experiences were sitting on an escarpment overlooking Cairo at dusk smoking a hooka and discussing the problems of the middle east with my husband and our taxi driver. Of all the times I’ve been to Egypt, that still remains my fav experience. The other was heading out into the Jordanian desert towards Iraq and stopping at an oasis (glorified truck stop) in the middle of nowhere. We went into a shop for some food and a couple of approx 12 year old boys greet us in English and we had a great time. They were thrilled to meet Americans. I haven’t been in the region since Obama took power but last time I was mooching around there, it was “hello! We love Americans! But we hate Bush!” They get the difference. I’d say the man on the Cairo street likes and respects America far more than Obama does.

      • defcon 4

        Yeah, Egypt’s formerly large and prosperous Jewish community felt that same Egyptian love that the Coptic Christians are feeling now.

  • Taimoor Khan

    Yeah, celebrate the removal of a democratically elected president!

    Hypocrite, vile “Gang”!

    What happened to democracy?

    I heard from someone that Neo Cons are the vilest of vile on earth, and this seems to be true after reading around this website!

    • Jeffrey Orr

      You got to be from another planet. Or you head is upside down and inside out.

    • Barbara Rossell

      Hitler was democratically elected too. As are many dictators. One man, one vote, one time. The Egyptians are too smart to be taken down that path. Bye bye Morsi and the vile Muslim Brotherhood. Hello freedom for Egypt!

      • defcon 4

        Bzzzzzzzzzt. Wrong. Hitler was appointed chancellor by Hindenburg.

        • Barbara Rossell

          “People who say that Hitler wasn’t really elected are usually germanophiles who search for excuses for crimes of the german people in the “Third Reich” (the argument is that a small undemocratic minority oppressed the good people of germany). The idea that Hitler wasn’t elected democratically is probably an allusion to the fact that he[2] never got more than 50% of the votes (th e best result was some 44%). Americans, with their “the winner takes it all”-system tend to forget that you can win a german election without winning a majority.

          The problem with this is that, without a majority, you have to form either a coalition with other parties, or form a minority goverment, or both, and in fact that was the problem that had plagued the Republic from the beginning. To put the results into perspective, the 43,9% for the NSDAP in the 1933 election was the best result any party had ever had in the Republic of Weimar from 1919 to 1933[3] (second best was 37,8% for the Social Democrats immediately after WWI)[4]. Governments were habitually formed without any democratic basis at all, so the result of the 1933 election might have looked like a step forward.” Defcon, don’t be simplistic.

          • defcon 4

            Hitler was appointed then SEIZED power using the Reichstag burning as his excuse. It was in no way a democratic election that put him in power.

      • Taimoor Khan

        So use this “Hitler was elected too” logic when you again ever state that “Israel is a democracy” to justify crimes against Palestinians. Will you?

    • Joseph

      democracy was hijacked by the murderous ‘muslim brotherhood’…where have you been?

      • Taimoor Khan

        You call wining an election hijacking? You have a very novel idea of democracy!

    • tokoloshiman

      elected maybe( a one time vote for theocracy for all time , like iran) , but not honoring his contract to operate in the interests
      of all the people, and moving towards implementing sharia on a largely
      non willing population.
      This on top of incompetence and corruption.

      • Taimoor Khan

        Who are you to judge? There are many in America who say Obama is crap and so on, should American army dump him and implement martial law on America? Judging will be done by the public through elections. This process is sabotaged by the army.

    • hippiepooter

      He wasn’t democratically elected. Democrats dont vote for Islamists. If your idea of democracy is MB hoods threatening to kill christians and not getting arrested and a member of the terrorist group that massacred 58 tourists in Luxor in 1997 being appointed Governor there, then you need to redefine ‘vilest of the vilest’. Pure hate speech from a correctnick who no doubt laments that Morsi can’t carry out a pogrom against Christians.

      • Taimoor Khan

        Your logic can work on any so-called democracy. “If I don’t like the mandate, it’s no democracy”! One can say, democrats don’t vote for the mass murderers and war criminals like Obama and Bush, Netanyahu and so on. Morsi was as legitimate a democratically elected president as they come!

