Obama’s Disasters in the Middle East — on The Glazov Gang

obama_islamThis week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Becca Keating, author of the new book, “The Secrets of Powerful Communication: Confronting the Bully Within,” Dr. Karen Siegemund, President of “Rage Against the Media” and Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor (dwightschultzfansite.nl).

The Gang gathered to discuss Obama’s Disasters in the Middle East. The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on the White House recently giving $1.3 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt — while Syrian jihadists await U.S. arms. The segment also dealt with The Totalitarianism at the Heart of the Obama Scandals, examining how the Left’s lust for power and tyrannical control now lies exposed in front of all.

In Part I, the Gang’s discussion centered on Edward Snowden: Traitor. The dialogue focused on the importance of punishing a snitch for violating the Espionage Act. At the same time, the Gang analyzed the destructiveness of the Obama administration’s Jihad Denial, which has led to mass numbers of Americans being put under surveillance, rather than the actual jihadists who wish us harm.

To watch both parts of this two-part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • CRichard

    Snowden may be a traitor to the Government but he is a Hero to the people who, under the Constitution, are supposed to be protected from the Tyranny of personal attack and theft of Liberty that unrestricted (one side only) spying can inflict. We no longer have a Free Press nor two party balance, without those who value Freedom we are lost.

    • Erudite Mavin

      If Snowden and his accomplice Greenwald have their way there will not be a Constitution.

      The Telegraph UK June 12, 2013

      “Is Edward Snowden’s story unravelling? Why the Guardian’s scoop is looking a bit dodgy”




      By Arnold Ahlert On June 11, 2013 Daily Mailer,FrontPage

      Edward Snowden, 29, a former CIA technical assistant and current employee of military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, went to the Guardian and the Washington Post
      newspapers and spilled national security secrets that he had promised not to
      divulge. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton puts that effort in the proper

      one, this man is a liar. He took an oath to keep the secrets that were shared
      with him so he could do his job. He said said he would not disclose them, and
      he lied. Number two, he lied because he thinks he’s smarter and has a higher
      morality than the rest of us. This guy thinks he has a higher morality, that he
      can see clearer than other 299-million 999-thousand 999 of us, and therefore he
      can do what he wants. I say that is the worst form of treason.

      who consider Snowden a “hero” might want to consider two other realities as
      well. First, he clearly violated the Espionage Act. If he isn’t punished for
      doing so, then the act is utterly toothless. Second, contrast his behavior with
      that of Benghazi witness Gregory Hicks. Hicks endured the crucible of appearing
      before Congress and giving testimony about possible State Department
      improprieties that could ruin him. He didn’t run to a newspaper, then run to
      Hong Kong and then vanish.

      possibly defect.

      CIA case officer Bob Baer told CNN that intelligence officials were speculating
      that Snowden may be part of a Chinese espionage case. “On the face of it, it
      looks like [Hong Kong] is under some sort of Chinese control, especially with
      the president meeting the premier today,” Baer said. “You have to ask what’s
      going on. China is not a friendly country and every aspect of that country is
      controlled. So why Hong Kong? Why didn’t he go to Sweden? Or, if he really
      wanted to make a statement, he should have done it on Capitol Hill.”

      also noted the convenient timing of Snowden’s revelation. It followed a weekend
      summit between Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, during which the
      issue of cyber security remained unresolved. “It almost seems to me that this
      was a pointed affront to the United States on the day the president is meeting
      the Chinese leader,” Baer speculated, “telling us, listen, quit complaining about
      espionage and getting on the Internet and our hacking. You are doing the same

      in the wake of this obviously egregious security

      and possible Chinese meddling, a number of Republicans are more interested in
      bringing the hammer down on Obama than on Snowden. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has
      been on the fore of this wrongheaded approach.

      ”I’m going to be asking all the Internet providers and all of the phone
      companies: ask your customers to join me in a class action lawsuit,” he told
      Fox News’ Chris Wallace. “If we get ten million Americans saying we don’t want
      our phone records looked at, then maybe someone will wake up and something will
      change in Washington.”

  • Erudite Mavin

    Snowden’s accomplice, Glenn Greenwald of the far Left Guardian can been seen on youtubes online in 2011 at a Marxist function, “The Internaitonal Socialist Organization” calling 9/11 attacks minimal and defends radical terrorist Anwar al Awaki, this for starters.

  • PeterB

    The U.S.A is bankrupt with 10 trillion in debt and we are giving 1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood? A group that openly states their goal is to destroy Israel and the United States? The Muslim brotherhood openly kills people for not being Muslim and now we are paying for their mafia nazism to take over the world?

    Obama is deliberately mis guiding the USA into the mouth of the death cult. Sorry but Islam is 100% according to their actions globally, a tribal mafia slave group who uses suicidal attacks to make everyone fear them and stay silent to their global violent goals of forcing the world to evil Islam.

    • Anamah

      I’m so sorry to tell you we are almost in 17 Trillions in debt … and our Manchurian leader is willing to reach the vicious circle to trap the US inside of the unpayable situation.
      Imagine that! when some increase of the interest for the capital we are going to fall in bankruptcy. American style of life will be over…
      That, according the delusional thinking of the commie Democratic Party will be his legacy for the world.
      He will share with his partners, the Radicals, Socialists, Islamists, and Progressives his incredible success over America.
      And that of course for them will be priceless!!!

  • PeterB

    Obama is a gullible sucker for Taqiyya. Even worse is academia, media and the scared masses who don’t want to hurt the Muslims feelings in the USA.

    Muslims in the USA need to start teaching their children Separation o fChurch and state. Until then, Islam will be constantly in a state of war to make Iskam the government. Islam is pure organized animalistic violence and hatred. Islam is the death of freedom and peace.

    • defcon 4

      Not only wasthe zero was raised in Islamo-nazi Indonesia, he was raised in Indonesia while they were busily committing a genocide of kufrs in E. Timor. The zero is well acquainted w/the precepts of islam.

  • John Edward Coleman

    An OPEN letter to Barack H. Obama !

    As an American Citizen, I Am saying to You ;
    Being Perfectly Honest ! I Have Not cared for a Few of the Former Fellows who resided in Our White House ! and I LET IT BE KNOWN to them Whenever Possible !!

    However >> Not only do I Dislike You ! >> I am VERY ASHAMED of You !!
    This Statement :::: ” I never thought > I would make ” { Ever } !

    I await your reply !!

  • John Edward Coleman

    With all the ” STUFF ” ? ” Finally ” Hitting the Fan ,

    If you were the President >>, What would you do Now ??

    I have been keeping a { Secret } list ! Please, Please keep it that way !
    { I have small Grand kids } !! & you never know with the ” STUFF ” we have
    in power now

    Can anyone Help me add to the list ??

  • John Edward Coleman

    I truly Hope , ” Freedom Center ” keeps my post’s safe !!!

    When My entire Family & I disappear ! At least CSI will have a damn good idea
    who may have caused it !!

  • tokoloshiman

    what an obamanation the usa has become

  • tokoloshiman

    an astonishing concatenation of cringeworthy events involving the MB and BO

  • tokoloshiman

    it is not just the usa that is vomiting on its own past ; the whole western world is now afflicted with this disease of self hatred and the desire to poison itself from within.
    one can just chunder at the idiocy of it all and the lemming like left wing who are propelling this illness and shoving it down our throats