The Middle East’s Nazis

Never Again 2013:

  • FPF

    Sad and angry can really mix well after watching the video. "Live free or Die hard" is another thought after watching it.

    • Kevin Avard

      well Said.. this is the Love of raw evil ..where is the liberal Corporate Media? where is fox? where is the public outrage..?

    • MaryS, CA

      Lets not sit in our church's and sing a little louder this time, let's not sit in our church's and play the music a little louder this time, this time we stand up for what is right, and against the evil that is out there and not look the other way. Mary711

  • Mary Sue

    Are those like, the Amish of Jews that those arabs are attacking?

    • David Shalome

      no those are regular Jerusalemite Jews

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Yep….this video, with a benign media, would be titled "Snowball fight in Mamilla." What was that about Nazis, again?

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        I stand corrected. Some low-life Arab kids are attacking Orthodox Jews in Mamilla, throwing snow at them, etc. Why don't the Orthodox Jews fight back?


          Nine paleswinian savages attack two Jews.


          • Willy Rho

            I Love that character description, Paleswinian. It fits.

      • Mary Sue

        I know they're not literally Amish. I mean, are they like the Amish in that they are Pacifists that bullies like to pick on, such as sometimes happens in Pennsylvania and wherever else the Amish are found?

        • Parenthetical Phrase

          Yes, you are right. They are like the Amish of Jews. That is not to say they don't have their own way of asserting themselves. But they don't carry guns and they don't serve in the army which is why a lot of Jewish Israelis don't like them. They are strict fundamentalists like the Amish.

    • Cassandra

      Mary Sue those are not Amish they are very conservative Jews and they do not fight back. They should have. Snow balls can be made very hard and hurt. When I was a young girl boys would always trow snow balls at us and hut us. One day I put gravels into my snow balls and they never bothered us again.

      • @davidcaryhart

        Actually there are considerable similarities. Hasidic Jews and Amish share a common language – of sorts. The first language of the Amish is 18th century German. Yiddish is 14th century German written with the Hebrew alphabet.

      • Mary Sue

        Well I know they're not Amish literally. It just seemed that they do like the Amish if the Amish are attacked (not fight back).

        • LibertarianToo

          Might I suggest that it is undignified to fight back when you are surrounded and outnumbered by a**hole savages who are laughing and videoing their unprovoked attrack on you. (Note how the poor oppressed "palestinians" all have smart phones.)

  • Flicker

    I wish I had been there. Though I doubt they would have wanted my assistance.

  • @BoschFawstin


  • dartson

    What really sad is that attacks like this one are not reported in the Israeli media as well. On the other hand, the single case of some Jewish teenagers starting a fight with some Arabs in Jerusalem got blown out of any proportions, leading to dozens of articles and TV reports, condemning the right wing "racism" (like the Trayvon Martin case in the USA). Still, if those orthodox guys in the video wore an IDF uniform instead of the middle-age Polish clothing and had guns, the outcome might have been a bit different.

    • Cassandra

      You are right and the crabs are cowards when confronted by stronger people. They always attack in groups. They were arrested after the Israeli public complained.

    • Questions

      Part ofd the problem is that the ultra-Orthodox, at their own insistence, are exempt from military service — to the great resentment of mainstream Israelis.

      • LibertaianToo

        They are being assaulted by kaffiya-wearing palestinian arabs because they are exempt from military service?

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        But many of the Haredi–ultra-Orthodox–serve in the IDF.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    …. The New Nazis ….


    The “Old Nazis” were the New Islamists, whose sexually-deranged false prophet, Hitler but followed the old islamists sexually and in every other imaginable way, deranged false fuhrer, Muhummud.

  • Underzog

    Until the Arabs are kicked out along the lines set down by Rabbi Meir Kahane, this garbage will continue. And they should do something about Israel’s very liberal and lawless judiciary/legal system where the attorney general seeks to indict Conservative politicians such as Avigdor Leiberman to frighten the rest of Israel’s right to “keep in line,” so to speak.

  • Juan Motie

    Too bad there was nobody aroung with a gun who could have sent those islamofascist pigs to visit the flames of hell.