        Should I tell you more how wrong you are? What about America 100 years in the past? When blacks were discriminated. Women discriminated. Minorities discriminated. Wasn’t it democratic then? The very idea of democracy is that it will solve the social problems as public gets the power to choose. You are going against this fundamental logic by stating that democracy should be subject to the whims, hatred and biases of the likes of you!

        • hippiepooter

          No leader in the western world would survive 5 minutes if he threatened the lives of a minority group. But then it’s inconceivable that they would wish to do so. Democracy works in the West because we have civilised values that stem from our judeo-christian religious heritage.

          Very telling that you have nothing to say against the death threats against Christians by Morsi’s MB mob and actual murders.

          First of all we defend our own democracies, and that means supporting any country that overthrows a bunch of Koranic psycopaths that wish to impose their despotic rule to make a land mass a launching pad to wage jihad against the world.

          Personally, my wish is that the MB push it and the Egyptian military kill as many Islamopaths as humanly possible. Worked wonders in Algeria.

          Hope it happens next in Turkey, although conditions are different and Erdogan is somewhat more intelligent than Badie or his sock puppet Morsi.

          Still, with Obama acting like to all intents and purposes a Muslim sleeper, you may live in hope!

          • Taimoor Khan

            Don’t tell me fairy tales. George Washington survived while blacks were treated like slaves and sold in the markets, and so did other US presidents.

            George W Bush and Obama have survived war crimes, invasion of foreign lands, illegal murder of people around the world using drones, etc.

            Now you tell me this gives the military of US the right to throw a democratic government?

            Are you getting the point?

            I have really NOTHING against anybody when it comes to justifying the illegal removal of a democratic government. I will criticize the democratic government in its own right, but never try to justify a shameless foreign funded conspiracy by citing its negativities.

            You are true fascist who disregards public mandates based on your whims and wishes and from the premises of “us vs. them”. You are a hater too, who hates people based on their religion. You want democracy for yourself, but you want to deny that to others so that you can steal other people resources by installing your puppels.

            Your “democracy” is affected by your interference in other countries and your crimes, not by any “psychopaths”, btw.

          • hippiepooter

            What country you in?

            That’s enemy propaganda you’ve just reeled off.

            If we weren’t so lobotomised by the domestic subversion of political correctness you’d be in an internment camp. If you’re not living in a Western country, if you got hit by a drone strike that would be an enemy kill.

            As President W Bush said, “If you’re not for us you’re against us”. Pity he didn’t have the leadership skills to properly deliver on what needed doing, but he gave it his best shot.

          • Taimoor Khan

            You are really a brainless fascist and so was George Bush and all the Neo Cons extremists and right wingers. So you don’t believe in freedom of thought? You don’t like me showing you the truth whether it goes against your official policy crap or not? You don’t believe humans are equal? You brainless bigot, widen your thought process and gain knowledge. You need to be put in a mental asylum with your extremist and murderous thoughts, otherwise, you might be the subject of a case like the latest one related to black boy Trevon.

    • Marrkedman

      They are all mongrels at this point. We should encourage them to kill each other and honor kill away all of their spawn; like they need any help.

      • Taimoor Khan

        You are a mongrel yourself who wants to murder parts of humanity on different basis.

  • Barbara Rossell

    Hmmm. As a midwestern gal who married and spent 30 years in Europe (6 in Brussels and 24 in the UK) became assimilated enough to take British citizenship I find the accusation of antisemitism in the UK to be deeply offensive. It is by far the most tolerant and least antisemitic of any of the European countries. The left in the US is far more antisemitic than the general population of the UK. If you want antisemitism, visit France. They specialise in it. Thankfully your guest pulled back her comment to include all of Europe, but I would suggest that spending a couple of years in the UK in her twenties does not qualify her to comment in any way on the UK and its culture.

    • Joseph

      do you mean by ‘anti-semitic’ to mean ‘anti-muslim’? The muslims of Europe are ‘sunni/wahabist’ infiltrators and are now in process of growing a large population to supplant the European christian heritage there….But this should be easy as you can see that the christians of europe are not followers of Jesus Christ…They should be easy for you to deceive…and by the looks of it you have done so already….

      • Barbara Rossell

        No by anti semitic I mean anti semitic. Your entire comment is irrational.

