Fox News Asks Raymond Ibrahim Why Christians Persecute Muslims

christiansRaymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the DHFC, recently appeared on Fox News’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” to discuss his new book, Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.  In the course of an engaging discussion—including why the media, academia, and government ignore Muslim persecution of Christians—Lori Rothman, filling in for Lou Dobbs, asserted “Throughout history, wasn’t it always the Christians who were doing the persecuting? Why does it seem now the tables have turned?” Be sure to watch Ibrahim’s blitzkrieg course in history giving the lie to that false but widespread notion.  And click here to order his must-read Crucified Again.

  • geneww1938

    I may be naive but the worse act of persecution of Muslims by a Biblical Christian may be the destruction of a few Korans [a book proven as a work of Satan].

    Many insults or misbehavior [during this last war time] toward Muslims were reported as from Christians when in fact the perpetrators were only called that just because they believe there is a God and they are not Jewish or a member of another practicing religion.

    I define a Biblical Christian as one who has received Jesus into their hearts for the forgiveness of sins after they have discovered and confessed their sinful condition and initiated repentance. Such a person must Believe Jesus to be virgin born, the only son of God, that He died as a foreknown sacrifice for sin’s of mankind, that He rose [truly became alive], that after the resurrection He continued to teach His disciples for any additional forty days and is now returned to heaven. Such a person has the indwelling gift of the God’s Holy Spirit and can now attain the truer understanding of scripture.

    I would be shocked if more than 5% of the USA populations were Biblical Christians.

    • De Doc

      The only problem is that there is no specific scriptural reference that says one must ‘accept Jesus into their hearts’ or form a ‘personal relationship with Jesus.’ This confessional approach to Christianity was born out of the European Protestant pietist movements from the 15th c. onwards, so is a recent innovation in the religion, not the original form.

    • 11bravo

      Prepare to be shocked. What do you think the revival fun Christian rockband mega-churches are full of? Born agains that accept exactly what you just described – on top of all the already believers.

  • Ammianus

    One can only hope that Ms. Rothman was throwing Ibrahim an intentional “soft ball” when she made the assertion that historically Christians have been the persecutors of Muslims. If it was a genuine question, we are in more trouble than I had thought.

    • m4253y

      as a Jew, Ms. Rothman should be ashamed of herself for asking such an outlandish and ridiculous question.

      she obviously knows nothing of history let alone current events. she would be better suited to msnbc and i will be sure to email lou dobbs that sentiment.

    • Patriot077

      It may have been a question to which she knew the answer and it gave her guest the opportunity to inform her audience of the fallacy many have been taught for decades.

  • luckycat76

    And how does Ms. Rothman think that Islam was spread across the Middle East and even into Europe — by Muslims ringing doorbells and passing out pamphlets?
    I remember my 8th grade history class of decades ago learning how Muslims swept over Europe with their battle cry of “Accept Allah or die!” Apparently that little nugget of history is now being ignored.

    • defcon 4

      That little nugget of history, along w/the fact that Arab muslimes were the supply side of African slavery hasn’t been taught for decades in public schools and I’m betting its spread to US universities and colleges by now.

  • Orwellian States

    I quit watching Dobbs. He is often out. Also, it seems that theu often show previous programs. Tune in of Thursday and you are likely to see Monday’s or Tuesday’s program. Why bother?

  • Lanna

    Its usually the Coptic Christians getting attacked, how many Islamists are attacked for no good reason and driven out of their homeland? They are driving Christians out of Libya and now Syria.

  • De Doc

    I don’t think the host was being unkind with the question and did seem hesitant to ask it that way. It’s really a commentary on the ignorance of many journalists who too often stick to the mainstream narratives of history. It was nice to see Ibrahim set the record straight for her.

    From an historical perspective Christianity had little opportunity to persecute Muslims, though the most glaring instance was after the conclusion of the Reconquista campaigns on the Iberian peninsula. Other lands, such as Siciliy, which the Normans wrested from the Arabs in the 11th c CE, enjoyed relative religious freedoms and the local Muslim populations either left peacefully or simply assimilated back into the Christian main. Turkey, one of the seats of early Christianity and today and surrounded by nations with predominate or large Christian populations, is now 99% Muslim. Those of us who know the history are well aware that this demographic shift did not occur via peaceful proselytizing of Islam.