  • pierce

    This video could have been shot right here in America, because that is where we are heading.
    Racism is rampant, and it will get worse.
    No longer will people stand up to those Islamothugs, they have intimidated us.

    • Shery

      That does happen in Brooklyn. Not too long ago several were attacked. It doesn't make the news much here in the US, either.

  • TJC

    Bring that crap my way you Islamofascist scumbags! Not everyone is so passive or scared or intimidated. These people are no better than animals…rabid animals. You cannot reason or bargain with them or deal with them or negotiate with them…all you can do is meet force with force. Every time the Israelis stand up to them they back off or run away…and cry to the international community about how "unfair" the Israelis are. The world needs to stand up to these animals and stop them. Otherwise, they will kill us all!

    • Sam

      Absolutely right! Those people make me so mad, I want to let them have it. Such stupid mob mentality.

    • jacob

      Specially the United states of America, electing and even reelecting President the one who
      apologized to the Muslim world for American"misdeeds" to them' who genuflexed to the
      Keeper f the Faith, the Saudi king and who least but not last, claimed the USA is indebted
      to Muslims for its independence ……
      Yes: lt will most assuredly stand jup to these animals…!!!!!
      IN A PIG'S EYE…!!!!!!

      • pockets

        The voting was rigged.


    The music in the video, composed by John Williams, performed by Yitzhak Perlman, from the movie Schindlers List, always brings tears to my eyes.

    • James

      Important to see, although I believe the 'score' diminshes the message in that it unnecessarily seeks to induce additional sentiment when the vid speaks for itself. These embellishments serve as quick excuses for our common antagonists.

  • Demetrius M

    They laugh now, but their time is coming to an end. Hope they enjoy hell.

  • Paul

    Where are the Israeli police? Jews can't be Jews in Israel? What was the reason for Israel's creation?.I don't believe Israel has the stomach to do what has to be done to defend herself anymore.

  • ffortnightly

    Odd how the same sort of thing is happening in the US and the press is equally silent about it. They have adopted new terms for the miscreants in an effort to hide their true identity. They're called "youths", "teens" and anything BUT black. There is also not much emphasis on the fact that most of their victims have been white or businesses owned by non-blacks. So if the media in Israel are turning a blind eye to the most sacred observers of the faith being set upon by animals, what the he|| is going on?

    • Lady_Dr

      The media in Israel is largely left wing and the product of journalism schools, they are afraid of their own shadows and find it easiest to hide the truth and be "liked" by the Arabs, nothing more, nothing less.

      • Toa

        Sounds identical to nearly all of the "Liberal JournOlists" here in the U.S..

    • jacob

      This phenomenon is easy to explain….
      Just remember OBAMA's tantrum against the Cambridge, Mass.police soon after becoming
      President and subsequent similar happenings involving him…

      To the lowest strata of the black community, it means that since the the President is black too,
      anything they do is OK by him and since his abject and since his servile media fully cooperates
      with sweeping under the rug. most of these atrocities, what else is to expect???…..

  • PatD

    Oh Yeah muslims are friendly and peaceful…wait for the numbers to get large enough in the US so they can do this to ALL non-muslims… ask for it you get it….sheeple to the rescue of religious tolerance.
    Now I would have pulled out the sweet little pistol with extended capacity and blown the muslims camel suckers back to alah…..

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "The New Nazis."

    The Nazis were technically fascists.

    Today's Fascist regime resides in the White House!

    • Supreme_Galooty

      One could quibble over minute shadings of meaning, but you've nailed it pretty well. Fascism is a sort of socialism, and the scholarly journalists over at Reuters and the NYT are oblivious.

      • κατεργάζομαι

        Over the years, words lose meaning and often take on new forms that in no way represent their original usage. This can be observed in the now taboo word "fascism." But at its core, fascism is really no more than a system where government, through agreements with the private sector, controls virtually all property and income indirectly.