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          No, “Semitic” originally referred to all peoples of the region Arabic, Israeli, etc. Therefore, “Anti-Semitic” could refer to anyone opposed to people from the mid or near east.

          • Barbara Rossell

            You are correct in that it is a misnomer. However the majority of intelligent people use it in it’s modern accepted sense of being anti Jewish. The semitic languages include most ME ones, we are not talking about that here. This is the introduction of a red herring that ultimately has no merit. My comment was clear enough and it takes some pretty willful misunderstanding not to get it. ” anti-Semitism, hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group. The termanti-Semitism was coined in 1879 by the German agitator Wilhelm Marr to designate the anti-Jewish campaigns underway in central Europe at that time. Although this term now has wide currency, it is a misnomer, since it implies a discrimination against all Semites. Arabs and other peoples are also Semites, and yet they are not the targets of anti-Semitism as it is usually understood. The term is especially inappropriate as a label for the anti-Jewish prejudices, statements, or actions of Arabs or other Semites. Nazi anti-Semitism, which culminated in the Holocaust, had a racist dimension in that it targeted Jews because of their supposed biological characteristics—even those who had themselves converted to other religions or whose parents were converts. This variety of anti-Jewish racism dates only to the emergence of so-called “scientific racism” in the 19th century and is different in nature from earlier anti-Jewish prejudices.”

  • mtnhikerdude

    Just the fact that the protests were directed at the Muslim brotherhood government
    is a positive note. The Islamic Untouchables were ousted from power . Let them fight it out. We have no business in Egypt. Egypt has no business ,no jobs ,no food, no International status . Egypt is the poster Nation for poverty .
    People tire of having nothing . For a nation to survive it has to have a strong middle class. Nations of haves or have nots are doomed to Socialism a fate worst than death , . Someone has to pay taxes. The most despicable crime a corporation , company or government can commit against its employees / Citizens is not to operate at a profit.

  • AlexanderGofen

    The case and the potential violence ahead, expectation of riots in anticipation of Zimmerman acquittal?..

    I wonder why there was no such anticipation of riots of the whites for acquittal of black defendants (even such a despicable one as Sympson). Well. This was prophesied already in 1958 by Vladimir Ufland, far away from America, in the USSR, of all places.

    1958, by Vladimir Ufland, USSR

    America is changing rapidly.
    The Negroes are gaining power
    And soon the famous Lady Liberty
    Will be repainted in black powder.

    Then “disadvantaged” and the poor ones
    Will mock the millionaires blatantly
    While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans
    Will rush to mimic Negroes ardently.

    They will respect the Negroes dearly
    And glorify the blackest fellow,
    And Whiteys, walking with humility,
    Will bow first to every Negro.

    Here is the source http://www.resonoelusono.com/UflandAboutBlacksIn1958.htm

    • Marrkedman

      That would be the biggest mistake ever made in America. There seems to be a very short fuse holding white America back from throttling the hold.

  • tokoloshiman

    when will the first muezzin start calling people to prayer from the white house mosque?

    • bj affordable

      He already has. The first muezzin is Barrack Hussein Obama.

      • Marrkedman

        Truer words were never spoken.

  • AmericaFirst

    Another glorious step towards socialism! And why not? Shouldn’t White people in their 30s and 40s who eat well and stay fit foot the bill for the health care of grossly obese, diabetic negro sows who scarf down Big Macs and multiple bottles of grape “drank” every day? We’re all “equal” after all, right?

  • geneww1938

    If the true Republicans, conservatives and patriots have any fight left, they must not allow this enforcement date slip beyond Jan1, 2014. Let those who “support” these heinous constitutional infringements explain their position in the debates leading up to election day.

    The Democrats and the RINOs will hate that!

    • Marrkedman

      Destroy them both, as both are enemies of the US Constitution.

  • DebRollin

    When Egypt’s army toppled the Brotherhood from power, they also delivered a blow to Hamas. Morsi was one of the last remaining friends of Hamas after the group broke from the Iranian Axis of Resistance last year. Hamas is also very dependent on foreign assistance to survive. Morsi provided political support to Hamas, hosting one senior figure, Mousa Abu Marzouk on Egyptian soil. Egypt was Hamas back office suppling the cash that kept the Gaza economy running.