Iraq: Ten Years Later — on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Shant Kenderian, author of “1001 Nights in Iraq, Michael Walsh, author and screenwriter, and Josh Brewster, an NHL hockey broadcaster ( The Gang members discussed Iraq: Ten Years Later. The dialogue occurred in Part I and dealt with whether on not we won the Iraq war and whether we should have engaged in it. The segment also focused on Shant Kenderian’s memoir, 1001 Nights in Iraq, which tells his shocking story about being an American forced to fight for Saddam against the country he loves.

Part II focused on Afghanistan: Obama’s “Good War” Failure. The dialogue highlighted the president’s waste of American lives and treasure. The segment included a discussion on A Republican Second Wind?  and the meaning of the appointment of Pope Francis.

To watch both parts of the two part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • Tycho

    Brilliant show! What can I say, really informative and enjoyable this week. Shant's story is amazing and his insights into the situation in the Middle East are fascinating. My only criticism is that I felt that he could have told us more and that Jamie was steering him in a certain direction to fit the usual narrative. It's great to get a different objective opinion from someone who has lived over there and experienced the reality.
    I hope he becomes a regular Gang member and is on again soon.
    Josh B and Michael Walsh, great as usual, and Jamie, you're the effing Guvner! As we say here in London

  • AdinaK

    We lost Iraq, and big time. Not only that, but it was the wrong entry point! As I said right after 9/11/01, Bush made a double error; he should have entered Iran, as the epicenter of jihadi terror. Moreover, in attempting to import democracy he upended autocratic rule, the only way Muslim/Arab states can stay party stable. In tandem, Iran is the winner in Iraq, as they are the real rulers of the fractured nation!
    In other words, through a delusional mindset, he set a train wreck in motion, attempting to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Sharia Law is immutable to western democracy and that is that –

    Bush's heart was in the right (no pun intended) place, but on the other hand, Barack HUSSEIN Obama desires Islamic chaos. That's the diff.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • @theoprinse

    Like Syria and Egypt Argentine was flooded with German nazi's like dr. Mengele and Adolf Eichmann with the help of the Roman Catholic Church operation Odessa. On November 10th 2010 Cardinal Bergoglio was interrogated on his role in the 30.000 murders under the Videla regime.
    Just a short time ago the catholic Maxima Zorreguieta form Argentine married to the silly Prince of the Netherlands paid a huge sum of tax payers money to then cardinal Bergoglio.
    The father of Maxima Zorreguieta is under investigation for his role as Argentine minister of agriculture under Jorge Videla in the 30.000 murders as well.

    It took four rounds to elect Bergoglio as pope only to help the Reyes Catolico in the Netherlands Maxima Zorreguieta's father's investigation in a cover up in exchange for gaining a catholic monarch in the Netherlands.
    One can even argue that both the Zorreguita's and the cardinal Bergoglio are helping one another not to be prosecuted for genocide. .

    The Dutch Orange family and their dubious choices

    The fact that the Dutch future queen once or regularly made substantial donations to the former Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires and that this cardinal behind closed doors was interrogated regarding his participation in crimes against humanity during the Videla regime, which include two of his Jesuit priests who disappeared, casts a dubious – to say the least – image on the way the current Oranges choose their family relatives.

    Of course it is to Maxima to give freely money or donate to matters which she considers that these are worth, but having in mind the dubious role that Cardinal Bergoglio has played during the so-called "Dirty War", is again not really wise of this supposedly future queen.

    But this is not all. It is established that Maxima had a job in the laundring money bank where her father Jorge Zorreguieta was the chief director. The money that was laundred came from the Mexican drug cartel. It can not be that father nor daughter knew nothing about this, especially after the bank had to close the doors after a judicial investigation.

    It can not be denied that Maxima – through his function as chairman of an organization that mediates called Micro credits – knew nothing of the extreme profiteering that eventually had to be paid by the third world country citizens after accepting the credit from Zorreguieta.

    Finally, as with regards to Maxima Zorreguieta of Orange (he he) it can not be denied that the Orange family was very well informed (by the Dutch secret service and the intelligence and banking community and last but not least the Dutch government at the time of Nelson Mandela friend and Anti Apartheid fighter minister president Wim Kok) and the questionable role that Jorge Zorreguieta played during the Videla regime.

    After – we surely can assume – "gentle pressure from above" there are now 3 attempts to cover up interrogations of Jorge Zorreguieta by a Dutch court.

    Without suggesting that Maxima (of Orange) can be held responsible for the crimes of her father and thus could be charged, it will surely be strange if the Netherlands would soon see a queen on the throne with an image that the average Dutch father or mother would not be pleased if their child would bring home such a daughter, let alone that such a woman could be the wife of the Dutch future king. Here we conveniently ignore the fact if Willem Alexander actually is a rightful heir to the throne.

    If we furthermore also focus on the approval by Beatrix (van Amsberg – van Oranje) of the wife Mabel Los (Wisse Smit. daughter of Hendrik Cornelis (Henk) Los (1944-1978) Prince Friso, a woman who had made clear that her close ties with Bosnian top criminal Jotsa Jocic and later with a ditto Dutchman Klaas Bruinsma, then we must also ask whether – again – this choice applies for the outwardly displayed so called high moral standard of the Oranges family.

    Going a little further – about the dead nothing but good – to the deceased spouse (Claus von Amsberg) of Beatrix herself, we can with the best will in the world NOT give Claus a faultless report. Serving in the German Wehrmacht, preying on women with money, latent homo sexual preferences (for the time being to leave it at that) deserves this choice of a relative to the Orange family not the application for the outwardly displayed so called high moral standard of the Orange family.

    Coming to a closure we end with the former SS Angehörige Bernhard van Lippe-Biesterveld the grand dad of Maxime Zorreguieta of Orange.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    with his WMD and nuclear scientists continuing on his payroll; with his WMD and nuclear production facilities which could have made biological and chemical weapons on short notice (and nukes in the long term); with his 550 metric tons of radioactive yellow cake uranium that Iraq sold to Canada in 2008; with his billions in oil revenues used in part to train, arm and fund anti-US/Western terrorists. If only we hadn't deposed Saddam so that his murdering insane son Uday could succeed him and Iraqis suffer a more terrifying degree of brutal oppression. If only Saddam and the Baathists had stayed in power the Iraqi petroleum industry wouldn't be enriching the Iraqi people today, nor would there be an Arab Spring across the Middle East creating illiberal democracies (a start), nor would there be an anti-Baathist uprising in neighboring Syria threatening Iran's mullah regime and Hezbollah in Lebanon. If only Saddam had stayed in power Barack Obama wouldn't have said in his Cairo speech that Iraq and the region were better off without him. Those with nostaligia for the good old days of Saddam Hussein raise your hands.

    • LINO

      Iraq's oil wealth is not going to to the Iraqi people. Iraq is still one of the poorest places on earth. Creating a secular constitutional democracy in Iraq is about as likely as converting them to Hinduism.
      And what of the great Arab Spring that Bush and Obama had promised us? Would you want to visit any of these countries anytime soon?
      And what is Iraq doing now? Acting as a military base for Iran, supporting Assad, allowing Iran to send weapons into Syria. Every day we spend in the middle east we get further mired in this hypocrisy and double speak.

  • Softly Bob

    It's simple but true, these savages need the brutality of Sharia law or a powerful leader like Saddam to keep them in line. Force is the only language that they understand. It's better for the West that Islam is kept on a leash and that's why for us at least, rule by Saddam and others of his ilk is far better.