        Prosperity and economic growth become the domain of government. The philosophical aim is to eliminate recessions by eliminating robust growth — This system usually appeals to populations coming out of severe economic depressions and upheaval, as in pre-Nazi Germany during the period of the 1930s. – American Jeopardy: What is Fascism?… American Thinker

        Writing back in 2007, Naomi Wolfe catalogued the steps to creating a dictatorship (which she sought to apply to George W. Bush). Interestingly enough, they apply far more to the man who replaced him. – Obama's Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps – American Thinker article
        Read more:

  • CurmudgyOneJr

    The world is going in the direction of this video because there is no longer a moral leader. The United States was once that leader, but now with a President who is a (half-black, half-white) Muslim sympathizer who hates the United States, who hates Jews, who hates individual freedom, this nation no longer provides moral leadership, and silently encourages and covers for such violence as in this video — at home and abroad.

    The idiots who voted him into office AGAIN are just as much to blame.

    • Truth

      But Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Stupid or Masochistic?

      • Mary Sue


      • Robin


  • Leland64

    The video of two Jewish pacifists being assault by a gang of savages is sickening but not surprising. Unfortunately, pacifism or the appearance of weakness invites attack by predators. Street criminals and racists see pacifists and the weak as targets of opportunity and entertainment. To me "Never Again" means fight, never quit, never surrender, regardless of the odds. Self defense is the God given right of every human being. To present ones self as a defenseless target invites attack, humiliation and death. Regardless of its religious or philosophical basis, pacifism not justifiable.

  • jacob

    But if anyone among these Orthodox Jews would have taken upon himself to beat the living hell of this
    scum, rest assured the police would have been on him like ugly on ape and probably the Arab loving
    Israeli High Court would have had him sentenced to life in prison….

  • Sam

    Pepper spray those idiots! They wouldn't act that way if they were afraid of getting hurt. They're not fit for a free society. No wonder why people want to be armed.

  • Truth

    OMG! White people are beaten and murdered in the streets, pulled from their cars at the Wisconsin State Fair and Jewish newspapers and reporters won’t cover it because it “reinforces stereotypes” and here a couple of Jews get hassled by some stupid kids throwing snowballs and the producers compare it to the Holocau$t (as usual) along with violins in the background!

    • joe

      You mean democratic owned media ?

      They won't report black on white,,hispanic or muslim crime.Like the sex grooming ring in MI,TN & OH.,and the massive muslim food stamp and medicare fraud.
      Illegals are running underage massage parlors, sex slaves,prostitutes ,ID theft rings,drugs,guns,dog fighting,cock fighting………………..illegals kill 2,000 American citizens a year .

      And Jews are victims of the majority of religious hate crimes in the US.

    • Marc

      This is not just a few "boys" throwing snowballs. This happens everyday. Do you want us to apologize? "NEVER AGAIN"

  • Willy Rho

    If Israel is nuked by the Muslims, I hope Israel nukes all 57 Muslim nations. The elimination of Islam from the face of the Earth would reduce Terrorism by 90%.

    • Robin

      Wrong, it would be reduced to about 98%.

    • Sam

      more like 99.9%.

  • Lady_Dr

    It is very simple – the Arabs are nearly all thugs, the Orthodox Jews (especially in Jerusalem) are pacifist and thugs always attack those who are week. Agreed about athe Israeli High Court – I personally know the sister-in-law of one of them and he must be a very disfunctional person to have married into that family.

  • Jozy

    Sadly, this video reminds me of Europe, thanks to the multicultural Left who've allowed and encouraged Islamic immigration for decades. And good ole fashioned European anti-semitism.

  • BS77

    These Arabs act tough when they outnumber helpless victims…but by themselves they are cowards, and incapable of doing anything without being told what to do. As soon as they are attacked by a military force they run crying to the UN.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    This happened in Jerusalem, in Jerusalem, sickening and ever who did this assault should
    be found and jailed post haste and a message sent out that this behavior is never tolerable.
    Where were the police and law abiding citizens, why did no one come to thier defense, a
    very miserable message to start my day, sitting here wanting to beat the hell out of a bunch
    of punks………………………..William

  • CMF

    Who was making the video and why didn't he intervene?