    From its birth Christianity was in fact persecuted on and off by Roman authorities, though it also enjoyed periods of relative peace. When Christianity became the official face of the Roman Empire by late 4th c. CE, it was the little kid on the block no longer, and the Calcedonian form of the religion began to marginalize and persecute other forms of Christianity (e.g. Arian, Nestorian, Monophysite, etc). At that time establishing a unified canon of belief was of paramount importance and how the various Christian traditions viewed Jesus was central to the arguments.

    Those of us raised in the Western-styled Calcedonian Christianity forget this part of the history. Indeed driving the heretical camps out from the pale of Roman (and later Byzantine) influence may have indirectly led to formation of nascent Islam – the Quran is testament to many stories copied from apocryphal texts from early Christianity. We also need to look at how Nestorian Christianity spread far and wide even into East Asia, before the Muslims started to actively persecute their church and reducing their numbers to near extinction. Part of the West’s blind eye for so long towards Eastern Christianity is directly related to the early doctrinal disputes in early Christendom. Only now that Evangelical Protestanism has spread across the globe are we increasingly aware of the persecution of Christians (regardless of their confessional approach to the faith) by Muslim run nations.

  • Gloria Stewart

    I have the distinct impression that Lori might have thrown a gift Raymond’s way. One of the greatest myths – and I have seen this in virtually every Muslim-Christian interfaith “dialogue” – is that Christians were as bad in the persecution department as Muslims. It is an attempt by Muslims in cooperation with their Christian colleagues to establish a moral equivalence. I put dialogue in quotes because it is a one way street with the Muslims in control of the discussion. Raymond must have been very anxiouz to dispel this myth – it was probably on the top of his list. Let’s give Lori the benefit of a dount. The rest of the interview was polite and informative.

  • defcon 4

    Of course Christians are persecuting muslimes. After all, they’re still breathing.

  • Kafir911

    The 270 million people who have been murdered in the name of Islam (the “Tears of Jihad”) over the past 1400 years is never mentioned, if known, by these incredibly ignorant interviewers. They have no historical understanding of the Crusades. The constant drum beat that Muslims hate America because it has invaded “their” land is nonsense. America hadn’t even been discovered when
    Mohammed’s armies were slaughtering people all over the Middle East, northern Africa, southern Europe, Turkey and as far east as India in the name of Allah.

  • james connolly

    By his actions, Mr. O. has shown nothing but utter contempt for Christianity and the consciences of Christians. Why on earth would one expect him to care a
    hoot about all the millions of Christians all over Africa and Asia who have
    been killed or displaced? He does not see this bad news as the unimaginable horror it is to most people with a moral compass who know right from wrong.

    His heart is with the radical terrorists and thugs who hate Christianity and America and want to destroy us. His grand folly is he thinks we can talk rationally with these murderous savages who are still living in the 10th century and who despise what’s left of “civilized,” Western culture.

    Mr. O. said he would transform America and he has…to a secular, liberal, pagan state where the practice of most religions will be one day likely forbidden. He has made the U.S. a poorer, less prosperous, less influential power on the world stage that can’t be trusted to keep its word. We are bankrupt economically, politically, socially, and morally. A well-organized
    police state is emerging to keep tabs on us all to make sure we follow the “party line,” before the country inexorably implodes and falls because of this “fine” and most advanced “transformation of America.”

  • ObamaYoMoma

    When it comes to Fox News reporting on Israel and also on the Islamic world, it is just as delusional as the so-called MSM.

    • defcon 4

      I’ve seen some signs of life on Fox. They’re the only news channel that ever allows opinions negative about islam, although eventually, islam’s detractors on Fox all seem to get fired (e.g. Glenn Beck).

  • johnnywood

    What a “moon bat” this lady is.

  • obamathemarxist

    Public Education is behind her stupidity, home school if you can, or private school if you can afford and vote in politicians who will support tax credits for families choosing other than public schools.

  • David

    No wonder there is such a large intellectual deficit in journalism. She obviously has never studied history.

  • catherineinpvb

    Who put that question in Rothman’s ear. – or did she actually believe her intelligence was showing.. ..