  • TXJenny

    Let those miscreants bring their game to my town and see if history doesn’t take a turn for the better; we call it Texas Justice, and it is applied via equal opportunity. We don’t believe in live and let live for criminals; with freedom comes responsibility. So sad a Kick-ass average Joe didn’t beat the tar out of those bullies. Israel needs the Inglourious Basterds…or maybe a few more Texans.

  • Carol Goldenstein

    I am a 69 year old grandma and I wish I had been there with a gun! Those Arab bullies are just ignorant cowards but smart enough to pick a weak target like Orthodox Jews. Let them try their Anti-Semitic bullying with anyone who looks like they can defend themselves. Bring it on you little thugs! They need a good "lesson" in manners!

  • FactsRule

    To me, the ones at fault are the 45 years of Israeli leaders who chose the death, dismemberment, & loss of properties of tens of thousands of innocent people rather than to repatriate the genocidal Arab Muslims west of the Jordan River back to Jordan & Egypt, as is still their international legal right, because they're cowards,. They're afraid to act like every country in history has. But, they have no problem interfering with Jews settling where they wish west of the Jordan, in contravention to the founding of the state.

  • rivkah f.

    The perpetrators actually filmed this on their cell phones and the video went viral in Israel on Arutz Sheva –Israel National News. I believe they have been arrested, though they are minors. These Arab youngsters hate Jews so much. Thanks for showing this to the world.

  • @davidcaryhart

    This is highly offensive to me as a Jew. Making these preposterous comparisons diminishes the real horror of the Shoah.

    • Mary Sue

      you do realize that if the people attacking the jews in the video are allowed free rein, that they'd make another Shoah the minute they could, right?

    • mickeyobe

      That, sir, is how the Shoah began.

  • cxt

    Hmmm…a gang of people, WITH THIER FACES COVERED terrorizing a couple of people who are making no effort to defend themselves.

    Yep, nothing screams "were tough and strong" like watching that.

    It's no wonder why the IED, disguiseing themselves as women and attacking unarmed people is so popular with these folks.

  • denis

    Islamofascists, brown shirts, mob mentality, These Arab Youth products of the religion of HATE called Islam, brainwashed by a cult of power hungry imams promoting the Law Of Sharia.

  • martin

    the world doesn't want the truth.The Haredi musy learn to fight back..and kick Arab ass !..Israel should have listened to Kahane and thrown them out !

  • SAM000

    Holocaust Film to Be Broadcast to Iran BY THE RESISTANCE TV of MeK,
    “This is a big thing,” Rabbi Hier said in a telephone interview this week. “Iran is the center of denial of the Holocaust in the entire world.”
    New York Times
    Sunday, January 27, 2013

  • Horace

    The recent Israeli election resulted in Netanyahu and Likud still number one, but with clipped wings. The leftist "negotiate with the Palestinians" (religion of peace) fantasists are slowly but surely taking over again in Israel, a place where you would think most people would know their very existence is in danger at the hands of the jihadis. The snowballs are not as bad as the rockets and suicide bombers, but the Israeli left prevented the IDF from stopping them for years. The left in the US, Europe, AND Israel is poison to their culture and homelands. Suicide for civilization is the Marxist and Islamic shared ideal. Fight the treasonous left, get them fired from their jobs, etc., deport them to Afghanistan or Egypt, to save your country.

  • Reuven

    Yes, my understanding is that these Arab thugs have been arrested,. I hope they rot in jail. Israel hasn't learned the lesson that the only option it has is to fight and subdue these Pali savages. They can not be negotiated with and they view Israel's many concessions as weaknesses, to be exploited.

  • Rdlake1

    How do these non toilet paper using, unbathed rag heads get away with it?

  • hal

    This is what Israel gets for letting in the PLO when they were defeated and sent to Tunisia. Get rid of them, NOW or Israel may not continue to exist.

  • Anthony

    I once intervened in an incident eerily similar to this one… It wasn't Arab teens doing the harassing though. What I broke up happened on the streets of Long Island, NY. I remember the incident often because my companion that evening was a friend who actually got angry with me for stepping forward and potentially endangering his safety!!! I never saw him in the same way after that… This behavior must be curtailed wherever it takes place.

  • joe

    David Ward, MP for Bradford East in Britain, wrote on his website that he was “saddened” that Jews “could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians…on a daily basis.”

    “Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza,” Ward wrote.

    He later defended his comments in interviews, saying they were a “just a statement of fact”, and adding that “it appears that the suffering by the Jews has not transformed their views on how others should be treated.”

    The Spanish Twitter hashtag #EsdeJudios, meaning “it's Jewish to”, became the second among trending topics in Mexico this month, leading to related tweets about soap, ashes and gas in a mocking reference to the atrocities inflicted upon the Jews during the Holocaust.

    One of the tweets, by a user identified as Erik Negrete Ozuna, reportedly said the difference between Jews and pizzas was that the latter don’t scream in the oven.

    more than 40% of the French population holds anti-Semitic beliefs, the most common one being that Jews "have too much power in the business world."

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) condemned the vote by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to approve the nomination of Tamas Gaudi-Nagy, a member of the Hungarian neo-Nazi Jobbik party, to its Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination and its Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights.
    "Mr Gaudi Nagy has told his Parliament that there was a list of Jews representing a threat to national security, and who were exploiting the Holocaust to dominate the world.”

  • joe

    REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah
    Hamas plans to establish a military academy in the Gaza Strip to train and educate schoolchildren.

    Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh announced on Thursday that the military academy, the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip, would prepare the children for the “phase of liberating Palestine.”
    The prime minister said he has instructed the Hamas-run Education Ministry to draw up plans for the establishment of the military academy. Haniyeh said that the new academy would educate and prepare children for the establishment of a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.”

    "We announce that our brigades include supporters of al-Yasin (Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yasin), al-Yasser (Fatah leader Yasser Arafat), al-Shiqaqi (Islamic Jihad leader Fathi al-Shiqaqi), and (PFLP leader) Abu Ali Mustafa,"

    "Our brigades support the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas' decision to announce a Palestinian state, and we will not cede a grain of sand of the Palestinian land from the sea to the river."

    "Our message to the whole world and to the Zionist enemy is that our brigades declare the beginning of a third Palestinian Intifada from the heart of [Hevron] to extend to the rest of Palestine,"

    "You should know Zionists that if you detain our people, we will kidnap your soldiers, and we will kill. We will use an iron fist against you using all the power we have if you don't bring an end to this arrogance against our Palestinian people."

    Hevron, a gang of Arab youths conducted a rock attack against a kindergarten in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood. The Arab attackers retreated to the nearby Casbah when IDF troops stepped in to halt the attack.

    • joe

      oops the date was 12/16/2012

  • mickeyobe

    A few words of explanation could greatly expand the impact of this video.

    Except for the occasional kaffiyeh one could not be sure who the attackers were.

    What was the outcome? What happened to the new Nazis? Where were the police? Why did the people not get out of their cars to protect those two men?

  • Sam

    My blood is still boiling! Makes me want to give everyone of them a serious spanking. I would be so embarrassed and mortified if my son ever acted like that. Shame on these people and their parents & the culture that creates that behavior.

  • guest

    The difference is the nazis had snappy uniforms. Muslims contain every bit as much hate as the nazis.

  • guest

    The muzzy are not so free there yet. In the rest of the world they are killing Jews. Wait for it to start. This is what Obama has planned for the USA. Obama says "respect it"

  • liason

    Well put TJC…let them try that crap with me!!! JEWS>>>>FIGHT BACK for crying out loud!!! FIGHT BACK!!

  • mcmorrowpc

    What those victims should have had are good old fashion Biblical Cycle Swords, a la Joshua. Nasty weapon and very effective.

  • Jim

    I do not think the Israeli Government or the Media should be silent about this. But they are.

    This was probably not an isolated incident

  • MrGP

    I wish they would nuke those *uckers until they glow!

  • MrGP

    I mean those fundamental islamist extremests

  • sharon

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the
    same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

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